My Time in Dorset

by White Wolff

Copyright© 2010 by White Wolff

Erotica Sex Story: I visit Natalie and Isla at their Dorset home

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   .

If the training course I was on had been boring the week before, it was ten times worse that second week with the loss of my two ladies. It also seemed to go ten times slower but eventually I was on my way to Dorset. I had talked on the phone regularly to both Natalie and Isla and my anticipation was high during the three hour drive.

Not for the first time I found myself reliving the few intense days that we'd spent together. When I first joined them for breakfast I had little idea what was in stall for me. Sure, I'd immediately thought about spending an hour or so in Natalie's bed. The thirty something was pretty and oozed sex appeal. Still I thought that about thousands of attractive women that I came into contact with and I had the similar expectations. That she had a teenage daughter with her also reduced my chances but I could still fantasize.

Even my fantasies never reached the levels that reality had provided. Within a couple of days of that first meeting I not only had some awesome sex with Natalie but with her mother's encouragement I was to take Isla's virginity. The first virgin I'd ever deflowered and easily the youngest woman/girl I'd ever had, Isla was something special. If screwing her mother was good then just kissing the fourteen year old was better still and god, when her tight pussy gripped my cock it was mind blowing. I considered myself something of a stud and knew I pleasured each of the many women I'd fucked. Never had I felt like I did when there was any physical contact with Isla.

Like Natalie, I had hoped for a few happy hours of sharing body fluids before moving on. Isla changed all that and she was the main reason why I was on my way to Dorset to see them.

They lived in a three bedroomed cottage in a sleepy little village near Weymouth. It was not an area I knew but had little difficulty finding it. I'd no sooner got out of my car when I was hit by a bundle of excited teenager. The kiss she gave me reminded me just why I couldn't stay away from her, irrespective of her age.

"Isla!" I heard her mother shout harshly.

We both looked at Natalie who said a little softer. "Do you want to get Wolff arrested? Wait until he's inside."

Seeing the sense Isla apologised to me and her mother. Natalie then reminded me why I was drawn to her too. She came to me and planted a real toe curler on my lips. As with all her other kisses it seemed that her hand was obliged to stroke my crotch.

"Mother, that's not fair."

Ignoring her daughter she continued until she was happy and I was extremely hard. "He won't get arrested for kissing me like that. Plus I needed a reminder." She giggled as she dragged me into the house.

Kicking the door shut Natalie asked me. "Who do you want first?"

"No way I'm answering that." I laughed and was joined by the two girls.

I saw Isla whisper something to her mother and the latter's eyes sparkle. "Come on big boy."

I was taken into what was obviously Natalie's bedroom and stripped by four eager hands. As soon as I was naked the teen knelt down and began to stroke my already hard cock. I closed my eyes in delight and only opened them when her hands left my manhood. Her place was taken by her naked mother who had me in her mouth within seconds. Natalie was a supreme artist when it came to blow jobs and it was no great surprise when I spurting into her throat after less than two minutes.

"Now that has taken the edge off maybe he'll be of some use to us." She told her giggling daughter who had now joined us in our nudity.

Seeing them standing side by side I took the opportunity to reappraise them both. Natalie was a slim woman with dirty blonde hair cut short on her head and trimmed shorter on her mound. Her tits were a good size but didn't look out of place on her small frame. They had just a little sag and were topped with thick but not long nipples which were showing the distinct signs of arousal.

Her daughter's body was basically a smaller version of Natalie's except that her breasts were a lot smaller and her blonde hair was a whiter shade, long on her head and sparse and untrimmed around her wonderful young pussy. Any man would give his left nut for either of them and here I was, lucky enough to have both.

"Now" Isla screamed and they both launched themselves at me. Without the slightest resistance I found myself on my back in the middle of Natalie's bed. Isla's lips found mine and I was almost immediately lost. I say almost because her mother's lips simultaneously wrapped themselves around my soft cock. Even after just coming it would have risen for either set of lips. Once I was fully erect I was disappointed when I felt cold air as Natalie's mouth abandoned it. Seconds later the heat of a hot pussy enveloped it leaving me to sigh heavily into Isla's mouth. Taking that as a signal she broke the kiss and straddled my face and offered her teenage pussy to my mouth.

Somewhere in my mind I knew it was the same position as our last time together but with mother and daughter swapping roles. With my hands supporting her I attacked her pussy with venom. She was already dripping her savoury juices so my tongue just lapped them up whilst trying its hardest to reach deep into the hot cavern searching for the source. When my tongue began to ache a little I switched to her clit. Using my lips, tongue and even teeth I teased her pleasure button until she came with a delightful shiver. Nice, but I knew I could do better, so I didn't slow down, instead using more pressure I continued my assault until I felt her whole body tense and a high pitched scream reached my ears despite Isla's legs doing their best to press them into my head.

It was not lost on her mother as I felt her own efforts increase sharply. Natalie loved sex, I had found that out pretty early, but there was no doubt that her favourite position was riding me from above. Her experience also showed when I felt her using her internal muscles to make her pussy ripple along my cock. It was exquisite, almost as good as her daughter's ultra tight pussy. It soon had its desired effect and I was pumping my load into her hot pussy. I had been too engrossed in her daughter's orgasm and then my own to notice if Natalie came but once Isla fell to my side I saw the heavy flush across her breasts and neck that signified that she probably had.

Forty or so minutes of a Wolff sandwich followed, with each of my beautiful and sated women cuddled up tight against me.

"An hour all right until we eat?" Natalie asked breaking the sensual dream.

I nodded. Anything was fine for me. Then I grinned as I realised that she had deliberately let me have some private time with Isla. I rolled over and kissed her tenderly and with more love than I'd ever put into a kiss before. My hand found her breast and I caressed it, cajoling her nipple to attention. I then set out to kiss every inch of her wonderful young body. After I had to push her back and tell her to just enjoy it, I covered all the bits I could reach. I deliberately bypassed her pussy, my lips were already familiar with that part, instead concentrating on the supposedly non erotic zones. Judging by the happy murmurs reaching me I was doing something right.

When I felt her hands reach to pull me back up to her lips I sensed it was time for us to become one again. Would it be as powerful a union as the last time I wondered. It was even better. From the moment my cock pushed into her wet pussy the world around us ceased to exist. Instead of just feeling the sensations produced by my cock, this time it seemed that I could feel little electric jolts from every nerve in my body that came into contact with my lover. They were heavily focussed on my cock but didn't totally override the others. I was making love with my whole body and it was beyond description.

Despite the wonderful feelings her tight pussy were having on me I felt no desperate need to climax. My body seemed to know, without any conscious effort, exactly how to react to every little nuance of Isla's body. She seemed to be having non-stop orgasms and they were building and building until she screamed at me. "NOW"

I went from in control to explosion in about two seconds. Isla's entire body convulsed as I emptied my seed into her. She was totally limp by the time the last drop had left my body. I had never come like that before and when I looked down at my lover she was out cold. I had read that that was possible but had never experienced it first hand.

It was nearer to two hours later when we wandered downstairs only to be greeted with amusement. "Another special then. You both have that dreamy look. In fact if I didn't know better I'd say you were both stoned."

Fortunately Natalie had cooked some sort of casserole so that it wasn't spoiled by our tardiness. I'm sure it was delicious but Natalie's description seemed close enough, I felt stoned. An old Supremes song popped into my mind that seemed to sum it up — Stoned Love.

The next few days were idyllic. Dorset is a beautiful county and we spent the days exploring the area. The evenings and nights were full of lusty and dreamy lovemaking. I was amazed that there wasn't a hint of jealousy or even good natured competitiveness between Natalie and Isla. I tried to treat them both equally but Natalie and I both knew that it was that intangible bond between me and Isla that held me.

A phone call changed the dynamics. Natalie had got the job she was interviewed for. She was to be the area's newest rep for the London based cosmetic company. They required her to start a week earlier than originally planned, if it was possible. This meant that the following week she would need to be back in London for training.

"Can you stay next week?" She asked me after explaining the call.

Guessing that she wanted me to stay with Isla I swiftly said that I could.

She then laughed. "Then I don't need to ask if you will then."

"Nope!" I said with a big grin.

She then called her daughter to tell her the news. Isla's face went from disappointment to glee in a few seconds.

"Isla! Be careful who you let in the house and especially how you act around Wolff when anyone else is around." Isla promised that she would.

Saturday morning, not long after everyone had got up there was a knock on the door. As Natalie was cooking breakfast and Isla was in her room I asked Natalie if she wanted me to get it.


I opened the door to find a teenage girl standing there. She looked a couple of years older than Isla but nowhere near as mature. Whereas my little beauty dressed like the young woman she was, this girl dressed just like ... well a teenage girl. Heavy makeup, short black skirt with black patterned tights, a red top and a small black jacket. Her hair was bright red and a complete mess.

When she saw me she took a step back and looked me up and down as if I was a mannequin sporting her next possible outfit.

"You must be Wolff!" She said with a smile. Even the lovely smile couldn't disguise the mess the ill conceived makeup made.

"That's me."

"I'm Nita." She said as if I was expected to know her. Seeing no reaction she added. "Isles' best friend."

"Oh, Ok you'd better come in. Isla is in her room."

"Great, I'll go straight up."

She was obviously familiar with the house as she popped her head around the kitchen door and shouted hi to Natalie before running up the stairs. I went into the kitchen ostensibly to see if I could help but mainly to see if breakfast was ready. I adored my time with my girls, as I thought of them, but I certainly needed to keep my energy levels up.

"I see you've met Nita."

I nodded.

"I'm surprised it's taken this long. She must have been at her dad's. She and Isla are pretty inseparable, they have been like sisters for years. Her parents divorced around the same time as Isla's dad did a runner."

From what I had already learned that was about eight years ago.

"Don't go by looks either Wolff. She's really a good kid under that muck. No doubt they're talking about you now." She laughed.

"Not too much I hope."

"Don't worry. Even if she knew, Nita would never do anything to hurt Isla so she'd never say anything. Unless of course you hurt her and I just can't see that happening."

I smiled, glad that Natalie understood that. By then breakfast was ready.

"Give the girls a call will you."

I did and moments later we were sitting around the small dining table eating breakfast. I saw Natalie suddenly smile before leaning over and giving me, what for her was, a very tender kiss.

My raised eyes asked the question. "Just thinking that it was around a little breakfast table like this that we first got to know each other."

After that it was like twenty questions. Despite her friend's denials Nita seemed confident that something had happened to her, and it was something to do with me. Natalie was highly amused throughout and did little to deflect the inquisition.

Nita finally worked it out when she looked me straight in the eyes and said. "Well if you don't want him then I'll take him."

Isla reacted instinctively. Whereas she'd shown no sign of possessiveness regarding her mother, this time she reacted far to strongly. "No you damn well won't. Wolff is mine and..." She suddenly sat back realising what she'd let out of the bag. I could see the tears welling up in her beautiful eyes.

"I'm sorry Wolff." She whispered.

I held both arms out and she rushed to sit in my lap. Only the low sounds of Isla crying broke the silence of the next few minutes.

"I'm sorry Isles. I was only joking." Her friend said with tears forming in her own eyes. "I promise I won't say anything."

Natalie went to comfort Nita. It was a while before both teens stopped crying. Then they went to each other and started again.

"Isla! Take Nita to your room and sort yourselves out." Natalie said with great tenderness.

"That was a bit unexpected." She said to me as soon as we were alone. "Although in some ways it's best that it's out in the open."

"How do you work that out?"

"As I've said they live in each other's pockets and if I know my daughter, she would of hated to keep a secret from her best friend. Don't worry, Nita won't say anything, not even to her mother."

Then she started giggling. I had already worked out that Natalie could find humour in just about any situation but this was a bit much. "Sorry! I've just thought that you're going to have another teenager after your body now."


"Nita started all this commotion by saying she would have you if Isla didn't. She must fancy you at least a bit to say that. Now she knows you and my daughter are at it like bunnies, she'll feel left out. Especially when she realises that I'm part of the deal too. Don't be surprised if she flashes some flesh at you." My elder lover told me, still highly amused by it all.

"You think she'll learn about you and me."

"Definitely." Then to prove her point she took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

As always Natalie hardly needed any foreplay and was soon on her back belittling my efforts to make her cum. "Come on Wolff ... you can fuck me harder than that." She shouted huskily. "Just because ... big cock of yours was in my little fourteen year old girl ... no excuse for slacking ... Harder, I want to cum like she does ... Make me pass out if you can." She was almost screaming her challenge at me.

Somewhere inside I knew she was just winding me up but I tried, oh I tried, to ram that big cock so far up her pussy that she'd deep throat me from below. Still the goading continued. "Faster ... young stud ... harder ... cum ... fuck." Again my subconscious told me that I was doing something right as she was no longer yelling sentences. Still, I tried for faster as there was no way I could manage harder. Just when I decided that she'd won and I couldn't hold back any longer, Natalie came with a scream that nearly deafened me. Seconds later with my cock as deep inside her as was possible my balls emptied, each pulse deliciously painful.

"Get off you big oaf." Natalie gasped some time later as not too surprisingly, I'd collapsed on top of her at the end.

"Told you she'd find out." Natalie laughed as I rolled to her side.

"Her and the entire village I'd have thought." I grinned back. "You were something special." I told her as I leaned in to kiss her softly. "You ARE something special Natalie."

Natalie almost melted. She was no emotional softie but for the first time I saw a vulnerability that I hadn't seen before. Like all of us, she needed to feel loved. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that a lot of what Natalie had allowed me to see was just a mask. Sex between us was always good, even great, but there were rarely any real emotions involved.

I stroked her face and then kissed her again, this time feeling her respond to my tenderness. "I love fucking you, but would really love to make love to you too."

"You are only saying that so you can continue to screw my daughter." She said tearfully.

"Rubbish. I fancied you before I ever even thought about Isla. I still fancy you like hell, you are one sexy woman. I can't deny that there is a spark between me and Isla that I can't explain but even if Isla wasn't here I'd still have strong feelings for you."

"Its just sex!" She whispered.

"It started out that way. With both of us but it's a lot more than that now. Don't you feel that."

She nodded.

"Then why don't you believe I do?"

"Because things like that don't happen to me."

I pulled her to me and felt the silent tears soaking my chest. Only a short while ago, I'd acknowledged to myself that I was only really here for Isla. Now, holding her mother I had to re-evaluate. I'd never been happier in all my life, never even been close. Natalie had as much to do with that as her daughter, more so in some ways. For the first time the word love appeared in my mind. I'd always despised that word, watching what it did to otherwise rational people.

It then hit me. Without doubt, I did love Isla and what I felt for Natalie was almost as strong and could just as easily be called love. I remember hearing or reading something about asking yourself if you wanted to spend the rest of your life with that person. With me it was people and the answer was a yes. Another bit of reality hit. I was Isla's first love and would always be special to her but was it a lifetime thing for her. She was just too young to know, regardless what she might believe now. Natalie was different. I believed that Natalie would welcome me as I was. I also thought that I would need her if and when Isla moved on.

"Shit!" I said unknowingly.

"What Wolff? What's up?" Natalie asked, her face still buried against my chest.

"I just realised that I love you and Isla."

Her face shot up like a bullet. "Do you mean it? Both of us?"

I smiled and nodded. "Yes. Though I have no idea where we go from here."

"Nowhere. We all stay here. You say you can work from anywhere, well why not from here?"

"Are you sure? I mean how do you feel about me, the pervert that is screwing your teenage daughter?"

"I love you you idiot. I have for a while."

"A while, we've hardly known each other a while." I laughed.

"Probably as long as you've been in love with Isla, I just recognised it sooner."

We kissed, a kiss of emotion as well as passion, one of love as well as lust. For the first time we made love. Natalie showed me a gentleness and submissiveness that I'd never dreamed possible. It was as if she removed the façade around her and let me in for the first time.

When we walked into the living room there was a glow about Natalie and I don't mean the well fucked one. Isla was there, alone and saw it immediately. She ran to her mother and I heard her whisper. "You look great."

"Where's your friend?" I asked.

"You just missed her. She's gone home to get changed."


Isla blushed furiously. "We got carried away listening to you two."

"We?" I asked.

She nodded biting her bottom lip.

"Wolff can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can angel."

"Do you like Nita?"

"I don't really know her well enough, but she seems all right, apart from the makeup that is."

"I don't mean it like that. I mean do you LIKE her?"

Natalie laughed. "She means do you want to fuck her."

I looked at Isla and could tell that's what she did mean. "Why would I want anyone else. I have the two best ones already."

Isla shone at my compliment and I felt her mother grab my hand and squeeze it. "It's just that Nita can't understand how it is for me when we make love and when she heard mum she could hardly believe it. She had sex once about a year ago and she said it was painful and uncomfortable and in no way enjoyable. I wondered if you would show her how good it should be." Isla said, her voice getting quieter all the time until I could only just make out what she was saying.

"You want me to have sex with Nita? Is that what you're saying?" I asked in amazement.

Isla nodded.

"What do you think?" I asked Natalie.

She put her hands up in the air. "Nothing to do with me." She laughed. "I did warn you though."

I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. "Natalie, everything I do is now something to do with you, especially something like this."

Isla looked at as both quizzically. Natalie just looked at me. "Sorry. You're right of course. Isla, does Nita know you are asking Wolff?"

"No Mum! But we have talked about it and I know she would love him to show her but I think she doesn't think it is likely to happen."

"How about you Wolff?"

"Listen, I'm just an ordinary guy. Offer me a nice piece of pussy and I'm going to take it, unless there's a good reason not to. At the moment you two are more than enough reason not to. I'll be honest, I think I would rather not but if you BOTH want me to then I will."

Natalie looked at her daughter. "You know I'm away next week. Well let's leave it to just before I go to decide. That gives us all time to think about it. Ok?"

"Thanks Mum."

"I think I already know the answer but I'll ask anyway." Natalie said. "I've asked Wolff to move in with us. Is that ok?"

I never realised Isla could move so fast. She was off the chair and in her mother's arms before I could blink. "I think we can take that as a yes." Winked Natalie.

I had some work to do, so when shopping was mentioned I declined gracefully (and thankfully).

That evening there was the television première of some soppy romantic film starring the latest american heartthrob who looked even more artificial than he probably was. In my opinion very few films could cross the Atlantic successfully, in either direction. All this was irrelevant as Natalie and Isla considered it essential viewing.

With me sitting between the two lovelies the film began. I was bored and gave up after less than five minutes. It did give the chance to really study and appreciate the girls. Kissing or anything of a sexual nature was prohibited for the duration so my discovers were all new.

Isla adored having her hair stroked and finger combed, so much so that at the end she went and fetched her hair brush and sat in front of me whilst I did her nightly ritual of one hundred strokes. She was not the only one who enjoyed the sensual pleasure and it was closer to two hundred and fifty by the time I stopped. Natalie seemed more than happy to just lean closely against me and watch. Her love was her neck and ears. During the film I played with both but was eventually told to stop as it was crossing the sexual ban.

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