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by emgeee

Copyright© 2010 by emgeee

Erotica Sex Story: Good looking co-worker hitches a ride back to the office and shares her story and body.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

She had great legs, nice ass too.

She was dressed very conservatively, straight skirt that hit just at the knee, starched white blouse, light jacket that matched her skirt. Panty hose and small black pumps.

Lori, from the main office, was sitting in the chair sideways, one leg crossed over the other. She was facing the desk, in my job site trailer office, talking on the phone and writing notes.

Her tight skirt was pulled up past mid thigh, it molded to her ass like a second skin.

Her tight skirt and panty hosed legs formed one smooth line from her back, down her shapely ass along her thighs, running down to the back of her knee and then down to a well turned calf tapering into a small delicate ankle.

Her shoe was dangling off her toes. She was flexing her toes making the shoe swing back and forth. As her toes twitched the muscles moved in her calf and thigh. Making the muscles in her leg pulse.

As she talked on the phone, I watched and lusted over her magnificent legs and ass.

As she talked I glanced up, and made eye contact with her in the blank computer screen in front of her.

She gave me a small Mona Lisa smile and continued her conversation. She made no movement to cover her legs or put her legs under the desk. Her shoe moved at a little quicker pace making her skirt ride up ever so slightly.

So I continued to watch, every once in awhile checking her out in the computer screen. No eye contact.

Lori hung up the phone and turned towards me, making no attempt to pull her skirt down.

"That was the main office they cannot make things out, I need a ride back to the office"

I told her I would take her, but I wanted to change into my traveling clothes.

As I work on the construction site, it is heavy boots, blue jeans a work shirt, I don't like to travel to and from the job site in my work clothes so I keep a pair of shorts, sandals, and a Hawaiian shirt to change into when I head for home.

I told her I was ready to go but I had to change, she said go ahead. She made no move to leave the trailer so I could change.

I put a wet wash cloth in the micro wave to warm it up.

When the wash cloth was warm I washed my face and hands, then took off my boots and made a motion with my hands for her turn around. She did. I dropped my pants and briefs and slid my shorts on, just as my shorts were up to my waist, I grabbed the wash cloth and gave my balls and cock a quick wipe.

I changed my shirt, as buttoned up the last button I turned and noticed she had been watching me in the computer screen the whole time. It was my turn to give her a little smile.

I put my stuff in my back pack, "Lets go"

We walked out to my truck. I helped her get in, another nice leg shot.

I threw my bag in the back and climbed in. I drive a full sized pick up with a bench seat.

I noticed that she did not hug the door but sat in the center of her side of the seat. She had also taken off her jacket and folded up and placed on the transmission hump.

As we pulled out of the construction site she asked "how long is this going to take"

I told her "at this time of the day it will take about two and half hours to make the trip"

Once we were on the freeway and up to speed, she said "You look comfortable. I wish I had brought a change of clothes too. At least I wish I would have taken off my panty hose."

I made for the next exit.

She said "What are you doing?"

"Heading for a gas station so you can take off your panty hose"

She said, "I can take them off while you are driving"

"Well it will be very distracting"

She told me, "Well if you are going to watch, you better get in the slow lane. Get behind a slow moving truck."

I flipped on the signal and got behind a large slow moving truck.

She pulled her skirt up and used her thumbs to hook her panty hose. She tried to keep her skirt down and work off her panty hose, after struggling for a while she turned to me.

"I guess I will have to take my skirt off first"

I shrugged my shoulders and told her "Go ahead but I will defiantly watch now"

With that she unzipped her skirt and pulled it off, her long legs came into view, my cock twitched.

She took her time folding her skirt and placing it on top of her jacket.

She sat back down, her blouse hiding the top of her legs.

She looked out the truck window. We were in the slow lane so no cars were on her side and the cars in the other lane were passing us taking no notice.

She again used her thumbs to hook the top of her panty hose, exposing all of her legs to my view and part of her flat stomach. She watched my eyes as I watched the top of her panty hose move down her body. When she got to her panties she had to hold them in place as she moved her panty hose past them. She was not too successful as her panties came down a little in her struggle. No visible pubic hair. She got her hose past her panties and she pulled them down her legs.

"Whew, that feels so good" She sat with her legs spread a little apart letting the air conditioner blow on her now naked legs. She made no attempt to pull her panties up. She folded her panty hose and placed them on her skirt and jacket.

Again as she turned she lifted her ass off the seat and now I could see the flesh of her ass and her naked leg all the way to her toes.

She sat back down then arched her back to lift her ass off the seat and she pulled her panties up and smoothed them in place, my eyes following her hands like they were on strings.

She sat down and turned towards me, "Enjoy the show?"

I told her "Any time a beautiful woman with great legs, tells me it is ok to look, I am going to look"

She smiled and said "Thank you, now that you have seen my panties and my legs, do you mind if I take off my bra?"

I said, "You can strip naked if you like"

"Maybe later" with that she did that thing only woman can do. She turned in to magician and with a few movements and without taking her shirt off, she unsnapped her bra and pulled it out from under her blouse. Again the production of folding and turn and lifting her ass off the seat as she set the folded bra on her growing pile of clothes.

She sat back down on the seat with another loud noise, her legs together; she put her hands on her lap and blew a loose strand of hair off her face.

"That is much better, that will make the trip more comfortable" She said to herself.

I could not believe my luck, I normally have a two hour drive in traffic by myself and now I am riding along with a half naked woman who does not mind that she is half naked and that I can look all I want and she seems to like it.

Lori turned to me with a small smile on her face, "What are you thinking"

"Well I was thinking you have great legs, nice ass and from what I can see a great figure"

With that she put one leg on the dash board of my truck.

"You like my legs" as she ran her hand up and down her leg, pulling her blouse up so she was exposed from her toes up to waist. With her high cut panties it was a very long leg.

I swallowed hard and flashed my eyes to the slow moving truck in front of us so I would not crash, then back to her legs.

I tried to soak in her charms, her long legs, her thin blouse showed off her firm tits, her nipples pushing on the fabric of her top. Sitting next to me in just her panties and top made my cock hard.

"I shaved them this morning, they are silky smooth" she slowly ran her hands up and down her leg.

I squirmed in my seat, "Can I ask you a question without you getting mad at me?"

"Sure, you can ask anything, I won't get mad, but if you cross the line I will tell you and you have respect that"

"Ok, Ok, here is my question, and I know it is lame but I have to ask, are you an exhibitionist?"

"Yes, I enjoy showing off my body, you don't seem to be shy either"

I gave her a quick look.

"In the trailer, you stripped naked in front of me"

I shrugged my shoulders and told her "I was just changing into my travel clothes".

I asked her "Have you ever been to a nudist colony?"

"Yes, but it is not for me. There are unwritten rules about how you move and expose yourself and touch yourself. And most of them are for families."

"How about a nude beach" I asked

"Oh! I have been to nude beaches lots of times but you have to time it right."

"How so?"

"Well if you just want to be naked you can go any time. But if you want to be naughty you have to know the type of beach, what time to go, and even where on the beach."

Now my cock was hard, thinking of the beautiful creature total nude and being naughty.

"Naughty?" I asked her.

"Well sometimes being just naked is not enough for me. I like to find an edgy beach and do more than expose myself. On a normal nude beach they do not like it if you spread your legs too far apart or touch yourself other than putting on lotion. I sometimes like to have someone watch me when I masturbate"

She was watching me for a change of expression

I must have showed it

She continued

"There is a beach that I go to every couple of months and I strip naked and look for couples. If I find one that I think would not mind a show I will set my things up. I try to make eye contact with the woman and put on my lotion. If she does not turn away then I know I made the right choice. I love to tease my pussy and let her watch, if she pokes her boyfriend and they both watch then I know I can really put on a show.

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