The Practical Applications of Bimbo Math

by Dictionary Rainbow

Copyright© 2010 by Dictionary Rainbow

Mind Control Sex Story: Meline and I got into the most advanced math class at MCU, Behavior of Integral Matrices with Balsak Optimization. Our joy soon disappears. Why aren't girls allowed to take it? Why aren't you allowed to take physical education classes concurrently? What's happening to us?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Mind Control   Group Sex   Big Breasts   .

"I got in! I got in!" Melanie screamed as she ran into my room. She waved her course list in my face and dropped it on my lap. I picked it up and scanned her courses. Sure enough, there it was on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1:30 to 2:30: Melanie was enrolled in BIMBO Math.

The course title wasn't actually BIMBO Math—that's just what we nerds in MCU's math department affectionately called Behavior of Integral Matrices with Balsak Optimization. The comp sci guys all thought they were so smug, running around with their little Master PC programs that they write, but none of them understood the math behind it. None of them could understand the beauty behind the program, the maths that made it tick. That's what Balsak Optimization is.

I smiled and put her schedule down and handed her mine. "Looks like we're in it together."

"Sweet!" Melanie gloated. "Another class I get to kick your ass in."

"You wish! I so would have gotten a better grade than you in Computational Unified Number Theory if you hadn't sucked the professor's cock for a 97 on the final."

Melanie's mouth dropped open and she hit my shoulder. "I didn't not! Who would suck Professor Hebert's dick anyway? Eww, gross." She stuck out her tongue for emphasis.

"So, you want to go get some dinner or something?" I asked her.

"Nah, I've got some stuff to do," she laughed.


"Jenny Halstead flunked out!" There was nothing worse than flunking out of MCU. Not only did it mean you weren't protected from the other students any more, but the administration actively encouraged the other students to have their way. However, rumor had it that anyone, student, faculty, or even an outsider that tried to MC someone still enrolled at MCU would wake up as the main act in a Thai ping-pong strip show, if they woke up at all.

"Phil put in first dibbs and we're going to get together with some of the CS guys and have some fun." In other words, they were going to bend her all out of shape with some poorly written version of the Master PC program and have a fuck-fest. "You should come along."

"Thanks for the invite, but you know it's not my thing."

"Your loss. That girl is going to be such a good pussy licker by the time I'm done with her." Melanie rubbed her hands together and gave me a toothy grin.

"I'm sure."

"If you wanted us to, we could grow a dick on her for you to suck."

I just glared at her in response.

"I know. I know. You're not gay. Anyway," she said. "I'm off. Catch you later."

I watched Melanie walk out and sighed. I was kind of a misfit in the math department. Most guys in it were into the big-tit small-brain girls that the CS and engineering majors seemed to pump out by the dozen. I never got the attraction. They're breasts. Every other person has them and even if they get inflated to the size of cannonballs, they're still just breasts. I always figured they should use blow-up dolls. The dolls would have just as much personality, too.

Melanie was what I was looking for. I didn't care that she was flatter than most cutting boards. She was smart and my kind of cute. One drunken night I admitted that to her and she laughed at me. I think her exact words were, "Me? Hot? What are you gay? I look more like a boy than most guys!" Unfortunately for me, though, Melanie was gay. The only way I'd have a shot at her would be if she failed out like Jenny, which wasn't going to happen.

Monday morning when I walked into BIMBO Math I pretty much knew everyone there. By the time you get to this level most of the pretenders and other majors have fallen out and you wind up with the same bunch. I said hello to a few of the guys I liked more, then went and sat next to Melanie.

"Afternoon," I told her.

"How's it going?"

"Not bad. How was your first class?"

"Easy. I hate that we have to take all those liberal arts crap classes. I could sleep through philosophy and still get an A."

"I know what you mean," I nodded. "I still needed my gym requirement and the only thing left open was weightlifting."

That sent Melanie in to a titter of laughter. "You! Weightlifting? I've always been surprised that you could manage to lift a pencil." She reached over and easily wrapped her hand around my arm. My pulse quickened with her touch.

"Ha, ha. Aren't you the funny one," I scowled, trying to hide my excitement. Dr. Richardson came in before she could reply. He scanned the class and did a double take when he saw Melanie.

"Ms Tweedy, please see me in my office after class," he said. I gave Melanie an inquisitive look and she shrugged her shoulders.

I'd had Dr. Richardson for Computational Organization of Connelly's Kernel. He was one of the better teachers I'd had, so knew I'd learn my stuff but struggle to keep up. He didn't waste any time getting into the material. The way he explained it, the principle of Balsak Optimization was the interaction of spherical sets on matrices. Using the correct sets would cause the matrix to become rigid and allow for easy manipulation. Dr. Richardson promised us we'd be spending the rest of the semester squeezing spherical sets around matrices until we got the the correct flow.

After the class was finished, I looked over at Melanie. She was still staring at the whiteboard. It looked like there were beads of perspiration on her forehead. "Hey, Melanie," I said.

She shook her head, "Sorry, is this class intense or what?"


Melanie finally started getting her bag together. "Do you wanna go to Dr. Richardson's office with me?"

"Sure," I told her. "I'm done with classes for the day." I picked up my bag and we headed out of the class.

"I wonder what he wants to talk to me about. The least he could have done was to wait for me."

"He's kind of a weird guy. I had him for COCK."

We made idle chitchat the rest of the way to Dr. Richardson's office. When we got there, Melanie lightly rapped on his door.

"Come in," he said. Melanie gave me a parting glance and went in. Since she didn't close the door, I could hear their conversation.

"You wanted to see me?" Melanie asked.

"Yes. I think you should drop out of Balsak Optimization."

"What?" Melanie asked. It took me by surprise, too. "Why should I?"

"We generally don't let girls take it." After he said that, I thought back to the class. Melanie was the only girl I could remember seeing in there. I'd just assumed it was because Melanie was usually the only girl in my math classes.

"Why not?"

"Well, in the school's history, not one girl has ever passed the class."

"I'm not just some ordinary girl," Melanie protested. "Of everyone in BIMBO Math, I got the highest grades in CUNT and COCK."

"There's no doubting your abilities. You're brilliant, but you'll fail this class. All girls do."

"Isn't that a bit sexist?"

"Sexism has nothing to do with it," Dr. Richardson responded. "We don't even like for guys who are enrolled in a physical education course to take it concurrently." My heart skipped a beat. Why not? I needed the PE to graduate at the end of the semester and there was no way I was going to drop out of BIMBO Math.

"I'm not dropping it," Melanie said. I could hear the strained anger in her voice.

"Suit yourself. Personally I don't care, but Professor Herbert would give me hell if he found out I let you stay in without telling you to quit."

"Well, it looks like I'll get to be the first girl to pass." Melanie stormed out of his office and pass me. I ran to catch up with her.

"Hey, Melanie," I said.

"Fuck off! Fucking men!" she said. I stopped and watched her walk off.

I'd hoped to spend the rest of the day hanging out with her. So much for that. I thought about going back to my room and playing on the computer or doing some studying, but I found myself worrying about the PE class. If I didn't pass, it meant another year, which meant more tuition and pissed off parents. I didn't want to, but I reluctantly headed off to the gym.

"No, your left sphere isn't large enough," I told Melanie. We were sitting in an empty class room studying for our first bimbo test. "If you massage it like this, and give it a tweak here, there, now the matrix is rigid." I put the marker down and stepped back from the board.

Melanie stared at the calculation. I kept waiting for her to say something, but she just sat there. I looked back at the board. Was she finding something to criticize? There was nothing wrong with it. My spheres that encompassed the matrix might have been a bit on the large side, but it was a big matrix.

While I waited for Melanie to say something, I rubbed my sore biceps. After my first gym class, when I couldn't even bench the bar, Coach Wilkes told me in all likelihood I'd fail. Since I couldn't afford to do that I'd been going every day for the first month of school. I woke up sore every morning, but it was worth it. I could now bench 30 kilos. Even Coach Wilkes was impressed with my improvement.

Sitting there staring at my proof and the wonderful optimization, I got restless. I needed to move. Melanie and I had been studying for two hours and I was finished.

"Hey," we said at the same time.

"You first," I told Melanie.

"I'm kind of hungry and I was thinking of going to the mall to get something, you want to come?"

As much as I wanted to be with Melanie, sitting around the mall wouldn't get me a passing grade in PE. I'd made progress, but it wasn't enough. "Nah, thanks though. I need to hit the gym again."

"Oh," she pouted.

"You know it's so hard for me to say no to you when you act all cute and pouty like that. I need to go or I'll fail."

She lit up. "You really think I'm cute?"

"Duh, you know if you weren't a lesbian, I'd be all over you."

Melanie did something I'd never seen her do before, she blushed. "Thanks," she said. "Maybe I'll see you after?"


Melanie and I headed our separate ways. I couldn't believe I had told her she was cute; I couldn't believe that she blushed; and I really couldn't believe that the two of us just walked off mid-study. We'd never just quit like that. We usually went on throughout the night until one of us passed out from exhaustion.

Well, I could at least think about Balsak optimizations while I did my reps. I thought back to the equation I did before we left. The large matrix had become perfectly rigid between those two equally large spherical sets. I ran to the gym.

Tonight, I actually paid attention to the girl who swiped my student id to let me in. She was cute, not in the same way Melanie was, but cute. Where Melanie had long black hair and was as curvy as a slide rule, this girl had short blonde hair and pert breasts. "Hey," I said.

She rolled her eyes up at me then back down without answering. As I tried to glance down her shirt, I noticed she was studying. "Psychology, huh?"

"The stairs are over there," she said and pointed behind her.

"Uh, yeah, thanks..." I mumbled. I had to stick my hand in my pocket and point my erection up so the girl couldn't see the tent in the front of my pants. I hustled down the stairs. What was wrong with me? I was getting a boner while failing at hitting on a girl I usually have no interest in, all while blowing off studying to lift weights. I had to figure out what was going on. After working out...

Two and a half hours later, I was sitting in my room, showered and exhausted. I was aimlessly surfing the web. My usual stops, Slashdot and, weren't holding my attention and I was looking for something more entertaining when someone knocked at my door.

"Come in," I said. A cheerful Melanie burst through my door. She was grinning ear to ear and swaying like she'd had a few drinks. On a Saturday night, it wouldn't have been out of character, but the night before a test she normally was the definition of serious and gloomy.

Her outfit on the other hand, was out of character for her any day of the week. She was wearing a black V-neck top that would have shown off her cleavage, had she had any to show off. On a girl with hips and a rear, Melanie's jean skirt would have been tight-fitting, but on her it hung loosely. Her normally sneaker clad feet were encased in one inch black pumps.

"Hey there," she said.

"Melanie, are you drunk?"

"Nah, I just had a couple of wine coolers."

"Are you okay? We've got a test tomorrow."

That brought Melanie down. "I know. I just can't concentrate. So, I took my books and stuff to the mall, figuring I could get some studying in while I ate." Melanie walked over and sat on my knee. She put her hand on my chest. My cock sprang to attention. "I couldn't even open the book. Just staring at the cover made me want to go shop. So I picked up some new clothes. What do you think?"

What did I think? I wanted to rip them off of her and do her right there on my desk. "They're nice. Did you lighten your hair, too?"

"No. Should I?" she asked and took her hand off my chest and stroked her dirty brown hair with it. Should I? This was coming from the girl who said, "When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you," on a regular basis.

Her hand returned to my chest and started rubbing it. My dick strained my pants. "Wow, those workouts have been effective," she purred.

This was wrong, we were the top two students in the math department, not some horny frat couple. I grabbed my keys off my desk and tossed Melanie onto her feet. "Come on."

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to get back to normal. We're going to go study till 3AM like we normally do." I took her hand and pulled her out the door.

Being one of the top students in the department had its benefits: I was entrusted with a key to the department building. I let us in and we went into one of the classrooms. We barely made it through the first optimization before Melanie's shirt came off and I was groping her small breasts.

I'd always dreamed that if Melanie and I got together, our first time would be slow and sensual. I never would have imagined that in reality it would come with her laying naked on a classroom desk, her head lolled off the edge and screaming, "Yes! That's what my cunt's needed! Fucking cock! Fuck me!"

I obliged and pounded into her. My well-toned arms held her on the desk so that she didn't go flying off with my powerful thrusts. She grabbed hold of the desk with her hands, wrapped her legs around my waist, and used her muscles to pull me in harder with each thrust. She lifted her head up and looked at me. Her face was red from all the blood rushing to it. "When you cum, cum on my tits," she told me. That sent me over the top. I broke the hold her legs had on my waist and sent my first shot into her face. My second landed on her flat chest and the rest pooled into her belly button. Melanie orgasmed and went limp. All of her limbs drooped over the sides of the desk.

I grabbed my shirt and cleaned her off. As if coming down from a cloud, we silently got dressed. After I put everything on but my cum soaked shirt, I looked at Melanie. She shied away from me. "Maybe, uhhh, maybe we should study by ourselves..." I said.

"Yeah, maybe," she said. Melanie didn't look at me once as she gathered her things. Hugging her books tightly to her chest she slipped out the door.

Melanie and I had had sex. I was feeling such mixed emotions. I was elated, I'd had sex with the girl of my dreams, but at the same time I felt confused and scared. We hadn't just had sex; we'd rutted like wild animals and completely ignored our studying. I used a clean part of my shirt to wipe off the desk. My stomach was churning. What if someone had seen? I shoved my dirty shirt into my bag and looked out into the hall. No one was there. I felt slightly relieved.

Fortunately, I didn't run into anyone on the way back to my room. I would have been too embarrassed to explain what I was doing running around shirtless at that time of night.

I threw my filthy shirt into the trash and sat at my desk. I put my head in my hands and moaned. What had I done? Hoping to get my mind off what had happened, I pulled out my Behavior of Integral Matrices with Balsak Optimization book out and opened it up. Without even starting to study, I pulled my penis out and started to masturbate thinking about the encounter I'd just had.

We were waiting to get our BIMBO midterm back. I was a nervous wreck. I hadn't studied for it in the slightest. Every time I started, I either went to the gym or had some 'alone' time. That had been happening a lot recently. Throughout the semester, whenever I thought about BIMBO Math, I started to worry and wound up spending at least two hours in the gym. I'd picked up swimming a mile every morning and running 10 in addition to my daily weight sessions. Coach Wilkes was astonished by my complete turn around. He pretty much assured me an A. If only I could be so confident about BIMBO Math. My right leg bounced up and down in anticipation. I looked over at Melanie.

She seemed to be nervous, too. She played with her dirty blonde hair, curling it around and around with one of her fingers. I took in a healthy view of her cleavage. Ever since the night I'd fucked her, she'd been wearing more revealing clothes. Before then, she was a t-shirt and jeans type girl, now, I don't think I'd seen her wear anything but low cut tops and skirts. Her chest heaved with a sigh. I wouldn't mind tapping that again, I thought.

Tapping that again? Who was I? Melanie was my friend, I couldn't think of her that way. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought someone was MCing us. Maybe it was from all the testosterone flowing through my body from my workouts. I needed to cut back.

Reluctantly, I took my eyes off of Melanie's rack and looked at the clock. When would this class end? I wanted to get to the gym, bad. Just then, Dr. Robertson dropped my test on my desk. "I'm disappointed in you," he whispered.

I turned my test over and looked at it; my stomach plummeted. A 62. I hadn't made below an 85 on any test, ever. There had to be a mistake.

I looked over at Melanie. She'd stopped playing with her hair and was clutching her test in tight fists. Her eyes shot laser beams of hate at Dr. Richardson.

"Let's go over the test," he said. I looked away from Melanie and back to the board. I wanted to find out where he'd made a mistake in grading my test.

I watched, mezmerized as Dr. Richardson went through each problem and proved which spherical sets would optimize each matrix and make it rigid. I felt more and more confused as I watched. How was I so lucky as to get a 62? If Dr. Richcardson had made a mistake grading my test, it was accidentally marking something as being correct.

Dr. Richardson finished his explanation and, in usual fashion, scurried out of the room. I could hear the other students talking to each other about the tests. A couple of people came over to me and asked how I did, but I just ignored them and stared at the board.

Eventually, I looked around and saw that only Melanie and I were left. "Hey," I said.

Melanie slowly looked at me. I showed her my 62. She lift her test up and showed me her 57. There was a note in red on it that read, "Told you."

"Hey, he's a prick," I said.

"Yeah," she sighed.

"Maybe we should, um, study a bit more."

"Yeah," she sighed again.

"Together," I said. We hadn't hung out at all in the month since we had fucked. Melanie looked at me. Her eyes were burning.

"Yeah," she said huskily.

Two seconds later, my rough hands were mauling her orange-sized tits. I pulled her shirt and bra off and looked at them. If only they were a little bigger, I imagined her squatting down and wrapping them around my dick and titty fucking me.

I made due with sucking and biting on one of her nipples. She pulled my head up and nibbled on my ear, "I don't wear panties anymore," she said. I leaned back and flipped her skirt up, sure enough her naked slit greeted me.

I stood, dropped my pants, and picked her up. Holding her in the air, I slowly lowered her drenched pussy onto my pole and proceeded to ram into her. "Cum on me again," she whispered into my ear, then rolled her head back and moaned incoherently. If she was loud the first time, she was deafening this time.

I laid her on a desk and pumped my cock in and out. Before when I ravaged her on a desk, she didn't jiggle at all. This time, her breasts flapped back and forth with each thrust. I should have thought such growth was odd, but I was only thinking about how hot the bitch looked. Once again, I pulled out and shot my load all over her, but this time, before I could clean her off, she scooped it up and ate my junk.

"God, that was great. We're going to have to study together more often," she said. Melanie looked behind me and winked. I turned in time to see someone scurry out of the room while zipping up his pants. Though this classroom was empty during this time, the adjacent two were being used. There's no way we weren't heard. I felt proud. I was happy that everyone knew I'd scored on such a nice piece of ass.

Melanie put her shirt on and gathered her stuff. "Anyway, I think I'm going to ditch class the rest of the week and go stay with a friend at her beach house, you wanna come?" she asked. I knew what she was implying, four days of non-stop fucking. It was my dream come true, but I knew I could have her anytime now. She wasn't worth skipping the gym for. "I'll join you on the weekend, how's that sound?"

Melanie pouted and ran her finger down my chest and up and down the curves of my six pack. "You sure I can't talk you into coming earlier?"

"Sorry babe, you'll just have to wait."

"You better hurry, we won't wait too long," she said and winked at me. I watched Melanie totter out on her three inch heels and let out a whistle. I knew the weekend was going to be a blast.

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