Sharing Ann

by SW MO Hermit

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Erotica Sex Story: Retired friends have dated and lusted after each other's wife since well before marriage. They decide to see if they can bed the other's wife. The women put an interesting twist to the plans.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Voyeurism   .

My wife Ann, my best friend Alan and his wife Samantha had all grown up in the country just outside a small town. Alan and Sam had stayed in the area, working in a larger town about 40 miles from where we grew up. I went into the service and made it a career. Through the years, we stayed close to Alan and Samantha and visited with them at least once a year while home as well as many letters and phone calls. When we retired we moved back home to the farm, which was only about a half mile from the farm Alan grew up on and on which he still lived.

During our youth, each of us had dated and gotten it on with the other's wife (well, I assume Alan had fucked both of the girls when they dated. I knew I sure had!), but during college, we settled on our respective mates. We were all exceptionally happy, but from time to time when on leave we would come close to that line-you know, the "cheating" line. During parties and visits we would dance with the other spouse, hug and kiss-perhaps occasionally cop a little feel, but, as far as I knew, nothing else. Alan and I would talk about really wanting "a little strange" and mention we would really like to "do" the other's wife but, again, that was as far as it went.

When I retired and moved back home we were all much closer again and you could feel things heating up. After a good visit or party where we got a little closer than usual to the other spouse, the sex was much better for a while. Alan and I began to talk about trying to get the ladies to swap, or in some way at least take advantage of any opportunity that came up to "nail" the other's wife. We finally agreed that we really wanted to try this but didn't know how to go about it. We were both willing and we thought, in the right circumstances, the wives would be too but how to proceed?

Alan and I finally agreed to "play it by ear", the only rules being that the other had to be present to help make love to his wife or we all 4 would trade at the same time. We agreed that if one wife was "taken" by the other man, we would make every effort to do the other one as soon as possible thereafter in order to alleviate any potential jealousy as we really didn't want this to interfere with our friendship.

We had each talked to the wife about how horny we felt when we played around and had the heavy flirting sessions and each wife agreed they too felt the sizzle. Both wives were a little hesitant about going farther however. We always got together on New Year's Eve but usually didn't make it to midnight. Like usual, New Years Eve 2007 was no different in so far as the evenings gathering went. What was different was to follow!

We had all gone out to a nice meal in our favorite restaurant and then went back to our house for the evening of visiting and music. Alan and I had both been loving and teasing our wives but withholding sex from them for the 5 days before the party so we were all pretty horny. Now Alan and I had the "plan" in place. We were going to try and get one or both girls to play this evening.

As the evening progressed, Alan and I kept the glasses full and the music low. We were playing our favorite songs from when we grew up and from time to time we danced with the ladies. As the night progressed, so did our plans. Both women were allowing us to kiss and fondle them with no resistance. Sam and I were dancing on the opposite side of the room from Ann and Alan when I noticed the change in things. Sam had her back to Alan and Ann, he head lying on my chest while I pulled her against my boner, my hands cupping her fine ass.

Over Sam's shoulder I noticed Alan had gotten Ann's top completely unbuttoned and her breasts were hanging out. He had one hand pulling her to him and the other was cupping her breast as his thumb and forefinger tweaked and rolled her turgid nipple. They were locked in a deep kiss. I heard her moan as he worked her nipple.

Samantha apparently heard the moan also and started to turn toward Alan and Ann. As she pulled her head back from my chest I bent my head and gave her a kiss with a lot of tongue. As she started again to turn when the kiss broke I used one hand to hold her head toward me. "Shhhhh," I said. "It's OK."

Samantha stiffened as Ann once again moaned into Alan's mouth. She finally managed to turn to see her husband locked in a deep kiss with Ann as he fondled her bare breasts. I felt and heard her gasp as she saw them. I wasn't sure what she would do next but she watched for a moment then turned back to me, reached up and pulled my head down for a deep sensual kiss.

After the kiss she pulled back and looked into my eyes. "My GOD. What are we going to do?" Samantha asked.

I gently led her to the couch near the fire, sat and pulled her down to my lap where I turned her to me and kissed her again as I ran my hand up under her blouse to cup a bare tit. "Watch a while?" I said.

Sam pulled back from the kiss and looked me in the eyes, then glanced down at my lap as she felt my cock pressing against her thigh. "Just watch?" she asked as she gently cupped my hard on.

I pulled her to me once again and gave her another kiss then said, "Well, for a while anyway. I have hopes of doing something else after we see what they do to each other but..."

"Oh, you do, do you?"

"Well, I remember some really good times when we were dating and I have really wanted to ... Uh, well I have dreamed about how nice you were years ago and I would really, really like to love you again. Can we?" I asked.

Samantha looked into my eyes, and then turned to see Alan and Ann were now on the soft bearskin rug in front of the fire. Ann was writhing and moaning her skirt bunched around her waist, her top completely off as Alan alternately kissed her and nibbled on her engorged nipples. As he worked her breasts, his fingers were delving into her dripping cunt. Ann's moans were continuous now as Alan brought her nearer and nearer to orgasm. Her hips were thrusting against his fingers.

From time to time I would kiss Sam. I gently worked my hand under her skirt and she obligingly spread her legs to give me access to her wet cunt. Surprise, surprise, she didn't have any panties on either!

In the midst of a kiss, I found Samantha's clit. She jerked and moaned as I began working it. Within minutes her hips were gently thrusting toward my fingers as she built toward her first orgasm.

Even though I wanted to watch Ann, I found I was paying less and less attention to her and more and more to Sam. I didn't see Alan crawl between Ann's legs but I heard her gasp and turned toward her as my best friend began feeding his cock into my wife. Sam and I watched as Alan fed a couple more inches into Ann, and then withdrew before slamming his whole cock into my wife's glistening cunt. As he began his final insertion, Ann slammed her cunt up toward him. We heard the loud slap as their genitals slammed against one another.

Alan began a steady thrusting and withdrawal as Ann matched him thrust for thrust, moaning and grunting with each insertion.

I was kissing Samantha as she rapidly withdrew from my kiss and lap. My first thought was OH, GOD, she is pissed, but as she stood she hissed at me. "Get those DAMN pants off". I watched her a moment as she took off her skirt and finished undoing the last two buttons on her blouse, then I rose and pushed my pants down.

Before I could get the trousers over my feet, Samantha pushed me back down on the couch and straddled me. As I watched her, she grabbed my cock and held it, lowering her beautiful cunt onto it. I stared into her misty eyes as she began riding my cock. From time to time we would kiss or turn to watch our spouses.

We heard the noises get louder and the thrusts coming faster and knew they were nearing orgasm. Sam turned, just gently flexing her cunt and hips as we both watched Alan slam one last time into Ann's glistening cunt. Her heels were locked behind his thighs, holding him to her as his balls drew up and his crotch muscles flexed and pumped his seed into my willing wife. Before we turned to each other once again Sam and I saw a small glob of sperm drain from Ann and run down the cheeks of her ass.

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