Star Cluster

by papatoad

Copyright© 2010 by papatoad

: A very short story with no plot and no redeeming features. Maybe it will stimulate a little thought and a small chuckle. Enjoy it for what it is.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic  

Thanks to the Hip and Knee doctor for editing assistance. My apologies for any format problems.

Glenda was a big mistake and when I finally I realized it, I dumped her. I guess that was a mistake too.

We were a couple for over three years. The sex was absolutely great. Unfortunately that was about all. Everything else was pretty crummy. Glenda was a real bitch and any man who would choose to spend the rest of his life with her was crazy. She had a great body; chunkier than a model, and once you got her near a bed, or any other horizontal surface, she went into sexual overdrive.

Glenda had a few little quirks which didn't really bother me but that I thought were interesting. She never shaved any part of her body or trimmed her eyebrows. The red pit hair got her a few comments which she always replied to with venom. The bushy eyebrows just made her look fierce. She would not eat fish or any kind of seafood, and never gave me an explanation.

I traded Glenda in for Michelle. Michelle didn't compare to Glenda in bed, but then nobody could. I decided that there was more to life than sex.

Of course, Glenda did not take the separation well. The first time that the two of them met, it took four men to get them apart. Glenda attacked Michelle with the ferocity of a banshee. Michelle was able to hold her own, to a point, but Glenda would have won in the end, if it had not been broken up.

From then on, we would make a conscientious effort to avoid all places where we might run into Glenda.

Michelle took care of herself in all ways. She ate properly and groomed the way that most girls did. There was nothing wrong with her in the sex department, but she wasn't Glenda. I was willing to settle, in order to guarantee some stability in my life, and was looking forward to a long, happy marriage and a family.

When Michelle and I were married, Glenda was not invited to the wedding. We bought a small home and quickly had two adorable children. Life was good and I was content.

Of course all good things come to an end.

Glenda ended up married to a guy, Thom, who had the same temperament and grooming habits that she did. I don't know how they found each other, but I heard that the match was perfect. I also knew that Glenda never forgave me for dumping her and always vowed that she would get even with the bitch that stole me away from her. Of course, these rants did not sit well with her new husband, but she didn't seem to care. Friend told me that they fought constantly and with great enthusiasm.

I had a nice job as a truck dispatcher for one of the local moving companies. It was a slow Tuesday when Michelle called all excited.

"John. There is a crazy man outside the house waving a shotgun around. He keeps yelling and demanding that you come outside."

"Did you call the police?"

"Yes. They are on the way, but I am worried. He has a scary look in his eyes, like he is crazy or something."

"Are the kids safe?"

"Yes. They are both in school."

"Make sure the doors are locked and if you can't sneak out the back door, lock yourself in the bathroom. I'll be right home."

Of course, I broke all the speed limits getting home but I was still too late. Oh, everything was fine, because the police got there before I did. Michelle was no where to be found. Thom Carter had just blasted the front door of the house with his shotgun when the Black and White pulled up. He was mad out of his head, but still had enough sense to drop the gun when the officers confronted him.

As I walked toward the house, Thom saw me and broke away from the officer holding him. He charged at me with his hands cuffed behind him, but fell as soon as I stepped aside.

"You son-of-a-bitch, I'll kill you." Most of what he was saying was so garbled that it could not be understood. Just as they got him in the police car, Michelle came running up to the house. She went out the back door and down the street as I suggested.

There was a big hole in the front door where the door knob had been. I had been meaning to replace that door anyhow. They took Thom away and spent about an hour getting statements from Michelle and some of the neighbors.

It took about an hour for me to get in to see Thom and find out what the hell I did to yank his chain. For the first few minutes I wasn't able to find out a thing, because I had to listen to his ranting. I finally got a small break while caught his breath.

"What the hell did I do to get you so damn pissed off?"

"You know damn well what you did. She told me everything."

"Who? Glenda? I haven't seen or spoken to Glenda in at least a year. What the hell are you talking about?"

"Liar! I got syphilis because of you. Not the crabs, or the clap, but full blown syphilis. You are a rotten no good son-of-a-bitch John Hawkins."

"That's bull shit. How did I give you an STD?"

"You didn't give it to me. I got it from Glenda. Glenda is the only woman that I have had sex with in the last two years."

"Why are you getting on me. I haven't touched Glenda in years, and I go the other way when I see her."

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