Girlfriend Becomes Obeying Slave

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Sex Story: This is a story that takes place in Germany. A Persian/German woman failed to be there for her boyfriend`s birthday celebration and as a result must make it up to him, including by offering him the one thing she had denied him for so long: her ass for fucking, further resulting in her becoming mentally weaker and becoming more subservient to him and less independent.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   BDSM   Anal Sex   .


Reinhardt eyed the woman in front of him. She was much shorter than his girlfriend, whom he had been cohabiting with for over for years. She laid her back on the bed and was an attractive Brunette at her mid 20s, and was probably Eastern European too.

"Now I want you to turn around and lie face down," Reinhardt ordering the young prostitute.

"Yes sir," the prostitute meekly replied.

The prostitute turned her body and face around and laid face down on the bed.

She was perfect for this, Reinhardt thought.

Reinhardt often hired prostitutes such as these and mainly for two things: their hair colour and for anal sex, which his girlfriend denied him for so long.

Reinhardt was tall at 6'6; as muscular as an athlete, 35 years of age, cropped blond hair, striking blue eyes, pale as a Raphaelite and had short temper too.

The prostitute gulped. She knew and heard from all the other girls what Reinhardt was like. Very rough. Uncaring. Insensitive. But not just the way he treated the hookers but also that her pimp did say tat he had seen him beat up other people (and local clients) many times outside on the streets her pimp said that the "other guy" looked scared before and after he got totally bashed up by Reinhardt.

Reinhardt walked to the open box that was next to the bed. He took out the things he needed and used them to tie up the prostitute's wrists and ankles to the posts of that bed. He had also taken out a ball gag and roughly placed it on the prostitute's mouth and tied it around the back of her head really rough.

"There. Now you look nice and lovely," Reinhardt patting her ass really hard. The prostitute breathed heavily under her ball gag. If she had not been a prostitute, she would not have allowed herself to be on this situation but life was just cruel.

The prostitute was all tied up spread-eagled but faced down.

Reinhardt started stripping off his clothes, climbed the bed and laid his humongous frightening body over the more fragile looking prostitute.

Reinhardt roughly thrust his cock into the prostitute's sensitive asshole. The prostitute jerked her tied-up body and tears instantly flowed down her eyes. She was in extreme tormenting pain.

"That's right bitch. I got you for an hour and for an hour, I will call you Margot," Reinhardt pulling at her short brown hair, then licking her cheek sadistically.

With one hard thrust up her asshole, the prostitute's mind was sent into extreme agony, as her body was enduring the beginning of an hour's worth of pain.


The prostitute was still tied up, sobering as she faced the bed.

Reinhardt's sperm was oozing out of her bruised reddened up ass.

The room door was open and Reinhardt paid the pimp, just outside the doorway.

"I really did a job at her," Reinhardt looking at what he had done to the prostitute. Her ass cheeks looked really roughed up.

"She'll be alright. I mean I am ok with you bruising up their asses since you pay a good deal of money whenever you come here. You always want Brunette or even pay extra for any of the girls to have their hair dyed just for the day they have to meet you and having your way with them," the pimp counting his Euro bills.

"What is gonna happen with her?" Reinhardt asked.

"Oh just a good bubble bath will ease up that bruised asshole of hers," the pimp chuckled.

As Reinhardt started walking away, the pimp called out to him.

"Guess this Margot is some bitch who has done you a lot of wrong huh."

Reinhardt ignored the pimp.Reinhardt had anal sex with other female friends of his but he really wanted to have it with the one woman he loved and if he could not have it with her, he would hire hookers and pay them a lot of money just to let him indulge in his fantasy, that he is not fucking their assholes but that of the woman he truly loved. As for the pain he caused them, he did not care since it was not Margot he was hurting but these bitches.



"So where we am I meeting up with you all tomorrow?" Margot asked Reinhardt, as they both lied under the blanket in their bed.

"At TGIF (Thank God It's Friday) at eight sharp," Reinhardt had his arm around Margot.

Thursday night was Reinhardt's 36th birthday and all their friends were going to be there. Margot was going to meet up with all of them straight from work.

"You know which TGIF right?" Reinhardt started fondling with Margot's hair.

"I know which one," Margot starred back at him in that darkness.

Margot was as attractive and as Brunette as her Persian mother (her father was German); 33 years of age, bit more tanned, had brown-green eyes, slim, 6'2 and was also Reinhardt's partner (and love of his life).

"You sure you don't want me to get you anything for your birthday?" Margot asked.

"Well there is only one thing I actually want from you," Reinhardt smiled under that darkness.

Margot knew what it was but she had never done it before, thinking how painful and degrading it would be.

"Oh please can we get off that subject. I mean I would have sex with you but not that. That would be like asking me to have sex with a dog or something," Margot upset that he still wanted it after all these years.

Reinhardt angrily let go of Margot and turned around, facing the other side of the bed.

Margot went over to him and started patting his back, knowing that she had made him upset.

"I love you Reinhardt. You know that," Margot was trying to be as loving, fearing that their relationship could come to an end for something as stupid as anal sex. They broke up once because of it but neither of them could live without the other and so got back together again, and also decided to live together.

"What is it with you? What's your problem? I love you and would do anything for you and yet you won't let me just have it, at least even once," Reinhardt was really upset.

Reinhardt got up from the bed and walked towards the bedroom door.

"Because I don't want to have your dick up my ass. It's painful and degrading," Margot cried.

"You are so arrogant and proud. I am your boyfriend and you are letting your ego get in the way. I love you. I am not doing this to say that I am in charge. You think if I did it with you that I would just do it without taking your comfort into account while I do it." Reinhardt started bitching up.

Reinhardt opened the bedroom door, walked out the bedroom, closed it behind him and switched on the hallway light.

I don't want to have anything up my ass, Margot thought.

"You know many of the other women let their partners fuck them up the ass. Why not you? I mean it is normal and people regularly do it" Reinhardt called out from outside the bedroom door.

Margot heard footsteps heading away from the door.

Margot laid inside her bedroom, in that darkness.

I don't want to lose you again, Margot panicked in her head. But anal sex was something else. She had never done it and some of her girlfriends told her about their "painful" experience.


Margot was still stuck inside her office. She was doing some paper work until she heard someone knocking on her office door.

"Come in," Margot not turning her eyes away from her paper work.

The door opened. There was a young office girl with short Blonde hair and a pixie look.

"Afternoon Rosaline. What is up?" Margot looking now to the doorway.

"Bad news. Boss is having a long meeting in about twenty minutes," Rosaline sighed.

"Meeting?" Margot was both curious and afraid.

"It's about retrenchment," Rosaline cried.

Margot gulped. She knew that the credit crunch that the world was facing affected every major company on Earth and that people were getting fried left and right. She prayed that she was not going to be one of them.



Reinhardt was sat down with four guys and six ladies. All of them friends of both Reinhardt and Margot.

"Hey Hardt it's already eight. Better give her a call," one of the guys suggested, as he looked at his wristwatch.

"Yeah better do that," Reinhardt agreeing in annoyance.

Reinhardt took out his I Phone and started ringing Margot's cell phone number.


Margot opened her car door with her car key and got inside. She put on her seatbelt and started the car engine. The car engine started humming. She saw the time on the car.

Oh shit, Margot thought. She just remembered to be at TGIF. By 8PM. If it had not been for this serious meeting, Margot would have been there much earlier. For her man's birthday.

The meeting was so long and all of them had to turn their cell phones off.

One the bright side she still had a job. Some of her friends were unlucky, as they got laid off work, joining thousands of unemployed Europeans. She then took out her cell phone and saw that 3 missed calls. All from Reinhardt.

Shit, Margot thought.

She tried ringing Reinhardt's cell phone. He wasn't picking it up.

He must be mad at me, Margot thought.

Margot drove out of the car park and headed straight for TGIF. By the time she got there, she parked her car and walked inside TGIF. Once inside, she tried spotting for Reinhardt or any of their other friends. She saw none of them.

A waitress dressed in TGIF working uniform approached Margot.

"Excuse me ma'am, are you waiting to be seated?" the waitress asked Margot.

"Actually I am two hours late. My name is Margot and I am supposed to meet my boyfriend and our friends here," Margot sighed.

"Your boyfriend's name is Reinhardt?" the waitress asked.

"Why yes," Margot started smiling.

"Afraid they left about an hour ago. I was the waitress who served them and (the waitress took out a note) and he told me to give this to you in case you came," the waitress handed Margot a note.

Margot took the note and read it.


Margot started breathing very heavily.

He is mad at me, Margot panicked. Her heart started beating really quick. She was afraid of this. She was afraid that they might break up. Again.

"I got to go," Margot telling the waitress and walked out TGIF.

Margot walked to where her car was parked. She remembered which of their friends were there tonight.

Margot called one female friend up. That friend's name was Angela.

"Hey Margot is everything ok. You didn't show up?" Angela picking up and answering from the other side of the line.

"We had a serious meeting. I had turn off my cell phone and many people at work were being laid off, because of this credit crunch. I am so sorry that I didn't come. I really am. I tried calling Reinhardt but he wouldn't pick up. I know he is mad at me. It's his birthday and I didn't show up. He even left a note for me. Angela I am scared," Margot started crying and panicking.

"Margot I know. Listen. Come over to my place first before you head home. There are some things I need to tell you," Angela trying to be a friend.

"You ... you need something to tell me??" Margot was getting more worried.

"Come here first. I'll see you soon. Bye," Angela hung up.

This is not good, Margot panicked.

Margot got inside her car and drove all the way to Angela's place.


Margot was sat down in Angela's couch, drinking hot coffee. Angela lived with three other ladies but at the moment none of the others were at home.

"Margot. Tonight Reinhardt lost it. You know that he has such a short temper at times and could be a bully towards other people and get into fights. Well tonight he bashed up Walter and Gulcan," Angela warned.

"What??" Margot was surprised.

Walter and Gulcan were among two of the guys who attended tonight's birthday gathering.

"He called Gulcan a fucking Turk and told him to fuck off back to Turkey. Walter tried stopping him but he was too tall for him and he beat him up. I mean all they said was that something serious must have come up and he was saying that there was no way you could be doing this to him. He was really angry you didn't show up tonight. But he had really lost it this time. I had never seen him so angry before and never so frightening. Maybe you should spend the night here," Angela suggested.

"Angela. I am going to have to see him sometime. He's my partner and..." Margot cried.

" ... and he might beat you up. I am so afraid for anyone who is going to see him right now. Especially you," Angela interrupted.

"I got to go," Margot got up.

"Please stay here. I don't want him to hurt you," Angela begged.

"I love him and he loves me. He'll never hurt me," Margot sounding so defiant.

"Oh yeah you go on ahead. You guys are so perfect for each other. You're just as arrogant as he is you know that. Proud. Defiant," Angela being emotional and hysterical.

Angela was right. Margot was arrogant and very proud. She also had to have things her way, like her man at times.

Margot left Angela's and got inside her own car, reviving the car engine. As the car started humming, Margot drove away from Angela's and towards hers.

As Margot was driving on the road, she knew that she had to explain everything to Reinhardt. Why she was late. How sorry she was that she couldn't make it. She loved him and nothing was going to change that.

She was sure that he loved her just as much and that she was not going to end up like Walter or Gulcan.

She finally arrived at her apartment block's car park, parked her car and got out. She saw his car.

He's here, Margot thought.

She took the lift to the 4th floor and once there, she walked towards her apartment door.

By the time she reached the apartment door, she noticed that the door was not fully close. She pushed the door open.

The lounge lights were still close and so she turned them on. But as she turned them on, she gasped in horror.

Oh my God, she panicked.

The TV screen was smashed. Two of the wooden chairs from the dining table were smashed up on top of the dining table itself. She saw broken glasses pieces everywhere.

"Sweetheart, are you alright?" Margot called out.

She passed by the kitchen hallway and she saw smashed plate and cup pieces on the kitchen tiled floor.

He really has lost it, Margot thought. She even thought that he may have even been drunk.

Margot walked towards the bathroom and she saw the lights open.

"Honey, are you here?" Margot called out.

She saw Reinhardt still dressed in his clothes, lying and soaking himself inside the bath tub, filled with water.

"I can explain everything," Margot kneeling just right beside the bath tub, putting her hand on Reinhardt's shoulder.

Margot felt so guilty and was about to cry.

Reinhardt gave her a strange crazy look.

"Do I know you??" Reinhardt sounded drunk.

"I can explain everything. I know you're so angry with me and I am really sorry about not answering your calls," Margot trying to clarify but she could see that he was not really fully paying attention.

Margot left the bath room.

Tonight Margot decided that she was going to sleep in the guest room and wake up a little bit earlier. She didn't expect him to show up for work tomorrow and so she was going to leave him a note, explaining what happened that night, how sorry she was about the whole thing, how much she loved him and also that she was going to make him some breakfast or brunch and that it'll be in the oven.


Margot was working all day inside her office. As she continued working she thought of taking a small break. She took out her cell phone and she saw that she had a text message. She opened it up. It was from Reinhardt. She read it.

The message said I READ YOUR LETTER.

Margot sighed.

He read it, Margot told herself.

By the time it was 6PM, she left work and headed straight for home. She really needed to see Reinhardt. She really needed to be with Reinhardt. On the way home she bought some Chinese takeaway for the two of them as she was not going to cook tonight.

Margot finally got home and when she opened the apartment door with her set of key, Reinhardt was sat on the couch.

"Hi. How is everything? I bought us some Chinese," Margot telling him.

Reinhardt stared at Margot. She noticed that the lounge floor looked clean but the smashed TV was still there.

Margot closed the apartment front door behind her.

Reinhardt gave her a cold stare.

"You know I didn't do this in purpose. It just happened and I wished I could have been there. I really feel upset about all this," Margot walked towards Reinhardt and placed the food on the dining table.

"I love you," Margot being sincere and emotional.

"I know you're scared of me. Maybe Angela or one of the other girls told you that Reinhardt had been a bad boy the other night. At least I cleaned up the mess I created," Reinhardt being sarcastic.

Reinhardt was no idiot and figured that since he did not answer his I Phone, she must have called up the rest, asking what had gone on during her absence.

Margot walked towards Reinhardt.

"Scared of you. I love you. Why the hell would you say such a thing??? Do you know that what you are saying hurts, " Margot was upset at the comment.

Reinhardt got up and strongly gripped her arms.

"Because you think I am going to hurt you. Well if you feel hurt you deserve it," Reinhardt shaking her very aggressively and very emotionally.

"I am sorry that I did not attend my beloved's thirty- sixth birthday.

I know my presence there meant a lot to you but these things happen. I could have been fired from work. Look do you want to punish me or beat me? Is that it? I love you. If you want to hit me go ahead. I'd rather you hit me than losing you. Let's have sex ok. You can tie me up and fuck me as if I am just a whore," Margot crying.

Margot started weeping, mostly out of guilt. And that she as also afraid that something as stupid as this could mean the end of their relationship. To make matters worse, they have been arguing a lot lately for the last couple of weeks over many issues.

Reinhardt looked like he was going to lose control and beat her up but instead he lets go of her and starts smashing his fists against the wall.

Reinhardt stopped hitting the walls and started crying. Margot walked up to him and put her arms on his back.

"It's ok. You have the right to be angry," Margot comforted him.

Reinhardt turned around and forced his lips on hers, kissing her firmly. Reinhardt started hugging her and also started crying, with real sincere tears.

"Why didn't you show up? You know my world ended," Reinhardt letting it all go.

Margot hugged him back.

"It's ok sweetheart. Let's just kiss and make up. How about we sit down and eat dinner together. We'll talk about all this and how I can make it all up to you," Margot still hugging him and moving her arms around his back.

Margot emptied some of the Chinese takeaway meals onto two plates and they both sat down and ate on the couch.

Margot did not want to lose him and before they ate, she said to him, "Look. I know how to make it up to you. I'll tell you after dinner," Margot told Reinhardt.

Reinhardt started smiling.

"Ok," Reinhardt smiled.

Margot already thought of how she could make up for not having shown up at TGIF and this was her way of saying how far she was willing to go to say how sorry she really was and that she would do anything to not have their relationship end.

After they both finished dinner, Margot picked up their plates and washed them on the kitchen sink. As Margot was washing the plates, Reinhardt came up to her.

"Thanks for the takeaway Marge," Reinhardt started playing with her short brown hair. "Listen I was thinking of making us coffee? Do you want one?" Reinhardt asked her lovingly.

"Yes please," Margot was smiling back at him.

After Reinhardt finished making them coffee, they both were leaning against the kitchen counters and faced each other.

"Reinhardt I love you with all my heart. I am so sorry that I didn't show up yesterday. I don't want to lose you ... again. I will do everything to ensure that we don't break up again," Margot looked at him emotionally.

Reinhardt held his cup and just stared at her. Margot put her cup down by the counter.

"You always wanted to have sex with me. Well I owe it to you. Yes I will have sex with you," Margot looked at him emotionally.

Reinhardt put his cup down, being a bit confused.

"I ... I don't understand what you mean. We always have sex. Every night," Reinhardt was puzzled.

"What I mean to say Reinhardt is that I am offering myself to you. I am offering my ass to you," Margot sighed ... in defeat.

"Wh-what??" Reinhardt started getting excited. He was not sure if she said what he thought she had just said.

She realised that she had just made his night and his dreams come true as this was what he had always wanted.

From her.

That he was finally going to fuck Margot in the ass.

"Yes Reinhardt. You can fuck me in the ass. You can put your dick up my ass," Margot giving herself away but her eyes looked partly reluctant.

Reinhardt could see it in her eyes.

"But you really don't want to. I can see it in your eyes. You are scared ... that I am going to hurt you," Reinhardt looking at her.

He gave her that look that he was a kid that had his candy taken away from him.

"Yes I am scared. But this is what you want," Margot crying.

"You are offering your ass to me but this is not something you really want to do," Reinhardt sounding grumpy.

Margot walked to Reinhardt, putting her arms around him and looking him up in the eye.

"No I am yours. I am giving myself to you heart and soul. But not tonight. I have never done this before and I still have to go to work tomorrow so you can fuck my ass tomorrow night. I mean if my ass soars, I won't be able to go to work," Margot cried.

Reinhardt started laughing in a friendly way.

"Ok I understand that you think you'll get sick and your ass will hurt and your entire body. I'm ok with us having anal sex tomorrow night. How about for the whole weekend. Just to show that you really are sorry," Reinhardt pushing his luck and being kinky at the same time.

Margot did not like the idea that her ass was going to get fucked for not just one night but two. She did owe it to him and so...

"Ok sweetheart. My ass is yours tomorrow night and on Saturday night. I'm all yours. I won't complain. You will have my full cooperation," Margot looking at him lovingly.

Reinhardt was over-excited with joy that he hugged her really lovingly and excitedly, kissing her on her head and saying, "You have no idea how happy you have made me. You are finally giving me something that I have always wanted for a long time."

Yeah. At the price of my own comfort, Margot thought.

That same night they had sex. Reinhardt was fucking Margot's cunt really hard and really fast. She was screaming and sweating at the same time. He was fucking her cunt and also was sucking very hard on both her nipples.

As Reinhardt was on top of her and both his hands pinning down her wrists in that darkness, he started saying something to her, "Margot. Since tomorrow night is the big night for me, and your birthday present to me, I was thinking that tomorrow you don't drive to work and that I'll drive you to work and pick you at the same time too. This is what I also want and you will be making it up to me if you let me drive you and pick you up too."

Margot didn't like the idea as if she drove in her own car, she could take her sweet little time tomorrow night before she submitted being his personal willing sex slave.

But she had to make him happy now, even if it meant that this was going to start feeling like a master-and- slave relationship.

"If that is what you want," Margot looking up to him.

"That is what I want. Hell yeah," Reinhardt thrusting his cock deep into her pussy, making her scream and wiggle.

After they had finished having sex, Reinhardt hugged Margot under that blanket very protectively.

"I'm glad you're my girl who'll do anything for her man," Reinhardt was excited.

What choice do I have? Margot thought.

"I wish it was Friday night already," Reinhardt breathed very heavily.

It was bets not to think about tomorrow night as once it's there, she had to endure whatever it was he was going to make her endure.


Margot got inside Reinhardt's car by the passenger's side. Reinhardt got inside the driver's seat. Reinhardt looked at her and smiled.

"I really am so excited about tonight," Reinhardt smiling at her and then kissed her on the cheek.

"Yeah," Margot sounding that she was still willing to go through with it and that this was something new, trying not to think how painful it might be.

Reinhardt drove off.



Margot walked off her working place building. She saw a car parked not far from the exit and next to the pavement across the street. It was Reinhardt's car. He saw her and honked. Margot walked towards the car and got inside.

"So what do you want to have for dinner?" Margot trying to suggest that she was going to cook something.

Reinhardt kissed her on the lips. She kissed back.

"I was going to take us out for dinner. I was thinking of Persian," Reinhardt smiled at her.

"Persian sounds good to me," Margot smiled back.

They were going to go to a Persian restaurant.

"I am taking out my princess for dinner tonight since she is going to make my wish come true. But she doesn't have to worry too much. I would take good care of her tonight too," Reinhardt smiled and then started driving off.

Margot was his "exotic Persian Princess" and that he always implied how they were good together since he was the stereotypical German, being Blond and athletic, and that she was the stereotypical Persian (never mind her father being German), being Brunette and more brainy.



Margot just closed the apartment door behind her.

"Hey listen, how about we drink something first?" Margot suggested.

"I would suggest Red Bull. Don't worry. Sit down in the sofa and I'll get it," Reinhardt said.

Margot sat on the couch and Reinhardt brought their Red Bull can drinks.

"To tonight. An event I'll always cherish. And to us" Reinhardt cheering his can in the air towards Margot and then started drinking.

Margot raised her can and then she started drinking from it too.

After they finished drinking, Reinhardt took both their can drinks and walked away. Less then a minute later he came back to the lounge.

"Margot I can't wait. Let's go to the bedroom," Reinhardt excitedly pulled her by the hand and she got up. They walked to their bedroom.

Inside their bedroom, they both stripped until they were both naked.

Once naked, Reinhardt walked up to Margot and looked her in the eye.

"I want to say thank you. For all this," Reinhardt smiled with excitement.

Margot started breathing heavily, and then sighing a bit.

"You're frightened aren't you," Reinhardt looked her in the eye.

Margot nodded. Her heart was starting to beat a bit faster.

"Look you don't have to be afraid. I'll be gentle on you. You know I won't hurt you," Reinhardt started fondling her hair and moved the back of his left hand against her cheek lovingly.

"Reinhardt tonight my life is in your hands. I am all yours and I have no idea what is going to happen to me," Margot started whimpering. Normally she was tough and defiant but tonight she was not anything of that sort. If she was anything she someone scare as she entering uncharted territory.

"Margot I love you. I promise I'll take good care of you if anything happens," Reinhardt leading her by the hand to their bed.

"This is the first time I am doing this. I have no idea what I am doing," Margot sounding a bit more worried.

"Ok I'll guide you. Don't worry. Just climb up to bed on your knees," Reinhardt climbing the bed and Margot following suit. She moved to the middle of their bed and was on her knees.

"Ok press your hands against the bed on all fours," Reinhardt started groping her from behind and on her breasts.

Margot went on all fours.

"You know what. On second thought, maybe you should lie face down. But I'll pass you your pillow and just lie your chest on it so that you don't suffocate," Reinhardt grabbing her pillow and passing it below her breasts.

Margot repositioned her whole body. She lied down, facing towards the bed but her breasts touched the pillow and so her face was three inches away from the bed.

Reinhardt went behind her and positioned his cock just over her anus.

"Ok Margot. I am going to push my cock slowly into your ass. It shouldn't hurt even for the first time," Reinhardt assuring her.

Margot felt the tip of his large cock touching her ass cheeks. She winched and sighed. It felt funny to have something that was about to enter her ass.

Margot started making much louder breathing sound as Reinhardt slowly moved his cock into her asshole. Reinhardt put his hands over her wrists as her hands were by the side of her head.

Reinhardt made his first cock movement inside her ass.

"Please be gentle. I am not used to this," Margot whimpering.

"Trust me. You are going to enjoy this once you get used to it. Look if anything goes wrong we still have the lights on so not to worry," Reinhardt was sure that once she had this type of sex, she would enjoy it a lot more and perhaps even ask for it.

Reinhardt started fucking her ass, moving his cock inside her ass up-and-down. Margot started screaming. As Reinhardt continued hammering her ass, Margot started screaming. It felt a bit nice but she had to be honest that it felt painful, like having her tooth being removed by a dentist.

Reinhardt started fucking her ass harder and faster, as he got carried away. Margot started screaming, both in pain and what she deemed as self-degrading. She felt that this act was degrading and how she did not want Reinhardt to have his way (this was one way of many ways) and now she was giving in to him, forcing herself to push away her own ego and just submit to his "demand". She hated his domineering personality at times and his arrogance as it balanced against her own but this was one act that showed that he was ultimately the winner, and thus a psychological bruise on her own ego and arrogance and pride.

Reinhardt pushed her wrists really hard against the bed as he continued hammering her asshole with uncontrolled excitement.

Reinhardt felt really powerful. Not only he felt powerful as he was fucking the ass of a woman and a sign of what he perceived as man's natural domination over women (in that of German men being superior even to other men) but that he finally got to fuck Margot's ass and how it was making him feel that this was the first time he had total power and control over her. He was starting to get consumed by his power drunkenness and enjoyed having his cock moving around and dominating her entire body through her asshole.

As Reinhardt started fucking her really hard, like he owned her and could do anything and whatever he wanted with her, Margot started screaming.

She was in total physical pain. His cock was really smashing up her asshole as his strength and speed was starting to be too much for her ass to bear.

"Stop. Please stop. It hurts," Margot cried, with tears flowing down her eyes.

Reinhardt managed to get a control over himself and then slowly moved himself and his cock out of Margot's asshole.

He could see that she was in real pain and crying and screaming.

"Sweetheart. It's ok," Reinhardt seeing his cum stains all over her ass cheeks. He could see from the way her legs were stretched that her entire body was in pain.

"It hurts. It hurts," Margot just screaming.

Reinhardt automatically remembered what he had done to the prostitutes whom he had anal sex with many times and how they cried from his violent ass-fucking and how their pimp said that their ass and body would be soothed by soaking in a bath water.

"Sweetheart wait here," Reinhardt getting off the bed and headed straight for the bath tub. He turned on the tap water, as he was running bath water, being a mixture of hot and cold.

Reinhardt let the bath water as he went back to the bedroom and patted Margot on her head. She was in total pain and judging from the way she was crying he knew that she probably could not get up or walk, like as if she was banged by something really hard and painful.

"I am running you a bath water. Once it is finished, I'll carry you there and you will feel much better," Reinhardt fondling her hair as she was still faced down crying, as her tears were flooding the bed.

In the past he had watched the prostitutes he had fucked very hard on the ass cry but he did not care. This time he cared because it was Margot's ass that he fucked and she meant the world to him.

Reinhardt went to check the bath water. As the bath water ran for ten minutes it looked like it was finally full. He turned the taps off.

Reinhardt went back to the bedroom and slowly pushed and turned Margot's body over so that she faced the ceiling. As he was so strong and muscular he managed to balance his arms behind her back and carried her body like as if she was a child. He carried her out of the bedroom and all the way to the bathroom, where he gently lowered her body onto the bath water.

"In about a minute your body would start to feel much better. You are going to have lay here in the bath water for an hour or two," Reinhardt being very loving, caring and assuring that he was upset for having caused Margot physical pain.

Margot looked like a rape victim and her face looked sick and exhausted and battered up.

"Please don't go. I don't want to be alone," Margot pleading with him as her pain started easing up, thanks to the bath water making her legs and arms and ass feel much much better.

"Ok. But let me get you water and I'll join you here," Reinhardt assured.

Reinhardt left and came back with a glass of water.

"Here drink this," Reinhardt offering her the glass water and still holding it as she tried drinking from it. When she was finished he took the glass away and came back to the bathroom.

"Ok sweetheart your Reinhardt is going to join you," Reinhardt climbing over the bath water and lying next to her. The bath tub was big enough for 2 persons.

Reinhardt put his arm around her shoulder.

"How do you feel?" Reinhardt asked her gently.

"Much better. Thanks for this bath," Margot sounding grateful and ... meek.

"Hey. I said if anything happened I would take care of you," Reinhardt trying to take care of Margot and trying to comfort her as much as he can.

Margot looked at him, very weak and fragile and as if her life really now was in his hands.

"Margot thank you for tonight. You gave yourself to me and you made my night and I'm sorry that it turned out this way. Just to let you know that if you are in pain, then I am also in pain," Reinhardt looking down on her and trying not to look arrogant, as he knew that his arrogance and arrogant sneers in the past made her angry and furious.

"And I am going to be here with you for as long as it takes. Ok," Reinhardt being emotional.

Margot just nodded her head.

Reinhardt talked about the good times that they had and how they were one day going to go on vacation to Ibiza or Hawaii or somewhere much warmer than Germany.

"You know I am glad that we are boyfriend and girlfriend. I enjoy spending time with you more than with anyone else," Reinhardt said.

They laid long enough until it seemed to Reinhardt they had been in the bath for more than two hours and so he turned to Margot.

"How do you feel now?" Reinhardt asked her in a loving way.

"Much better. My body feels much better now," Margot sounding much healthier but still more humbler and not really her full self.

"Sweetheart we get out here in five minutes and I'll make us some hot drinks," Reinhardt offered.

"Sounds good to me," Margot just agreed, only because he suggested it and he knew that.

Reinhardt and Margot finally got off the bath water and when Reinhardt checked the time, it was already 5 in the morning. They got dried up and got dressed and went to the lounge. Reinhardt made them both hot drinks. Deep down he felt guilty because he had enjoyed fucking her ass (of any woman's ass) and she paid the price for it, namely her comfort and health.

Half-an-hour later, they both went back to bed.

"Margot why don't you rest your head on my chest so I can play with your hair," Reinhardt suggested as they both laid there in the darkness.

Margot moved her head away from her pillow and laid her head on his chest. Reinhardt started fondling her hair.

"I just want to say again that I am sorry about tonight. If you didn't love me you wouldn't have tried making up for my thirty-sixth birthday. I just want you to know that I am grateful and just want to let you know how I appreciated all this. I know I can be an arrogant dick at times but I still love you," Reinhardt speaking to her.

Margot sounded as if she had fallen asleep.

Reinhardt did not want her to think that their sex was far more important than their "love relationship" and he remembered that she had also agreed to have anal sex with him ... tomorrow night. He felt tempted but already felt guilty about what happened tonight.


"Margot. Margot," Reinhardt was shoving Margot's shoulder.

She woke up. She saw her boyfriend crouching over on the bed.

"I made us breakfast. Actually brunch. It's after twelve," Reinhardt said.

Margot got up, cleaned herself in the bathroom and joined Reinhardt in the lounge. They both had breakfast.

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