Secrets of the New Family

by just-this-guy

Copyright© 2010 by just-this-guy

Erotica Sex Story: In "Secrets of the Family", Jason went to his family camp reunion that he didn't know about and ended up restoring his father's legacy. This is what happened when he returned home and life must go on without his father but with the new knowledge he obtained at family camp.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   .

The plane touched down. I was home. The entire flight back I replayed the week again and again in my mind.

Just over a week ago I had no idea that my dad's side of the family had an annual reunion in a secluded family-owned campground. I certainly had no idea that each night I would have sex with a different female relative. She could be a distant relative like Ashley or a near relative like Jessica who legally was my cousin but it turned out that biologically she was my half-sister. Either way, every female I fucked was a relative in some manner.

Jessica was my half-sister because my dad, John, was sterile, so my dad's brother, Uncle Jake, impregnated my mom at a past family reunion. When I found out, it was almost like someone announced to me that I wasn't a human boy but an alien from Ork. My world was turned upside down but this week I felt like I matured beyond my 18 years of life. My dad used to be a leader at the family reunions and now I was a leader too. My dad would be so proud of me.

My thoughts also couldn't help but frequently drift to my mom. Karen was my mom's name. After she gave birth to me, she never went back to the family reunion and neither did my dad even though he grew up going to it. He respected and loved my mom so much but before I left for the camp this summer I sensed regret in Mom as if she made the wrong choice for her and for me. I came to the camp for the first time as an 18-year old when I could have been there once I turned 14.

Mom picked me up at the airport and she gave me the biggest hug.

"How was your trip?" she asked.

I spent the car ride and the next several hours at home on the couch explaining everything that went on.

"That is wonderful," she kept repeating. She was especially happy to hear I was on the family council just like Dad.

I explained my initial reactions to the place. When Mom attended, she had the foreknowledge of what my dad told her about the place but it was still a shock for her. I told Mom who I had sex with and how I found out about Uncle Jake being my biological father.

"I knew you would find out," Mom said. "I'm sorry I didn't have the nerve to tell you myself."

"That's okay, Mom."

I told her how I had sex with Lauren, Jessica, and Ashley, all three girls, one night. Mom was proud of me and that surprised me but it also didn't surprise me considering all the revelations of the past week.

"You're ready to rejoin Dad's side of the family, aren't you Mom?" I asked when I was done.

"I think I am. I think I will go the reunion next year."

"You will go."


"You will, Mom. I'll make you go."

"We'll see." She shrugged and had a soft smile.

I didn't want to argue. I had something much more important on my mind.

"Dad is gone now," I said.


"And you have no one now."

"I'm okay."

"No, it's not."

"Sure, it is."

"I understand now, Mom. You have me - to replace Dad in the way you need."

"I didn't send you to the reunion so you could come back and..."

I cut Mom off.

"I know that but I understand what true family means now. I want to be there for you, Mom. In all ways. I can't be Dad but I can do my best to fill an important part of your life."

"You're more like Dad than you know but..."

"I'm not taking 'no' for an answer. I'm going to protect you and take care of you and I'm going to love you like you need."

I took my mom in my arms and I kissed her. I wouldn't let her lips escape mine. When I finally stopped, she let out a soft gasping moan.

"I'm going to do this, Mom."

"Jason," she whispered.

I kissed her again and this time she melted in my arms.

"Oh, yes," she softly said.

I stood from the couch and offered my hand. She placed her trembling hand in mine and I pulled her to standing.

I silently led Mom to her bedroom. When we entered and I saw my parents' king-sized bed, I knew this would also be my bedroom. At least for now.

My mom was in her early forties and she still looked very good. I saw exactly how good she still looked at she took off her clothes.

"Aren't you going to get undressed?" she asked.

"I want to look at you first."

Mom actually blushed.

Her boobs sagged as age causes but they were still beautiful. She wasn't a slender teenager but she was shapelier than most women her age. She kept good care of her body and kept Dad's visual stimulation satisfied. Her pussy was bare even though no one else had seen it since Dad died. She had decided to remain sexy and appealing to men.

"Your turn, Jason," she said.

I tore my eyes away from my beautiful mom. My cock was more than ready to fuck her. I whipped my shirt off, took off shoes and socks, and began on my pants. I noticed that my mom's eyes dropped to the front of my pants. In a couple of seconds, I was only in my briefs and a few seconds later I was as naked as my mother.

"Oh, you are so much like your father!" Mom said at the sight of my big cock. She stepped forward and grabbed my cock. She smiled happily. "This feels very familiar."

I breathed a little deeper. Her touch felt good. I leaned down and kissed the tops of her tits and she slowly stroked my cock which served to spread my pre-cum so my shaft became coated.

We separated. She got on the bed and opened her legs welcoming me to her. I crawled over her and sucked on the very breasts that fed me as an infant.

"Oh, Jason," she moaned throatily.

I moved up and gently lay down on top of her, holding my weight up with my arms. I rooted my cock around like a dog digging up a bone but instead I was burying my bone. I found her hole and I pushed forward feeling her pussy open and envelop my cock.

"Mmmm," she responded and closed her eyes as if concentrating fully on the feeling. She looked content.

I stayed still and stared at her peaceful face until she opened her eyes and smiled. I smiled back.

I slowly stroked. I thrust in the very pussy that birthed me. The tunnel that my cock was in was the canal that 18 plus years ago my entire infant body passed through into life outside the womb.

"Oh, Jason," she softly said.

"Mom," I responded.

"Call me, Karen."

"No," I immediately said. "You're not any relative. You're my mom. I want to love you, Mom."

"Yesss," she hissed. "Fuck me, son."

I was unhurried and it was apparent my mom liked it that way. I steadily fucked her for ten plus minutes.

"This is really nice," she said, "but now it's time to fuck me."

"I am fucking you," I said confused.

"I'm just like all the girls you fucked at camp. Dad gave it to me hard and I want you to give it to me hard."

"Mom?" I said worriedly.

"Don't be shocked. I'll have to make sure you fuck more of the older women at next year's camp just so you know that we love our cunts hard fucked just like the young girls. So are you going to fuck me hard?"

I increased my tempo.

"Yes! Harder!" she moaned.

I fucked faster.

"Ram it in me! Fuck me like you're trying to push your cock all the way through my body."

I slowed and changed to deep cunt pounding thrusts.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!" she cried out.

I was excited that I was making my mom cum!

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! I so fucking need this, need you!"

"Mom!" I groaned. Suddenly I was feeling close to cumming.

"Fuck me! Oh fuck me! Fuck me!"

I rammed Mom's cunt even harder, even rougher. She arched her body and moaned out loudly. I felt her pussy spasm as she orgasmed on my cock.

"Mom!" I cried out. I pushed deep and kept pushing until my cock shot it's jizz into her.

"Yes, Jason. Yes!" she hissed. "Keep cumming in me."

I had no control over that but my dick emptied a big load into her.

I rolled off her onto my back. She turned to her side and cuddled up against me with her head on my shoulder. She reached between my legs and played with my wet limp cock. I felt happy and Mom did too.

We rested.

I was disturbed out of my peace by Mom sitting up next to me and playing with my cock more aggressively.

"There's my boy," she said to my hardening cock.

She adjusted her position and took my cock into her mouth. Her shoulder length brunette hair fell forward so I could feel my mom's sucking my cock but could not see it. I didn't mind. It felt excellent! Mom was very talented at cock sucking.

She climbed on top of me, positioned my cock at her pussy, and sat down on top of it. She leaned forward, holding herself up with her arms, and thrust back and forth on my cock.

"Oh, fuck!" she instantly moaned.

I groaned out.

My home life would never be the same and I was so glad. If not for Mom's reservations, I know Dad would have shared Mom with me when I turned 14 because it was how his side of the family worked. I didn't blame Mom and I was extremely happy to take care of her needs now when she most needed it.

Mom drove the fuck and after about five minutes she was close to orgasm. Mom's excitement made me excited so I was about to cum again too.

"Yessss," she moaned deeply.

She shuddered and I felt her pussy squeeze. My cock responded by jerking and suddenly I was shooting cum into her again. When my cock finished emptying, she lay down on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her again.

"I love you, Jason," she said.

"I love you, Mom. More than ever."

"I know. Thank you."

We rested.

Five minutes later she asked, "Can we talk serious?"

"Sure, Mom."

"Dad's death. We don't have as much money as we used to."

"I know. We'll get by."

"We can't afford to keep the house and send you to college, Jason. I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. I'll get a job."

"I want you to go to school."

"You just said I can't."

"Not to State, not our State, but somewhere else. Would you consider going to a school in another state?"

"What do you mean? You just said we can't afford college." State was a relatively inexpensive school.

"A man is going to come here next week to talk to us."

Just like with the family reunion, Mom wasn't going to say more and she knew how to get me off the subject. She easily hardened my cock since I was 18 which meant I easily could get erect again. We fucked a third time.

I had an anxious week. Who was coming and what was he going to talk about?

The doorbell finally rang in the evening while I watched TV.

"I got it!" I said.

"No!" Mom said. "I have it like I told you I would. Sit down!"

"Yes, Mom," I sighed. I was too anxious. This was our lives we were talking about. What was going to happen?

Mom went to answer the door. I sat on the edge of the couch. I worried this man was some type of shark intent on cheating us out of our house and money.

"Karen!" I heard a man's voice. It sounded familiar.

I heard nothing for a couple of seconds before Mom said, "Come on in. Jason is waiting in the living room."

Mom appeared. The man was my Uncle Jake! I felt much relieved. Jake would treat us right. Mom and Jake were my biological parents.

I stood.

"Hi, Jason," Jake greeted. "How was your week back?"

"Wonderful, " I answered taking a quick glance at Mom.

Jake noticed and said, "I'm so glad. Now I have surprise for you. I was going to come alone but a certain someone insisted on coming along."

A young female came bolting out from behind Jake into the room. It was Jessica, my cousin and half-sister's voice screamed "Jason!". The 14-year old brunette ran so fast that she knocked me back several steps as she wrapped her arms around me in a big hug. I wrapped my arms around her. I was glad to see her too.

Jessica released me and gave me a big, cock-hardening kiss. Our tongues hungrily sought each other.

"Daddy?" Jessica asked, turning her head. "Can Jason and I fuck before you have to talk all serious to him and Aunt Karen?"

Jake looked at my mom and said, "I'm in no hurry."

"Sure," Mom smiled, eyeing Jessica up and down.

"Let's go!" said Jessica. "Where's your room?"

She pulled me along toward the hallway.

"So how is Jason's fuck hole?" I asked as Jessica immediately stripped in my bedroom.

"So fucking ready to be Jason's fuck hole since I convinced Daddy to let me come with him."

"You always cum with him!" I joked.

"Not that!" she giggled. "I gave him lousy morning blowjobs and said I would keep getting worse until I got my way."

Of course. Jessica and getting her way were two concepts irrevocably linked.

She was now naked. I admired the slender girl's body. My cock felt as hard as it was when I fucked her at family camp.

"Aren't you going to get undressed?" she asked.

"I don't believe my fuck hole should be talking!"

She smiled and took a big shuddering breath.

"Then what do you want me to do?" She clamped her hand over her mouth.

"I'll forgive you for forgetting so quickly but not again," I warned. It was difficult to stay serious.

She dropped to her knees and bowed her head in subservience but since it was Jessica she was just playing the game and I didn't want her to be a sex slave anyway.

"That's better," I said sternly. "Keep your eyes down and do not look up while I undress. Do you understand, slut?"

She closed her eyes as if bathing in the word and nodded silently.

I undressed quickly and quietly. My cock stood up hard and eager for action.

I stood over her. She couldn't help but take a quick glance up and a smile developed on her face. I let her "disobedience" slide.

"Lick my balls, slut!" I ordered and couldn't help but laugh. This dominance game Jessica loved was so ridiculous but I sure loved fucking her.

She flicked her tongue on the underside of my right testicle but in a few seconds she gobbled it up in her mouth. She gently pulled, sucked and licked on my ball like it was a cock head. It felt amazing. My legs became weak and I had to quickly widen my stance or I would fall. Jessica released the one testicle and took in the other. She was incredible. No girl had done anything like that to me. I didn't know my balls could feel so good.

She chose not to stop with my balls. I gasped when she licked up the underside of my cock and when she reached the tip, Jessica took my cock into her mouth and started to bob.

I gasped out, "What a good fuck hole."

"Mmmm," she said.

She was too good and I was too horny so I needed to prevent cumming in her mouth.

"Get on the bed!"

She released my cock and like a rabbit sprang up. She got on all fours on my twin bed.

I went behind her and caressed her ass while letting my dripping cock head rub against her pussy. She moved her hips trying to ensnare my cock between my lips.

"Turn over, fuck hole."

Jessica flipped over and spread her legs very wide. I grabbed her legs and pushed them together and back toward her head. She wrapped her arms around her knees and held her legs back. I climbed over and pushed my big cock inside her. I discovered at family camp that I had a big cock and it was comparable in size to my dad's cock and my Uncle Jake's cock.

"Oh, Jason!" Jessica cried out.

"You like that, slut!" I thrust inside her immediately.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! I've missed your cock."

"It's only been a week, slut!"

"It's way too long. I thought I'd have to wait until Christmas for you."

"Fucking slut!" I said.

"Oh, fuck!" she moaned.

The only thing that turned on Jessica more than being called a "slut" or words like it was a big cock in her cunt. I had both areas covered.

"Slut! Slut! Slut!" I shouted as I pounded her cunt. "Fucking slut made for my fucking!"

"Oh, fuck, yes!" she moaned stimulated by my cock and my chaff.

"I'm going to cum in my fuck hole! I'm going to fill it up with my cum!"

"Yes, yes! Do it! Cum in your cunt! I'm your cunt!"

"So you do remember that your body belongs to me?"

"Yes, yes! It's all yours."

"I can fuck it however and whenever I want."

"Jason!" she cried out.


She was too far gone. She moaned out louder and louder. She was about to orgasm. I fucked into her faster so I would cum soon after she did.

"Fuck hole! Slut! My slut! You don't own what's between your legs! It belongs to me."

Once I got going, it wasn't hard to get into the spirit of Jessica especially when my cock was inside her body.

"Fuck!" she cried out and the word kept on going. She trembled strongly.

I pounded her sweet cunt for several more strokes and pushed in deeply.

"Oh, fuck!" she said reacting to the pressure.

I started to cum.

"Yes! Yes!" I hissed.

I shot a huge load. I always shot a big load but a hot girl like Jessica brought the best out of my cock.

I backed off so she could put her legs down. I lay back on top of her. We kissed fervently and finally rested. It was peaceful.

Jessica said later, "Are you ready to fuck me again?"

Physically? Of course. Mentally? I said, "We should get back."

"Daddy said there's no hurry."

"That was before we fucked."

"Oh, come on. Fuck me again!"

"Later. Let's go see what Uncle Jake has to say."

I got off the bed and went to retrieve my clothes.

"Don't get dressed Come on!" Jessica said.

I shook my head.

"You're fucking your mom now, right?"

I nodded.

"So Jake's probably the only one who hasn't seen you naked and he's not going to care. Come on."

Jessica left my room, so I had no choice to follow naked.

There were sounds coming from the living room, familiar sounds.

Jessica and I entered and I saw Mom and Jake fucking on the floor. Mom was on her back and Jake was on top of her pounding away. From the sounds they made, it was a good time for both of them.

"See? I told you there was no hurry," said Jessica.

She pulled at me to go back to my room. I suddenly had another idea.

"Lie down next to my mom."

She looked at me and a smile slowly grew.

"Come on, fuck hole!"

She laughed and excitedly went over.

Mom and Jake glanced at her curiously as she lay down but smiled as I climbed on top of her.

"Have you two met my fuck hole?" I said.

"Glad to meet you, fuck hole," Mom said.

Jessica giggled but moaned when I pushed my cock back into her.

Even though I just "introduced" Jessica to Mom as my fuck hole, I silently fucked Jessica instead of my usual banter that my cousin so loved. Jessica still moaned ecstatically.

When I heard Mom's sounds change, I knew she was close. The past week I became very familiar with her orgasmic noises. Jake grunted heavily too. While I heard Mom and Jake fucking and was mentally aware of it, I was physically and primarily aware of how I felt fucking Jessica's sweet cunt. It was definitely different fucking her without speaking and I liked the change. I didn't want to play her game all the time.

"Oooh, Jason," Jessica moaned. She sounded very different than usual. It was a more loving relaxed moan instead of her typical wild moans.

"Jessica," I said and caressed her right cheek more like a lover would than our normal "two teens in heat" manner.

I accelerated my thrusts. I was very aware of a finished Mom and Jake watching us and I was very aware I didn't care. Jessica wrapped her arms and legs around me clinging like she never did before.

I groaned out deeply.

"Ohhh!" Jessica said, oddly sounding almost frightened. She moaned out. It wasn't as loud as normal but it was bigger. Her entire body shuddered beneath me.

"Oh, fuck!" I said. I was ready to cum. I pushed in as Jessica's orgasm continued to convulse. I exhaled hard through my nose and my cock released.

As Jessica orgasmed, her arms and legs collapsing limply. I pulled out of her. With eyes closed, she breathed heavily, her young breasts rising and falling steadily and mesmerizing.

I sat up on my knees.

"What?" I said. Mom and Jake had weird expressions.

"Nothing," said Jake.

"Yeah, nothing," agreed Mom.

Jessica said, "That was the most fantastic fuck ever!"

"So maybe you're not a fuck hole after all?" I suggested.

"Don't be silly," she said. I didn't know it was a ridiculous statement. "It's just maybe I don't have to be one with you all the time if that's okay with you."

"Sure," I said. I loved not playing the game this time. I looked at Jake. "So are we going to talk now?"

"I think we can wait until the morning," Jake answered.

"Yes!" said Jessica, springing up with sudden energy. "Come on, Jason! Let's go back to your bed and fuck some more!"

"Sound likes a good idea," Mom said. She smiled at Jake.

Jessica and I fucked a third time. Since I had a twin bed, I slept on top of her between her legs with my cock partially inside her. It was a very comfortable position and I'm sure Jessica was comfortable too because she would have said something if she wasn't.

I slept in later than usual but not real late. My cock remembered where it was and grew hard filling Jessica's cunt. I slowly began to stroke.

Jessica's eyes fluttered open. She smiled lovingly at me.

"That's nice," she said.

"Only nice?" I teased.

"Fucking good!" she laughed. Her face did a sudden convulsion from pleasure to worry. "Stop!"

"What's wrong?"

"I need to give Daddy his morning blowjob."

"Need to?" I said surprised.

"I don't have to but I want to. He starts his morning less grumpy when I suck him off but the reason I suck Daddy's cock is because I love sucking Daddy's cock. Please, Jason. You can fuck me right after."

I accepted her explanation and postponed my gratification.

We entered my mom's bedroom which was also my bedroom since I returned from family camp, but I was glad to let Jake sleep there while he and Jessica were visiting.

Speaking of Jake, he lay on the bed in all his nakedness with equally naked Mom on her side up against him. The covers and sheets were pushed down to the foot of the bed.

Jessica gently pushed Jake's left leg out and crawled between. She leaned down and took his cock into her mouth and bobbed.

Jake groaned in his sleep for the next minute. A few seconds later his eyes popped open.

"Good morning, slut!" Jake said with a loving smile at Jessica.

"Good morning, Daddy!" she paused to say.

Jessica was on her knees bent over sucking cock. My cock was still hard and the sight of her pussy was too much. I decided not to wait. I got on the bed, grabbed my cock, and fisted it into Jessica's twat. I fucked her with long, firm strokes.

"Ohhh!" Jessica moaned. "I've never been with two cocks before! It feels so good!"

"Don't forget your dad's cock, little slut," I said.

She plunged her mouth back down on Jake's cock and diligently worked on it while I fucked her cunt.

Mom sat up, surveyed the action, and without saying a word swung her leg over Jake so her pussy was in his face. She wanted in on the pleasure. Mom soon gasped and I knew Jake was licking her cunt.

I loved the feel of fucking Jessica's cunt while loving the spectacle before me. It was a fantastic foursome.

No one seemed in a hurry so it was ten minutes before Jake started groaning louder and thrusting his big cock in Jessica's little mouth.

"Fuck!" Jake shouted.

Jessica kept her mouth still and took his load in. She lifted her head, swallowed, and used her tongue to clean up any jizz that escaped her lips.

"Oooh!" she soon moaned because now she could put full attention to my cock in her cunt.

"Oh, yes, Jake!" Mom moaned and I'm sure it was because now Jake could put full attention to tonguing her cunt.

I gripped Jessica's hips and rammed harder because I had no concerns now that she might accidentally bite Uncle Jake.

"Yes, Jason! Yes!" she screamed out.

"Oooooh!" Mom cried out, arching back. She would have fallen backwards if Jake hadn't caught her.

"Cum my morning slut!" I shouted. "Cum! Cum, slut! Cum, slut! Cum."

Mom got off Jake and they watched me pound Jessica.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yes!" Jessica shouted.

"Cum in your belly! Cum in your cunt!" I said. "You're going to be all cum!"

"Yes. Turn my blood to cum! Make me sweat cum! Oh, fuck!"

Jessica began to orgasmically tremble. I rammed her cunt two more times, held my cock deep, and released.

"Yessss!" Jessica hissed "I love the feel of cum in my pussy."

"Cunts love cum."

"Mine sure does," Jessica laughed.

Jake suggested, particularly to the disappointment of Jessica, that we get dressed before we had breakfast and after that we would talk about things.

"So repeat it back, Jason, so I know you have it straight," said Jake. "I know it's not complicated but I don't want to cause any hard feelings for you or Karen."

"Sure," I said. It was a simple plan but I wasn't offended by Jake's request. "We sell the house and we move in with you."

The hardest part for Mom and I would be to move away from our long-time friends. I'd known some people almost all my 18-years of life and Mom knew some people even longer. The counter to that was we would be living with family.

"The money we make from selling the house will be used for my school tuition and any other school expenses."

Jakes was right when he said we've been away from Dad's family for so long. I still barely knew anything about my dad's side of the family even after spending a week with them at the reunion.

Jessica chimed in, "The most important thing is Daddy will replace my double bed with a queen-sized bed so Jason and I have plenty of room to fuck."

"You had enough room already," said Jake.

"Oh, Daddy!" she said like he was stupid. "Not really!"

"The bigger bed will be for when your cousin Lauren is over, so she can sleep with the two of you."

"Lauren?" I said perking up. "She was my first at camp." She held a special place in my heart. She was Jake's wife's sister's daughter so his niece. Did that make Lauren my half-cousin? Relationship titles were hard to figure out on Dad's side of the family. That's one of the reasons they discouraged using them at the family reunion, but it was a good policy to not use them no matter where you were.

"Never forget your first," Jake said smiling. "Of course, you were only a camp virgin and not a true virgin but I see the sentiment still holds true."

"Yeah. So does she come over often?" I was eager to fuck Lauren again.

"She and her family live in town. I imagine she'll want to sleep over a whole lot once she knows you've moved in."

"She better!" I said

Jessica hugged my arm. She wasn't jealous of my eagerness to fuck Lauren at all. It was another great benefit of my dad's family.

Jake and Jessica stayed another night and I was back in my mom's bedroom after that.

Jake hired a zealous real estate agent and the house sold in only two weeks. We sold off most of our belongings. We would only take with us our treasured keepsakes. Four weeks after Jake and Jessica visited, Mom and I drove out of our city. I would start college next week.

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