Sunday With My Aunt

by dirty oedipus

Copyright© 2010 by dirty oedipus

Erotica Sex Story: i've always loved Sundays with my Aunt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   .

Sunday lunch time was always my favourite time of the week because it meant lunching with my mother's sister, my Aunt Rose, so punctually on the dot of twelve thirty I rang the bell on the front door of her imposing old house in one of the better parts of town.

At forty two she was two years older than my mother and a senior partner in a well respected accountancy firm, she's never married and was often quoted as saying that she never would.

"Ah David" she smiled on opening the door, "Right on time as usual, dinner will be about ten minutes, lets have a glass of wine whilst we wait"

I watched as she walked in front of me into her spacious dining room and felt my prick stirring at the sight of her luscious buttocks moving sensuously beneath her thin summer dress.

"What have you got planned for tomorrow David?" she asked as she passed me a glass of wine, "Or have you forgotten that it's the start of the holiday week?"

"No I've not forgotten, I thought you might like to go up to your cabin in the lake district or a few days"

"Sounds ideal" she smiled, "You might as well stay here tonight, then we can get an early start"

"Fine, I'll let mum and dad know that I won't be home"

"How is my sister and that odious creature she married?"

"They're fine Aunt Rose, they both send their regards"

I never knew why she disliked my father so much, or why she would never refer to him by name, but I figured it was none of my business anyway, so I never asked,

"Right the meat should be ready now" and right on cue, Maria, her housekeeper poked her head in to ask if we were ready to eat,

"Certainly Maria" Aunt said in her usual brusque manner, "You may serve us now and don't bother staying to wash up, my nephew and I will see to it, get yourself off home"

She served up a delicious roast beef dinner complete with another glass of wine each before leaving and we ate the meal in companionable silence until wed both cleared our plates,

"Very nice" Aunt Rose said and poured us both out a third glass of wine, "Now for our Sunday afternoon treat"

That was my cue to get of my chair and duck down under the table, her dress had ridden up over her thighs and I was treated to a view of a tantalising white vee between her legs just above where her stockings ended as I unfastened each shoe in turn and took them off,

She sighed with satisfaction as I took a big toe into my mouth and sucked it through the nylon and she moaned softly as I kissed and licked her calf before moving onto the other foot and repeating the process.

This time I kissed up past each knee and she slid to the edge of her seat as my tongue worshiped the sot flesh of her inner thighs above the top of her stockings, my eyes were fixed firmly on the vee of her panties where I could see through the filmy lace, her groin was completely devoid of hair and the sexy little garment did nothing to spoil my view of her beautiful little slit,

"You smell like a dream Aunt Rose"

"And you'll make some girl very happy David" she whispered softly and laid both hands on my head as I licked at the very edge of her panties,

"As long as she smells and tastes as good as you Aunt" I said and touched my lips to her gauze covered mound, she let out a gasp of pleasure as I ran my tongue down the shape of her slit and tasted the wetness already beginning to seep through.

"And as long as she's as kinky as you" I laughed and pressed my open mouth over the growing wet spot,

"Every woman has the capacity to be a little kinky sometimes David" she said and held my head as I drank her offering through the gossamer thin lace.

As the flow eased, I unfastened the tie sides of her panties and eased them off, she took them from me and inhaled her own aroma as I gently explored the tiny puckered hole of her anus with my tongue,

"Oh you dirty, dirty boy" she gasped, "You're forcing me to do such obscene things with you" but she pushed herself against my mouth and shuddered to a quiet little orgasm with my tongue inside her anus.

"I think we should have a lie down don't you my dear?"

"Yes I think so too" I smiled and followed her tempting buttocks upstairs to her bedroom where she stripped off her dress and lay on the bed watching me as I stripped too, my prick was almost touching my navel and she giggled admiringly,

"Mmm, that looks very nice David, should we have a little sodomy?"

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