The Watcher

by Litpol

Copyright© 2001. All rights reserved. Edited 2010

Mind Control Sex Story: He watches the two hot lovers dance as the music works it's magic. He works a little magic of his own, giving them a little push, and records the steaming hot action as they 'dance.' He is not alone in appreciating their steamy style.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Any similarity to any real persons or fictional characters from others stories is strictly coincidental.

Chapter 1

The watcher followed the dancing couple with his eyes as they undulated their way around on The Club's dance floor. "It was not going to take much with this couple," he thought.

She was about 22 years old, 5' 6" with long, wavy, thick blonde hair, and a body to die for. Her undulating partner was reasonably handsome, about 5' 10" and somewhat muscular, which was all that interested the watcher. With her 4" spike heels, the pair was close to the same height. They made a nice couple. She wore a short, pleated skirt - gray plaid with narrow, hot pink stripes - that molded to her beautifully sculpted, oh so round, ass and ended a good six inches above her knees, displaying a magnificent expanse of athletic thigh. She also wore a tailored, pink oxford blouse that caressed, and molded to, her ample breasts. The blouse was tied in a bow just below her rack, revealing a taught, slender, succulent midriff and pierced belly button. When she twirled, the skirt rose up tantalizingly and many pairs of male eyes and some female watched closely. Shear stockings and lacey panties, nice.

The watcher checked that his camcorder was all set and concentrated on the couple. The dance floor was about half full and other couples occasionally obscured his view. They were looking deeply into each other's eyes with their lips only an inch away. Hers were parted and the watcher thought he could hear her panting, which was ridiculous with the decibels that were crashing around them. Their chests were pressing lightly against each other.

"First things first," he thought. The watcher projected into the dancing couple's minds, "You do not see me watching." He had a formula for these things. He had already instructed everyone in the room to ignore him. He disliked thinking about what he did in terms of commanding people. He was giving them instructions and they followed them ... without question. He instructed the other dancers to stay out of his line of sight without paying attention to him.

"You are extremely sexually attracted to each other. You are completely focused on each other," the watcher instructed. He noted that it often did not take much to make people do the most outrageous things. He wondered how far this would go. The not knowing how it would end up was what made it so exciting. He liked to play around and see how little instruction he could give and still get great results. He had high hopes for this couple; it did not look like they were going to need much encouragement.

The male dancer's hands slowly caressed his companion's bare lower back and tantalizingly edged lower until his finger tips slipped under her waist band to skim over the top of her panty clad cheeks. He stroked her cheek tops lightly. Her eyes closed, luxuriating in his touch. After a minute of massage, her hands followed suit and edged down to his cheeks. He smiled and she looked down with an embarrassed grin toward his chest.

A couple of minutes later she brought one hand around and undid the top two unopened buttons on her oxford, which left just one button still together just above the bow. She pulled the sides apart displaying a deep, perfect valley between her two large tanned breasts. Her partner appreciated the new view with a smile. The watcher recorded everything, including her heaving cleavage. No one paid the slightest attention to the man with the camera.

She placed her left hand on her companion's muscular chest. He took a deep breath and drew her to him tightly, crushing her ample breasts into his chest causing them to expand upward and outward begging for his lips to caress them. His hand moved down to fully grasp her tight ass and knead it slowly.

The watcher noted that some other people were beginning to notice the couple's intensity. He was about to instruct them to not notice, but decided, at the last second, not to. "Let them watch," he thought.

She ground her hips into her partner much to his obvious delight. He bent his head down toward her. She sensed the movement and looked up in time to meet his lips with hers. They kissed long and hard. Their mouths opened in tandem and their tongues dueled. The watcher continued to film the pair of public lovers. Occasionally going in for close ups of their faces, her breasts, their grinding groins and then retreating to full body shots. How public would they get? That was what the watcher wanted to know.

As they kissed, the male dancer raised a hand and caressed the side of her heaving breast. She twitched at his touch, but did nothing to stop him. Emboldened by her willingness, he raised his other hand and began to work on both tits at the same time as she held him close. She kneaded his ass and ground into his hard cock with abandon. As he worked her breasts the heaving pair were lifted higher and higher until the watcher was sure he was seeing dark areolas escaping from the young woman's bra. After a few more minutes of these ministrations, her areolas were completely exposed. The dancing man moved his hands to her nipples and rolled them between two fingers each.

She broke their record breaking, lengthy kiss, tilted her head up and moaned. The watcher was sure that he could hear her moan this time. The dancing man took the opportunity to bend his head down and kiss her hot flesh just above the areolas, then the tender areolas themselves and then to suck on the excited, stiff nipples. He rolled them with his tongue. Pushed in, sucked out and then bit them lightly. Another loud moan escaped from the sensually tormented woman. All of this activity continued while still automatically shuffling around in a small section of the dance floor.

The two exhibitionist lovers obviously needed more. One of her hands reached between them. He obliged by shifting his hips away from her to give her room to work. She worked his zipper down and fumbled inside his pants until she managed to wedge his formidable member into the open air between them. He had not been slow in his response either. As she worked at his tumescence, he lifted the front of her skirt trying not to be too obvious. His dick slipped between her thighs to crouch right at her opening. She rested her head on his shoulder and he did the same.

The danced like this for a few minutes with her naked breasts against his chest, rubbing each other maddeningly. His cock was buried between her legs, growing ever more stiff and large between her bare thighs, just below her panty clad pussy. The two entwined lovers were in the middle of a crowded dance floor on the verge of fucking, with a camera man circling them slowly, recording the whole thing.

The dancing man could not stand it anymore. He reached between them, between her thighs and pulled her sheer panty to the side. He bent slightly to get a better angle. She spread her legs. He slipped inside her sopping wet, burning hot orifice, as he stood up. They both moaned this time. Even partially embedded in her as he was, it was still not enough for either of them. The watcher came in close and knelt to capture the moment of insertion.

When they stopped dancing, a question in their eyes, the watcher knew they were thinking they needed to get somewhere more private. He immediately gave them another simple instruction. "Stay," and they started slowly dancing once again. They held on to each other gazing into each other's eyes, immersed in the sensations of his cock ensconced inside her. She lifted herself ever so slightly and then slowly lowered herself, pushing him even deeper into her drenched twat.

The watcher assumed that she felt like a slut, but that it felt so good she could not stop. Not now. The male dancer lowered himself and pushed his ass out slightly, pulling out of her just to the edge. He grabbed her ass and rammed back in as hard as he could. She screamed into his mouth as they kissed.

Some of the people around them stopped dancing to watch the floor show. The watcher was interested to see that no one was making any move to stop them. Others began to notice and stopped dancing until finally everyone was in a rough circle around the pair fucking on the dance floor and him. They were not watching him. The crowd contained mostly young people, after all it was a twenty-something hang out. The DJ finally noticed what was happening and switched the music to a sexy, dirty dancing, Latin beat.

The circle of onlookers began to clap in time to the music. The dancers unconsciously matched their sexual rhythm to the beat. They were totally into it and had no idea that so many people were watching.

She undid the knot in her shirt. He reached behind her and under her shirt to open her bra clasp. She did something at each shoulder and pulled out the bra completely and threw it away, into the crowd. Her magnificent pair of tits were exposed for all to see. Or they would have been if his hands were not all over them along with his mouth. Her head was thrown back. She lifted one foot from the floor and wrapped it around his waist.

To everyone's amazement including the watcher, she lifted the leg further and put it over his arm. With one hand behind her back, he started slamming his pulsing, hot meat into her. The two were both moaning. She convulsed into orgasm. Neither cared that about fifty or so people watching them have raw, carnal, primitive sex in the middle of the dance floor.

A few minutes later the male dancer realized what was happening. He jerked back and his eyes unglazed. It was too late though; long thick, white streams of spunk jetted from his large, purple, heavily veined dick spurting all over her tits, skirt and legs. He looked around, saw everyone watching, turned bright red, grabbed the girl and ran, practically dragging the mostly undressed girl from the room. His dick was wagging in the breeze, but he did not care and did not tuck it back in despite the pain of contact with his zipper.

She was still dazed and reveling in the afterglow for a few seconds after they started running, but finally revived enough to realize what had happened. She did not need to be dragged any more. She adjusted her panties as she ran.

When they got outside, they slowed to a walk and headed for the parking lot. They did not pay any attention to the watcher walking a few steps behind them. He was not done with them yet.

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