Park Rape

by dodgynubian

Copyright© 2010 by dodgynubian

Sex Story: White woman gets raped by a black youth. Unpleasant racist tat I discovered on my Hard drive.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Rough   Interracial   .

A simple choice - cut thru the park or go the long way round. A simple decision that was to change Sophie Deeley's life.

"I'm running late" she thought, "I'd better take the short cut."

Leroy Kwesi was doing what he did past. Hiding behind bushes in the park, seeing what fortune brought. A drunk to beat up, a pensioner to mug or best of all a woman to rape. So long as his victim was white Leroy was'nt too fussed.

When he saw what was coming toward him Leroy thought that all his birthdays had come at once.

White woman. Alone. Blonde. (yum-yum) Aged about thirty, maybe less.

She was wearing a dull red jacket. Matching short skirt. Below that...

'Holy Shit!" thought Leroy, 'Boots!'

The boots were black suede and went up as far as the woman's knees. Leroy could make out the tapping sound the heels made as their owner walked along.


Any white bitch who wore boots like that was just the sort of confident, self-assured woman that Leroy loved to 'party' with. Loved to grind down into the dirt...


'Bitch deserves it, ' thought Leroy, 'bitch gonna git it!'

Leroy sniffed the air. This part of the park was pretty lonely and dark. No one was around. There was traffic from a nearby road, but that was the only sound.

His big black cock began to throb. Leroy smiled to himself. Showtime.

Moving as silently as he could the big black sprinted to where the path ran thru some trees. He hid behind a tree and checked out his kit. A cloth - nice and dirty - to shove in the mouth of any bitch dumb enough to start screaming. Then his pride and joy- aside from his cock- his knife. Leroy always carry a nice long one with a wicked-looking serrated edge. As he turned it over the blade glinted in the moonlight. Leroy could'nt wait to use it to scare the shit outta this honkey whore.


Leroy heard Sophie coming before he saw her. He popped his knife and cloth back in his pockets. His fists would tame this bitch.


Leroy sneaked a look from behind his tree. Here she came, closer all the time.

Holey-moley! She was a stunner!

The sort of beauty someone like Leroy would sell his soul to get his hands on ... and his cock in.

With his heart pounding Leroy waited as the white woman walked along. Waited for the moment she was in line with the gap in the bushes on the other side of the path...

As she felt the cool night air on her face Sophie was beginning to regret taking the park option. All around the tall dark trees seemed to loom over her menacingly. The slight breeze caused the bushes to sway silently casting spooky shadows across the path in front of her. Sophie was beginning to imagine all sorts of monsters lurking just feet away. Casting nervous glances around she noticed that the park looked empty. She was alone...

"C'mon," she said to herself, "it's just the trees. Pull yourself togeth-"

Leroy made his move - bursting out from his hiding place and grabbing his blonde target from behind before she'd even noticed him. In a practised move one hand went over her mouth, the other round her waist. Half lifting her off the ground Leroy quickly hauled Sophie off the path and thru the dark swaying bushes.

Sophie was so surprised that she only gave a surprised gasp. But as Leroy

dragged her thru the bushes she began to fight, thrashing about wildly.

Leroy laughed at her struggle. If she was fighter it'll be more fun...

But then his foot caught a branch and together Leroy and his struggling captive fell to the ground.

As they hit the dirt Sophie jabbed an elbow into her assailant's gut.


Kicking herself free the blonde leapt up and ran for her life.

"Bitch... ," growled Leroy whipping out his knife as he got to his feet.

"No way yo' gitting away!" he spat as he sprinted after his fair-haired prey.

Panting with terror Sophie was running as fast as she could. In her panic she had run away from the path, deeper and deeper into the lonely darkness of the park. She was frightened, lost...

A glance behind. He was gaining!

Off to her left, some lights, salvation!

Seeing the woman slow down brought a grin of satisfaction to Leroy's face. She was getting disorientated and tired. His prey was been run to ground!

When she made off towards the lighted path Leroy's grin froze on his face. If she made it who knows what would be there - joggers, some dog walker. Anyone and Leroy would'nt get to fuck her - and boy did he want to fuck this bitch!

With a roar Leroy sprinted faster than he had ever done in his life.

Sophie ran and ran. Her heart was pounding, she had to fight to breathe...

Where the hell was anyone!?!

Was he still chasing her?

"Oh God, n-n-no, p-please... ,"

As Sophie turned her knees buckled and, shrieking, she fell to the ground. Before the terrified blonde could scramble away the muscular black was on her.

"Yo ass is mine!" yelled Leroy as he grabbed Sophie by the collar of her coat, swung her round and hurled her thru the air. She hit the dirt hard and rolled over. As she lay dazed on the ground a well-aimed boot smashed into her belly.

"Don't make a sound, yo little bitch," growled Leroy as he stuck his knife at Sophie Deeley's throat.

Seizing her by her hair with his free hand Leroy pulled Sophie to her feet. Anxiously he glanced around. Where they were was too open for what he had in mind. A short distance away was some trees. That would do.

"Move it!" he growled keeping the knife at Sophie's throat and pushing her forward.

Sophie was more scared than she had ever been in her life. She had to fight for breath, the sharp blade at her throat constantly in her mind. She wanted to scream, shout loud enough to get this monster away from her. But if she did he'd cut her throat open...

"P-please... ," she croaked, "l-let me g-go..."

"Shut it!" was the barked response.

Leroy's flared nostrils were filled with the scent of Sophie's expensive perfume.

Whee-doggie! This was one hot bitch!

"I-I have money... ," whimpered Sophie, "P-please just ... ahhh!"

Leroy had yanked her hair up to glare into her face.

"I said shut it!" he growled, "Jus' be a good girl and you'll survive this!"

Now past the cover of the embracing trees Leroy looked around. There was a bare patch of grass that had enough room to work in, the full moon provided enough light.

'Let's do it!'

One instant Sophie felt the knife gone from her throat, the next her assailant smashed his fist down onto the back of her head. As she fell Leroy twirled her round so she landed on her back. Stunned by the blow on the head and winded by the impact of hitting the dirt Sophie Deeley was prostrate and defenceless as the grinning black youth leapt on top of her.

Leroy stabbed his knife into the ground beside him before grabbing the ankles of Sophie's boots, yanking her legs apart and settling down between her thighs. Working quickly the leering black opened up Sophie's jacket, revealing her silk mauve blouse. That was torn asunder by his big hands, trembling with excitement. The bra lasted a mere second before Sophie's impressive tits burst free fully exposed, jiggling in the darkness, the nipples erect.

Leroy grabbed them with his big, sweaty hands and squeezed, licking his lips.

As she recovered from the blow on her head Sophie gasped and tried to rise but Leroy squeezed her breasts hard and pushed her back into the dirt.

"Lie still, you honkey bitch!" he spat into her face as his hands moved to her bare shoulders and pinned her down.

Attention returned to Sophie's tits.

Leroy leaned down and took one of the nipples in his mouth.

Sophie moaned softly as he began to suck. Leroy sucked it hard, then did the other one.

"Mmmmm," he sighed, "White titty!"

"Get-off-a-me ... get ... off ... off!" Sophie suddenly shrieked taking Leroy by surprise as she tried to push him off.


The slap was a stunning blow that cut Sophie's lip. When her eyes refocused her assailant's big negroid nose was an inch away from her cute white version.

He had grabbed his knife and was now holding it an inch from Sophie's eye.

"Lissen Bitch!" he snarled, "Ol' Leroy gonna fuck ya! Stay calm and yo'll git outta dis in one piece! Yo fuck wiv me an I'll cut ya open and fuck ya all da same!"

Sophie had difficulty understanding the thick Jamaican accent but the meaning was obvious. She was more frightened than she had ever been in her life, paralysed with terror.

Sensing that his victim was now too terrified to move Leroy smirked as he ran his hand thru Sophie's blonde hair. It was soft and silky and smelled real nice. Then Leroy seized her hair and yanked her face up so he could have a good look at it. This blondie was a real beauty. Leroy imagined that a hot cutie like Sophie had a real rich pencil-dick honkey boyfriend.

Wonder what he'd think about ol'Leroy playing with his toy!

Leroy leaned down and kissed Sophie long and hard. She whimpered and closed her eyes, as the powerful black slid his tongue into her mouth.

His tongue explored the inside of Sophie's hot mouth, stroking her own tongue with his, and then running its tip back and forth along her perfect teeth. Sophie felt as if her mouth was being raped, but could do nothing. Sickened, she resisted the strong temptation to bite down - any resistance of that sort and this monster's vengeance was sure to be swift and violent.

Leroy could sense the feelings of disgust and horror that were filling his victim, but that was just tough shit.

Besides, soon there was going to be far worse than his tongue inside this little miss!

Leroy sat up, then grabbed Sophie's boots and ran his hands up the cold, synthetic surface. His big hands reached her bare thighs. They were nice, soft and warm.

"No!" Sophie gasped as his hand went underneath her skirt.

"No, n-no!"

Leroy hooked his fingers under her panties and begin to pull them down...

"Oh no!" Sophie screamed in desperation, as they had another short wrestling match, with Leroy struggling to get her panties off.

Sophie kept kicking and twisting, panting in terror. Her resistance made Leroy chuckle. Until the throbbing organ in his pants became insistent so he took his knife and made her see it glinting in the moonlight. The sight of this made her freeze and Leroy smiled as he flung back her skirt, ran the blade under the lacy knickers and cut Sophies' panties off. Then he pushed her back onto the ground, her bare white thighs flashing in the darkness, with nothing to keep him from planting himself between them. Choking with terror Sophie tried to clamp her legs together, but Leroy just pried them apart and pushed between them. Now her legs were flailing uselessly on each side of him and her conquest was a certainty.

"God no, God no," Sophie kept moaning.

Yes, Leroy grinned at her. Fucking Yes!

Meanwhile, his cock was going wild inside his pants. His pride and joy had never been so long and hard in his life. Leroy reached down for his zipper and prepared to unleash it. His huge thick black baby-maker leaped out, throbbing and ready for some white pussy action!

Sophie gasped in horrified shock as she saw it fully erect in the moonlight, a nigger cock in full glory. She knew what it was going to do to her, Leroy could see it in her eyes. Eyes that were starting to fill with tears.

" ... please... ," she whined, beginning to sob.

Chuckling Leroy pushed Sophie flat to the ground with his weight, and then settled on top of her. Leroy felt a big rush when his hot black cock first touched those soft cool legs. He had to fight to keep from spurting right then. That just wouldn't do. This babe needed to be nailed good 'n proper.

Leroy glanced up. Sophie had her head to one side, eyes clamped shut with tears leaking out.

"Wassa the matter, bitch?" breathed Leroy, "Never been fucked by a nigger? Too good for it? P'haps you'll like it!"

With one vicious thrust, Leroy entered her.

"Ah! Ah! No!" Sophie gasped as her eyes flew open wide and she desperately tried to heave Leroy off.

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