A European Ordeal in Britain

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

: 10 racist East Europeans are put in their place by an English woman and some friends.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Coercion   BDSM   Humiliation   Black Male   White Female   Pregnancy   .

Elaine Griffin was a powerful Blonde woman. She stood at 5 foot 6; thin, small tits, was a strong believer in multi-culturalism and hated racists wherever she saw them. She was the head of the NHS (National Health Service).

It was a nice and sunny afternoon There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Elaine said, as she was reading some documents on her desk.

The door opened and she saw some "cleaners" working on the hospital coming in. Five black men and five black women entered the office room. All of them were either from some African country or the Caribbean.

"Miss Griffin we're sorry to interrupt you but there is something we need to report to you," a fat black woman named Athena cried, in a serious and distressed tone.

"Report what? Did something happen in the hospital?" Elaine asked, eagerly.

"Miss Griffin you know some of those people working here from Eastern Europe. They are very racist," a tall muscular black man named Jamal with a Jamaican accent answered for Athena.

"Did you sat they were racist." Elaine's eyes shot up. She hated nothing more than some anti-black bigoted racist.

"Yes ma'am. Maybe it is better that you hear this story from Sheila," Jamal spoke in an upset tone.

"Sheila?" Elaine asking a skinny black girl with spectacles.

"When I was in one of the wards, you know where both patients and visitors wait, two of these girls, I think they're from Poland or Czech country or..." Sheila emotionally stammering.

"Sheila what did they say? Star from the beginning," Elaine wanting to get to the bottom of this. She knew that these Eastern Europeans hated non-whites, especially blacks but to demonstrate this in the working place was a criminal offence.

"I asked them if I could buy some chocolates..." Sheila starting from the beginning.

"So these are the girls working in the cafeteria then!" Elaine finally getting the picture.

"Yes. I asked them to give me coffee and of course I was going to pay for it. I also asked for chocolates too. Instead of serving me, they didn't respond. But they served the two white ladies behind me. I told them that they were being racist to me and would not sell to me because of the color of my skin. They laughed. One of them told me that all black people are lazy and her friend said that we should all go back to Africa before the BNP start lynching us. She called me a 'Nigger'," Sheila started sobbing.

Another black lady came to Sheila and hugged her.

This was making Elaine furious.

"There is no room for such in the NHS. We are the best employing firm in the world and we have no room for intolerance," Elaine started sounding angry.

"Miss Griffin. That's not all. I was called 'Niggers' by three other girls. All of them were these racist East European bitches," a tall Somalian man named Fallujah spoke.

"Which department?" Elaine asked.

"They're from ... I think ... they work on the Library ... at Ward 12," Fallujah trying to remember where the incident took place. He hated what had happened to him.

"So I am looking at five ... five East European girls then?" Elaine slowly picking up her receiver.

"Actually I suffered racial discrimination too ... from my supervisor," another man spoke.

"Ok I'm dealing with a man this time. Is he white?" Elaine asked.

"She is white..." the man said in low monotone.

"Is she British?" Elaine was curious.

"No. I don't think so," the man responded.

Elaine sighed.

"Oh my goodness. There are all these racist people and don't tell me she is..." Elaine feeling that all the people she's after seem to have the same background.

" ... she is from Eastern Europe," the man said.

Elaine picked up her receiver.

An hour later, there were 10 women stood before Elaine Griffin. All of them were the Eastern European women, roughly in their 20s; mostly Brunettes and black haired, slim, sexy, attractive and were on average 5'8. All of them admitted being racist to the blacks but sounded as if they didn't care.

"Do you know what you have done is a criminal offence. We have no room for racism here in the NHS. In fact we have no room for it at all here in England. You do realise that you are all foreigners here in England and so should have no reason to hate people whose skin color is different from yours," Elaine Griffin.

"Foreigners? We are white like you. We are Europeans. They are Africans. Have you seen them work! They don't do work! They are lazy bastards on welfare. They come to your country, have lots of children, always complain about people being racist to them and expect you people to pay for them," an angry Brunette named Daniella cried out from the 10 Eastern European girls.

"My people. Oh I take it when you say my people, you mean white British people," Elaine's eyes getting cocky.

"Yes," Daniella spoke out.

Elaine was looking at all 10 Eastern European girls and she was looking at some files. She knew that they were from countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Russia or Bulgaria.

Actually 3 were from Poland, another 3 from the Czech Republic, a Russian girl and 3 Bulgarian girls (inc Daniella).

All came to England looking for work.

"Do you know by right I should fire all of you. Racism isn't allowed anywhere in the work place. I also have to make a report about what you girls did. Once I make this report, you can't get any job anymore. Not here in England. Not anywhere in the European Union. In fact you would even be denied unemployment money. Gee how bad does that sound," Elaine mocking them now.

All 10 Eastern European girls look scared.

"No. Please don't do that. Look we're sorry," Daniella started putting her hands on Elaine's table.

She turned around and said something in her language to some of the girls. They muttered amongst themselves in their native language and even English.

"It will not happen again. We will change," Daniella whimpered, obviously begging Elaine not to 'destroy' them like this,

Elaine thought that they were about to cry.

"You know even if give you a second chance, I am not sure if you're going to change," Elaine speaking strictly but also teasingly.

"We'll change. We'll change," Daniella broke into tears, even sobbing. "Won't we girls," the East European Brunette turning around to the other girls. all of them nodded ... in fear ... and in tears.

"So how do you feel about black people," Elaine making her voice softer.

"Oh my God. I hate them. I hate these fucking Niggers," Daniella sounding hysterical.

The other East European girls behind her started cursing in their native language but Elaine could still hear the word "Nigger".

Elaine shook her head.

"Then in that case I will fire all of you and report you to the government and to the European Court of Human Rights and Human Employment," Elaine putting the documents away and then picking up her receiver.

"Once I make this phone call there would be no second chances for either of you girls. I don't know what happens to any of you if you go back to your countries. Maybe you'll become prostitutes or be forced to work for abusive employers," Elaine trying to belittle them.

The other 9 girls came forward in tears, begging Elaine not to 'fire' and 'report' them.

"No please. Please don't. We'll do anything. Anything you want," Daniella dropped down on her knees. All other 9 girls went down on their knees too. All pleading for their lives and future.

"I am a nice person. I like working here in England. Please don't send me back to Russia. If I go back I would be in a lot of trouble," pleaded a Russian girl.

So I was right. That if any if any of you go back, you will be unemployed or be forced into prostitution and be sold to brothels in western countries where you will live virtually as slaves to be used and abused, Elaine thought.

Elaine looked at all 10 kneeling girls. 10 racist girls.

"So you will do anything?" Elaine enjoying that she has power over them.

All 10 girls nodded ... in fear.

"Anything," one other girl sobbed, as if speaking for all of them.

Elaine had a wicked smile.

Later in the Evening

Daniella's hands gripped the steering wheel as she drove down a boulevard. Next to her was one of the Eastern European girls from work and behind were sat another three. Daniella's car was being followed by another car, carrying the other 5 Eastern European girls from work.

"Ok we're here," Daniella spotted a classic-looking building.

Earlier that day, Elaine told Daniella and the other 9 girls that she was going to give them a second chance and not report them in. she told them to meet her in a building called The Soho BDSM Centre.

It looked like a 1 storey building but very wide in breadth like an Asda Supermarket.

She also told them to put on red lipstick, wear high heels and dressed as if they were going out on a special date. She also told them that it was not in their best interest to tell anyone else what they were about to do.

After Daniella's car and the other car parked inside the parking space for that building, they all got out. They all walked towards the front entrance to the building.

"What is this place?" one of the Polish girls muttered.

"It looks like a brothel. Oh no I hope this is not what I think it is," panicked a girl from the Czech Republic.

"Will you all shut up and focus. Once this is over, we get to stay here and earn whatever money we can in that stupid NHS dump," Daniella taking charge for all 10 of them. "Besides she didn't ask any of us to wear fishnet stockings or pump up bras or mini skirts. She said dress as if we are going out on a date."

"Dan ... Daniella. If she does not want to pimp us out, then why does this place have that for a symbol," the Russian girl pointed out to the Neon Lights on top of the building.

All 10 of them saw a large Neon Light symbol of what looked like a man's finger twisting a woman's nipple (like the Titty Twister in Dusk Till dawn).

"It's just for one night," Daniella sighing for all of them to hear. Deep down she really hope that Elaine wasn't cruel enough to subjugate them into prostitution.

All 10 of them entered the building.

Inside the building was a reception. Behind the reception desk was a tall black guy who looked gay. He spotted all ten of them.

"Hi. Are you the ten girls here for Elaine?" the black gay guy asked in a friendly way. He was British and spoke with a British-Gay accent.

"Yes ... we are," Daniella answering for all 10 of them.

It was obvious to the black gay guy that all 10 of them felt powerless, inferior and hoping that tonight was just one big nightmare that never happened.

"Go straight down this corridor and you will see a lift on the end. The elevator heads downwards. Go to Level 5. There is another reception over there. Go tell them that you are here to see Elaine Griffin. Chow," the black gay guy made a kissing sound.

"Thank you," Daniella sighed.

For the first time in their lives, all 10 Eastern European girls felt inferior to this 'black guy' and it was worse for these particular girls too because they could tell he was gay and they were even more homophobic than xenophobic.

Daniella and the other 10 girls headed to the lift, taking it down to the 5th level. Once they got out, there was a reception desk just outside the lift. Behind Level 5's reception desk was a black woman who looked like an airport accountant.

"Hi. We are here to see Elaine ... Griffin," Daniella asked.

"To your left. Go down this hallway. On the end there are some glass doors. Just go through it," the black receptionist said in low monotone.

Daniella and the other girls did as that girl instructed. They finally reached the glass doors and pushed past through it. The glass doors took them to what obviously was a room. It reminded Daniella of a very large work-out gym. What was strange was the 'equipment'. She wasn't sure what type of equipment they were and they were all large and different.

"Ah. So you finally made it," an Elaine Griffin coming to welcome them. Elaine was dressed up like some sort of gym coach.

"Yes. We came as you asked," Daniella said in low monotone.

Elaine saw how scared and frightened all these girls looked.

Serve you Euro-bitches right for hating blacks, Elaine thought.

"Good. Now I want you all to go over to those benches and take off your clothes and pile them there. Then I want you to come back here to me," Elaine bossing them around.

"What??" a Polish girl panicked.

"Now," Elaine shouted.

"We better do as she says," Daniella whimpering.

Daniella and all 9 nine girls had never felt such low self esteem in their lives. It was as if they were back in Eastern Europe again, envisioning themselves in the same situation as their east European sisters who'd been forced into prostitution.

All 10 girls headed to the bench which Elaine pointed to them. It was a bench by the side of a white wall. Once there, all 10 girls started stripping off their clothes. As each girl stripped off the more clothes they took off, the lower their dignity got.

Once they were finally naked, all 10 Eastern European girls stood before Elaine, covering their exposed breasts and exposed pubic hairs.

"You all have ice bodies, unlike most English girls," Elaine commented. "You see unlike you girls, English girls just love black men. In fact they would die for a black man than they would a white man. But there is just this one problem," Elaine making her wicked speech.

"And what is that??" the Russian girl spoke out of line.

Elaine quickly rushed over to her and gave her such a tight slpa.


The Russian girl winced from pain and covered her slapped cheek, as if she was about to start crying.

"Don't you ever interrupt me again. Ever. Next time you interrupt me I am going to shove a dagger up yer ass," Elaine threatening.

"No. please. No," the Russian girl was about to start crying.

"So shut up and stop snivelling," Elaine barked. "Now I want all of you to listen to me very carefully. If you fail to follow an order, it is back to Eastern Europe for all of you. Got it," Elaine insisting.

All 10 girls nodded ... in fear and desperation.

"Tonight you shall obey me. You will only live to obey me. You must always refer to me as Mistress. Who am I," Elaine shouted.

"You are Mistress," all 10 girls responded like some combat unit about to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Elaine made all 10 of them stand in a horizontal line, like as if they were about to picked out 1 by 1.All 10 faced the other wall, which was full of large mirrors, like ones that are normal in most gyms.

Elaine walked over to where her big black bag was. She unzipped it. She took some things out. She then returned to all girls.

"Daniella. I want you help me blindfold all nine girls," Elaine giving some blind folds to Daniella.

"Yes ... Mistress," Daniella responded in low monotone, as she took 5 blind folds.

Daniella and Elaine started blindfolding each girl.

"Now what do I have here. Nine blindfolded girls. Three Polish, three Czechs, a Russian and two Bulgarians. Not bad," Elaine commenting on them as if they were a pack of meat.

She then walked behind them, patting each girl on their asses.

"You east European girls have small asses and small tits. Not really what most guys want," Elaine mockingly putting them down.

Elaine saw the Russian girl.

"Daniella come grab one of her arms and follow me," Elaine walking over to the Russian's girl's right arm and took hold of it. Daniella took hold of her left arm.

"Ok Daniella. Follow me," Elaine making them take the Russian girl to one of the 'machines'.

The machine somehow resembled one of those work out equipment with a bench to sit on or rest one's back and then can lift or push the weights behind them. But this machine was not that type of equipment.

Behind the machine's seat were 2 poles. Elaine forced the Russian girl to sit her butt down.

"Daniella grab one of her wrists and put her wrist towards this spot on the pole," Elaine lifting the Russian girl's wrist towards a particular spot on the pole.

"Yes Mistress," Daniella did as she was told.

The Russian girls' wrists were now touching the metal surface of the pole. It felt cold against the Russian girl's wrist and Elaine could see her shaking a bit.

On each pole was a strap. Elaine took the strap that was also attached to the pole on her side and then strapped the Russian girl's wrist towards it. Daniella was confused as she was not familiar with such equipment and did not look like something that would be used to rape a woman. Daniella tied the Russian girl's other wrist to the pole.

On the side of the machine were two boulders that looked like something that would have served us "arms" for an armchair.

"Grab her other leg and lift them over the resting boulders," Elaine ordered

"Yes Mistress," Daniella responded in low monotone.

The Russian girl's legs were lifted over and rested on the boulders to the side of the machine. Elaine then took a strap on top of the boulder and then strapped the Russian girl's ankle towards it. Daniella did the same.

Now the Russian girl's wrist were tied to the poles behind her and her legs were now spread up, as if she was sat down on an armchair and rested her legs on the arm rests. It was as if she was displaying her pubic hair and breasts for all the world to see.

Daniella thought Elaine was intending on humiliating them like taking a cold water hose and splashing their naked bodies with icy cold water. It did happen in many Bulgarian prisons.

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