Dutch Global Supremacy

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Story: The Dutch react to the Muslims starting World War III, with a Mind Control device putting them all under Mind Control and under the domination of the Dutch. This is a Dutch equivalent to Persian Style Vengeance.

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Mind Control   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Bestiality   .

The Beginning

In 2010 Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration far-right party, won the election to become the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. In the Muslim world, people were protesting at the streets at what they perceive to be anti-Islamic sentiments that had been coming out from Europe over the last decade.

Riots between white nationalists and Muslim youths had erupted all over Europe. Entire capitals and cities had been closed down by the police forces. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya threatened to invade Switzerland for banning anymore minarets being built. Pakistan threatened to invade Denmark over the Mohammed cartoons, originating back from 2006. Relations between Islam and the West continued to deteriorate and the fears that there would be another world war are looming.

In 2011 the Dutch military had launched a satellite into orbit under the leadership of General Hans Van Doom. According to the Dutch media, the satellite is for defence purposes against enemies of NATO. At the same time period Muslim countries had fallen under the leadership of radical mullahs who have decided to unite their respective nations together to launch what would be a "global jihad". The first country that was attacked by a collective Islamic army was in the Middle East when Iran and the Arab world launched an invasion of Israel. The war lasted one week when Hezbollah, Hamas, Egypt and Lebanon united to fight against Israel. Israel threatened nuclear war. Iran launched satellites that had made Israeli computers redundant so therefore they could not operate their controls to launch an attack. Iran's President Ahmadinejad ordered a nuclear strike against Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv was obliterated. Many people died. Jews and Arabs.

Before everyone knew it the Third World War began. NATO troops in Europe were preparing themselves for a greater conflict against the Islamic world. In South Asia, Pakistani and Indian troops clashed over Kashmir. In Russia, Skinheads and Muslim radicals clashed over the streets of Moscow, in what became the Second Russian Civil War.

But World War III was not just between Islam and the West. Over the Pacific Ocean, the combined navies of the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam clashed with Chinese navies. The United States was as much at war with China as it was Islam. But despite the fact that Russia too was at war with Islam and that China wasn't, the Russian military still supplied arms to the Chinese army, hoping that while Russia could possibly lose to Islam, America would lose to China.

By the end of 2011, the satellite had launched mind control waves over the world, specifically over certain countries. The satellite's power encompassed most of Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Iran, Central and South Asia and even South East Asia.

Computer experts from the Dutch military had seen on their monitors that everyone from Morocco to Pakistan and Indonesia are standing on the streets like mind-control zombies.

"Serves them right for killing Van Gogh and threatening to invade us and convert us to Islam by sword point," General Hans Von Doom muttered to his officers in his command centre.

The Weapon of Tomorrow worked and the Muslim enemy had been defeated without having to resort to collective NATO invasion and nuclear warfare.

The world would never be the same again.

One Week Later

The Dutch Cabinet- PM's Office

General Hans Van Doom was inside Geert Wilders's office, sat down opposite his commander-in-chief.

"It has been a week. We haven't heard from the Americans," Dutch PM Geert Wilders was surprised.

"They are busy at the Asian front, thinking that we are busy at the European front. They had no idea that it was our hackers who sabotaged their satellite communications with us. After all they were also stupid enough to withdraw their entire navy here so that they can fight their war with the Chinese," General Hans Van Doom said.

Geert Wilders was a very tall man and the Dutch were supposed to be the tallest people in the world. General Hans Van Doom was nearly as tall. He had brown hair, grey eyes and wore a military uniform. It was the Dutch Philips and his own scientists who had come up with the satellite, working on it for years.

"But you also put the rest of Europe under Mind Control, from your headquarters. Do you know that that is against human rights," Geert Wilders joked.

"Look. I had my men work on that damn satellite. It sent signals all over that area. If the rest of Europe found out what we were doing, they would be asking questions so I had the satellite put everyone in this continent except for us under mind-wave control. My suggestion to you is this Prime Minister. I would have wave messages sent to these countries (Muslims) that from now on they must obey Dutch people. Our computers can hijack all their announcing equipments like radios and speakers, having a computer-transmitted voice communicating to them in their respective languages to instruct them to be totally obedient to the Dutch people whom they all subconsciously and consciously know. Once we go over to their countries and establish full control, then I think we can let the rest of Europe go free so that by the time they wake up, they would realise that they now live in a new world, one where we won the war and finally defeated the Jihadists," General Hans Van Doom clarifying why he did what he did.

"Sounds reasonable. Tactical. If Hitler were around today he would have envied us,2 Geert Wilders chuckled.

Hans Van Doom shrugged, glad that his commander-in-chief agreed with him.

"And the Russians and Turks?" Geert Wilders not forgetting them.

"Had them programmed to continue fighting each other but only in a riot-scale. If we shut the Russians down, both the Americans and Chinese would take notice," Hans Van Doom trying to sound wise and strategic.

"Well this was the only way to beat them," Geert Wilders shrugged.

"Sir this was the only way to prevent them from invading Europe and dominating the world again," Hans Van Doom speaking his mind.

"Ok so now they are our slaves. Who should we send to their countries and how should they be ruled over," Geert Wilders was curious.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Turkish Government Building had been occupied by people who came over from the Netherlands. Inside the building was a main conference hall. In it were only the Dutch who came over just a day ago.

General Hans Van Doom and some of his staff occupied the front stage while on the seats were sat down different people representing different interests. Some were gay rights activists. Some were anti-Islamic parties who always had Eurabia in their heads. Some were pimps and Dutch film porn stars and directors. Some were normal film directors, like the slain Van Gogh (killed by a Muslim), some were economists, some were staunched feminists who really really hated Muslim men, and some smaller insignificant parties.

"So I am waiting to hear all your suggestions," General Hans Van Doom.

These were special groups that had been chosen to come here to Istanbul and come under the trusted confidence of the Dutch Govt, who had not disclosed yet to the Dutch public to as to what was happening outside Europe and even the media, who were told what was really going on, was purposely telling false reports to the Dutch people but in due time will tell the public the truth.

"These people who hate homosexuals should have their dicks cut off and become toy boys to all the gays that they hate," a comment from an angry gay activist.

"Their women should have sex with lots of men. Every men except for a Muslim ones" cried an angry guy who was against political correctness.

"Why don't we just execute the mullahs who hate us or give us death threats," another comment.

"How about we make them Dutch-minded like us. Tolerant. Liberal. Take out the hate for us," a friendlier voice claimed.

"Have them fight the Chinese and Russians for us so that our own troops don't die and we don't have to feed them but can we keep their women. I just love those Arab and Pakistani women, if you know what I mean," suggested a one-sided sex-crazed horny guy.

"How about we give them a certain kind of mind frame and even have them a certain kind of economy. You know, something like Thailand's," suggested by a Professor of Economics who spoke with a British accent.

"Yeah. Have their men become gay transvestites and their women into Thai girls," a sexually oriented guy cried out.

"That is disgusting. I say let's make the men become slaves to women, for all those years that they oppress their women," stormed an angry feminist.

General Hans Van Doom took note of all that he heard. Some of his men filmed everything so that they could always go back to which comments Hans Van Doom liked and he had all their contact details anyways.

When the whole session was over, General Hans Van Doom thanked them for all being with him in Turkey. They all took the bus that took them to a hotel where all the hotel people served them like "coolies" and some of the Dutch men and women use the Turkish men and women as sex-toys-for-the-night.

General Hans Van Doom and the Dutch were only in Turkey for 3 nights, until they all finally flew back to Holland.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

General Hans Van Doom had an audience with PM Geert Wilders, explaining what were the other partiers' interests and suggestions.

"So what do you think about everything you heard?" Geert Wilders asked Hans Van Doom.

"I think perhaps we should have them remain as separate countries but that each country be allocated a ruling interest group or groups, letting them run the country how they see fit. But I can assess for you who should get what country," Hans Van Doom stated.

"Well get to it and then get back to me," Geert Wildrers nodded.

"Yes sir," Hans Van Doom got up from his seat.

Three Days Later

General Hans Van Doom was back in Geert Wilders' office.

"So what do you think is the best solution?" Geert Wilders asked.

"Sir I finally came to the conclusion that there should only be one party for each Muslim country," Hans Van Doom stated.

"Only one?" Geert Wilders was puzzled.

"This is the one party that can invite any of the other parties which joined me in Turkey," Hans Van Doom suggested.

"Funny that this was a party you overlooked and never took with you," Geert Wilders broke out into a small laughter.

"Yeah I know I made a mistake," Hans Van Doom shook his head.

"Don't be hard on yourself," Geert Wilders got up from his seat, took a bottle of wine out from his cupboard, placed it down his desk, went back to his cupboard and took out two empty wine glasses, then opened the wine bottle and poured wine on each glass.

"Here is yours," Geert Wilders handing a glass to Hans Van Doom.

"Thank you sir," Hans Van Doom took the glass, as he was "drinking" with his Prime Minister.

Geert Wilders took up his glass.

"You know if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be in this world position that we are in today," Geert Wilders complimented Hans Van Doom.

"Well that is true," Hans Van Doom being flattered.

"So who is this group that you have in mind?" Geert wanted to know.

"The kind of people who believe in an eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth. They are the people who enjoy humiliating other people. They can think the nastiest things they can have in store for other people. I believe that because it was the Muslim world who started the war against us and even nuking Israel that they should be made to pay not just as mind control slaves but also to balance things out," Hans Van Doom spoke.

"Oh I agree with you. You are absolutely right. Well get to it then," Geert Wilders spoke.

"Yes sir," Hans Van Doom getting up.

The Year 2013

Tehran, Iran

"Wow I can't believe we are here in Tehran," cried a tall skinny red-haired freckled American tourist named Zack.

"Man. I have never imagined in my wildest dreams and in my lifetime that a country where the sexes are segregated would become just like Thailand," cried a guy named Jim who was a football player for his senior high.

It had only been in 2012 when the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) have declared to the world that they are turning away from Islam and Sharia Law and adopt the Laws and Culture of Thailand.

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