Open Mouth, Insert Foot

by Amasterfound

Copyright© 2010 by Amasterfound

BDSM Sex Story: A slave pisses her Masters off with her selfishness and thoughtless words. She pays the price for her actions and learns her lesson.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

I have been sitting here alone for an hour so far. How much longer will he keep me waiting? The longer I sit here waiting, the angrier I knew he is.

I have been in his service for only 4 years, but long enough to know the rules. The main rules include no touching his pussy, no covering his pussy with panties, and no cumming unless he gives me permission. I am always to address him as Master no matter where we are. I am always to see to his needs any time he has need of me, and never deny him! If I break any of these rules, he will punish me severely.

So why am I sitting here? What rule have I broken? I will tell you why. It starts this afternoon when Michael calls me up wanting to visit. I accept, as he is my Master's best friend. Oops, sorry I have to finish the rest later. I hear his footsteps walking down the hallway. The hall closet door opens and then slams shuts with a loud bang. Damn, he is really pissed!

The door opens, he walks in, and the look on his face makes me quickly look at my feet. I can't stand that hurt and angry look. Not only have I angered him, I have also managed to hurt him. I love him with all of my heart. I can't stand to have him angry with me, much less to cause him pain. He lays several whips on the bed. He then raises my head to where I am looking at him in the eye. He reaches for my neck. My heart stops cold. No, please not that, anything but that, I plead in my mind. Long seconds pass, as I hope he is only going to threaten me. Sadly, my heart falls and fresh tears spring from my eyes as he removes my beloved collar. I plead with my eyes, wanting him to return it to me, to collar me again.

He turns away, walks over to the wall, and hangs it on a hook there. He has not said anything to me since he came home, except that I should go to my room and ready myself for a severe punishment, and that he was very disappointed with me. He closes me in this room again, with only my thoughts to keep me company. What have I done? How stupid could I have been? Oh, how I wish I could pull those careless words back into my mouth! What had I been thinking of when I said them? I really didn't mean any of them. Oh, I was stupid and selfish. That is something a slave should never be: selfish. The main job of a slave is to see to the comfort and pleasure of your Master or Mistress. I look up at my beloved collar hanging on the wall and the tears flow even harder.

The day had started out so wonderful. I woke this morning wrapped in my Master protective arms. The sun peeked through the mini blinds. The only sounds were those of my Master's soft snore and the birds chirping in the tree outside of our room. I lay facing him my head resting on his chest, with him lying on his back. My hands wonder softly over his body. I love that he is so caring, so thoughtful. Even in his sleep, he tries to protect me from harm.

I reach down for his cock and find it hard and inviting. I lightly stroke it, and then caress his massive balls. He is clean-shaven. He prefers it that way because it is more sensitive. I have been so wrapped in playing with his cock and balls that I fail to tell when he wakes up.

"Deep throat me, Imp. You've teased me enough already," Master startles me when he speaks.

"Yes, Master, right away," I respond.

I turn around in the bed, so that my head faces his feet while I gently suck him. I love his cock, so hot, hard, and soft at the same time. He pulls his pussy towards him, gently kissing and sucking me. I moan around his dick, causing his dick to jump from the vibrations. I smile wickedly and moan more.

"Enough, you imp. I'm not ready to cum yet," Master orders.

I quickly resume deep throating him without the vibrations. After some time, he grabs my head, pushes it down on his cock forcing it into my throat, and informs me that he is about to cum; he begins to fuck me ferociously. I return to moaning, as I know that he will come very quickly from that. I am not disappointed when he cums a few minutes later. Having drunk all of his cum, I lie there while he finishes playing with his pussy. I am eager to cum, but I know that I have to wait until he gives me permission.

I am just about start to beg when he finally commands, "Cum for me, my little imp."

It doesn't take long. He fingers his pussy with 4 fingers and sucks his clit. I come very hard. He slaps my ass and then orders me to get up and make his breakfast.

He leaves for the office an hour and 2 orgasms later. I start cleaning the house. That afternoon, I have dinner done and am relaxing when Michael calls. This is when everything goes amiss, when I "open mouth and insert foot". He asks if I am up for company. I reply that, yes, I have all chores done and welcome his company, not that I really have much of a choice in the matter. If he wants to come over, he will do so, whether I wish it or not, I usually welcome his company, but today I am feeling slightly selfish (okay, I am feeling very selfish).

I do a last minute straighten up and am ready to receive him, when I hear his car a few minutes later. I am still naked, as Master has not given me permission to clothe myself. I am always naked around Michael anyway, so I am not worried. He shares Master's preference for nude slaves.

Master has informed me that in his absence I am to treat Michael as if he is my Master. If Michael orders me to do something, I am to do it. Mind you, Michael is the only other person I have to obey. Michael, as I said before, is Master's best friend and he has Master's welfare in mind. They are very close, so I could be trusted with him. I don't mind obeying Michael. He is very handsome and great in the bed. Yes, obeying him includes the use of Master's pussy. The same rules apply when I am with him. I am to not orgasm or touch Master's pussy unless Michael permits me.

When I hear Michael drive up, I know what to do. I quickly go to the hallway that leads to the front door. I kneel five feet from the door and am ready to receive him in the waiting position. After a couple of minutes, Michael walks in and observes that I greet him in the proper fashion.

"Very good, Minx," Michael says, "Come along to the living room."

I follow him into the living room and allow him to sit first, which is his due as my acting Master. Once he sits down in his favorite spot on the couch, he signals for me to sit at his feet. I do so, although I am not too happy with this. I know that if he or Master wishes me to sit at their feet, that is what I am to do and I am bound to do so without complaint (although, today, I really want to gripe).

My major objection is that if he were not here I would still be reclining on the couch and reading one of my favorite authors' books. I have several hours before Master is due home; I have completed my chores fast so that I could be lazy and read this afternoon. I have even fixed dinner earlier, so that all I have to do is reheat it near the time Master would get home. Yes, I am acting a bit selfish a lot recently; that is my major crime. I don't know what has come over me lately, but I am really feeling rather self-centered. I have rushed half-heartedly through my chores a great deal and cut corners with things like Master's supper. Looking back, I realize I have had far too much free time on my hands.

Michael picks up the remote and turns on the TV. He flips a few channels until he comes to the one he wants to see. The images on the screen tell me that I am in trouble. No, it isn't me, or anything that I have done. It is one of his and Master's favorite porn channels: the newest one to our satellite service, featuring BDSM. I know the scenes are going to make me horny. I would want to play with myself. Michael is a little more sadistic in teasing me than Master is. This is both a torment and a turn on to me. Today, however, it is more torture than pleasure, given my recent selfish attitude.

Something in Michael's demeanor tells me that he is in a wicked mood today, and with me feeling egocentric, this is not a good combination. I sit there, watching the Master on the screen tease and torment his slave. The more she moans and he makes her have one orgasm after the other, the hornier I get. The more aroused I become, the more I want to play with myself. Michael runs his fingers through my hair. I enjoy laying my head in his lap.

Being a slave is a comfort to me. I am free to be myself and have no worries. All I have to do is what he tells me and he takes care of everything else. Master doesn't even need me to work.

Michael stands up, removes his pants, and sits back down. I glance at his painfully hard dick. I know what is going to come. He reaches for my head and pulls it towards his throbbing cock.

"Suck me, Minx!" Michael orders me.

I obey and start deep throating him. My pussy is crying out to be touched. Michael very seldom plays with it while he takes pleasure from me. He prefers to make slaves wait until after he finishes before they get their release. He says it is his right to receive satisfaction before them. I agree most of the time. He loves to torment and tease me. Today I feel very self-centered, which is my demise.

I relocate to the couch and spread my legs a bit, hoping to entice him to play with me. After a few minutes of him still not masturbating me, I raise my ass seductively to him. I glance up at his face and get the impression that he is busy watching the TV and enjoying his blowjob, instead of caring about my Master's pussy and its pleasure. I soon discover that this is not true at all.

I slowly put my hand that is close to the back of the couch down by my side. I rest it there a few minutes, hoping he has not observed me. After a short time of him not saying anything, I slowly pull my hand under me. I try to position it so that, if he looks at me, he would think I am lying on it rather than playing with myself. I am either foolish, very desperate, or both.

Looking back later, I think I was just plain dumb! I wish I had just waited a few more minutes for him to finish. I knew he would never leave me hanging. He was never cruel, or else my Master wouldn't have left orders for me to obey Michael when he could not be here. Yeah, I was a selfish slave, one that needed to be punished for what I was about to do. Unfortunately, at the time the only thing in my mind was that I deserved to have pleasure as well.

Back in the present again, I look at the clock, 30 more minutes have passed. Tears are still streaming down my checks at the feel of my neck without my beloved collar; it just hangs on the hook reminding me what I have done. The worse part of my punishment so far is the removal of my collar and the silent treatment. The waiting I can handle, as it always enables me to think back to what I have done, why it is wrong, and how I will make it up to my beloved Master.

This time I don't have to think of those. I knew as soon as I said what I did that it was wrong and why. The only thing I do not know how to make up or if I ever can. With the removal of my collar, I am afraid he would never give me the chance even to try. Sobbing into my hands, I wish I could take back the words of a self-absorbed slave.

Hearing noises outside of my door, I listen, hoping he will come in and finish the punishment so that I can start to make amends if he will allow me. The wait is killing me this time.

I can hear Master's and Michael's raised muffled voices and their retreating footsteps fading back toward the front of the house.

"No, I still think I should do it... ," I overhear Master saying.

" ... I happen to think that she needs more discipline... ," Michael persists.

Michael has not left; he has stayed to talk with my Master of my wrongdoing and the shameful things I said. This was what he should have done, though at the time I wished he had not. I even tried to talk him out of it and take back those words, but it was too late to take them back.

Shifting slightly on my still sore ass, I think back to where I had left off, where everything had all gone downhill. Michael was just getting ready to come. I could tell. His dick swelled and his breathing increased. He had his eyes closed, or so I thought. I moved my hand further down towards my pussy, this is where I let my selfishness take over. I no longer was thinking of it being my Master's pussy, but mine. I started stroking. I had not noticed that Michael now watched my hand or heard my moans. He came very hard while I played with my clit (again mine, not my Master's). When he was done, I quickly pulled my hand up, hoping he had not noticed. Then I looked up at him. The look on his face told me how wrong I was. His next words said even more.

"Why stop now? You are already in trouble. Are you trying to hide what you are doing and make it worse?" Michael asks.

"No," I respond.

"Then, what were you doing? Are you allowed to play or cum without permission," Michael asks.

This is when I should have stopped while I was ahead but no, I had to continue.

"Well, it is MY pussy! I can do what I damn well feel like doing to it. You or anyone else can't tell me what to do with it. I am a grown woman," I insist.

As soon as the words left my mouth, I covered my mouth as if by doing so, I could stop any new ones from forming, but I had already done the damage. I essentially said that I had no Master and that I did not have to obey either one of them.

"Is that right? That is how it is now huh?" Michael says as his voice rises.

The look on his face is pure anger. Oh SHIT, what have I done, I think to myself.

"Um, I'm didn't mean that, really. I should not have played with my Master's pussy. It was not appropriate. I should have waited until you or my Master decided to play with it or gave me permission. Please forgive me, Michael. Please don't tell Master. I didn't mean it," I beg.

"It is too late to take back words once they are spoken, Pearl. It is before we speak them that you do that. You know I will never keep a secret from Domion," Michael's words tell me how he feels.

What hurt right then was that he used my real name instead of Minx. Since the first time Master introduced me to him and told me to think of Michael as my Master too, he had always called me Minx, due to the fact I was always flirtatious and into mischief. Most women saw it as an offensive term that insulted their propriety, but not me.

"Yes sir, I understand. Please forgive this selfish slave. I will not do it again," I hung my head, waiting to hear how he was going to punish me. I knew he would punish me; after all, it was his right as my acting Master to do so. Michael was not as gentle when it came to disobedience as my Master was. I knew whatever he had in store would hurt, but this time I feared how Master would take it.

By saying what I did, I said I had no Master, which would hurt Master most of all by denying him. One of Master's top rules was never to deny him anything, and that included my body. Once I was his slave, it was no longer mine but his and he had full control of it instead of me.

"Pearl, go get the leather strap," Michael ordered me.

Michael strapped my ass until I could barely breathe. I had to count after each one and ask for the next. Once my ass was bright red, he placed me on my back with my legs spread apart and spanked my pussy next. This he did with the pussy whip. He whipped me so hard and so long that it went past the point of it turning me on and into a punishment. Normally, I enjoy pussy spanking, so for it to be a punishment it would have to get it to a point of intense, throbbing pain.

Michael laid down the whip and sat on the couch. I was still on the coffee table where he placed me. I was not going to move until told to do so. I felt open and exposed to the world. I normally liked this in front of either him or Master, but this time it was not so. This time I knew it was not for their enjoyment that I was in this position. It was for a punishment. It is funny how something can be either a punishment or a turn-on, depending on the situation.

"Pearl, sit at my feet, no pillow either. Flat on your ass," Michael ordered.

I moved to sit at his feet and placed my slave pillow on the couch. He gave me no cushion to soften the discomfort that the hard floor would give me. Even the coldness of the floor added no relief to my burning ass and Master's pussy. I went back to thinking of it being Master's again. I just wished I had kept that in my head before when I got myself in trouble.

"May I see to your pleasure, please?" I asked Michael.

"No, that will not be needed this time!" Michael replied.

I sat there and silently wept. I knew that I was going to be in even more trouble when Master got home. I glanced at the clock and saw that he would be home in 30 minutes. Michael saw me and knew what I was thinking, "Go fix yourself a plate of food and eat it sitting on the floor here. You won't have time to once Domion gets home."

I slowly rose and asked, "Would you like me to fix you one, Sir?"

"No, I will eat with Domion once he gets home. Now go!" Michael commanded. The absence of his soft, caring voice stung me. I did not like the hurt, angry tone he had.

I was not that hungry, but knew I needed to eat so I just made myself some of the salad I had chosen to go with tonight's dinner. I had made Master's favorite, Shepherds Pie. I turned on the oven to warm up dinner. I walked back to the feet of Michael, sat down, and slowly tried to eat. After 20 minutes of just picking at the salad, Michael told me to return it to the kitchen if I was not going to eat. Looking at the clock I quickly took it back to the kitchen, rinsed my plate, and put it in the dishwasher. Seeing I had less than 5 minutes, I rushed back and sat at the feet of Michael to wait for Master's car.

Right on time, I heard Master's car in the driveway. I looked up at Michael, wondering if he was going to allow me to meet Master in the hallway.

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