A Sizzling Summer Night

by John Cockenfurs

Copyright© 2010 by John Cockenfurs

Erotica Sex Story: Part 3 of 3 for the married couple

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

It was July and I had been fielding phone calls and emails from a few people who had witnessed or heard about our performance at our neighbors party back in the Spring. We got some requests that didn't have a snowball's shot in hell (a guy asked us to come to his house and fuck while he jacked off alone) to some really interesting suggestions. One guy presented an idea that my wife and I decided was best and I wrote him back to let him know we'd be there.

The guy's name was Joe (or at least that's what he told me) and his plan was for a party with us as the main attraction, but he promised we wouldn't be the only people fucking. He was going to arrange a room in his house with couches around the walls and a sturdy table in the middle so we'd be elevated and everyone could see us. He said that the invitation demanded that each person attending had to be wearing a significant amount of leather, latex or vinyl clothing. Joe also said that the invitation stated there was going to be a live sex show and guests would be encouraged to participate with any willing parties and that any man attending had to bring a woman (women were welcome on their own or in groups). He also said there'd be full service food and drink by leather, latex and vinyl dressed waitresses.

We decided to go all out for this one and bring a bag of toys and a change of outfits. Our goody bag included a strap-on harness (both hip and face), a vibrating dildo, vibrating butt plug, lube and a little vibrator that just straps on and vibrates her clit. Man these people are going to get a good show. We actually packed much more than we needed, but we used most of it.

The Friday night of the party came and I watched my wife do her hair and make-up. She was wearing a tight, black leather ankle length skirt that hugged her ass perfectly, a black corset that made her tits look huge, a short black leather jacket that just comes below her tits, a black leather collar, black leather opera gloves and knee high black leather boots. I tried to fuck her before she put her make-up on but she wouldn't have none of it. I wore my tight, black leather boot cut jeans, black leather ankle boots, a white button up shirt, black leather tie, black leather blazer and black leather driving gloves. Even though it was hot outside, we needed to wear a lot of leather, so we just cranked the AC in the car on the way there.

When we drove up to the house I realized that when Joe said "house" that was the understatement of the century — this was a mansion. We were greeted by valets in leather pants, this was going to be a great evening. Once we were at the door we were let it by a butler wearing a leather tuxedo who escorted us to the ballroom. Once inside we walked up to Joe who was wearing a leather catsuit and drinking a glass of scotch. He led us to a room that we could use later to change and we dropped our bags, closed the door and walked back to the ballroom to mingle.

We walked to the bar where hot young girls wearing black and red leather hotpants, thigh high leather boots and black tank stops that said "SLUT" on them were serving drinks. My wife ordered a glass of merlot and I ordered a Maker's Mark on the rocks. We surveyed the room which was only half full at this time and marveled at all the incredibly sexy people covered in leather and talked about how one crazy night last winter has led us down a path where we're attending sex parties. With my free hand I was rubbing her tight ass but I was looking at plenty of other leather covered asses and my cock was throbbing just thinking of the night ahead.

Joe then approached us again and explained that many of his guests were staying the weekend and he had reserved his largest guest bedroom for us if we wanted to stay; the only condition is that we wear leather at all times. We readily accepted as we'd brought more than enough leather outfits to last us all weekend. We sipped our drinks and smiled as we thought of the weekend to come.

We separated and mingled and kept to our rule between the two of us — we are happily married and we allow, even encourage each other to flirt, but nothing beyond touching: no kissing or sexual action between us and anyone else. I spent some time talking to a tall slender redhead with big tits and a nice ass. She took a liking to me and pushed my agreement as far as it would go grabbing my ass, rubbing my cock through my leathers asking me to grab her ass, feel her tits and grind my leather covered cock against her leather covered ass.

My wife was being similarly entertained, sitting on some guys lap, his hands rubbing her leather covered tits and her grinding her ass into his leather covered cock. The room had now filled as all the guests had arrived (per Joe's announcement) and as people drank more, people got more friendly and some people were starting to get frisky. One couple who had been making out for quite awhile got us started when she pulled out this guy's monster cock and started jerking him off. As she was jerking him off her girlfriend started kissing him and he reached his hands up her black vinyl micro mini skirt and started to rub her clit. My wife and I looked at each other and we knew it was time for our first costume change.

We changed and Joe made an announcement that the entertainment was about to begin. I came out wearing my biker boots, black leather chaps, leather g-string, leather jean style jacket, a leather half mask, face strap-on dildo and blindfold that was pulled over my forehead. My wife was wearing her black leather zip through jeans, strap-on dildo, 6" black patent heels, white button up shirt, my black leather tie, black leather blazer, black leather half finger gloves with his bright red nails showing through and a leather military cap. Every jaw in the room dropped. Just the sight of us inspired a half dozen couples or so to start some heavy petting. Women rubbing cocks through leather pants, men rubbing their own cocks through their leather pants, women rubbing each other legs — it was carnal and I loved it.

I climbed up on the leather padded table and got on my knees. This was going to be a new dimension to our sex life; we had role reversed in private before, but this would be its public debut. She took the strap-on off my face and set it aside and then loud and forcefully said, "Suck my fucking cock."

I did exactly as I was told. I started by licking the head of it, then taking the head of it in my mouth and sucking it like she had sucked me so many times. I eventually moved down swallowing as much of her cock as I could and just when I thought I couldn't swallow any more she started fucking my face, her hands on her ass, thrusting in and out of my mouth. She pulled the blindfold down over my eyes and I felt her pull her cock out of my mouth. She then threw me over on my back and spread my legs out, I knew what was next.

I started to hear a little moaning coming from the audience and my cock was bulging through my leather thong. My wife pulled the back of it aside and slowly inserted her lubed up cock into my ass. She grabbed my legs and pulled them over her shoulders and started pounding me hard. She then pulled out, spun me over onto my stomach and then climbed on top of me, shoving her cock back inside me and thrusting away. As she was fucking my asshole she started describing what was going on around the room: a guy with a 10" cock having it worked on by two hungry mouths, the girls leather covered asses bouncing up and down, the guy next to him stroking his own cock while his wife rubbed the pussy of the girl next to her. It was driving me crazy.

After she thought my asshole had taken enough rubber cock, she got up, took the strap-on off and put the face mounted one on me. She then unzipped her pants and sat down easily on the cock strapped to my face as her pussy was dripping wet at this point. She started bouncing on the rubber cock and she reached back and pulled my blindfold off so I could see the action around me, though all I could see from there was her sexy leather covered ass bouncing up and down on me. She then reached down and pushed her ass back into my face as she unleashed my raging hard-on. She gave it a few good strokes before she came, shouting, "Fuck my fucking pussy you fucking asshole!"

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