The Farmer's Wife

by John Cockenfurs

Copyright© 2010 by John Cockenfurs

Erotica Sex Story: Farmhand gets caught staring at the farmer's daughter and the farmer's wife catches him

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Coercion   Heterosexual   Cheating   FemaleDom   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

I had been working on this farm all summer and doing a pretty good job. We were nearing the end of the season though and I was preparing to go to college in a few short weeks. Overall it had been a rather uneventful summer, I worked from sun up to sundown and didn't have much of a social life other than trying to flirt with the owner's daughter. She was two years younger than me and it wasn't going well. Her dad was on me all the time and her mom would hover around in the evenings, so I mostly just thought about her while I jacked off in my bunk at night.

Well late one August afternoon I was working in the hay loft and I stopped to look out on the pond and I saw the girl in a bikini swimming. Since I was working alone and had some time to kill I decided no one would know if I jacked off in the middle of the day in the hay loft. As I watched her move around, the water glistening off of her skin and I swore I could see her nipples poke through her top. I lied down and pulled my cock out of my jeans and began stroking my cock slow and steady, just imagining I was licking the water off of her perky little tits and shoving my cock deep inside her pussy. I was so into it I didn't even notice the pitchfork hit the ground.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" I heard a voice call out.

I looked up and it was the farmer's wife. She was standing there with a coil of rope in her hand. Although she was older, perhaps about 50, I had long admired her tight body and pretty face. Now here she was standing over me. She had caught me watching her daughter and jacking off in the hay loft when I should have been working.

"Um, I thought I was alone." I said.

"I know what you thought, but I can't let this stand."

With that she walked towards me. I noticed how her hat covered her black hair and how her leather gloves were tucked into her tight western style shirt. She stood right over me.

"Get up and zip up." She said.

I did as I was told and she then turned away and bent over to pick something up. I notice how tight her jeans were underneath her brown leather chaps and how great her ass looked. In fact, her legs looked good period all the way down to her boots.

"Come over here"

Again, I did as I was told. She grabbed my arms and thrust me into a post, tying my hands behind my back around the post. She then walked over and sat on a bail of hay.

"What do you suppose I should do with you?" she said.

"I don't know ma'am. I'm really sorry."

"I'm sure you are."

She then walked over and grabbed my cock through my jeans. I had no idea how to react, but my cock couldn't help it, it just throbbed in her hand.

"Maybe we shouldn't let this go to waste."

She then turned around and walked back to where she had been sitting and removed her gloves. All the while staring at me she then took off her shirt, one slow button at a time. By now I thought she was going to tease me to death, just make me ache and then leave me hanging. As she got her shirt open, she left it hanging there for a moment as I got my first look at her flat stomach and her nice tits being held in by her bra. She rubbed her hands inside her shirt over her stomach and then started squeezing her tits, never taking her eyes off of me.

Once she was satisfied she'd given me a little show, she removed her shirt and promptly removed her bra. I was amazed at how her tits still were very perky after all those years. She then came back over to me and rubbed her chest up against me and began kissing my neck. She kissed from the top of my shirt all the way up to where she grabbed my face hard, squeezing my jar in her strong hands and shoved her tongue into my mouth kissing me deeply. She probably only kissed me for a second but it felt like five minutes.

What she did next amazed me. She dropped to her knees and began undoing my belt buckle. She pulled my belt completely out of my jeans and tossed it aside. She then unbuttoned them, unzipped them and pulled them down below my ass. My cock pointed straight ahead, hard enough to cut diamonds. She sunk her fingers into my ass and took the head of my cock into her mouth sucking hard while swirling her tongue around it clockwise. She then ran her left hand around to my shaft and began a slow stroke as she did this. She pulled my cock out and held it up while she licked me from the bottom of my sack, in-between my balls, and up the bottom of my cock until she reached the head again. Once she got back to my cock in her mouth she went to work; sucking me hard, stroking my shaft really hard and trying to drain my balls as fast as she could.

It didn't take long. Pretty soon I was thrusting my cock into her mouth and exploding cum into the back of her throat and she swallowed all of it. Well, almost all of it. There was a little left on her lips as she licked the last bit of it off her smile with her tongue.

She got up and removed her chaps. She then walked back to untie me.

"Get down on your knees and remove my jeans."

With my pants still below my ass I did as I was told. She turned around and shoved her ass in my face and her jeans hugged her ass so tight I almost didn't want to remove them but find a way to put my cock through them, but I reached around as she leaned back into me and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. Her panties came along as they were soaked both with sweat from the day's work but also with what leaked out of her pussy during her amazing blowjob. I removed her boots and then pulled her jeans off of her. Before I could do anything she put her boots back on and lied down in front of me.

"Now my turn."

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