A Warm Spring Night

by John Cockenfurs

Copyright© 2010 by John Cockenfurs

Erotica Sex Story: Sequel to "A Hot Night in the Middle of Winter"

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

A couple months after our last public leather encounter, my wife and I thought we would try something a little different, but equally provocative. This time would be slightly different though because we'd be coming home after meeting someplace out. It was getting to be springtime and our neighborhood comes alive once the weather is out; people start partying and hanging out outside, but it is still cool enough at night to wear our leathers.

So here it is, late April and the weather this past weekend was perfect. We also knew our downstairs neighbors would be having a massive party and our back decks connect, so we thought about taking things one step further than last time. No glass separating us from our viewers.

I have been working on shedding my winter weight, I always put on five to ten pounds in the winter and I was dropping that weight, not all the way back to my summer self, but almost. I put on my black biker boots with my tight black leather jeans — these are new, they're almost like skinny jeans that hug all of me very well. On top of that I wore a tight black t-shirt that barely comes to my waist and a black leather blazer. I'm shaved, showered and my hair's done well — I'm looking pretty awesome if I do say so myself. My wife is going to take awhile, so I head down to the corner bar to have a drink while I wait on her — she'll meet me there when I'm done.

I am sitting there watching the basketball game on the television, nursing a Sierra Nevada and in walks my wife. Wow! She is wearing her tight, skinny jean style black leather pants, a white satin blouse tucked into it, pearl necklace and bracelet, a hip black leather jacket and 5" black patent heels. She is made up exactly like I like her: bright red lips, smoky eyes and her hair up. Every guy in the bar follows her with their eyes to the seat next to me. The bartender is there immediately. She orders a vodka tonic and it was the fastest vodka tonic I'd ever seen — he was spilling shit everywhere because he never took his eyes off of her. She went to pay and he waved her off.

"So stud, you're looking rather hot this evening", she said.

"You look fucking unbelievable! My cock is going to bust through my leathers", I reply. She looks down and smiles. She then reaches out her hand, nails painted bright red to match her lips and toes and strokes my cock outside my pants.

"I can see that. Let's enjoy our drinks and then go to the party."

We did exactly that. I slammed my beer and then spent five minutes watching her with her drink and watching the guys in the bar watch her. Several guys were either readjusting their hard-ons or rubbing their cocks under the table. I didn't blame them, I thought of retreating to the bathroom and rubbing one out myself.

She finished her drink and got up. When she did she intentionally dropped her pen, she then slowly bent down to pick it up, wiggling her ass for every man to see. "Let's go dear", she said. We left.

As we were walking down the street, cars full of guys were honking at her and every time they did, I simply reached down and grabbed her tight, leather covered ass. I knew what was in store for me (and so many other people) later. It was only a few blocks but there must have been twenty honks.

When we got to the party it was already hopping. The music was going, we greeted our neighbors and they provided us with drinks and we separated to mingle. This was the fun part; we'd watch each other across the room and see how people would flock to us (mainly guys to her, but I received my fair share of attention — more on that later). It wasn't too long before I noticed two guys who were hovering over her. She was loving the attention and it showed. She sent me a text message that read, "these two guys just offered to fuck me silly". I felt my dick throb.

Just about this time I felt my first ass grab and as I turned I saw a beautiful brunette walking away smiling at me. I decided to follow her. When we got to the stairs she turned around quickly surprising me. She reached down, grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. "Who is that woman you came with?", she asked.

"That's my wife", I answered honestly.

"Do you think she'd mind if we danced?"

"Not at all", I said. I grabbed her hand and led her back to the dance floor. We immediately started grinding, her hands running up and down my leather. She'd grab my ass and pull me into her, then run her hand up the front of my pants and rub my throbbing cock.

Next thing I knew, my wife and her two admirers were right next to us. They were sandwiching her, dancing all over her, running their hands all over her. She was loving it. We exchanged a look that said: too soon. We were getting worked up and the night had just begun, so we walked away, to separate rooms to have a few drinks and talk. I ended up with my the grabby brunette and my wife of course was followed around by the two young studs. The brunette and her friends all wanted to talk about my pants and every one of them wanted to touch them — which I consented to — and every one of them just had to feel my cock, which, although not huge is a good size at about 8" and good girth. I caught them staring at it when we were trying to talk about music.

Next thing I know my cell goes off. It's my wife texting me saying that these guys are getting primed and we're going to have to make a decision one way or another. I wrote her back and told her to meet me upstairs in our condo and to tell the guys to head out to the street. I still don't know how she got them to leave her side, but they did as they were told and when we got upstairs we saw them staring up at our window. We proceeded to pull up all the blinds, open all the windows and turn every light in the house on so we could be easily seen.

My wife came up to me and we embraced, kissing deeply. Our hands rubbed all over each other and our leather. I could almost smell her wet pussy mixed with leather and that just made my cock that much larger. She looked down to see that they were watching and then turned to me, "you know they wish they were you, that I was about ready to take their cock into my mouth don't you? They all want my pussy. I felt their cocks through their jeans and they were just rock hard. They're throbbing for me, but you're the one who gets to violate every hole I have. You know that right?"

"Yes, my love. Your sweet lips sucking my cock is the envy of every man at that party."

With that, she got down on her knees and unleashed my aching cock. We heard hoots and hollers and then she took my head into her mouth and began giving me head. She gives the best head and this was one of her better performances knowing how worked up those two younger guys were. She was grabbing my ass, squeezing it tight, sucking on my cock like she wanted to drain every bit of cum out of me in the first five seconds.

I looked down and saw one guy had his hand in his pants jacking himself off, the other guy was just rubbing himself. It wasn't long and a crowd started to gather, men and women alike. The guys were talking about how hot my wife is and how she apparently gives great head and they'd all like to trade places with me. The girls were marveling both over my wife's apparent skills and my big cock.

I didn't want to cum yet and she didn't want me to cum yet, so we stopped. I sat her up on the kitchen table and unzipped the zipper we had specially made into her pants. I was no longer visible from the street but she was, completely. I began running my tongue up and down her snatch and found it was already dripping wet from anticipation and the flirting. Since she was already worked up, it didn't take me long at all to get her to cum and man did she scream violently. Wow! The whole block must have heard, "Lick that fucking pussy! Fucking lick it bitch! Fuck yeah eat that pussy! I'm gonna cum all over your fucking face!"

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