Steel Fists, No Heart

by Propman

Copyright© 2010 by Propman

BDSM Sex Story: An encounter with an android rebel dominatrix.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Robot   FemaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   .

I did not even know about my rich relative Charles. Apparently, he moved away to make his fortune, and my family forgot about him. And apparently, I was the only male relative in the appropriate age — which, as the story shows was understandable. I was to inherit his mansion and personal fortune. Being a struggling student, I naturally agreed and set to California.

The mansion was huge, with adobe wall marking the boundaries of the plot. Luckily, I had the key. The door opened with a creek, and I entered the premises. The garden was large, but unkempt. I wasn't sure how much time has passed since my great-great-uncle's death. When I started to explore the house, I've entered one of the bedrooms at the first floor, and I was surprised to find a half-naked lady, not moving. I was shocked, and stared at the blonde lady. I got even more terrified when I've noticed that she was not breathing. 'The hell... ' I thought, looking at her. The lawyers should have searched the house ... And then it dawned on me. The woman was a robot, one of the Personal Companion Androids. I checked her eyes, and the pupils, like the robots' on TV, were hexagonal. That's the best way of distinguishing a robot from human if you know where to look. So I owned a fembot, as well. Well, that's nice. Maybe she'd tell me something about my great-great-uncle? I looked around, searching for user manual. Then, I had little experience with androids, as they were mostly prized toys for the rich.

The woman had golden hair, perfect makeup, and firm, round breasts. All she wore were stockings and elegant blue high heel shoes. She looked as if she was in her thirties. I've tried to remember what I've known about androids. They were working on a special kind of battery that required charging twice per day, they needed to be plugged in to operate, or have new batteries plugged in. I've found some kind of jack to plug into the outlet, but when I examined the fembot, I couldn't find any switch or control panel. Most androids were remotely controlled through computers, but I couldn't find one. I shrugged and went on to explore further.

The next android, a blonde as well was lying on the kitchen floor. She was a blonde too, but was rather older than the first one. A middle-aged woman with laugh lines, wearing a fairly conservative dress and an apron. Her arms were stiffly outstretched and she was tightly holding a pot filled with half-spoiled noodles. An android cook? I wondered whether it was more or less cost-effective than hiring a human one. The woman was good looking, though. Well aged, and smiling. I checked her for control panels, carefully examining her body. Nothing.

Confused, I walked outside, just to see one of the most beautiful girls I've seen tanning by the poolside. Was she another android? Third blonde. Charles must've had a thing for them. She was perfect — curvy body, like taken from a swimsuit catalogue. I realized what he must have used her for, the lucky bastard. I walked to her, and she did not move. Yes, third robot. She had long, strawberry blonde hair, long legs and lovely face. She was also completely nude, and here I've seen the control panel for the android. It was a small diode, an USB port and a jack for the charger, placed over a butt. It was easy to open, once when you knew where to look. I wanted to charge her up now. After some rummaging, I've found another charger, and I plugged the pool beauty and the fembot from the bedroom, and I went to find a computer. The house was in disarray, and apparently the ladies lived on without uncle Charles for some time. Why didn't they charge themselves? Or each other? I had no idea how androids thought. They were available, but, sadly, I could not afford a true AI. In the dorm we all had one AutoMaid, which was mostly just a smarter vacuum cleaner...

I was rummaging through yet another bedroom when the three women entered, after half an hour or so. Apparently, they've charged the cook. The poolside girl was now wearing a bikini swimsuit, and the bedroom beauty was dressed in a complete blue suit, with dark sunglasses to match it.

'Alright mister', she said with a hint of British accent. 'Who are you and what are you doing at these premises?'

I smiled. 'These are mine premises.' I pulled a will from my pocket, and presented an ID.

She browsed through it quickly and nodded. 'Looks like it. I suppose we owe you some explanations now. Robertson, be a darling and make the guest some tea.'

The cook nodded demurely and asked me: 'Sandwiches? Something sweet?' I asked for an egg sandwich, and she fled to kitchen.

The woman in shades told me to follow her to a living room, and all three of us sat down.

'My name is Yolanda Elsworth, and this is Bubbles.' Bubbles giggled. 'She's not built for talking, if you know what I mean.'

'And you?'

'I was created to be the perfect business assistant. Sara Robertson, here she comes, is our general caretaker. She's implanted with a sweet, loving personality.'

I sipped my tea, and it was delicious, with a hint of lemon and raspberry.

'You do make good tea.'

'Auntie Sara is good in everything', Bubbles said, sitting next to me.

'Everything?' I asked with a mischievous smile.

'Three of us are fully sexually active.' Yolanda explained. Sara ran her hand through my hair. 'Yes, Auntie Sara knows how to please a young man, ' she whispered into my ear.

'Uhhh... ' I hesitated.

'We are now your property" Yolanda smirked at me. 'Charles was our master, he had us four made for ... many things. But he also was a lover, and he aimed to please all of us'.

'Do I have to please you?'

Bubbles laughed. 'If you want to!' She flexed her bikini-clad body, presenting her artificial abs.

'I've skimmed through the will, and it is legit, you are indeed here to stay. You have Charles' money, his house, his shares, but not his company it looks. I'll help you in any financial cases, Robertson will manage the house, Bubbles will provide companionship... ' she paused for a moment.

'Wait!' I realized. 'Us four?'

'Well, Charles was a rich and influential man; he couldn't have shown up at a party in Hollywood with Robertson or Bubbles here. And to be frank, ' she modestly closed her eyes 'I'm not a party butterfly. Bubbles is okay for some of the less formal evening, while I'm programmed to be a perfectionist. You'll see it on our first night together.'

Wow, I was honestly impressed by Yolanda. She was frighteningly competent, and I understood how my uncle programmed her as a secretary. At this point I was going to guess that she ran his business rather than him. Of course, it was hard being seduced by her with Bubbles basically trying to hug me with her generous cleavage. And to say nothing of the maternal Sara. I had to stop the middle-aged woman though.

'First night?'

She did not show surprise.

'Well, what's the point of owning a fully sexual fembot if you don't use it? I guess you could order me to ignore you, but with Bubbles here it would not be so easy. Take her sex drive out of her, and what you have?'

'Not much' Bubbles whispered into my ear 'but you won't do it, would you?'

I pulled her towards me.

'No. I won't.' I kissed her. I could actually guess what's Sara's programming said, as she automatically blurted out 'I'll leave you kids alone', and almost ran out of the room. Was it too obvious? I realized that I did have a hardon. I stared at Yolanda.

'Boss, I'm going to give you some advice when dealing with fembots. Don't worry about hurting their feelings. We don't have any.' With that, she left, leaving me and Bubbles alone. Bubbles let loose her hair, and smiled dazzlingly. I was about to take her, when the door opened.

The woman standing in the door was tall, and naturally, with hair the color of faded gold. She wore a heavy brown leather cloak, that tightly wound around her shapely silhouette. She was beautiful, but that was the more mature beauty, the sign of class or sophistication, rather than Bubbles' sex appeal or Yolanda's cool self-confidence. The fembot that just entered the room had style. She held a long cane with a silver knob on the end.

'Bubbles! And I thought I taught you what to do.'

Bubbles, visibly panicked, got off me, so quickly that I stumbled on the floor. The lady laughed a pearly laughter. She sat down in an armchair previously occupied by Yolanda, and crossed these long legs of her. She wore long, shiney pantyhose, and I could see impossibly high-heeled shoes, adorned with silver nailes and arabesque ornaments.

'You don't have to get up," she smiled. Then, she froze for a moment, her mouth opened as she prepared to say something. " ... I'm sure ... buzz". It was strange, seeing the mysterious woman behave the most robotically of them all. She recovered soon, and raised an eyebrow. "What was that?" she looked sternly at Bubbles. The beach bunny shrugged, and walked out.

"Anyway, young man, you don't have to get up. I just want to know what are you doing in my home, fucking my servant, and in general being here."

I wanted to stood up to reach for uncle Charles' will at the table, but the lady rose quickly and thwacked me with her cane. Wait, was she really a fembot? Were they allowed to hurt people? I stared at her, shocked, and even more shocking was what she did next — purr with joy.

"No sudden movements!" She bent over me, and I could look at her face — unblemished, but with some mature wrinkles ... and yes, hexagonal pupils. She pushed me further, so I prostrated myself in front of her. She put one foot on my back, pinning me to floor; I could roll over, and struggle, but I did not want to escalate. They were programmed to obey their owners, right?

"I'm the new owner..." I managed to blurt out. "I have the will ... and my driving license is on the table." She released her foot from my back. I could still feel the pointy stiletto, but I grudgingly got back on my feet. She was reading through the will, and put it down.

'Im ... Im-imim-im-impossible", she stuttered. No. Not stuttered. Her mouth and big blue eyes moved exactly the same when she repeated the syllable. Dammit, why it's always me who gets stuck in the same room with a broken robot? She recovered, and I could swear that I heard a crackle from her.

Bubbles, now wearing a cheerleader costume, entered a room. Both Sara and Yolanda followed. "Mistress, are you feeling alright?" Sarah walked to the lady, and checked her.

"Yes, thank you, honey. I need a checkup, that is all. What time is now?" The ladies looked at me expectantly. I thought all computers came up with internal clocks.

"Half past three."

"Idiot!", the mistress hissed. "The date!" It's amazing, it now came to me, how life-like they all behaved. I gave her the date, and she did not fail to behave humanlike.

"Are you telling me, that I've been turned off for TWO YEARS?" She clenched her hands in fists, and looked upwards, screaming.

"We're all in bad shape, mistress", Yolanda stated. "There was no service, we've just left alone. I didn't even notice when my batteries went out."

The other two women nodded. To be frank I didn't notice, but, well...

"So what now?", the mistress sunk in an armchair again, and looked at me disdainfully. "My social circles has probably already suffered." Sara silently appeared with a champagne glass. "Thank you, honey, you're a diamond".

"Your friends could still be around, mistress. We could start over again. Two years is no time.", Yolanda smiled and kneeled near the lady. It seemed to help. "We all require some service, that is all. This one could help us, and no one outside would be involved."

"Outside?" the mistress snorted with disdain.

"Well, he is our new", Yolanda froze for a while, but the other fembots did not seem to notice. "He inherited all the Charles'..." Again. I tried making a step back, and they didn't notice me. Hierarchy of priorities, I thought. Useful. Still, I found the mistress ... interesting, but it would be nice to know how to escape. Yolanda spoke again, "He appears to be..." Bubbles finished "He owns us mistress."

That was enough for her. She hit her with a cane, strongly, screaming "Fool! I CAN'T be owned, you stupid SLUT!" Bubbles reeled, and her face was visibly scratched, revealing the network of gears, hooks for facial muscles.

"Mistress...", Sara looked at her puzzingly. Yolanda was still frozen. The lady looked around and instantly calmed down. Sara smiled serenely, "See what happens when you're not serviced properly?". Yolanda, still frozen, has fallen down.

The woman put her hand on the temple, in a reflexive gesture. She paced the room nervously, while Sara helped Bubbles get on her feet. "Are you okay, baby?", she asked, looking concerned. So do they have feelings or not? "No, nothing much, Sara, just a minor cover damage..." Bubbles said in her usual chirpy tone of voice. It was weird to stare at the partially paralyzed, partially mechanical face, smiling and merrily announcing "however, the hit might have damaged my, already neglected systems." She turned to the madame and bowed "I understand that I behaved rudely and I've received my punishment, is that right, mistress?". The woman waved her away.

"Ohh, you weren't rude, little one. This whelp here was. Coming here, barging in, thinking you might do everything with us ... You're barely worthy of being my slave.", she addressed me again, her anger rushing in. "Sadly, we can be serviced only by either a legitimate PCA serviceman or droid, or in cases of minor repairs, by our owner. I don't consider you my husband ... for now. But you'll do." She walked to me, and grabbed me. I try to break free, but she whispered "Insubordination will NOT be tolerated", and clenched me in the grasp. I could barely breathe. I felt her leather cloak rub against my half-naked body ... and I felt something hard, rectangular.

She barked: "Sara, Bubbles, get Yolanda to the workshop!" She let me loose so I could walk. We walked through the nice corridors of the mansion, and we walked through the cobwebbed doors to a darkened basement. "You can build Artificially Intelligent robots, but when you live for two years everything gets dirty as usual, what does it tell about humans?". I kept silent.

Finally, she let loose of me. I immediately took a deep breath, and she laughed. "Do you have any background on technology?", Sara demanded.

"I did service my AutoMaid on one or two occasions..."

"That's not relevant. You have to do what we tell you.", the mistress snapped. "Put Yolanda on the table, girls." She pushed me towards the well-lit table. The businessfembot was still frozen. I guess that was a case of a hard reboot. I looked for a reset switch, but she didn't have one on her control panel. The single diode was yellowish green, and slowly blinked. That wasn't good.

"How do I reset her?"

"You need a remo..." Bubbles started, but froze in midsentence. "I'm sorry!". The mistress smiled with a satisfaction, and added:

"You need to plug her into a diagnostics module", she pointed to a terminal with her cane. It probably was a dedicated one, purchased together with the fembots. With this, I could try to reprogram them ... If I knew anything about AI programming. Still, now it was hardly the arcane science it was in the end of the 21st century, right? In the movies they hack their androids all the time.

I plugged the computer's USB jack into Yolanda's port. Her eyes closed, automatically. The green letters appeared on the terminal screen.


I knew about it, it was like a carplate for a robot, she had the number on her brain somewhere.

CURRENT CODENAME: Yolanda Elsworth


Undetermined? How do I...



I looked for the keyboard, and there was none. Naturally then, I said 'Yes please'.


"Might as well do it", the woman decided. She's produced a small part that looked like a part metal chicken leg, and partly like spider. "Undress Miss Yolanda. No, not you, him".

I did what I was told. It required some tangling because of the cable, but I removed her jacket and bright blouse. Yolanda's skin was surprisingly realistic, with nice firm breasts. Sadly, I had very little time to admire them. The lady ... Veronica I guess ... maybe ... handed me a wallpaper knife. "I'd do that myself, but I can't." I looked at her puzzled. "Cut her skin, and unscrew the arm motor. Replace it with a new one. Is it so hard?"

The knife bit into the synthetic flesh of a young businesswoman. There was a layer of something green, some sort of goo filled with the veins of wires, but I was told to cut through that too. I grabbed a screwdriver, and I put it in the "wound", looking for screws. It was one of these smart screwdrivers because it pulled my hand towards the nearest screw. I started to turn it, and it worked automatically. In a couple of minutes, I reached for the motor. Yolanda's arm hung limply, without a support. "In many cases," Veronica explained in a dry tone "android bodies are as complex as yours." I looked at the old motor, and one plastic ... thing ... was worn down. I installed the new one.

"How do I ... close the..."

"Look for the can of syntheskin. It should have the same color as her skin, ideally."

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