Don't Mess With Raging Rodents

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Sex Story: A woman stands up to a gang threating a smaller boy and learns his warning is true

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Mult   Mind Control   MaleDom   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

April O Connor was walking from the bus station to her home, a building block where her flat was. It was 5:00PM and she was returning from her job. April was a an attractive short haired Brunette with a slim figure at the tender age of 27; grey-blue eyes, 5 foot 9, very brave and she hated the youth gangs around here, turning to crime and forcing younger and smaller kids to pay them protection money. April saw three young teenagers surrounding a much smaller and younger kid. The smaller and younger kid was a short fat redhead who looked like he was only twelve. The other three kids were taller, older and scrawnier-looking. The tallest wore a snow cap and had a vulture-like nose. He was a head taller than she was and he wore a shirt with a skull on it, like the hero Punisher from the film of the same name ... Another kid was about her height, he was a fat shaven-haired kid wearing earrings and a white singlet. He may have been fat but his arms suggested that he had some muscles and apparently used them to beat up smaller kids. The third kid was the shortest at 5 foot 7. He had pale complexion with scruffy dark-brown hair, high cheekbones and deep-set green eyes.

"Hey you three leave him alone," April called out to the boys. They all looked at April and their sudden inattention allowed the short fat kid to run from them and run past April, scared as hell. As he ran by April, he warned her,

"Don't mess with them ma'am. They are the Raging Rodents." The fat kid disappeared from sight. April noticed that there were many frightened kids looking at her and they too disappeared from sight, because they were all afraid of the Raging Rodents. As April turned to face the three youngsters they walked up to her.

"You shouldn't have done that. Now thanks to you he got off without paying his due," the fat bald kid smacked his fist into the palm of his other hand.

"You kids are a mess, you know that. Bullying and picking on smaller and younger kids. I think someone older and taller has to stand up to young thugs like you," April shouted at them. She felt she'd had enough of these youngsters causing problems in her area and was fed up that the police had done nothing at all.

"We are the Raging Rodents bitch, no one messes with us," the tall skinny kid chuckled angrily.

"There may be three of you but I warn you now that I'm a black belt. I suggest you start running and never show your ugly mugs here again," April warned them. She actually had gotten her black belt so that if a scenario like the one happening now, did happen, she would be prepared. The smallest kid wore an amulet around his neck that resembled a Mayan idol. April saw it and she was dazzled by it. The smallest kid said,

"I am the leader of this gang and there is a reason why nobody, not even adults, messes with us. The shortest kid held his amulet and some rays came out from its inscriptions.

"Now tell us your name bitch" the shortest kid demanded. Before she could stop herself, she actually obeyed and answered him,

"I am April O Connor ... master." She heard herself call him 'master.' The three boys laughed.

"Not so defiant now, are you bitch?" the tall kid walked up to her and groped her tits, squeezing them hard and she screamed.

"Now you are going to pay for standing up to us," the bald kid punched his fist into his other hand again.

Raging Rodents Hangout

It was in the basement of an abandoned building and they were in a room where they could use power from the next building. There was a couch, a TV, a DVD player, a fridge and a table and chairs. There was a blow-up bed and several overstuffed armchairs. April had been ordered to strip her skirt, blouse, bra and thong off and was now sitting in one of the arm chairs clad in only her garter belt and stockings. Her legs were thrown wide, resting on the arms of the chair and her hands where clasped behind her head as she was forced to exhibit herself for the boys viewing pleasure. The three boys were sitting on the chairs at the table as they drank soda and stared at her body, the first live nude woman they had seen.

"What should we do with her?" the bald kid asked the shortest kid. It was clear to April that these kids all came from broken homes and that their parents didn't care about them, but that was their problem, hers was that she was under their power and could not escape.

"Hey let's have some fun with her," the tallest kid smirked.

"Yeah good idea," the gang leader agreed.

"Bitch I want you to come here, grab yourself two cans of soda from the fridge and then pour them over those nice titties of yours and start fondling and licking them off," the leader commanded

"Yes master," April got up from her chair walked to the fridge grabbed two sodas and opened them. She then took the first and poured it over her right breast and then poured the other over her left breast.

"Wow, I am gonna love this show," the tallest kid said, laughing at April. Both her breasts were now covered with sticky sugary cola foams. She grabbed each tit in turn and lapped her tongue over it, licking off the liquid stains while all three boys cheered her on. After she finished licking herself, the leader asked the other two,

"Ok who wants a blowjob?"

"Me," the tallest kid raised his arm.

"Me," the fat bald kid raised his arm.

"I go first," the shortest kid as he and the other two started unzipping their pants.

"Now come crawl here and suck my dick you fucking whore," the leader laughed. April dropped, down to her knees and then to all fours, crawling towards the gang leader, sighing in defeat and fear,

"Yes master." April finally arrived between his legs and he pulled her by her short hair, towards his cock. She opened her mouth and started sucking.

"That's right bitch. You are gonna be blowing all three of us," the leader laughed at her. She hated sucking this cock and knew she'd also hate drinking this rotten kid's cum, as she had never let a man cum in her mouth, let alone swallow their cum. An hour later, April lay on the floor, facing the ceiling with her arms to her side and her legs spread, now totally nude.

"Ok boys, as your leader I go first," the shortest kid took off his clothes and jumped on top of her. He thrust his cock up her cunt and she screamed as he started to fuck her while sucking her left breast and squeezing her right breast and twitching her right nipple ... roughly. She shook her head frantically, closing her eyes and tears flowed down her cheeks.

"She sure looks nice enough to eat," the fat kid said, licking his lips.

"I hope you don't suggest we eat her?" the tall kid panicked. The fat kid looked at him in disgust. After their leader deposited his cum in her assaulted body he got up.

"My turn now," the fat kid stripped off his clothes. He pulled April by the hair, ordering her,

"I want you to go on all fours so I can fuck that pretty ass of yours." April was scared of him and responded,

"Yes ... master." April re-positioned herself on all fours and the fat kid thrust his cock up her ass. April screamed at him buggering her and squeezing her tits. The cum in her pussy that came from the leader was now dripping on the basement floor. The fat kid enjoyed fucking her asshole and felt superior as he was abusing her body. Now she was just like those kids he often bullied for protection money.

"Hey, you know something, I have an idea," the shortest kid was putting his clothes on and whispered orders to the tallest kid.

"If you want me to do something like that, can I do it after I fuck her?" the tallest kid complained.

"Of course," their short leader chuckled.

8PM: April was still naked but standing and the fat kid was holding a camcorder. The skinny kid held a Greyhound by the leash.

"He has fucked real pussy before. Ones like yours," the skinny kid laughed. The leader was eating an apple, happy that they were having a good time at her expense. The short kid used his amulet on April.

"Ok you can let the dog loose on her," the short kid told the tall kid. The tall kid took the collar from his dog and the Greyhound rushed towards April. The Greyhound raised its paws on her shoulder.

"And roll," the short kid commanded the fat kid.

"Yes boss," the fat kid started filming April as she helped the dog get his front paws on her shoulders, reached between them and guided the dog's cock into her cunt. The dog started fucking her pussy and she was surprised and angry at herself as she began to cum from the dog's cock fucking her.

"Oh God, I'm cumming," she moaned. The three boys just laughed at her.

"What a fucking dirty whore," the fat kid laughed and continued filming. April let the dog assault her cunt for nearly half-an-hour.

"Ok, Now I want you to go on all fours and let him climb on top of you," the leader commanded. April pushed the Greyhound away from her, but the moment she dropped down on all fours; it quickly ran and crawled above her, thrusting its cock into her ass.

"Sweet," the skinny tall kid licked his lips. April screamed as the dog assaulted her anally. April was forced to let the dog fuck her ass for an hour until the skinny kid gave a certain whistle and the dog got off her and stood still.

"Now I want you to go down between his legs and suck him," the short kid commanded.

"As you command master," April wanted to cry but couldn't because of the magic spell controlling her. April laid her back on the floor and raised her face against the Greyhound's cock and sucked it into her mouth and started giving it a blowjob. Its lubricating precum was filling her mouth and leaking out to run down her face. The fat kid moved closer to not only show her sucking on its cock but also show the dog's cum on her cunt and dripping from her ass. After thirty minutes of sucking the Greyhound, the leader told the fat kid,

"And cut." the Fat kid stopped filming and the skinny kid whistled for his Greyhound to come back to him. April just laid there on the floor, humiliated from them raping her and forcing her to have sex with the dog in all three of her sexual orifices.

"We can sell copies of this for a lot of money," the fat kid chuckled.

"Not yet. We have all the time in the world" the leader responded ... at 10:30 April O Connor was dressed again.

"Tomorrow evening, at around seven p.m., you will come back here. You will dress like a hooker. Put on high heels, red make up, a sexy mini skirt, a push up bra, fishnet stockings, sexy lacy lingerie, wear a red top and a small leather jacket, but no panty," the short kid ordered massaging both her breasts as she stood there like a robot.

"Yes master," she responded as they laughed at her.

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