Twists of Fate

by sam177

Copyright© 2010 by sam177

Sex Story: A young wife suddenly finds herself divorced and buried in debt. Reluctantly she turns to making adult movies to pay her bills. What surprise does Fate have in store for her when she arrives on the set of her latest movie? (I'm not putting all the codes in because that would spoil the surprise.)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

Isn't it funny how fate can completely change your entire life all in a moment?

Two years ago I was married to my lawyer husband. Then one day I arrived home from work to find all of his things gone. The only thing he'd left were divorce papers. I was absolutely shocked, and deeply hurt. I thought he was happy with our marriage, but it turns out he thought his secretary was more loving than I was.

That night I cried myself to sleep. Then next morning I awakened to another shock when the police arrived with a warrant for my now ex-husband's arrest. For embezzlement. It took ages to get the police to realize I had nothing to do with his being gone or that I knew where he was. In the end, I think his divorce papers did more to help me convince them than anything I could've said.

Lawyers from my ex's firm were also there. They didn't care so much where he was, but were there only to find out where the embezzled money was. I didn't know, but they didn't care. They served me papers stating that they were seizing our bank accounts and our home unless I repaid what he'd stolen.

There was no way I could do that. We'd only moved to this city a couple months before that, and I hadn't been able to find a new job. I didn't like not having a job, but it wasn't a big concern since he made more than enough for the both of us. Or so I thought.

Still, within less than 24 hours, I had become divorced and homeless. That day I began to hate my ex in a way I never hated anyone since the day my stepfather forced my younger brother to leave home.

Being forcefully evicted from my house, I was living in my mom's old car. I was only able to keep it because it was registered solely in my name. I'd never gotten around to reregistering it. I was penniless for a couple months before I could get the courts to unfreeze my banking accounts. Of course the lawyers and fees for all the checks that bounced during that time ate up most of what little savings I had.

I used what little money I had left to rent a small, dirty apartment. That place really wasn't worth what I was being charged. After some hard searching, I found myself a few minimum wage paying jobs. I was never able to keep any of them for long, though.

Meanwhile, my ex's firm wanted their money and since they couldn't get it from him they tried to get it from me. They called me at work and their calls kept getting me fired. Even working 40 hours a week, after rent, things were very tight, but between my minimum pay and my ridiculous rent I was never able to make ends meet.

I eventually got behind on my rent. Finally, after losing my umpteenth job, I arrived home to find a 30-day notice slapped to my door. I didn't know what to do. The only out I saw was prostitution, but I was scared of getting some STD or killed by some pimp or angry hooker.

I was destitute and desperate, and that's when my landlord came to me with an answer.

He suggested, "Why don't you make movies?"

Needless to say I was shocked and outraged.

He just shrugged and said, "Think about it. They have testing to keep diseases out and pay you more than you'd get for being on video than you would get giving $5 dollar blow jobs behind the Quicky Stop. And there's no risk of jail time with it either cuz it's legal."

I initially hated the idea, but I was desperate. A week later I called the number he gave me. He told me were I could get an accurate, and more importantly, inexpensive blood test. I had to have one before he would even see me. After I received the results showing I was disease-free I had an appointment with the man who would introduce me to the porn industry.

He didn't look like someone who made porn films. He didn't look anything like I had imagined, all sleazy and everything. He was just an average guy, and he was actually very sweet and funny. He took the time and effort to make me feel at ease. In no time, I even forgot about the camera. He even made me feel as if he understood my dilemma. Can you believe he suggested that I not do it if I didn't feel comfortable with it?

First he interviewed me about my age, measurements, and sexual history. Then he had me remove my clothes, which was hard to do, and this was followed by masturbating for the camera, which was even harder.

He was very gentle though, coaxing and encouraging me through it all. I even let him touch me some. Amazingly enough, I was even able to have an orgasm. It wasn't a big one and it took him using a vibrator, but it was still an orgasm. What really thrilled me though was I made more money that night than I would have in two weeks in any of the minimum wages jobs I'd held. It wasn't until later that night when I realized it was exactly a year to the day that my nightmare first began.

After it was over, as I was dressing, he asked if I'd like to come back and I said yes, and I meant it! A couple days later I was back. That day we both gave each other oral sex. A week later I had sex for the first time on camera with him, and I went home with enough money to completely pay off my back rent. Within two months of my first on screen appearance I'd given him my anal virginity, and enjoyed it to my surprise. I also had lesbian sex and every combination of threesome there is.

I worked with him for a couple more months, mostly with newcomers in lesbian or threesome scenes. By then I didn't even mind the additional camera woman. Eventually, though, he recommended me to another producer. He shot similar videos, but he also had the occasional star come in.

Through him I met another producer/performer. I got hired to be in one of his movies and had a great time doing it. After that, I worked fairly steadily for the next few months. I did take a month off after my second gang bang. After thirty guys all taking turns with me, often three or more at the same time, I just needed to take a break. Fortunately, my new line of work paid more than enough to be able to do so.

I was still being hounded by lawyers from my ex's firm and from collection agencies, but after getting some advice on how to do it, I set up an offshore account and kept most of my money there.

Then, two years to the day from when my financial nightmare started, fate gave me another surprise. It started when I was called in on a shoot to replace a girl who'd gotten food poisoning. It was a simple boy/girl scene and I had nothing else to do. I was also in the mood for sex anyway so I thought, why not?

One of the things I discovered was that I really enjoyed sex, and certainly way more than I ever did with my ex. Since I didn't date I only had sex during a scene. I tried, but it just never really clicked with any of the guys in or outside the industry. They reminded me too much of my ex and my step-father, or it was because they knew I was in porn they automatically expected me to put out.

I was surprised when I was asked how soon I could get to the set. She told me that it was a honeymoon scene so I'd have to bring the appropriate clothes with me. I quickly showered and dressed in white lingerie, and slipped on a white sundress before getting into my car and hurrying over.

When I opened the door, she looked at me and said, "Wow! You look great!" Then she sighed. "I am so sorry to have to call you in on such short notice. We only found out that they had food poisoning this morning."

I told her it was okay and that I understood. Then I asked, "They?"

"Yeah, the ones originally going to be in this scene are a couple, but they both came down with food poisoning," she told me as we walked through the house. "Anyway, here's the scene. You're on a tropical honeymoon and your husband carries you into the bedroom. You know what comes after that. Try to give me some oral and a couple different possitions ... oh and it's an internal. You're okay with that right?"

"Sure Beth. No problem." It wasn't my first internal cum shot by far. Besides I really liked working for her. She let her performers perform naturally rather than orchestrate the sex herself. Her scenes always felt more romantic — since they're geared towards women — but it was also nice to be able to just enjoy the sex without being stopped every few minutes. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to be moments away from orgasm only to have the director yell, "Cut!"

Anyway, we rounded the corner then and she said, "Steven here will be your partner in this scene."

I looked up and froze, seeing a face I hadn't seen in ten long years. He was using a different name, but it was still him. It was still my brother, Ben.

When he stuck his hand out I automatically took it.

"It's nice to meet you Laura," he said with that same quirky smile that I loved as a girl. For a moment I was a teenager again; staring up at him as he was telling me to take care of myself and that I'd see him again...

A loud whistle brought me back to reality.

"Okay people lets make a movie!" our director yelled. Then she turned us around and pushed us towards the patio doors. "Okay you too. Start outside, and when you hear me yell action, Steven, sweep Laura off her feet."

Numb with shock I followed him outside. He turned around and said, "Hi Sis."

Before I could reply Beth yelled "Action!" and Ben swept me off my feet and kissed me. Oh, how he kissed me! All the pain, hurt, and anguish I'd been feeling since he'd disappeared out of my life, plus what had happened over the past couple of years, just melted away. It was just me and my brother, the man I loved.

Before I knew it, we were laying on the bed. Our hands were roaming over each other's bodies. By the time he was kissing down my neck, hitting all the sensitive spots, I was as turned on as I could ever remember being. My lust just kept growing as his fingers began to unbutton my dress, his lips kissing my newly exposed skin, his tongue licking it.

When I picked out that dress I hadn't figured that all the buttons would be undone. In fact I've never unbuttoned them all myself. He unbuttoned, kissed, and licked his way down

to the very last one, but he didn't stop there. He continued to kiss his way down my legs, making me moan and writhe with need, and then he lifted each foot to remove my heels for more of me...

My brother's lips and tongue continued kissing and licking all the way to my toes, sucking them, and making me shudder and groan with burning hot pleasure.

I could hardly recognize my own voice when I moaned, "I need you". It was so filled with lust!

I sat up, the sleeves of my dress sliding down my arms only to have his lips and tongue meet mine. His deft fingers quickly undid my bra. When his hands covered my breasts I moaned into his mouth as I arched into his touch while covering his hands with my own.

I quickly unbuttoned his shirt, and as he shrugged it off, I ran my hands over his chest, kissing it. When he tilted my face up to his, I eagerly pulled his head toward mine and kissed him. I lay back on the bed, pulling him down with me. His lips left mine, traveling just behind my ear and then down my neck and body, briefly stopping at my breasts, making me moan with pleasure. By the time his lips finally reached my nipples they were so hard they hurt. I arched my back up, thrusting my breasts up to him even as I pulled his head tighter to me.

When next I spoke it was with a need I'd never before felt. My legs had wrapped themselves around his hips, and I was grinding my pussy against his hard erection desperately wanting him inside me.

"Please! Please!" I begged. "I need you inside me."

He looked up giving me his devilish grin and began kissing his way down my belly. By the time he reached my pussy I was whimpering with need.

"Please don't tease me any more. I need you," I told him as he kissed my aching pussy through my panties.

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