Six Degrees of Penetration

by Kimberly Parker

Copyright© 2010 by Kimberly Parker

Incest Sex Story: The lives of six couple cross paths that leads to orgies that eventually encludes one couples teenage twin daughters.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   .

June 12th, 1991

Sixteen year-old Kris Taylor stared at her boyfriend's hard cock, stoking it slowly as she contemplated his request.

"Can't I just suck you off?"

"Oh come on Kris, you'll be gone for a whole month. Please?"

"Danny, I'm not safe, and you don't have a condom."

"I'll pull out before I cum, promise."

"All right, but you better not cum inside of me, and I'll get on top. You tell me when you're going to cum, and be quiet, if we wake my parents I'll be dead."

Kris straddled Danny's waist and guided his rigid prick into her cunt and stared at his face for the familiar signs that he was about to cum. Feeling Danny begin to push his cock into her at a faster pace told Kris that he just about over the top and she quickly rose up an instant before the thick cream erupted from his throbbing member.

Stroking his prick slowly until his climax had ended, Kris once again felt the frustrations of not being able to cum herself and knew when Danny left it would be her finger that would have to try and get the job done.

Shortly thereafter Danny climbed quietly out of Kris's bedroom window onto the large limb of the old elm tree and soon disappeared into the darkness.

With three fingers plunged into the depths of her quivering cunt, Kris rolled a finger over he erect clit in hopes of achieving one of those mind bending orgasms that were depicted in the many erotic stories she read, but as always only small tremors of pleasure followed.

The following morning Kris and her parents began the two-hour journey a little past eight, and even after stopping for breakfast and the highway construction, they arrived shortly after eleven.

Kris always enjoyed the visit with her cousin Sharon, but this time she was staying for a whole month, not just a weekend and looked forward to riding the horses that her uncle owned.

Watching her father's car pull away that afternoon Kris turned to her cousin Sharon.

"Well, what do you want to do?"

"You can help me feed the horses and then you can fill me in on what you been doing since the last time we saw each other."

After the chore of taking care of the three horses Sharon went to the stairs that led to the barn loft and called out.

"Come on, follow me."

"Where we going?"

"In the loft. That's where I go and kick back and just hang out. I keep my goodies up there."


"Yeah, you'll see."

Kris watched her cousin lift one of the boards near the far end of the loft and looked over her shoulder.

"What's in there?"

"Oh just some magazines that Carlos left behind when he left and some stuff I can't hide in my room."

"Carlos, who's Carlos?"

"Some guy that my dad had hired to help out, but he was more interested in banging me than taking care of the chores. Here, check one out."

Kris looked at the magazine that Sharon handed her and laughed.

"Holy shit, you got some fuck magazines."

As Kris thumbed though it she was curious as to what Sharon had said about Carlos.

"So, what did that Carlos guy do, try to get in your pants?"

"Try, hell no he did, plenty of times."


"Oh yeah. Dad suspected as much, but never did catch us, but he fired Carlos just the same. I guess I miss him being around, if you know what I mean."

"I think I know what you mean."

"So, you got a boyfriend now?"

"Yeah, his name is Danny."

"Ever have sex with him?"

"A few times."

"A few times? That's all?"

"Well we've only been hanging out for a couple of months."

"Does he fuck good? Carlos sure did. Made me cum every time we did it. I guess that's what I really miss."

"Honestly, I never did orgasm when we did it. Actually I don't think I ever really had a good orgasm, at least not like those the girls had in some of the stories I've read."

"Did he ever eat you?"


"Oh you poor girl. If he doesn't get you off by fucking, at least you should tell him to eat you out, that'll make you cum, real hard."

"It would?"

"Hell yeah it would. You want to see what it's like?"

"I don't know, why?"

"I'll do it for you."


"Sure, I've done it a few times with one of my girlfriends, it's wild. What me to show you?"

"Are you kidding me, you did stuff with another girl?"

"Look, I would rather have a nice hard dick, but it's like the old saying, any port in a storm. So, do you want to see what it's like or not?"

Kris wasn't too sure if that was something she really wanted, but after some persistence from Sharon she finally relented.

Her cousin's tongue definitely felt a lot better than when she used her own finger, and it didn't take long before she felt as if her whole body was going into convulsions as the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced stuck her.

Kris labored to regain her normal breathing, which took several minutes, before she muttered.

"Holy shit."

"Did you like it?"

"Duh, what do you think?"

"So, how about doing me now?"

"Oh gosh, I don't know if I could do that."

"Sure you can, just try."

That evening Kris and Sharon watched television for a few hours after Sharon's parents had gone to bed before they themselves headed up to Sharon's bedroom. Kris undressed and put on her pajamas and climbed into the bed while Sharon was using the hallway bathroom. When Sharon came into the room and pulled off her shirt and started to get into the bed Kris stared at her for a moment.

"Don't you wear any P.Js to bed?"

"Hell no, it's too hot for those in the summer."

A strange sensation came over Kris as she stared at her cousin's perky breasts and thought about what they had done earlier that day.

"Hey Sharon, want to have some fun like we did in the barn?"

Sharon looked at Kris and giggled.

"Oh, you need another good cum?"

"Sure, that's if you want too."

"Why not?"

"Want me to do you first?"

"I got a better idea, let's do each other at the same time. You want top or bottom?"

"I don't know, what ever you want, I never did this before."

"I like the top, it gives me more freedom."

Kris quickly stripped off her pajamas and laid back on the bed as Sharon instructed, and stared at her cousins cunt as it inched closer to her face. Unlike earlier, Kris wasn't hesitant and quickly began probing her tongue into Sharon's wet pussy and found the aroma and taste to be quite intoxicating.

Sharon was experienced in giving a girl oral pleasure and quickly brought Kris to orgasm while Kris awkwardly lapped at Sharon's pussy. In need of good cum herself, Sharon crawled off of Kris only to straddle her cousin's face.

"Suck my clit Kristen, make me cum."

The rest of her months stay with her cousin found Kris and Sharon repeating that night numerous times, each time Kris became more and more the aggressor.

When Kris returned home after her vacation at her cousin's house she was anxious to spend time with Danny, but her relationship with him became strained when she learned from her best friend Janice that Danny had messed around with another girl while she was away. A few weeks later Kris and Danny, although still friends, had parted ways.

Once school had begun, the summer fling that Janice had with one of the boys in the neighborhood also ended, leaving her quite depressed. In an attempt to get Janice out of her funk, Kris invited her and a couple of other friends, Jessica and Nicole, over to her house for a sleep over.

That night Nicole brought a container of vodka and orange juice mix to spice things up a bit, and it wasn't long before the four girls giggling at just about anything that was said. When the conversation turned to boys, Jessica suggested that each of them should tell the others about their wildest or funniest experience with a guy.

Nicole told about the time she and a neighbor were making out on the couch at his house and fell on the floor, causing the dog to start barking and awakening his parents and she ran from the house.

After the four girls quit laughing, Jessica revealed how she puked all over her boyfriend's bed after giving him head for the first time, causing Janice to exclaim.

"You mean you actually put his dick in your mouth?"

After the laughing ended, Janice told of the first time she used her tongue while kissing, something that she found disgusting at first but since found it exciting, but also admitted that she had done nothing remotely close to anything sexual.

When Kris, with the help of the spiked orange juice that gave her the courage, she told of her experience with her cousin, the other three girls just stared at her for a few moments without making a comment. An hour or so later when Jessica and Janice had fallen asleep, Nicole asked Kris about her experience with her cousin.

"What was it like, you know, doing it with another girl?"

"I was somewhat shocked by it all at first, but once my cousin made me cum, and boy did I ever, I was pretty much all right with it."

"Was it just once?"

"Ah no, we did it a few times, and I enjoyed it."


"Yep. Do you want to see what it's like? I'll do you if ya want."

"You know I've seen some movies that had girls doing it with each other and I was sort of turned on by it but never really had to urge to try that, but I'm willing to try it now if your serious."

With both Jessica and Janice now sound asleep on the floor, Kris motioned towards her bed and stood up.

Although she didn't do it with her cousin, Kris began by kissing Nicole gently while caressing her firm teen breasts before turning her tender kisses into a passionate embrace.

Soon Nicole was moaning softly and her breathing became labored while Kris sucked gently on her nipples and her fingers slid over her moistened slit, causing Nicole to succumb totally to Kris.

During the last year and a half that Kris attended high school she dated several boys, none of which she felt a real attraction to but did have sex on a few occasions, which she didn't find to be all that fulfilling, and began to wonder if she would ever meet "Mr. Right".

It was during her sophomore year in college when she met David, a boy that delivered a pizza to her dorm room. There was something about the way he looked at her when she opened the door that grabbed her attention. His eyes seemed to sparkle and a smile came over his face as he announced.

"Nice and hot."

Kris thought about what he said and smiled.

"What, the weather or the pizza?"

"Both, and you as well."

A bit flustered by his comment, Kris blurted out.

"Would you like hang around and have some?"

"Thanks for the offer, but I have a few more deliveries to make. I could stop by in an hour or so, if the offer is still on the table."

That's how the relationship between Kris and David began and a few months later Kris knew David was perfect for her the night that he came over and found her and her roommate Trisha on the bed.

David arrived at the dorm a little past six, a little earlier than he had said, and knocked on the dorm room door. A moment or two later he knocked again when Kris didn't open the door and again no answer. Hearing the radio playing, David knew she had to be home and figured she must be getting ready for their date and didn't hear him knock. Finding the door unlocked David opened the door and walked in and saw Kris and Trisha engaged in a heated lesbian encounter. Neither of the girls realized that David was standing there until he mumbled out loud.

"Oh my god."

Kris pulled her mouth from Trisha's wet pussy and jerked her head towards the door.


David continued to stare at the scene in front of him with out saying a word for a few moments before taking a deep breath.

"Finish her Kris, finish her off, and if you don't mind I want to watch."


"Oh yeah keep going, this is totally fucking hot."

"You're all right with this?"

Not only was David all right with it, he almost came in his pants watching, and before the night was over he was totally spent from fucking both Kris and Trisha several times.

Six months later Kris became Mrs. David Peters, and David was perfectly all right with his wife being bi-sexual, as she shared her lovers with him.

Part Two.

When the small group from the PTA began to arrive Linda Adams knew it was time for her to disappear, but with the slight drizzle that began to fall she went to her bedroom instead of walking over to her girl friends house.

Since the school year had just ended Linda didn't quite understand why her mother had gathered some of the PTA board together at this time, but with her room directly over the living room she heard every word that was spoken.

Once the four men and three women were seated, Marie, Linda's mother, began to speak.

"I've asked you here today to talk about something that should bring concern to all of you, and hopefully we, as a group, can rectify the situation. An adult bookstore is soon to open over on Elm Street and that is something I don't think should be part of our community. I believe if we approach the city counsel with our concerns, they may take steps to insure it doesn't happen."

Before Marie could continue she was interrupted by one of the men in attendance.

"Marie, you said on Elm Street, isn't that in unincorporated Clayton County?"

"You're correct, but the city is in the process of annexing that entire area. The old factory that has been closed down is targeted for a shopping mall to be developed there. The two taverns located on Elm Street, as well as the bowing alley would then be within the city limits, and the city wants the tax revenue."

"Yeah, but if I understand it correctly, any adult store located more than a mile from a school wouldn't violate any laws."

Yes you're correct, but I would hope the city counsel would understand that if there were to be a mall located there, school children would be within walking distance from that disgusting store."

"I think you're overreacting to all of this Marie."

"Do you really think so? Have you any idea just what is offered at those types of places, I do. I took a ride to the one that is located on the other side of Clayton County and bought a sampling of what is offered, and it's pure garbage. Here, take a look at some of these."

Marie passed out a couple of magazines for the group to look at as she continued speaking.

"Along with that, they have stuff like this that they market as marital aides. How would this possible be classified as a marital aide?"

The group looked up to see Marie holding pink plastic vibrator, which caused one of the ladies to blush.

"Also, these movies. These are labeled as adult entertainment. How could this be entertaining to anyone? The women in these movies, as well as those you just saw in the magazines are nothing but sluts. What respectful man would want his wife or girlfriend to engage in something like that? This is nothing but smut, and I don't think it should be allowed in our fine community."

Although Linda wasn't present the next time her mother had another group over, she did arrive home moments before her mother's latest gathering was about to end. Not wanting to walk into the house while the meeting was in progress Linda eased in through the back door and took the cordless phone from the counter and went back outside and called one of her friends.

She had just finished her conversation when two of the men that were in attendance came outside to have a cigarette. As they stood in the driveway, Linda could hear the voices of two men, Mr. Sanders a teacher at her school and one of the town's councilmen.

"I think Marie is a little out of touch with today's reality. This isn't the 1950's when she grew up. Yeah I agree with her that there shouldn't be adult establishments anywhere near a school, but it won't be, and isn't violating any laws. You're a teacher, what do you think about this?"

"Well I sort of agree with Marie on a few of her points, one of which is her contention that most men wouldn't really want their wives to carry on like those in the movies, but that's just the point, they are movies and not reality. The women in those magazines and movies are just actors that get paid, and probably a lot of money I might add. Actually, if I was an attractive female and there was a ton of money to be made, I would consider it."


"Why not? Having sex and getting paid for it as well, hell yes I would think about it. Would I be considered a slut or tramp, maybe, but a rich one, right? Besides that, pornography has been around for over twenty years and has withstood even federal scrutiny. Marie's phony crusade certainly won't put an end to it."

"Phony? What makes you say that?"

"Being a Born Again Christian she is like an ex-smoker, you know always bitching when someone smokes, forgetting that they were a smoker at one time, that's what she is doing now."

"I don't get where you're going?"

"Back in the day before girls could easily get the pill, hand jobs were about all a girl would give, but not her, she did it all, at least with my older brother and a couple of his friends."


"Oh yeah, I saw her a few times going down on my brother in the club house we had behind the garage. I would peek through a crack and watch. One day it was my brother and two of his friends, and I watched her do them all."

"Did she do you too?"

"Hell no, I was only in sixth grade then, but now that I think back she probably would have."

Linda wasn't naive, she knew what they were talking about, and this whole thing her mother was doing had something to do about sex, but living a very sheltered life she had never been exposed to pornography in anyway and had no idea exactly what it was, but would soon learn.

When it became obvious to Marie that the city council wouldn't, or couldn't stop the proposed bookstore from opening, she reluctantly gave up her fight, but that didn't stop her from voicing her thoughts on the matter to anyone who would listen.

It was a very hot August day when Linda's education regarding pornography began, the day she woke up early and made her way to the kitchen just as her father was leaving for work. Linda made a bowl of cereal and had just sat down at the table when she heard her mother call out.

"Richard, take that trash bag on your way out."

"Mom, he left already."

"Damn, the garbage truck is just down the street. Be a sweetie and take this to the alley. Oh wait, I have something else to toss out."

Linda watched her mother take another garbage bag out from under the kitchen sink and placed a black shopping bag inside.

Linda placed both bags in the trash container and started back towards the house when she realized that the black shopping bag was the one that had the items that her mother had shown to those who attended her meetings. Linda went back to the alley removed the trash bag that held the black shopping bag and sat it behind the garage, planning on retrieving it when her mother left for work.

The instant her mother drove off to work, Linda rushed outside and brought the black shopping bag back inside the house.

Linda sat at the kitchen table munching on her cereal as she paged through one of the magazines. What Linda saw was pictures of a man's penis inserted into a woman's vagina, very similar to what she saw in her sex-ed class, except these were actual pictures, not hand drawn illustrations. Why would her mother be so upset at this?

Each page she looked at were almost identical, until about half way through the magazine, those showed the man ejaculating onto the woman's stomach, which wasn't something she saw illustrated in class, causing her to giggle and speak out loud to no one.

"So, that's what sperm looks like."

The next few pages showed the man's penis inside of the woman's mouth, again something that she never saw illustrated, but knew that was called a blowjob. This time however, when the man reached climax he ejaculated into her mouth and all over her face, causing Linda to take a deep breath.

The next magazine she looked at wasn't just pictures, it had stories, stories that were very graphic, and had picture to illustrate what was being narrated.

Linda began reading the stories and quickly learned that a man's penis was referred to as a cock or prick, and a woman's vagina was a pussy or cunt. For some reason Linda liked the word cunt, and again spoke out loud.

"Cunt, yeah that's better than vagina. Vagina, that's a dumb word."

Although a bit confusing at first, she learned the word cum had two meanings, one of which meant sperm, and the other meant climax, or orgasm.

One of the stories, which was titled "Sex Without Pregnancy" shocked, and enlighten Linda quite a bit.

The narrator of the story told of how she enjoyed pleasing a man orally, but anally as well, each eliminating the fear of pregnancy. The pictures that accompanied the story gave Linda a strange feeling, a feeling she didn't quite understand.

Linda stared at the picture that showed a large amount of cum oozing from the woman's mouth, which was still had the man's prick inside made her shiver and caused her to unconsciously squeeze her legs together.

The narrator went on to say that she absolutely loved the taste of cum, and the next few pictures showed her licking all of the cum from the man's cock.

When the story turned to anal sex, Linda was totally shocked. Never did she realized that people engaged in sex that way, but it was quite obvious it was a way to do so without getting pregnant.

The last story in the magazine was about masturbation titled "Cum Alone", a story that led to Linda enjoying her very first orgasm.

The woman telling the story told of the various ways she would tease and excite her clit to make herself cum. The picture that followed showed a totally hairless pussy and the woman's aroused and erect clit could be clearly seen.

When the narrator began talking about the use of a vibrator, the picture made Linda giggle. Picking up the pink plastic apparatus that was part of the things her mother bought brought a smile to Linda's face.

"So, that's was this is."

Although she didn't realize it, by the time she finished reading that magazine Linda was sexually aroused, but did noticed how wet her panties had become and went to her room to change.

When she removed her soiled panties Linda ran her hand over her crotch and laughed.

"Wow, my cunt is all wet and tingly."

Never in the past had she the desire to masturbate, but the small tremors that went through her when she touched her own clit pushed her in that direction.

Just as the woman in the magazine had described, Linda began rolling a finger around her swollen bud and began to shake with pleasure when she began to orgasm.

Lying back on her bed she let out a deep sigh.

"Holy shit that felt great."

Linda went back to the kitchen and gathered up the stuff she was supposed to toss in the garbage and brought it to her room and began watching the video that was part of the stuff her mother had purchased.

The movie started out with a lady driving down a secluded road singing along with the song on the radio when suddenly the car started to sputter and eventually quit running. After several minutes of trying to re-start the engine the woman started walking back to a bar she passed a few miles back.

Inside the bar were four guys playing pool and two others sitting at the bar talking with the bartender and all turned and stared at the lady when she walked in, none saying a word.

When she told the bartender of her plight he explained that the nearest town was thirty miles away and with it being a Sunday there wouldn't be anyplace open that could tow her car, but would send a couple of the guys to take a look at her car for her.

The four guys that were playing pool grumbled a bit when asked to go look at the car, but did agree to see what they could do, and jumped into the pickup that was parked outside. A short while later the four came back and walked back into the bar laughing.

"Hey lady, when the gas gauge is on "E', that doesn't mean enough. You were out of gas that's all. Willie had a five gallon can in his truck and that should be enough to get you to town."

"Oh thank you so much, how much do I owe you?"

"Ten bucks for the gas should do it."

The lady looked into her purse and found only three dollars, and asked the bartender if he had an ATM, which brought more laughter. When it was obvious that she didn't have enough money to pay the guy for the gas, the men had another idea.

They started opening her blouse and began playing with her breast and soon the lady was kneeling down between the eight men, sucking on each of their cocks.

Linda stared at the television and watched as all eight guys took turns fucking her; not only in her pussy, but her ass as well, all the while she would be sucking a cock of one of the other men.

By the time the movie ended, all eight men had shot cum over her face and into her mouth, and the last being the most startling when the lady was shown sucking a guy that was wearing a condom, which after he ejaculated she removed the condom and poured the contents down her throat.

Linda continued staring at the screen for a few moments after it went black while she unconsciously ran her hand over her moistened slit.

Over the next week Linda had tried masturbating different ways as described in one of the magazines she read, which brought her to the point where she took her own virginity with the plastic vibrator as she watched the video once again.

With her cunt now adapted to having the vibrator inserted while she played with her clit, Linda wanted to see what it was like to have her ass stuffed as well, and soon she was reeling in orgasms while the vibrator hummed inside her rectum.

It was near the end of her sophomore year when she learned that her mother was correct in her claims that a guy wouldn't want a slut for a wife or girlfriend.

Linda began dating a boy she was attracted to, and when he, like most guys would do, slipped his hand under her blouse to cop a feel, she didn't protest. Pushing her bra up over her breasts he teased one of her nipples that sent tremors through her body, causing her to urge him further.

"Oh that feels really good Robby, don't stop."

He continued kissing her while he ran his hands over her breasts, but it was her pussy that was screaming for attention. Linda grabbed his hand and pushed it away from her breasts and guided his hand under her skirt.

"Rub my clit Robby, make me cum."

Robby did as she pleaded, and soon he wanted the same thing Linda did, his cock inside of her cunt.

Robby got off of the couch they were sitting on and pulled out his wallet and cussed.

"Shit, I don't have a condom."

Linda wasn't about to let this moment pass without getting what she wanted, but she also didn't want to chance getting knocked up.

"Robby, just don't cum inside of me. When you're ready pull out and I'll suck you."

Robby also wasn't going to let that offer pass by and quickly climbed on top of her and easily slid his teen prick deep inside of her, promising not to cum in her pussy.

It wasn't long before Robby felt his climax commence and quickly pulled out and stood up and watched as Linda sat up and slid her lips over his throbbing prick. Although she had never sucked a cock before she was anxious to enjoy the experience.

The first spurt of cum from Robby's cock went directly into her throat, causing her to gag slightly, but just as she had watched the woman in the video numerous times, Linda continued sucking until Robby pushed her away after draining his cock completely.

Hearing Linda claim that this was the first time she had ever did anything like that was something that Robby didn't believe, although it was true, and as he zipped his pants he snickered.

"Yeah right. How many other guys have you sucked off like that?"

After than night Robby didn't seem so interested in her any longer and their relationship soon ended.

That summer Linda got a part time job at a snack counter in one of the stores that opened in the new mall where she met Mike, a guy who was part of the work crew that was installing display racks in the sports section.

One day while Mike was having a burger for lunch, he started up a conversation with her, and after a couple of days having lunch where she worked, he asked if she was interested in going out with him sometime.

Linda knew he was a year or so older than she was, but what she didn't realize was he was twenty-one, five years older when she accepted his offer. By the time summer break had ended, Linda was having sex with him on a regular basis, many times in the stockroom during her break at work, but mostly in the motel room he was living in.

There was something else that Linda didn't realize, and that was that work crew that Mike worked for was only there until work at the mall was completed, then onto another location, something she learned his last day there.

A bit hurt by his deceitfulness of not having told her of that earlier, Linda felt that she was just used for nothing but sex, but did accept his offer to drive her home after her shift ended.

It was just a bit past 4:00 when Mike pulled his pickup into Linda's driveway, and as Linda started to open the door Mike put his hand on her shoulder.

"Well, I guess this is it, take care."

"Goodbye Mike. Maybe I'll see you around someday."

"Do I get a kiss goodbye?"

"A kiss?"

"Yeah, unless you want to give me one more of those great blow jobs you're so good at."


"Oh come on. One more. You know you like sucking cock."

"Right here in the driveway?"

"Why not, you're parents aren't home yet, and the neighbors can't see through the bushes."

Linda was just about to tell him to go fuck off when the thought of doing something like that in broad daylight, especially with her neighbors just a few feet away gave her goose bumps.

"All right, but I want you to sit on the hood of the truck."

Linda stroked his cock for a few moments and glanced to her right and could see through the opening in the bushes her neighbor sitting on his deck. Linda continued to stare at her neighbor while she sucked on Mike's cock, somewhat hoping that he would look this way and see what she was doing.

Linda was so turned on by what she was doing that she slid her hand under her work dress and fingered her cunt while she sucked on Mike's prick, something that he noticed.

"Oh you are one horny slut. Come on suck me good. Swallow my prick."

When Mike had left Linda went up to her room and thought about what she had just done, and realized that he was right, she was a horny slut.

During her junior year of high school Linda became known for exactly what she was, a slut. The boys that dated her did so for one reason, sex, something that Linda had no problem with. The thing was, the boys she was truly interested in knew of her reputation and showed no interest in her whatsoever.

Many times Linda would think back to the times her mother would talk about girls like her and thought that maybe she was right, but when a boy wanted nothing but sex, she always more than willing.

One of the things that really turned her on was being fucked by a boy that wasn't using a condom, the thought of having her cunt accidentally filled with baby seed gave her a thrill, even though she always made sure the boy didn't cum inside of her, at least not her pussy.

Being know as a slut wasn't common knowledge just between the boys at school, some of her teachers heard the rumors as well, one being Mr. Sanders, her history teacher.

Mr. Sanders knew Linda's family quite well, and was really quite surprised to hear those rumors, especially knowing how Marie Adams felt about girls like her daughter. He was certain that Marie wasn't aware of her daughter's activities and thought how ironic it all was.

Although Linda was decent student and was passing most of her classes, history was not one of them, and summer school looked to be in her future, that's if she wanted to graduate on time the following year.

Hoping to somehow shock her into doing a bit better, at least to the point where she would at least get a "C", Mr. Sanders requested that she come to his class when school ended for the day.

That afternoon as he tried to explain the ramifications of failing a class, he couldn't help from noticing how short her skirt was, giving him a clear look at her very shapely legs.

Two years he had been a teacher at the high school level and there have been plenty of very pretty and attractive young ladies, none of which he had any sexual thoughts about, but knowing she was fucking most of the boys in his class had him a bit aroused.

When he finished what he had hoped would be an inspirational talk about her doing better she said something that sent evil thoughts running though his brain.

"Mr. Sanders isn't there something I could do, you know, maybe some extra credit assignments or something. I really don't want to go to summer school."

As Linda fidgeted in her seat her legs parted a bit and Mr. Sanders caught a glimpse of her black panties, causing his prick to twitch in his pants. He was sure that Linda saw him staring, and felt the heat of blush cover his face.

"Well, maybe you should spend more time studying and less time on your social life. Possibly getting one of the better students to tutor you a bit would help."

"Suppose I come everyday after school lets out and you can help me, that would be all right wouldn't it?"

Mr. Sander looked at her and saw that her legs were parted even more, and his first thoughts were that she was trying to entice him into giving her a better grade by giving him a look up her skirt, and thought her suggestion might not be a good idea.

"I don't know if that would be wise choice."

"Oh please Mr. Sanders. I don't want to fail and I'll do anything to pass."

Although Linda wasn't implying that she was willing to do ANYTHING, Mr. Sanders took it that way and started to cave in.

"Are you certain you'll do anything, anything at all to pass?"

Linda saw that he was staring at her and glanced down and noticed that her skirt had risen up on her thighs quite a bit and was quite sure what he meant by anything. Was he somehow implying that he would give her a passing grade in exchange for sex? If he was willing to take that kind of chance with a student, then why couldn't she be just the innocent victim?

Opening her legs even further and pulling her skirt up a bit more, she replied.

"I'll do anything and everything you want me to if you'll give me a passing grade."

Mr. Sanders was at a crossroad. Should he simply ignore the obvious and instruct her to do better or else, or should he cross the teacher student line and risk his teaching career. The thirty-six year old teacher proved that his was thinking with his cock, not his brain when he quizzed her.

"Well, why don't you give me a sample of what you're offering to do?"

Linda hesitated a bit to do a thing, and glanced over at the opened classroom door, and then back at Mr. Sanders who understood her silence and went over, closed the door and walked up and stood next to her with his back to the door.

Linda knew what he wanted, and she knew she needed to pass his class and unzipped his pants and took his soft cock in her mouth. Unlike the boys that would cum quite quickly when she sucked, it took her more than a few minutes make him cum. After swallowing his entire load she gave his prick a gentle squeeze and lapped up the remaining cum that oozed out.

Mr. Sanders enjoyed the very excellent suck job that Linda had just provided, but since he went this far with a student, why not further.

"Well Linda, I think that moves you from an "F" to a "C".

Linda looked up and smiled.

"But Mr. Sanders, I want an "A"."

"I think we can work on that, don't you?"

"Oh yeah."

That Friday Mr. Sanders gave his wife an excuse that he had a conference with a couple of the student's parents and picked up Linda in front of the school as planned and brought her to a motel several miles from town.

That evening Mr. Sanders was shocked to hear that Linda wasn't on the pill, and was somewhat disappointed that it appeared he was only going to get another blowjob, but Linda quickly boosted his spirits.

"You can still fuck me Mr. Sanders, just pull out when you're going to cum and I'll suck you, or, we can try it in my butt."

"You do it that way?"

"Well I never did before, but I'd like to try it."

Mr. Sanders couldn't believe what he was hearing. His wife flat out refused to try anal, let alone actually do it, and here was a seventeen-year-old student offering to let him fuck her ass.

It was a little past ten when Mr. Sanders pulled his car to the curb a few houses from Linda's home, and as she started to open the door he revealed just what her grade was going to be.

"Well Linda, you're getting an "A" for this grading period, and I am pretty sure we can work something out where you won't even have to attend my class the rest of the year as well. How's that sound?"

"Sure, as long as you promise to fuck my ass again, I loved that."

Mr. Sanders learned over the years that there were other students on the brink of failing, and they too willing to do "extra credit", but none were quite as eager to go as far as Linda, getting only a hand job here and there, and an occasional blow job.

Part Three.

That summer Linda met a boy she eventually married, albeit the meeting was somewhat forced upon her.

Her father had recently been promoted to plant supervisor and was now part of the company's management team, which meant when the owner of the company had his annual baroque, he was expected to attend, along with the entire family.

Linda was totally upset that she had to be dragged along to some stupid company gathering, and already had it in her mind that she would be miserable the entire day.

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