Psylocke - Slave Ninja

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Sex Story: X-Men member is last mutant with freedom as new President has had them arrested. She infiltrates White House to free them.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Mind Control   Fan Fiction   Superhero   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Bestiality   .

It was a very dark day as ever since Bob Dole became president of the United States, the life of every mutant was now at risk. He had authorized the military to reactivate the Sentinel Program again and the military and the police started locking mutants up or sent them to camps on the island of Genosha. The mutant superhero team X Men had decided to challenge the Sentinels but were beaten and captured, all but Psylocke. She had managed to escape and as long as she was free and not yet captured, President Bob Dole had to watch his Republican ass. She was not only an X Man and a psychic but a highly skilled assassin as well. She could easily kill his bodyguards and nothing would prevent her from killing him, except she may want information to help free her fellow X Men. The White House was on guard 24/7 and Bob Dole also made sure that his vice president, Thierry who was a French American, was safe also. Sooner or later, Psylocke would make her move. She would come for him and she would use her psychic powers to find where her friends were.

It was a Friday night and The Sentinels were spread out around the White House. The flood lights were on but not far from the White House, was a female ninja. She had long purple hair and was tall and sexy. She had big breasts, 40D in size. Her bosom stuck out and she had endless legs. She wore a purple spandex costume and her name was Psylocke. Psylocke was an attractive Japanese ninja, with the mind of an English mutant by the name of Betsy Braddock. Her brother Brian Braddock, a.k.a. Captain Britain, was in government custody. Psylocke was the X Men's last hope to free them.

She was crouched behind the bushes as she watched the Sentinels and the US Guardsmen walking around the White House. Here goes nothing she thought and rushed with quick speed and reflexes, like The Hand had taught her, to evade being seen or getting captured. The Sentinels were too slow to spot her and the guardsmen did not even see her hair fly by. Before anyone could know she was around, she was already climbing the wall, towards a White House window. She opened it quickly, after using her mutant powers to shut the alarms off, and she snuck in. Once inside, she closed the window behind her and made sure it was shut as she had found it. She rushed quickly through the corridors with her mental powers at high alert at all times. She made it to the President's Oval Office and attempted to sense if Bob Dole or Thierry were inside. She smiled, yes, they were inside. This was going to be real easy, a piece of cake she thought confidently and barged in and she found Bob Dole and Thierry arguing about domestic and foreign politics.

Bob Dole and Thierry saw her, instantly recognizing her.

"You!" both President and Vice president exclaimed at the same time.

"Who were you expecting, Superman?" Psylocke facetiously asked. But before Psylocke could make her move, she felt funny. Her powers weren't working and she couldn't control her muscles, let alone talk. She had fear in her eyes, wondering what the hell was going on here. This wasn't supposed to happen. Thierry smiled,

"I suppose that things didn't work out just as you wanted them to, huh, you mutant ninja bitch." He laughed cruelly, as he could now triumph over Psylocke, who couldn't even move a muscle or exercise her powers at all.

"You were right, doctor. She was going to come and it was going to be at night", said Bob Dole to the woman standing behind Psylocke. The doctor walked passed a paralyzed Psylocke. The doctor was an English woman, with a Spanish name. The doctor said,

"Of course I was right. Why, did you doubt me?" Psylocke wanted to kill this woman and saw that she was holding some kind of laser weapon that appeared to be a futuristic looking gun.

"Dr. Esperanto, at your service", the woman said to Psylocke. "Your body has been attacked by nanobytes, my dear and I am in control of you". Psylocke was worried, they had planned this the whole time and she had walked into their trap.

"I am going to have the limo brought around. Do you think we can take her to the warehouse, Dr. Esperanto, no one is there and I have plans for this bitch", said President Dole. Dr Esperanto coldly replied,

"The warehouse is fine. We will not be disturbed over there". A limo quickly arrived to take them all ... to the warehouse

The warehouse

It was a large military warehouse and for the night, soldiers were stationed outside, in case of a domestic threat or another 9/11 as President Dole had captured Bin Laden and had the man placed under Mind Control and then forced to give himself a blowjob, before having sand bury him alive.

Inside the warehouse, the lights were turned on. There was a sign outside saying "TRESPASSERS WILL BE SENT TO GENOSHA." Inside the warehouse, Psylocke was seated on a chair and President Dole, Vice President Thierry and Dr Esperanto were the only people inside with her. Two feet away from Psylocke's seat was a long four legged wooden table full of pen and papers. Dr Esperanto was talking into her weapon, as if it was a walkie-talkie, but in reality, it was what controlled the nanobytes, and in turn, she controlled Psylocke and order Psylocke to do and think in any way she wanted.

"You will obey President Bob Dole, do you understand", commanded Dr Esperanto. Psylocke nodded.

"Your body can move but your mutant power shall lay dormant unless President Bob Dole wants you to use them, for his purposes," commanded Dr Esperanto. Psylocke again nodded her head, like an obedient Asian schoolgirl. President Dole laughed; he was the Ultimate Republican, ready to fight the war on terror where President Bush had failed.

"So you understand, you must obey me, you got that", mocked Bob Dole. Psylocke then responded,

"Yes sir. I must obey you". She looked as if she was ready to cry, hating her new life as Bob Dole's Republican slave, forced to do anything he ordered her to do.

"I want you to walk over to the table in front of you and write down anyone who plans to assassinate me or if there is a plan to take me down", ordered President Dole. Psylocke got up from her chair and walked over to the table before her, picked up a pen and started writing down every detail of the various plans to sabotage the government on the paper. When she had finished writing it down, she had brought it all to President Dole, who shouted at Psylocke,

"Don't give them to me. Let them lie on the table". Psylocke responded meekly,

"Yes sir. Sorry sir". She walked back to the table and neatly piled up her papers. After she had carried out her task and they had their information, President Dole and Thierry decided to have some fun with the mutant slave.

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