Sigma Mu Kappa

by Zipper D Dude

Copyright© 2010 by Zipper D Dude

Science Fiction Sex Story: How does a school prepare its students for a changed world now that the Swarm will be arriving?

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Dear Parents,

The staff of Sir Isaac Newton School takes pride in preparing our students to meet the challenges of the wider world they will enter after graduation. In recent years those challenges have changed greatly with the announcement of the forthcoming arrival of the Sa'arm and the evacuation of part of the population of earth. In order to help our students, your sons and daughters, meet these new challenges we will be making some changes to the curriculum. Firstly we will increase the time and resources devoted to the school's Cadet Corps, details are in the enclosed leaflet. Secondly we will offer optional classes to ensure that students are well prepared in the event of their being caught up in a Confederacy extraction.

These optional Confederacy classes will be divided into three streams,

Sigma: for prospective sponsors,
Mu: for both prospective concubines and sponsors,
Kappa: for prospective concubines.

The classes will cover subjects such as what to consider when selecting a sponsor or concubines, what is likely to happen during an extraction, how to act during an extraction and what will be expected of concubines and sponsors after extraction. Lessons will include realistic simulations of Confederacy extractions.

The Confederacy classes will be offered to all students aged fourteen or over. Students will be assigned to streams based either on their CAP scores, if known, or on the school's assessment of their likely prospects. The Mu stream is intended mainly for those not yet tested who are not clearly one or the other and so will receive training in both concubine and sponsor roles. Once a student has been CAP tested they will be assigned to the Sigma or Kappa stream, with the exception of students with CAP scores of 6.3 or 6.4 who may opt for the Mu stream in case a later test increases their CAP score to 6.5 allowing entry into the Sigma stream.

Students aged fourteen and older are adults and can decide for themselves if they wish to attend these new Confederacy classes. We suggest that you discuss their decision with them beforehand so they can take your views into consideration.


Alex Ross

Headmaster, Sir Isaac Newton School

The Kappa stream boys were the worst, basically the news was, "You're probably fucked. Deal with it." Concubine level males had a small chance of being selected by a sponsor. All I could do with them in class was to provide some advice that might slightly improve their chances or point them at the Cadet Corps so that they would at least have a chance of doing some damage to the Sa'arm when they arrived in a few years. The Kappa stream girls had more of a chance, but I was not involved in those classes at first.

The Mu and Sigma streams were a lot easier. Those classes allowed plenty of discussions about what to look for in a good concubine and how to select a well-matched group. The kids there had some hope and something to work towards. Inevitably they asked me, "Say you had a 6.5, Mister Ellis, who would you pick?"

"If I was a sponsor," I am, but I don't push it, "I would take my wife and one other woman. Since my wife and I have no children yet I would look for someone who either had children of her own or at least some experience in raising children." That led off into a discussion on which girls had very young siblings or who had done a lot of babysitting. Useful information, since that was precisely what I was looking for.

I had met my wife, Vicky, during teacher training and we had married shortly after I got my first job, teaching Mathematics here at Sir Isaac Newton. We decided not to have children due to tight finances and the arrival of the Sa'arm. My CAP was 6.7 while she had a 6.0, so she was my first pick. Ideally I would have liked an older woman with kids for my second pick, but Vicky was not really happy with that. If I did go for a mother then she would have to be very submissive and with a lower CAP. Vicky's confidence had taken a knock with her CAP score and she needed reassurance that she was going to be my number one concubine. She even gave up trying to get work and took to staying around the school -- she wanted to be near me all the time in case there was a pickup. She was trained as a teacher so I was able to use her as an unpaid assistant in lessons. The more intelligent kids had worked out what was going on between us, we were not the only couple in the same situation.

For the first two lessons we concentrated on background information, some history of the Confederacy and lastly a Confederacy video of an actual extraction so the boys would know what to expect. What they didn't know at that point was that it was going to start in their next class; as the letter to parents had said, "Lessons will include realistic simulations of Confederacy extractions."

Seeing a class of naked boys is not my cup of tea, but if they were to have any chance at all of being selected they had to be familiar with stripping in public. Once the initial mixture of bravado and embarrassment was over they mostly got used to it. Those who couldn't take it soon stopped attending. We had designed the curriculum to ramp things up pretty quickly; a pickup might happen any time so we wanted to get as much in as quickly as possible. At the next class Vicky was sitting at the front watching them. To give them credit, most of them got the point and stripped. We had made it clear that, as at a real extraction, they could stand aside; boys being boys those that did opt out were called "Swarm food" by the others.

The upside of seeing naked boys was that I also got to see naked girls. Teachers do look; we are human and some schoolgirls are well worth looking at. They had already stripped with a woman teacher present, adding in a man as well was new. The first time I stayed quietly at the front, as Vicky had with the boys, well away from them and trying not to appear threatening. The actual teaching was handled by Janice Trent who was in charge of the class. The girls needed to be able to function naked with a man looking at them. They came in all shapes and sizes with some covering up with their hands while others pushed their chests out. Some of that spilled over into my other classes, "Did you get a stiffy when I showed you my tits sir?" as one cheeky young woman asked me, not what I wanted in the middle of a Maths lesson.

"You get a detention Amanda," though it was difficult not to laugh, and I did want to get another look at her nice pair of pomegranates.

I got my chance in the next Confederacy lesson when we escalated another notch, I approached them more closely though still without touching. The girls were stood in lines all with their hands behind their backs as if at a real pickup. Covering up was no longer an option, though they could always opt out to be "Swarm food". I walked along the lines like a military inspection, making it obvious that I was looking at everything on display from head to toe. "Amanda, the answer to your question is yes," she took a second to register which question I meant and giggled as she remembered. I did indeed have a stiffy and I'm sure most of the girls noticed it pushing out the front of my trousers as I walked by.

At home Vicky and I had decided on our own curriculum with me in the Sigma stream and Vicky in Kappa. I kept her nude, unless we were expecting visitors, and when we were alone in the house she had to call me "sir" or "Master", rather than Tom. The Confederacy did sometimes execute concubines who broke the rules and too high a proportion of those killed were former wives. I did not want to lose her through a stupid mistake in the first week or two; better safe than sorry. Having her nude was pleasant, her breasts were still tight, bigger than young Amanda's, and she had fuller hips. She had retained her delightfully flat stomach. She was better looking than many of the schoolgirls: the younger ones had not all fully developed, while others were too fond of coke, burgers and pizza. We were both 25 and reasonably fit as we were able to use the school's sports facilities after hours and during holidays.

At school we continued to push the envelope. I started to touch the girls, at first just their backs then their buttocks. When I moved on to fondling their breasts it really began to hit them as to how far we were likely to push this. Breasts were definitely sexual and they knew what went on at pickups. We carried on escalating things, next it was cupping their pussies as well as fondling their breasts. Vicky got very well serviced when we got back home after one of those lessons. By this point all the girls were able to see where things were leading.

As well as pushing the limits in class, I was pushing things with Vicky. Every so often I would have her naked in the boys' class. She was reluctant at first, though she had a lot less physical contact with them than I did with the girls. I am not sure that the school could have afforded the costs of cleaning up the mess if she had touched the boys. Some of them came anyway, just from the sight of an attractive naked woman in the room.

At the next girls' lesson Vicky arrived with me, stripped naked and stood at the end of the back row. I passed down the lines fondling and feeling the girls; so far they had seen all this before. When at last I reached Vicky I played with her breasts, genuinely one of the nicest pairs in the whole line-up, and rubbed her pussy. Then I drew her to the front of the class so everyone could see her and pushed her to her knees in front of me. She knew what was coming of course and most of the girls could guess. There were whispers of "Is he going to... ?"

I most certainly was going to, I unzipped and released my erection. I let it stand there for a moment so it could be seen, "Suck it," I ordered. Vicky bent it down and took it into her mouth. She was well used to me and with the excitement of fondling the girls I came very quickly. She licked me clean and I zipped up. That was an interesting discussion session afterwards: to swallow or not to swallow? How do I deep-throat? What are the best tongue techniques? Much as I might have liked imagining doing so, being sucked by a whole class of girls would have left me very sore. As homework Janice told them to practice on their boyfriends, a banana or to ask one of the Sigma stream boys. In later classes I would get girls to suck me for a few strokes, just to keep them in practice. We were keeping track and had a good idea of who had a boyfriend to practice with and who did not, so I concentrated on those without a partner.

I had been keeping an eye out for potential second concubines. Most of our neighbours were professionals so I did not think that many of the local mothers would be available, they would either be sponsors themselves or their husbands would take them. Most of the large events we attended were school events so I anticipated that if we were to be extracted it would probably be in a school context. The teaching staff were most probably sponsors or already spoken for, much as Vicky and myself. We were not the only couple who stayed together during school hours. That left the girls and pot-luck. Most of the girls were out because they had no experience raising babies, I could only see three who qualified on that basis.

Claire's parents lived near us and all our neighbours spoke highly of her babysitting skills with older children. Her mother had had a late "afterthought" baby so she was also getting practice at home. The problem with Claire was that she was a gorgeous looking vivacious blonde and most of the Sigma stream boys already had her top of their lists so I was not likely to get a look in. She was still in the Mu stream after her test so she had a higher CAP score than Vicky which was another mark against her. Given her CAP there was also a risk that she would retest at 6.5 and no longer be a concubine.

Elly was quieter than Claire, a pleasant looking brunette 'girl-next-door'. She would be less of a threat to Vicky and probably had about the same CAP score. She was adopted because her parents could not have any kids of their own. They liked children so much that they also acted as foster parents so Elly had experience of helping with children of all ages. She was my top pick of the three, and I was less likely to get competition from the Sigma boys who tended to go far too much on looks.

Traci was the third choice, nondescript with shoulder length brown hair. Always Kappa stream and very rarely in school. Before the Confederacy classes started she would appear in my Maths lessons less then once a month. The strange thing about her was that she never missed one of the concubine classes, not one. Other lessons, even on the same day, she would miss but never the concubine class. Because of her absences I had talked with the school social worker. Her mother was a recovering heroin addict, while her older sister worked in a hairdressing salon. The sister had a baby though she could not look after it because of her job in the salon, but with only one wage coming into the house she didn't want to give up the job. The mother wasn't really interested in the baby so by default Traci had to look after it. School was well down her priority list. What was puzzling was not so much her absence from the other lessons but her presence in the Confederacy classes; she always participated and never withdrew to the side. She was not assertive and would be no threat to Vicky in either personality or CAP score. I think her life had ground her down. I was not really sure if she was on my list out of pity or because she actually deserved to be there. She was definitely the last of the three.

After those three it was down to who was available at the time. Ideally I would have liked some genetic diversity, but our town in the English countryside offered only the Leungs who ran the Chinese takeaway and the Patels who ran the Nepalese Restaurant. Apart from that the genetic choice was between English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish. In theory the Solomons were Jewish, but I suspect that they were more English than I since my mother was Scottish.

Classes progressed to me licking Vicky's pussy and from there to me licking some of the girls' pussies. As always they could say "No" at any point and a few did so. At the next step Vicky licked one of the girls' pussies. That was received rather quietly because by now they knew that they were going to be licking each other soon. That got more resistance than we had had up till then; we needed to get over the "I'm not a lezzie!" hurdle. Some of the girls never did. I never even bothered to try that in class with the boys. We talked about it and I left it for homework, which I am sure most of them ignored. The gay ones were probably more experienced than me in sucking cocks so I couldn't have helped much anyway.

Around this time we started mixing the Sigma stream boys with the Kappa stream girls for some lessons. Initially the boys only looked, just as I had started with looking. They followed pretty much the same sequence I had with the same progressive escalation. This meant I got to touch the girls less, when the boys were there I just stood back and let them have the fun. I know for a fact that some sponsor/concubine arrangements were made in those classes, which added to the realism -- this was not just playing.

One thing we did have to avoid was incest because it was still technically illegal, though nobody was ever prosecuted unless it involved underage or rape, but still the school could not be seen to be condoning it. We did discuss it but we didn't allow it in classes. Some of the boys did admit to fancying their mothers, but not many mothers were sponsors given the sex bias in CAP scores.

One evening after school there was a knock on the door. Vicky yelped and ran upstairs to get some clothes on while I walked slowly to the door to see who it was. It was Maggie, from the Kappa stream. I had noticed her in class mostly because she had a big crush on me. She was one of the girls with too much fondness for pizza and burgers. "Yes Maggie?"

"Can I talk to you sir, please. Alone."

I called upstairs to Vicky to explain and took Maggie into my small study. Clearing a pile of unmarked Maths exercise books off the spare chair for her I sat down and asked, "So, what can I do for you Maggie?"

"I want to be your concubine sir. You can do me whenever you want. I will do anything for you."

Schoolgirls get crushes on their teachers. A few of those girls will offer themselves to those teachers. A very few rotten bastard teachers like me will take advantage of those girls.

"I'm sorry Maggie, I can't really see you as my concubine." Her face fell and I could see tears beginning to form in her eyes. "However you can help me with a problem I have." She began to pay more attention. "You aren't a virgin are you?"

She flushed, "No sir."

"What do you think is eventually going to happen in the Confederacy classes?"

"You are going to do it with some of us sir."

"Very good Maggie, soon I will be having sex with some students. What I need is a volunteer to do that in class."

"Oh yes sir, please sir. I really want to."

"Thank you for volunteering. As to being my concubine, I cannot hold out much hope. I already have a list with my wife at the top and there are others as well. I can add you to the end of the list but I will probably take someone else. You are better off looking at the Sigma stream boys or maybe your father if he is a sponsor." She tried to change my mind, without success, though she did confirm her agreement to fuck me in class. Yes, I was taking advantage of her; I am sure that she thought that by fucking me she could move herself up my concubine rankings. She had no chance of doing that and I was playing on her naïveté to get her to volunteer. Still it solved my problem and if not her then one of the other girls would have stepped forward.

When I told her Vicky said, "Tom... , sir, you're a bastard." She was right of course, but it had to be someone and why not Maggie?

The next day I had four of the girls and Vicky naked at the front of the class, as if I was selecting at a pickup. I felt up all of them, got brief blowjobs from two girls and ate the other two girl's pussies, again briefly. I put Vicky up on the table where I had eaten the girls and licked her for a little longer than the others. I pulled back, unzipped and released my prick. There were fewer whispers of "Is he really going to..." this time because by now they realised that yes, he was really going to. And I did. I put Vicky's legs over my shoulders and sank into her. This was our first time fucking with an audience and we both found it distracting. I did not finish and pulled out after a few strokes.

As planned, Janice asked the first question, "Can anyone explain why Mister Ellis stopped after a short time?"

"Because he might have wanted to test other concubines miss," and so on into the discussion phase of the lesson.

At the next break Traci found me. "Can I ask a question sir?"

"Ask away," expecting something about Vicky and me fucking. Not so!

"My sister has a baby. If I am picked up can I take him with me? I look after him most of the time."

"I don't think you can. The Confederacy rules say that only a parent or guardian can take a child. Your sister is a parent and although you look after him that doesn't make you his legal guardian."

"Could I be a guardian? I am fourteen so I count as an adult now."

"For that you need to ask a lawyer. It would probably be best if you talked to the school social worker first."

"I don't like her, she's nosy," she said with obvious distaste.

"She will be able to help with the lawyer. What if I was there with you as well."

"That might be OK."

Well, there was a surprise. Traci wanted out of her situation and she wanted to take her baby nephew with her. That probably explained why she attended all her concubine classes: she had the motivation. There were some hidden strengths in Traci.

I met with the social worker to put her in the picture. She thought that since Traci had been seeing me in class regularly I was the closest she had to a father figure; given the state of her family she probably did not trust women very much. We arranged a meeting with the two of us, Traci and a lawyer. The paperwork to add Traci as a legal guardian alongside her sister was much quicker to set up that I had expected; with the arrival of the Sa'arm the process had been made much easier so as to get more children off earth. It was Traci's job to get her sister to sign.

Attendance at the boys' classes was going up because now some of them got a few seconds each licking Vicky's pussy. Again I was pushing the envelope with her and she was reluctant at first. We didn't do it every class but it was useful practice for the boys -- female sponsors were likely to want cunnilingus -- and it gave Vicky further practice in obedience. I was in two minds about sharing my wife, but on balance it was better for her to get used to following orders and survive after extraction. She was no good to me if she messed up badly and got executed.

I had checked with Maggie that she was still prepared to have sex and that she was not having her period. Just as I had done when I first fucked Vicky in class I had three girls, Maggie and Vicky out in front and was playing 'sponsor'. The fondling, blowjobs and pussy licking went as normal. By now the class was well used to this. When I finished licking Vicky I told her to get off the table. I pointed at Maggie, "Get on the table Maggie." She was by no means best looking in class, rather large and lumpy, and it was more than just puppy fat. As she got older she would likely have trouble controlling her weight. Her breasts were already beginning to sag as they lost their firmness.

This was something else new for the class. Yes girls, Mister Ellis is going to fuck one of you. I put on a condom and moved in between Maggie's legs. "You can always say no at any point Maggie."

"Yes sir, I know. Just do me," she smiled.

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