Persian Style War

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Sex Story: Second story of Persian Vengeance trilogy, as we learn of Eva and Denmark's fate.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Mind Control   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Ahmad Abdullah lived in Canada, in a house which he had acquired from the Canadian benefit system. It was a one storey house but he did have a large flat screened TV in the living room. He was an Iranian-American, tanned dark, with cruel black eyes. He complained a lot about Canada, the very country that was giving him asylum because of Iran's human rights violations. While he was watching a porno movie on television, his non-Muslim Blonde Danish American slave was on her knees, giving him a blow job. She was dressed in a harem costume, like Barbara Eden's in Dream of Genie. He looked down on his slave, Eva Rasmussen. Months earlier she had insulted the pride of Iran in front of Darius Zatosh, an Iranian-American student of hers. He had gotten even with her by placing a magic necklace around her neck, which had made her his slave. After he had tired of her, he sold her off to Ahmad over the internet for $10,000, and had her sign over all her property to him. His parents knew about it, and encouraged the whole PERSIAN STYLE VENGEANCE.

"My Kaffir slave. My Blonde Kaffir Viking descended American whore", mocked Ahmad. She was busy sucking his Persian cock and swallowing all of his sperm. According to Umar's Condition, Muslims may have a non-Muslim slave, and they had the sexual right of access to a Kaffir woman. After she was done sucking his cock, he yanked her head up by her hair. Her mouth and face was dripping with Middle Eastern sperm, she was a sight.

"Ok, whore. I can't waste my whole day, being forced to sit here and you only just giving me a blow job." The beautiful, fit Blonde just looked at her master. Her eyes looked like those of a slave, one that was afraid of what her master might do to her, if she failed to please him.

"I am sorry, master. Have I displeased you?" asked Eva. Ahmad was angry, being an Iranian Canadian, he always suffered racism and was forced to put up with insults about Islam and Muslims worldwide. He shouted at her,

"You fucking whore. You have displeased me. You are not a Muslim Iranian woman; you are a white American Christian whore. Not only do you Blonde women dress like whores, but thanks to your cousins in Europe, many of my cousins are now in jail and for what? That they are accused of rape." Ahmad slapped Eva hard on her face and she looked as if she was about to cry.

"You are not allowed to cry, whore", commanded Ahmad. Eva suddenly found it hard to cry. Her previous master, who had sold her, had commanded her that she must now obey the person she was being sold to.

Then came the evening and Eva was dressed like a business woman. She was on top of Ahmad's dining table as Persian music played in the background. She was forced to dance to it as Ahmad had invited friends over, other Iranian male refugees, and they were all sitting by the dining table. They were hooting and cursing Eva at the same time.

"What did I tell you? She is nothing but a whore", laughed Ahmad. The other men were cursing at her.

"I sometimes think she wants men to fuck her", said another guy. At the word "FUCK", Eva started smiling seductively, and started touching her legs in a sensual way and then she started unbuttoning her shirt. The men were mesmerized as she took it off and threw it aside. She then unzipped her skirt, dancing like a stripper, and she tossed it aside. Eva was now wearing only her black bra and a matching black thong. The Iranian men were cursing in Persian, but not understanding the language, Eva just giggled and put a finger to her mouth and sucked it like she would a cock. The men switched to English and began calling her a "Blonde Christian whore." Eva was really dancing sexily until she then took off her bra, exposing her large breasts. This was where Middle Eastern men could not control their hormones and some of them pulled out their cocks and started stroking them in front of her, including the Jihadist Ahmad Abdullah. She danced a little more and started pulling her panties off and then tossing them aside, revealing her Blonde pubic hair and fine large Nordic ass. She continued dancing naked as her mind was already programmed to do certain things, by Ahmad. He wanted to humiliate someone related to the cartoon incident and she was of Danish descent, hence related to the New Kaffir enemy. Ahmad purposely told his masturbating Persian Muslim friends,

"These women love exposing their breasts. I wonder what the Prophet would say". At the word "BREAST", Eva started massaging her own breasts and started pinching her own nipples. The men started grabbing her and Ahmad shouted to them,

"Control yourselves, people!" His four friends had Eva pinned down to the Persian carpet and one of his friends looked at him and said

"If a woman flirts with you, then it means that she is inviting you to rape her." 2 of the men had her arms pinned, while another was pushing her legs apart. The first Persian guest took off his clothes, mounted and then started fucking Eva. He rammed his cock into her pussy hard and fast. The rest of the Persians laughed, and one said,

"I bet the whore likes that." The one fucking Eva was forcing her to moan and cum, as he was also lapping his tongue away at her beautiful Viking nipples. He then started sucking really hard on one nipple and Ahmad jumped to the other breast, saying

"She's my whore, so I am having the first try on that other nipple." Eva was moaning as the two men were now sucking on both her breasts. The man who had spread her legs pulled the one who had fucked her away from her as he felt he had gotten his turn and it was now his turn. He then lapped his tongue away at her blonde pubic hair, lapping at a pussy that had just been fucked. Eva's nipples and pussy were being sucked and bitten very hard. The other 2 men wanted to have fun and one started force kissing Eva, mocking her, saying,

"You like that whore? Huh, you like that?" The other man was stroking his cock and let his sperm fly all over her body, as well as on his friend's heads.

As the 5 men were degrading Eva, the living room burst open. The 5 men had no time to move as 5 darts were shot at them and they were all rendered unconscious. A rescuer had come, a friend of her family, since she had been missing for months. This friend was Canadian SAS and he had found out about Darius. It was obvious that Darius had used some form of MC so that this student of hers, and not the Rasmussen's, were getting her property. He had told her parents that she felt guilty for disrespecting Iranians and Muslims, and wanted to make amends for it, but as she continued to be missing they had called Derek.

The SAS pushed the Iranians' unconscious bodies from Eva but she just lay there. He pulled her up and checked her over. Her nipples were red from being bitten and her pussy was wet with Persian saliva and cum.

"My name's Derek and I have come to rescue you from your captors". Eva looked at him and said,

"But my master..." The word "master" instantly confirmed Derek's suspicions.

"Why must you obey him"? Asked Derek and he looked at her necklace, the only thing on her nude body, and thought it looked like something he'd seen in a voodoo film. He quickly pulled it off her and Eva suddenly blinked, unaware that she had been someone else's sex toy for months. Derek explained everything and he then called the Canadian police. He told her that Darius, her student, was responsible for her missing "months". Eva cried, putting her head down on Derek's shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her.

"There. There. The police will come and these men will never see daylight again. That I can assure you," he comforted her.

"I am not sure if I ever want to make Persian men angry again", whimpered Eva. Derek looked at her and said,

"Your parents and high school principal told me about the cartoon incident being brought up in school." Derek looked at the 5 unconscious men, who lay on the floor, and then said,

"You didn't do anything wrong. You were the victim, of what you might call Persian Style Islamic Vengeance." Eva was sobbing and she wanted to see her parents, and Denmark, badly, but while Eva had been under MC for months, she had no idea what had been going on around her, in the outside world.


Denmark, is a country north of Germany that months ago, allowed a newspaper to print cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed. The Muslims worldwide began protesting them and the Danish government said they would not intervene, as they believed in freedom of speech. Now Denmark was a different country as the entire country was under the MC of some Iranian male students. As to how they had accomplished that was quite simple. They were all mutants, with strong psychic powers. They were the Persian equivalent of the X Men.

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