Denise Fallon-CIA Spy: First Class Throwdown

by Jana Cleveland

Copyright© 2010 by Jana Cleveland

Action/Adventure Sex Story: Denise Fallon thwarts a terrorist plot and getting some at the Mile High Club

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Violent   .

Alias: Carlie Christina (C.C.) Sorenston, new flight attendant

Mission: To rescue a flight full of world leaders from terroist plot

Location: A flight en route to a world summit in San Francisco from New York City

For my new mission, I had to go undercover as a flight attendant for a new airline. The new airline I had been referred to is Fairway Airlines. The airline was developed and created by wealthy Canadian billionaire Steven St. John, who also runs a multilmillion dollar company that specializes in real estate and entertainment over in Nova Scotia. His net worth is the billions, 340 billion to be exact.

Fairway Airlines first debuted in Montreal five years ago. Right now, the airline hopes to expand the airline to the United States by opening up hubs in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami, then expanding to other major U.S. cities later in the year. I had gone through the training for new flight attendants and such. I went to the hub at the LaGuardia where I was assigned. There were also going to be several world leaders and diplomats on board because of a world summit in San Francisco coming in three days. I had been informed on from the boss about a group of airline terrorists trying to make an attack so I have to thwart the plan before it's too late. The last thing flyers need to worry about is another United Flight 93.

I was assigned to the cockpit on the first class section. There, I met with four other flight attendants. First, there's Vanessa from Tallahassee who has dark red hair and blue eyes. Then, there's Tommy from Denver whose taking flight attending as a second job. Next come the twins Felicia and Farrah from Philidelphia. Last but not least, Adam from Omaha who is also new to the job. After exchanging intros with them, it's time for the passengers to arrive. As part of my alias, I wore a long, black, wavy wig with brown highlights with my flight attendant uniform and since I had to follow current TSA regulations I had to leave my weapons at headquarters. But I can be very resourceful. The first class cabin was full of ambassadors, world leaders, movie stars, millionaires, etc. I had to be sure to keep my eyes on for anything or anyone suspicious, mainly terrorists and/or hijackers. Once everyone boarded, it was time to make sure the passengers know about airplane safety.

An hour later, everyone was buckled up and ready for take off. The other flight attendants and I were serving passengers their drinks, champagne, and all. While working, I was being hit on by a hunky, young, handsome millionaire heir named Ivan Cavendish. He had short black hair and green eyes. As I poured his drink, he smiled at me and tried to make small talk. He flirted with me and then led me to the Mile High Club for a quickie session. After that, I went into the cockpit to restock the cart while the passengers were watching a movie, listening to music, reading, or napping. I heard a male voice blasted "ALRIGHT NOBODY MOVE!" and the passengers screamed, panicked, and were alarmed. Many of them even prayed they would make it out alive.

I looked to see what went on and there was a guy dressed in black along with six other hijackers. They were fully-equipped with several guns, knives, etc. The hijackers wanted all the passengers to give them their money, jewelry, etc. Knowing and sensing that everybody's lives were in serious danger, I asked Tommy to create a diversion by accidentally dropping an empty vodka bottle. While the hijackers were distracted, I ran out and went into fight mode. Everyone watched in panic and fear. Few of the passengers even cheered. I first attacked one of them with a MMA-style takedown and pulled a capoiera on one of the others. Then, I took his knife and slashed the leader's back from behind. The leader then turned around and I spin-kicked him in the face. The other hijacker was behind me. So I turned around, took an ambassador's glass of gin on the rocks, took a sip, spat in his face, and stabbed him in the gut with the knife. I worked my Krav Maga on both the leader and the hijacker. I took the gun and shot them twice in the chest. I noticed the other hijacker with his .357 was heading to the pilot's area. I chased him down, wrapped my left leg around his waist, and threw him down on the floor. I then punched his masked face several times till he was a bloody mess. After that, I went after the two other hijackers who were at the business class section.

Once I got into business class, one of them had a businesswoman held hostage with a gun to her head, so I took a briefcase from above compartment and threw it to his face, missing the businesswoman. Once she ran free, I got jujitsu on the hijacker's ass. Then, I did a cartwheel, wrapped his head with my legs, and flipped him hard on to the floor before breaking his neck with my hands. I threw down the other hijacker, grabbed the gun, and shot him down there three times. Everyone panicked, screamed in their seats but calmed down later.

"Four down, three to go." I thought to myself as I ran back to first class. One hijacker was at the cockpit with a bowing knife in his hand, so I got out an empty gin bottle and hit him over the head with it, I asked Vanessa and the other flight attendants to restrain the hijacker with some rope and cords. Then, I heard two shots from the pilot's area. When I got there, the co-pilot was wounded in the arm while the lead pilot was about to be next. I elbowed his head, reached for his gun, high-kicked him in the chest, and I took a pen and stabbed him in the neck. Once the hijacker was dead, I checked the co-pilot's pulse which was waning. I told lead pilot to make sure he's not dying.

"Attention passengers, this is your flight attendant and temporary pilot Carlie Christina speaking. Is everyone okay?" I said over the loudspeaker while flying on Auto-pilot. Everyone on board shouted yes, "Thank you Jesus", among other things. Then, I switched over to maunal so I can land the plane.

"The armed hijackers have been apprehended by yours truly. We're about to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas. I've also contacted the ATF, SWAT team, police, fire department, coroners, and EMTs. I've also just been informed that everyone's luggage has been transported to the airport. Everyone, I'm going to need you to remain seated and have your seat belt fastened because we're about to make an emergency landing which will be a little bumpy. Remain calm and hold on tight." I added.

Once I landed the plane on Las Vegas International Airport after 5 or 6 hours, all the passengers felt a few bumps on the otherwise smooth landing.

"Ladies and gentleman, we have arrived in Las Vegas. At this time, EMTs and the Las Vegas Police are boarding the plane. Everyone remain seated while EMTs, paramedics, and others do their jobs. Feel free to make some calls." I spoke.

"How is he?" I asked the pilot.

"I'm with a doctor. He's gonna live." He replied.

I looked out the window to see firetrucks, police cars, SWAT trucks, etc. I released the inflatable evacuation slides and life rafts. "Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I want everyone to gather their items from the overhead compartments and make a line at the nearest exit. On behalf of everyone on Fairway Airlines, I want to thank you for flying with us and hopefully something like never happens again." While everyone gathered their things, I talked with a travel agent on board to everyone make reservations in Las Vegas.

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