Doggy Mommy's First On-line Contact

by Mike S

Copyright© 2010 by Mike S

Mind Control Sex Story: Garry continues domination of Michelle and Kyle as Cletus visits.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Mult   Mind Control   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

Sixth episode of Doggy Mommy series by Sonya Esperanto and approved by her.

It was Friday evening and Garry was spending the night with Michelle, Kyle and Bernard, their dog, as had become normal for him. He had Kyle nude on the floor with a nude Michelle sucked his cock as an enthusiastic Bernard pumped his cock in and out of her ass. This was Garry's favorite entertainment, watching Michelle fuck animals. It had been 3 months since he had placed Michelle and Kyle under his control with his magic amulet. Michelle was his mindless slave, doing whatever he told her and Kyle was forced to obey, but he was fully conscious and humiliated by what he and his mother were forced to do. In the time he had control over them, he had watched Michelle having sex with his dog Krypto, and their dog Bernard. She'd had sex with his cousins, Harry and Barry, Dean and Eric, 2 classmates, and an entire pig pen full of male pigs as 200 Japanese tourists watched and masturbated. After the first show of taking the pigs up her ass, he had made her perform a 2nd show taking pig cock in her pussy as she sucked on another, swallowing piggy cum. She had sucked her son and he had fucked his mother, both anally and vaginally. He had also masturbated as he watched his mother having sex, or the movies of all she had done, that Garry had filmed.

Garry smiled as he watched Bernard thrusts indicate he was blowing his load up Michelle's ass. Kyle was also watching, embarrassed by the fact he enjoyed watching his mother have sex with anyone or anything. He had also masturbated repeatedly at the pig show. Garry told Michelle to end it and a slap at Bernard was the command that had him dismount.

"Kyle, have your flooded your slut mother's belly yet" Kyle looked over at Garry as his face turned red from embarrassment.

"Yes, Master," he answered.

"Good. I see Bernard's doggy cum leaking from Michelle's ass and I want you to clean her up. Lick up the cum running through her pussy and then shove that tongue up her ass and get the cum there so that she stops leaking. Even as Kyle paled at the thought of licking up Bernard's cum and shoving his tongue up his mother's ass to eat that cream pie, he pulled his cock from his mother's sucking mouth and went behind her and did as he had been told. He had no choice; Garry owned both humans and the dog that lived in this house. Michelle would do as she was told instantly and without hesitation. She had performed a striptease, fucked anyone or anything, had been Garry's doggy, barking, licking his feet and eating food off the floor, and had been the platter for everyone to eat their food from. Kyle, on the other hand, knew everything that happened to them both, but couldn't stop it or refuse to participate. He was humiliated by his mother having sex with so many people and in front of so many, but at the same time, embarrassed by the way it turned him on. Bernard just loved his life. Ever since Garry had forced Michelle and Kyle to get him, the only spell Garry had placed him under was to fuck his human mistress and allow her to suck his cock and swallow his cum. He had been trained that when the song "Feuer Freu" from the movie XXX played, he mounted Michelle and fucked her ass. He would dismount when it ended. When Michelle said "fuck my ass doggy doggy doggy," he was to do just that until she said "ok, get off mommy's ass". On the song "I Kissed a Girl" he would raise a paw and allow his human bitch to place his front paws on her shoulders and guide his cock into her pussy as he stood on his hind legs. He would then fuck her pussy until that song ended. If she said "hit me" he would do the same until she said "let mommy go." What he liked best is when she lay on the floor and said "come to mommy's face" and pointed at it. He would then get a magnificent blow job until his cum coated her throat and filled her belly.

Garry watched Kyle eat his mom's ass for a few minutes and then grabbed the laptop computer and logged onto the email account he had established for Michelle. He had thought Kyle needed a father, a real southern redneck, who knew how to abuse and humiliate white, red headed Russian women like Michelle. He had originally put her on a dating site the 1st weekend, but had removed it. After she had made the movie at Aldo's studio with Bernard, he had uploaded it to a bestiality website. He had checked to see how many downloads there were every week. Then last Saturday, before going home, he had opened this email account and provided it for the men who enjoyed her video so that they could contact her, it indicated she was willing to meet with men who enjoyed this kind of sex. He would see what they were saying and decide if he wanted to answer any of them. He got logged on and was surprised to see over 300 emails waiting and he had said only 1 email per customer, a 2nd would get both deleted with no response. If she was interested, she'd respond. He ser the filter to allow 50 emails at a time and started looking through them. The 130th looked interesting, so at 150 when he deleted, he made sure to save that one. Finally he had looked at all of them and still only had 1. Cletus was from the Mississippi/Alabama border, a real redneck who lived in a cabin in the woods with a pack of 6 hunting dogs. Garry wondered if Cletus had the money to come to Hawaii with his dogs, or to send Michelle round trip tickets to there. He finally looked at Kyle, who still had his tongue shoved up his mother's ass and told him to order the Friday night pizza and said the words to turn Michelle into a dog so she could come lick his feet while he composed his message to Cletus.

"Dear Cletus, I love the fact that you have a pack of dogs and would love to get to know all 6 better. If you can send 3, First Class, round trip tickets from Honolulu to your nearest airport, provide transportation to your cabin and back, I think my cameraman, son and I could come to you for a week the 1st of the month when school lets out for the summer. I want to spend this summer making all my fans that I have time for very happy. I'll get to know you and your dogs very intimately, if you know what I mean, and you'll have a video of all the fun. Anxiously awaiting your reply, Love Michelle." Garry looked at the email and decided it needed more so he removed the dog spell from Michelle, had he get on all fours and give the trigger words, "fuck my ass doggy doggy doggy." Bernard instantly mounted her and started fucking. Garry turned the computers built in webcam on and shot 30 seconds of the action and attached it to the email and sent it off to Cletus. He then decided what the hell and sat in front of Michelle and let her suck his cock as he waited for the pizza.

After supper he ordered everyone into the living room for his next entertainment. He put in the video of Michelle at the pig farm and started it. Kyle knew he was to masturbate as he watched and lay on the floor pulled his cock out and started. Garry sat on the couch and spread his legs so that Michelle could suck on him. Just before she engulfed his cock, she key worded Bernard who mounted her and thrust into her ass. Once Bernard started to fuck her she sucked Garry's cock into her mouth.

"Damn, Kyle!" he exclaimed as Kyle's cum burst from his cock and splattered on the carpet. "Your white Russian whore mother still gets you all excited fucking those pigs. Your first nut was in less than a minute into the video." Kyle's face flushed red with embarrassment at that fact. He was humiliated by the idea that he orgasmed so quickly and easily at his mother's videos. But he couldn't control himself, he had gotten to the point that his mother was a total turn on for him. Garry didn't know that he masturbated nightly in bed as one of his mom's videos played on his TV. Even after all the masturbation he had done to them, they still turned him on and got him off quickly.

"You've got mail," said the computer. Garry told Kyle to bring him the laptop. He didn't want to pull his cock from Michelle's warm, gently sucking mouth. Kyle complied and Garry found Cletus's reply.

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