Daddy Please Marry Me

by RicS

Copyright© 2010 by RicS

Incest Sex Story: The premise is based on a true story. A girl is told by her mother that she can no longer visit her father and devises a rather unorthodox way of seeing him anyway - marrying him. This was my first story. I would very much like feedback and comments and I wouldn't mind an editor if someone has any helpful suggestions.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

Peter was 38. He was divorced and lived alone. He had an eighteen-year-old daughter, Tammy, who he adored but didn't see very often. His wife had left when she was only four and had moved to another city. However, Tammy was going to visit for the entire summer break and Peter was looking forward to it.

Peter waited at the gate to the airport for Tammy and she finally appeared and ran towards him. Rather than look happy Tammy burst into tears on reaching her father, then held Peter very tight while blubbering into his shirt. Peter was amazed and very concerned. He kept asking what was wrong but Tammy put him off, telling him she would tell him later when they were alone.

Tammy started to cry again in the car and kept sobbing all the way to Peter's home. Peter was terribly upset but had no idea what to do. Tammy just kept saying that she wanted to get to Peter's home before explaining it. Finally, they reached the home and Tammy got out of the car and went into the lounge room. Peter sat beside her, put his arm around Tammy, and asked if she could tell him what was wrong now. Tammy dug into her bag and pulled out her plane ticket. She gave it to Peter. He looked at it blankly and then realised that the return date was the next day.

Then Tammy put her head on Peter's shoulder and said: "Mom admitted to me that you are not my Dad and she even went to the court to have my birth certificate changed. So she said I'm not allowed to see you anymore, not while I live in her house. She said she never loved you, you were a dud lover, and you were never even really my father because you were never home when you were together and you only see me rarely." Tammy cried some more and Peter just sat there completely stunned. Tammy then went on: "But I've figured a way out of this, Daddy. Marry me. Then Mom can't tell me not to see you. You will be my husband. But I can still go to College and stay with Mom. She can't tell me not to see you."

To say Peter was shocked really did not cover it at all. "Tammy, honey, you're my daughter. I cannot marry you. I do love you but as a daughter. I don't care what your mother says; I'm your father and always will be."

Tammy then blurted out: "I went to a lawyer Daddy. He said that Mom could do what she said and since the birth certificate was changed since she lodged a declarations saying that you "forced" her to put your name on the birth certificate because you were her husband at the time and that the real father was your friend, John something or other. Since this John also did a declaration, the change was accepted and according to the lawyer, you are no longer legally anything to me at all. He even jokingly said that I was free to marry you if I liked and that gave me the idea. It really does work Daddy and makes Mum a fool in the process. Wouldn't that be worth it?" Peter was devastated. He was about to lose his daughter and no longer see her. He had a whole bunch of activities planned for the summer including a cruise that he had bought non-refundable tickets to. Peter truly loved his daughter, more than anything in the world. He sat for several minutes before saying: "OK, Tammy, if it means you stay in my life and can stay over the Summer I'll do it. I think it is wrong but I can't think of anything else and we only have until tomorrow."

Tammy's eyes brightened considerably and she hugged her father very tightly pressing her breasts hard into his chest. Peter could not help but notice that Tammy's nipples were very erect as she wasn't wearing a bra and he could feel them through his summer shirt. He felt ashamed because he physically reacted to the attention Tammy was lavishing. Tammy then said happily: "I was hoping you would agree. I applied for the licence a month ago. I forged your signature. I hope you don't mind but you have to apply a month before you can get married and I knew we would only have a short time knowing Mum. We have to get married today, Daddy."

Since Peter had agreed, he didn't see the point of putting it off so they climbed back in the car, drove to the registry office and after a two-hour wait, and a fifteen-minute ceremony, Tammy and her father emerged as Man and Wife. It might sound strange but marriages can be arranged between relatives quite easily because relationships are just not checked. That might seem unbelievable really but just how would the registry office do that, what with women keeping maiden names, name changes and the like. Moreover, even if someone looked at a birth certificate and saw that the parent's name matched the groom, such things actually do happen with people not related to each other. In this case, it didn't matter anyway because officially Peter was not Tammy's father. Even the prohibition against marrying stepchildren only applied if the child was adopted. Just living in the same house is not good enough. Strange but true and this has been used by others to get around marrying relatives. But to repeat the obvious, Tammy and Peter were not officially related at all.

Peter and Tammy returned home and the first thing Tammy did was telephone and change her flight booking to the end of the holidays. Thankfully, the ticket allowed for such changes. Tammy had been a bit subdued coming home in the car and Peter had wondered why. He thought he knew. It was a big thing to be married and Tammy often said she wanted a big white wedding. Instead, she was married in a rather skimpy top that was a bit sweaty from the heat and the travelling and old jeans. Peter had been dressed a little better but still just a lightweight business shirt and slacks. He thought Tammy had good reason to be a little subdued and even opened a bottle of champagne when they got home and jokingly said that they should toast their marriage, hoping the light heartedness would cheer Tammy up a bit.

Tammy took the drink, gulped the whole thing down, and then said: "Oh Daddy, I tricked you. I didn't tell you the whole truth. The lawyer told me that there was a catch that would change my mind about the idea. He said that Mom could get the marriage annulled unless the wedding was consummated and Mum and my stepfather will certainly do so as soon as they find out. So, you have to make love to me and provide proof. I thought a video would do it although it doesn't have to show exactly what is going on. Just the existence of the tape will be enough. Mom would never insist on seeing it, as long as she was sure it did exist."

Peter did not know what to say. Tammy was his daughter even if she really didn't look like him. Since Tammy had told him the bad news, he had thought about it and came to believe he really wasn't Tammy's father. She did have John's hair colouring and even skin tone and looked far more like John's sister than she did any of Peter's female relatives. He had become angrier with his ex-wife as the day had worn on. He felt that he had been thoroughly screwed by his wife, paying child support all these years and she must have laughed her arse off receiving each payment.

Peter had become just angry enough to go through with it. After all Tammy was now his wife. So he said: "Fine Tammy. You're my wife and that means we should make love. We can even go on a honeymoon. I booked a cruise as a surprise for you and now we can go on the honeymoon and fuck like bunny rabbits if you like." With that, he grabbed Tammy's hand and walked into the bedroom. Tammy looked a little anxious but when Peter said for her to get ready, and get naked if she really wanted to do this, Tammy did exactly that. Tammy was beautiful. In fact, Peter had never been very lucky in the girlfriend department and Tammy was by far the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in any state of undress.

Peter was a good guy and even was reasonably good looking. On top of that, he had a rather large cock, almost 8" long and very thick. Even with his lack of permanent girlfriends, he knew how to use it and was a naturally giving lover. His ex-wife actually resented Peter's caring nature as she had been brought up to expect to be dominated and abused by men and Peter did not do that at all. He just was a bit shy around women and had become so disillusioned after his wife suddenly just up and left for seemingly no reason that he hadn't even tried very hard to develop any relationships. However what he had done is devoted himself to work and was now wealthy, something that neither his daughter nor his ex-wife had known.

Tammy came to her father as he stared at her shapely body in wonder. She had anticipated having sex with her father, even though she was now sure he wasn't actually her father, and had had a Brazilian wax because she thought that it might please him. She had even sunbaked a little in the nude when her mother wasn't home so she didn't have any bikini marks. Now however she was more than a little nervous. Tammy had given her boyfriends a blowjob occasionally but otherwise had not done anything more, preferring to be known as a "good girl" in a town that had little better to do than gossip about the status of their younger inhabitants or even the indiscretions of their older inhabitants for that matter. Now Tammy was a married woman. It didn't matter and she loved her father deeply. She just didn't know if she could "give herself" to him despite now being naked in front of him, something she had not been since he had changed her as a baby.

Nervously Tammy crouched in front of Peter and undid his belt, letting his slacks fall to the floor. She was shocked to see how big his cock appeared to be inside his underwear but was completely taken aback when she pealed his underwear over her father's cock. It was so much larger than she had ever seen and she started to worry whether it would even fit. Tammy now worried whether this had been a good idea at all. She didn't think that her father might have been well endowed. To hear her mother talk about Peter, she had assumed he was rather inadequate in that department.

Tammy leaned forward and tried to get her mouth around her father's cock but found she had problems even getting the head in her mouth. So she ran her tongue along the shaft while fondling Peter's balls. Despite her misgivings, she started to feel herself getting wet and she felt a slight tingling at the top of her pussy. She wasn't sure what that was, as she hadn't felt it before but it did feel good.

Tammy gripped the base of Peter's cock and kept licking it, until eventually her new husband let out a moan. Gently Peter reached down, took his daughter in his arms, and raised her up to a standing position, kissing her very gently on her neck. He then did something that she had never had anyone do before. He simply smelled her hair. He continued to nuzzle along her neck and Tammy began to be quite turned on. She thought that she could endure a lacklustre fuck with her father so she could get to see him and stay with him for the summer but this was altogether different.

Slowly Tammy was moved to the bed until her knees struck the edge and suddenly she fell backwards, the fall cushioned by her father's surprisingly strong grip. Tammy found her legs being parted by her father's knees and then she gasped as Peter started to kiss and lick around the edges of her breast. He moved up towards her nipples and she expected him to suckle on them but instead he moved away again and started to lick and kiss her stomach down to her belly button and then around to her side. She was starting to go crazy from the anticipation without her father actually touching anything that would really set her off. None the less, she was now very wet indeed, and actually jumped when Peter very gently rested his hand on her inner thigh. Rather than attack her pussy or sink his fingers into her, he simply massaged along the very top of her legs and right at the fringes of her pussy without actually venturing all the way to her lips or to her clit. Tammy found herself raising her whole body in an attempt to move her pussy to a position that would mean her father's very gentle and soft fingertips would rub against something that would really have an effect on her. She felt her whole pussy was now on fire and really needed something to settle her down.

Instead of assisting Tammy, Peter kept infuriating her by not actually doing anything directly expected. She almost came when he dipped his tongue in her belly. Tammy thought: "For Christ's sake, who Cums from a tongue in their belly button?" Tammy felt like she would scream if Peter didn't do something more directly soon. She started terribly when her father worked his way back up to her breasts and gently squeezed them together so they were no longer slightly falling to each side of her body. However, it wasn't the pressure on the breasts that made Tammy start but rather the feeling of her father's cock as it came into the most excruciatingly gentle contact with pubic region as he had moved his body up to reach her breasts with his mouth.

Tammy actually did Cum when Peter closed his mouth down over one nipple and gently nipped and tugged at it, at the same time as massaging the side of her breasts with his hands. She could not believe it. She had Cum just because her father had taken a nipple into his mouth. What was more, it was extremely intense, and it took quite some time for her to come down from her orgasm. By the time Tammy was aware of her father's actions again, Peter had taken the other nipple into his mouth. The sudden cold on the first nipple covered in her father's saliva, and being almost caressed by the breeze from the window, felt amazing. Tammy just could not believe that she was quickly building to a far more intense orgasm and her father hadn't even touched her pussy directly. She had expected his cock to sink into her but instead somehow it was just very gently nestling between her pussy and the junction of one leg. Tammy felt she was slowly being driven mad by the sensations that she never even dreamed were possible.

As Peter suckled and drew out each of Tammy's nipples starting to pull them a little from her body as he withdrew from sucking each one, his hand drifted down to her pussy and she felt him finally brushing against her pussy lips. She continued to disbelieve the sensations. As a finger ran very slowly along Tammy's pussy, she came again in a shuddering orgasm. Just as she was regaining some semblance of reality, she felt the head of her father's cock nestle into her pussy and very slowly draw into the entrance to her cunt. She could not take the teasing nature of her father's ministrations and bucked her hips quite violently up off the bed while being driven into yet another orgasm. Her father's cock sunk a couple of inches into her and she screamed. This orgasm was the most intense she had ever had in her life and on top of that, her father's very fat cock was stretching her cunt open more than her own fingers had ever stretched it. She just couldn't believe how full she felt and her father's cock was only just inside her.

Far worse than the teasing of her father's mouth was the fact that Peter actually withdrew his cock from her cunt and she never felt emptier in her life. She wanted his cock back in her and she wanted it now! Tammy reached down and grasped her father's cock quite roughly, placed it at the entrance to her cunt and slammed her hips forward as hard as she could. Peter was ready for her however and he moved with her so that all she achieved was getting his cock back to where it had been before. In frustration, Tammy screamed out very loudly: "Daddy! Don't do this. It is unfair. Damn well fuck me with that monster cock of yours. Slam it into me. I can't take any more teasing. Just fuck me for Christ's Sake. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Please."

Peter realised then that his teasing might have gone a bit too far and did what he was bid. He lunged forward and because of just how wet Tammy was, her father's cock sunk in her until his balls slapped against her arse and the head of his cock actually was touching her cervix. She just couldn't believe how stretched it felt nor the pain of her hymen being ripped apart by her Daddy's monster. Because that is how she was now thinking of it. It was no longer just a cock but a monster cock.

Tammy felt an intense stinging sensation as well as an uncomfortable feeling as her virgina continued to stretch in order to accommodate her father. She gritted her teeth to stop from crying out but couldn't help herself as her father withdrew almost to the entrance suddenly leaving her feeling quite empty. Amazingly as he moved back in again and despite the stinging pain, immediately Peter touched her clit with his finger, Tammy came violently. By the time this orgasm ended, Tammy felt drained and her little cunt felt numb as the pain too subsided with the orgasm. Peter was moving in and out of Tammy by this time, thrusting forcefully while rubbing her clit in small circles. The numbness started to wear off and Tammy again was in a state of disbelief as to the feelings she was then having. She wanted it to go on forever. She thought fleetingly that her father could have been fucking her years ago rather than her waiting to be eighteen but then thought that perhaps she couldn't have fitted Peter's cock in her.

Tammy started to pant and moan and then started to scream as her father sped up the pace. "Oh ... God ... Daddy. Uh. I can't ... I can't fucking believe this. Oh! Ooh! Fuck meeeee. Fuck me hard with that monster cock! I wish it had actually made me but then I wouldn't be your wife now. Oh. Daddy I get to do this all the time. You have to service your wife you know. Just keep fucking me. I don't think I'm going to leave you ever again. Oh ... Fuck me! Keep fucking me Daddy!"

Somehow, Tammy didn't get the incongruity of calling Peter "Daddy" and saying that she was his wife. She just hadn't worked out at all that if anyone overheard, her father might have a great deal of explaining to do or that she really couldn't have Peter as her husband and father at the same time but in the heat of her passion none of this even remotely entered Tammy's mind. Moreover, even if someone had been there to point it out she wouldn't have cared. As far as she was concerned, Peter would always be Daddy to her and now he was also her husband. Tammy might have thought it a clever trick to outsmart her mother, expected a lacklustre and very short fuck just so the marriage was consummated, but now she realised just what a big deal this all was.

Tammy just hadn't even imagined that she would enjoy her father fucking her or that she would even think of it as being fucked. Now she couldn't imagine a day passing without her father buried in her cunt and he had only just started fucking her and hadn't even finished the first time yet. Peter kept pounding Tammy, increasing his pace until it was rather frantic. Tammy wasn't even fully conscious anymore, unaware of her surroundings completely. She came yet again but this time she started to see flashes of light everywhere and then nothing but black. By the time her father's by then concerned face came back into focus, her father had stopped although he was still resting inside her and she could feel Peter's Cum running down to her arse and between her arse cheeks onto the bed.

Tammy then fell asleep and Peter crawled up the bed to take her in his arms. Her cunt had been so tight and they had been fucking for such a long time that Peter's cock had become quite painful. However, Tammy was obviously enjoying the frantic coupling and there was no way Peter was going to either deny her whatever pleasure she was feeling or lessen her enjoyment by mentioning that it was less than perfect for him too. He loved Tammy and couldn't even really believe that he had fucked his own daughter. Actually until Tammy had mentioned being his wife, he had forgotten that too, so wrapped up that he was in providing the maximum pleasure possible for Tammy. He realised that this hadn't been just a device to ensure he would continue to see his daughter but had fundamentally changed their relationship. Tammy really was now his wife and it seemed expected to be fucked regularly. Until he started, he had thought of it as a one off thing to consummate the marriage but now they were a married couple and married couples have sex, make love and fuck.

Just as it was getting dark, Tammy woke up to find she was wrapped in her father's arms. She felt wonderful and she felt safe. Surprisingly she also thought to herself that she felt married. She had consummated their marriage and it had not been a perfunctory thing at all but full of sensations she had not even dreamed were possible. She had Cum so often she couldn't even begin to guess how many times and her pussy was still tingling from the orgasms. She was also very sore and she wondered how much it was going to hurt over the next few days until the soreness went away.

Tammy was not prepared to go a day without her new husband fucking her but was very worried about just how much it would hurt. Somehow, she had formed the idea that if they didn't fuck every day she wasn't being a good wife to her father and he might not want to fuck her daily when she wasn't sore anymore. The reality was that if Peter had known she was even the slightest bit sore or anything hurt he would not dream of doing anything and certainly would not have done anything to make it worse. He loved his darling daughter so much that he was prepared to do virtually anything for her and it wasn't exactly going to be a chore to fuck her every day if that is what she demanded.

Tammy looked over at her father's cock and was still amazed that she had fit it inside her and it was only partially erect. She realised that it wasn't flaccid either and immediately thought that that meant that Peter would want to fuck again. Not having had a lover before, she really didn't have a clue about pretty much anything. When Peter opened his eyes, his daughter smiled at him. She had been rubbing his cock for a few minutes and it was now very hard. Looking a little like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car Tammy said to her father: "Darling, you're hard again. You'll need to fuck me. I'm wet enough now so we can start."

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