Perfect Storm

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2010 by Bakerman

Erotica Sex Story: A stray email received out of thin air unleash a storm of sex as a wife reveals her wild and tempetuous side to unsuspecting husband. Storms of nature outside and storms of lust inside. Nature and science combine in a world wide event of sexpic (epic) performance. Lots of sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Friday the 13th and I had taken a day off work and I was trying to set up a wireless network at home. My two kids were away for a four-day camp and I promised to have it done for when they got home. As I do this for a living I told my wife that it would not take very long so she also took time off work hoping for some fun in the sun once I was done.

Today though was not being the most co-operative of days as first my supplier's truck gets lost on the way to my house and that delays me even starting on time. Then it is a whole host of little problems that continued to eat away at my patience, combined with a day time temp that had already climbed into the low 30's C by 10:00 AM plus humidity which soaked through my t-shirt and made my hands damp so I had to wipe them before I could touch anything.

Of course around our way these weather conditions always seems to be a prelude to a storm at this time of year so I was rushing to get finished before the weather turned nasty.

Next it was my wife, parading around the house in her bikini, looking for some of the attention I sort of promised her. During a break I rubbed sun-block on her back and shoulders and I made her lunch while in the middle of another stress moment. From then on whenever she wandered by to see what I was doing she had a glass of wine in her hand.

It was late in the day, nearly early evening; by the time I did finish trouble shooting the whole system and the dark clouds had rolled in and the temperature was falling. I had a hot shower to drive off the tension in my neck and shoulders and then dragged on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt before sitting in front of the computer for the last time today.

Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance.

Everything was working so all I wanted to do is flick an email to my supplier complaining about the delay and the poor quality of some of the parts he supplied. Right in the middle of typing there was a blinding flash of lightning followed a nano second later by a crack of thunder that had me ducking for cover as I thought the windows were going to blow in.

Next the whole house, no the whole street went black but within seconds lights were flickering back on. Strangely the computer opened up at the email screen where it had been moments ago. My message was gone but even though all the windows I had open were blank my inbox was flashing "one new message".

The thunder had roused my wife from her afternoon nap and she came to see what was going on. I began explaining how the inbox was showing a message but there was nothing on the screen. She came and stood next to me and took control of the mouse.

Being so close to me I noticed how she was dressed, high heels, thigh high stockings, very short linen, sundress and black thong panties, visible through the material. She moved the mouse around the screen and her "ah-ha" focused my attention back on the screen.

Although the screen was blank moving the cursor over the top of the message window turned the line blue as if highlighting a message so my wife clicked on it to see what opened and there was a message but with no header or address and this is what we found.


I got 'creamed' alright! I stayed over night at Andy's and just got in about half hour ago. I'm still groggy but I'll try to give you a blow-by-blow (pun fully intended).

Even if you lived under a rock you must know the outcome of yesterday's games ... I lost both tips. Game 1 put me over their laps, it was Game 2 that dropped me to my knees but it was several drinks and my own horny pussy that put me on my back. Yeah, things got carried away but no complaints here.

I don't remember who did it (probably Billie) but someone took a marker pen and wrote "PARTY DOWN HERE" right across my mons pubis (vaginal mound) I first noticed it this morning when I took a shower at Andy's.

The second half of Game 2 game was so tense both Billie and I were drinking heavy ... and you know the outcome ... Off came my thong and first it was over laps then on my knees ... like the bet I'd agreed to ... BUT Billie took my thong and stuffed it in my mouth (ok, been there, done that ... no big deal, besides I was half-spiffed) she said she was going to slap my ass so hard I'd need the gag to keep me quiet ... and she did too (much more than the guys.)

So first I got stripped then spanked while gagged with my panties ... actually had done that before just not for so many guys. But this second spanking was different ... slaps on my buttocks PLUS fingers up my wet pussy ... they all did (especially Billie ) and I was so fucking horny!

After the spanking Billie took the thong out of my mouth and had me kneel (this I was prepared for, still sober enough to enjoy it all) and the first guy steps up and I'm giving him a blow job and caressing his balls when Billie pulls my hands away gently but firmly pulls my arms behind my back and uses MY THONG to tie my wrists ... She was caressing my boobs as she tells me to take my time ... and I'm getting incredibly hot.

Billie had her hands on me for each guy's turn ... I sucked all the guys off in about an hour and I tell you, I was so fucking horny I wanted them to fuck me ... and before I go down on Billie, she gives me a drink ... her little joke, a screwdriver, orange juice and way too much vodka ... she had to hold the glass while I sipped because my hands were still bound behind my back ... and all the while the guys are whooping it up ... and then Billie squats on the sofa with her legs spread and she takes off her jeans and thong and starts masturbating buck naked while one of the guys pushed my face between her legs and on to her pussy.

I was more than drunk ... the screwdriver tipped me over the edge and I was licking and sucking and feeling good and feeling very sexy, the guys are all laughing and some were smacking my ass again ... and then I felt my legs being touched from behind ... I couldn't look back because Billie had her hands on my head and she was saying stuff egging the guys on ... things like " fuck her hard boys ... she wants it bad. " and you know, I did.

I didn't think I was such a slut, but I am. I actually lifted my head and shouted" Yeah, Do it ... FUCK ME " ... and they did.

I got gang-banged and I loved it; I only wish I had been sober enough to fully appreciate it. They must have lifted me up or helped me up because I ended up on Andy's bed. I'm pretty sure everyone was watching as they fucked me ... it didn't feel private at all ... and I know I took one guy in my mouth and another in my pussy more than once.

I know, you warned me last time. I think you hinted I might get raped ... but this was totally consensual and sensual ... LOL. No regrets ( except too much booze ) But now I'm sure I'm known as PARTY DOWN HERE in this crowd. btw, in the fog of inebriation last night I did hear sex sounds coming from the living room, so I think Billie got some too.


My wife and I were silent for a few moments and I don't know about her but I read and re-read the message trying to work out how had I received this in case my wife suspected that this might not be an accident. My wife's hand was still on the mouse and she clicked on reply but nothing came up to identify who the sender or who the recipient may have been.

My hand strayed to the leg of my wife, as the erotic images of this message excited me, and I gently ran it up her leg until I reached her arse. Although she was still staring at the screen her free hand was in my lap massaging my cock through the material of my boxers.

"Bet or dare" was my wife's comment to the email.

"How can you tell?" I queried, as my hand slipped between her legs and my thumb pressed against her butt hole.

It may have been the wine talking but I was both shocked and aroused when she calmly admitted doing something similar in her college days as a dare with her best friend and six guys.

By now my hand was sawing into her crotch and I was thumbing her bum as she explained how the message mirrored her own experience. I had to move her hand to re-arrange the furniture into a more comfortable position. She open her legs and squatted slightly onto my hand.

I threw the dress up and stuck my head underneath the takes some man size bites of her arse while slobbering like a dog around her butt hole. The scent of sex permeated the air as I could feel her heating up between her legs.

My hand stopped rubbing and pulled aside the thong so I could ream her rosette of a back door with my tongue. Grunts, groans and ugghh's told me I was doing the right thing. She lifted one leg and rested her knee on the desk so I could to her steaming sex spot and my tongue and fingers gave her an overdose of foreplay.

The sundress buttoned down the front and every button shot in a different direction as my wife ripped the garment open to the accompaniment of another thunder roll.

The storm outside was nothing like the storm that was raging inside as my wife slammed her hand on the keyboard and pushed it and everything else to the back of the desk. The monitor is on a swing arm so it stayed roughly in place, then my wife yanked me from the chair, slapped me on my back on the desk and in a feat of lust infused strength ripped the seam of my boxers so they hung in tatters, giving her access to my cock.

She gripped it tight enough leave marks as he mouth proceeded to swallow the reddening cockhead and as much of the shaft as she could manage. My eyes rolled back into my head which meant I couldn't see the last of my cock disappear.

I felt her forehead against my groin so she must have had it all then she started sucking, licking, swallowing and gagging. Fist pumping the shaft until I felt sore at the base. She licked me from ball sack to cock tip working her tongue all of my cock.

Passion had nothing to do with this performance and it was really beyond lust as she spat on the head and used her fist to smear the saliva along the shaft. I could feel my cum starting to churn and as much as I wanted to fuck her I don't think I could have got it in her vagina before I shot my load.

Rain was hammering on the roof so I had to scream that I was cumming so she pointed my cock at her mouth and violently jerked me until I sprayed her face and filled her mouth with cum. My balls felt like they were being sucked out as well as my wife covered the head to get as much as she could.

Next she sat in the chair, spread her legs and propped her ankles on the desk and told me it was my turn. So on my knees, head between her creamy thighs, I returned serve and my lips, tongue, fingers and teeth attacked her pussy.

To get me fired up again she regaled me with her college exploits of dare's and double dare's with her friend Fran and of having sex with seven different guys one night after a football game.

With her hands holding my head firmly in place, her thighs squeezing whenever I hit a new spot and the incessant rain and thunder she was practically screaming to the world about how much of a cum-slut she once was.

The image of buffed college jocks standing around the bed, as she lay naked in front of them,. sucking and fucking solo, double-teaming and having all her holes filled empowered my cock back to peak performance.

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