A Chance Encounter

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2010 by hotwetnshaved

Incest Sex Story: i find a job and an awful lot more

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Water Sports   .

I was eighteen when I applied for the job, I got it the next day and I've done it every day since then, I think that only a sex mad girl like me could like it but I do, I manage to get myself off at least twice a day and I earn mega bucks for doing it!

The company gave me a special phone number, one that all the adverts carry, they gave me several scripts just as guidelines and they told me I had to keep the punter talking for at least three minutes, after that all the money was mine.

Some of the guys are seriously weird but others, well they're mostly ok and some sound really nice, they're the ones that get me off, there was one guy in particular, he phoned two or three times every week and always talked for about half an hour, I broke all the rules with him, but I really liked him and my hands were always in my panties while we talked.

At first he talked about what I was wearing and what I liked to do in bed, he was well into incest so I pretended I was fucking my brother, I don't have a brother but he didn't know that, he liked stockings too so I always said I was wearing some along with tiny little panties, (which I really do wear.) He liked sexy pissing too, which I also enjoy, so I often took the phone into the bathroom and let him hear me doing it through my panties.

I made over a hundred a week just out of him so he was lucrative to me, but as I said he sounded nice and he was always polite to me, so I always looked forward to his calls, the night I broke the rules was when I'd had a few too many to drink and I was feeling particularly horny when he called, I asked him for an address and promised to send him a pair of my wet panties, it was an office address in a very good part of town and of course I knew his name then, Richard Carpenter, I had to mark the package personal to make sure only he got it.

He did and phoned me back the very next night to thank me,

"They smelled gorgeous" he said, "Would you send me some more?"

I said I would and that was when he asked for my address so he could send me some money,

At first I refused but he was insistent and eventually I gave in and gave him my address and then two days later £50 arrived in an envelope, he phoned that night again and asked if I'd bought anything nice with the money,

"I bought a rubber micro skirt" I said truthfully,

"Does it cover your bottom?"

"Just about" I laughed, "but I'd have to wear it for a friend, a close friend"

He growled then and I felt my pussy leaking,

"I bought some rubber g-strings too" I said and he growled again,

"You're making me wet" I said and that was when I broke the rules again, I gave him my own phone number and told him that every time he spent five minutes on the "special" number he could ring my private number afterwards.

He rang every night from then onwards and then said he'd love to take me out for a drink one night,

"Why don't you come here?" I said chucking another rule out of the window,

"I can cook you a meal and I can show you my rubber skirt"

"Show me or wear it?" he asked and my hand stole down into my panties,

"I could wear it for you" I said seductively, "And a rubber g-string too"

He growled again and I came gasping and whimpering,

"Are you all right?" he asked and I giggled,

"I just came" I laughed, "That growl of yours is so sexy, I couldn't help it, why don't you come round now?"

"I'll be there in half an hour" and he rang off,

I used the time to shower, do my hair, put some make up on and slip into a tight, white tee shirt that showed my nipples clearly, a tiny black rubber g-string and the rubber skirt, I looked a real slut, but I felt so fucking horny, I just didn't care.

He was even better looking than I'd imagined, tall, dark and very, very well built, although a bit older than I'd have thought,

"You must be Kirsty" he smiled and shook my hand politely,

"Yes and you must be Richard"

"Yes and may I say you look gorgeous?"

"Thank you"

He'd brought champagne with him so I put it in the freezer for a few minutes, I sensed him behind me and then I felt his hands on my waist, I was tingling with desire, I turned round and his lips crushed mine, I melted into his arms returning his kiss with fervor, we sucked tongues, swapped saliva, he ran his hands up inside the back of my tee shirt making me shiver, I felt his hardness pressing into my stomach and I moaned that I wanted him inside me, he pulled my tee shirt off over my head while I unzipped his trousers, God his prick was huge, I could only just manage to get my fist round it, I felt his hands under my skirt stroking my ass, a finger slipped under the string and I shuddered with pleasure as it caressed my nether hole.

"Do me there" I moaned, "Just like we talked about"

I turned and presented my barely clad bottom to him,

"Oh Christ" he growled, "That's beautiful, just fucking beautiful"

Sinking to his knees he pressed his face between my cheeks and I felt his tongue lapping at me,

"You taste like a dream" he said softly and pushed his tongue up into my tiny hole,

"I fuck like a whore" I hissed, "Shove that monster up me, come on shag my ass hole"

Roughly, he pushed me against the table and whipped my g-string to one side, I squealed as he pushed into me, then I screamed as his prick skewered me deeply, I started to come immediately and I was still coming as I felt his prick spewing in my rectum, but incredibly it stayed hard and I was able to enjoy a nice long anal fuck, my first for a long time.

He reached round and caressed my clitoris, squeezing it gently between his fingers, he played with my nipples and squeezed them too whilst using his other hand on my cunt,

"I'm going to come again" I gasped, "But this is going to be a wet one, I lose control"

"Perfect" he said, "Do it baby, do it, squirt all over me"

The friction in my ass was almost unbearable, I seemed to get hotter and hotter, then I think my brain burst, I screamed, I pushed myself back to allow him in even deeper, he pushed and then held himself perfectly still while I rode out the most incredible and wettest orgasm I'd ever had!

I pulled my string back on then and we cuddled together on the sofa, his hand gently stroking my inner thighs,

"The champagne will be ready now" I suggested and he growled again as I got up to pour it,

"Kirsty your ass is to die for" he laughed, "I'm getting hard again already"

"Save it mister" I laughed, "I'll want more later on, much, much more"

"Come on I'll show you my bedroom"

"Are you planning on kidnapping me?" he laughed, "If so will you take your skirt off first, I want to look at your ass all the time"

I did and my g-string too, but I made him strip naked as well before leading him by the cock through to the bedroom,

"Hey this is beautiful" he said as he saw my bed, an old four poster that I'd lovingly restored myself, it had taken me three months but the wood had come up lovely, I'd draped pink net curtains all around it and found an old fashioned bolster, it was my pride and joy, I loved it.

"You're the only man to see this" I told him truthfully and pulled him down onto it,

He was ready and every bit as eager as me, his lips found my nipples and sucked at each one in turn before running his tongue down to my navel, he tickled when he explored it, but then his head dipped lower and a shock of sheer pleasure ran through me as his tongue gently parted my cunt lips,

"Mmm" he said softly, "I thought your ass was sweet, but this, this is something else"

I lay back and let him eat me, he was a magician with his mouth, time after time he took me to the very brink of an orgasm only to stop at the last minute, he sucked my clitoris into his mouth and nibbled it gently, he licked up my plentiful juices telling me they were better than the champagne and then he drew himself up over me and gently, with all the tenderness in the world, he made love to me.

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