Putting Sasha in Her Place

by dodgynubian

Copyright© 2010 by dodgynubian

Suspense Story: Shop girl is stalked by a would-be abductor

Tags: Ma/Fa   Rape   Heterosexual   Sadistic  

"I'm finished for the day, get someone else," barked Sasha Doughty as she walked past the till at the end of her shift.

A sneer crossed Sasha's face as she walked out of the store. Behind her she could hear the cashier ringing the bell for some other supervisor. There seemed to be a note of desperation in that sound.

'Stupid black bitch!' thought Sasha, 'I don't know why they employ their kind!'

Off thru the town Sasha strode, heading for home. She seriously doubted if the store could survive without her.

He saw Sasha as she exited the store. Regular as clockwork, just like all the other days he had been waiting for her. No staying late if Sasha could help it. She was so easy to pick out - a tall girl with that stupid pony-tail waggling down her back, bobbing in time as she walked. Today was quite a cold day so she was wearing her red fleecy jacket and her dark blue work pants. Of course Sasha Doughty's most distinctive feature was her attitude - that snooty arrogant look that gave the impression that she was so much better than everybody else. God it would be great to see her humbled, humiliated, grubbing in the dirt like the bitch she was...

As he tracked her thru the crowds of shoppers it became obvious that Sasha was'nt going to do any shopping today. The little bitch was heading straight home. Good.

This stalking, her tight sexy ass in those blue pants and the thrilling anticipation of what he had planned for her was giving him a massive stiffie. As she headed towards the path by the car-park he had to make a conscious effort to control his breathing.

She was almost at decision point. Could he really do this?

Like most men the fantasy of abducting and raping a girl was a pleasant one that he regularly indulged in. Of course moral considerations held him back from actually commiting such a crime. Thoughts about the effects on the victim and on her poor family stopped him from going out and attacking someone. What if he raped a woman who turned out to be a nurse from a loving family?

Oh dear.

Bad guilt trip for eternity.

Until he met Sasha Doughty.

They had met when he had a crappy Xmas job at her store. At first he was pleased. Sasha was a good-looking girl. Perhaps if he played his cards right a date might follow...

That thought had died by the end of his first shift. Sasha was a cow. A mean, bitchy, arrogant cow. He worried that her coldness was the result of his rudeness - had he made leering at her too obvious? But it soon became apparent that Sasha was obnoxious to everyone. A bully to those beneath her, someone who blamed everybody else when those above her criticised. The most unpopular person in the place by a mile. He was glad to leave when Xmas Eve came round.

It was a few months later that thoughts of Sasha entered his head. His usual rape fantasies featured either the thirtysomething woman who sometimes caught the same bus he did or the blonde teenage waitress in the local cafe. The woman would be dragged into some bushes as she walked home, beaten to the ground and then nailed. The teenager would be followed home from work, hauled into an alleyway and humped. Both pleasing fantasies but just fantasy. He would be unable to actually assault either female. Once he had seen bus-woman reading some Salvation Army literature. Raping a Christian lady would inevitably produce bad karma. As for the teenager, well she sounded a bit thick and had a stud in her nose but that was'nt reason enough to rip her jeans off and do her at knifepoint.

Then he thought of Sasha...

Sasha had the happy union of the two ingredients for a jolly rape. She was good-looking. No argument there. She was not a nice person. So no guilt trip afterwards. Knowing what a cow she was would actually make violating her even more pleasurable. Abducting and raping Sasha Doughty therefore seemed a good, nay brilliant, idea.

The phone book revealed four Doughtys in the region. A good start.

The officious biddy in the library refused to let him use the electoral roll to look up anyone but himself. Pooh! Time to go a-stalking.

From his time at the store he knew what shift Sasha worked and when she finished so at the appointed time he just loitered outside.(wearing a cap to avoid been recognised)

It took five days with frequent alarms and frustrations as he thought she had spotted him or he lost her but eventually he found out where she lived - a smart semi-detached three bedroom house about a mile from the store. This simple detective work excited him somewhat. He had found out something about Sasha's private life and this thrilled him.

His first plan was to break into the house at night and rape Sasha in her own bed. He could sneak in to her bedroom, put a knife at her throat and while her parents were sleeping blissfully unaware in the next room hump their daughter senseless! Wa-Hey!

Practical considerations scuppered the plan. How many people lived in the house? He did'nt fancy discovering that Sasha had two strapping brothers. What if they caught him? That did'nt bear thinking about. An assault in the house was out. Miss Sasha would have to be got between home and work.

Sasha's route from work to home started at the store. She went along the High Street, crossed the busy road at the end, walked past some more shops, a car-park and then got into the estate where her house was. He surveyed the route for rape points. There was an alleyway between shops on the High Street and a line of bushes at one end of the car-park. Neither of them were much use. CCTV covered the High Street. The bushes were so thin that half the main road would be able to see. He could probably smack Sasha over the head, haul her pants and knickers down and give her one before anyone could stop him but even then it would last mere seconds. Funnily enough this realisation did'nt disappoint him at all.

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