After the Funeral

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2010 by hotwetnshaved

Incest Sex Story: Amother and son love story

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   .

"Ooh God I'm shattered" mum flopped down on the sofa and swung her legs up over the arm,

"Shall I pour us out another drink before we go to bed?"

"Yeah, why not?" she smiled, "There's no work tomorrow, let's get drunk"

"You get silly when you're drunk" I laughed and she agreed with me,

"I know but you like me being silly don't you?"

"Silly or serious mum, I love you either way"

"Thank you darling" she beamed, "I think I need cheering up after the funeral"

"You're glad though aren't you? You're glad he's dead?"

"You know darling, I'm not glad, I'm just relieved"


"Because I can do exactly what I want, wear what I want and have as much sex as I want"

"Talking of sex" I laughed, "You're wearing stockings aren't you?"

"I might be" she smiled at me in that coy way of hers, "I might be wearing lacy little knickers too, pulled right up into my slit"

She got up then and I watched as she sashayed over to pour out our drinks, silently I I went up behind her and slipped both arms round her waist,

"You're horny aren't you mum?" and I flicked my tongue in her ear, "You want me to fuck you again don't you?"

She gasped and wiggled her ass against me as I licked her ear,

"You're awfully sure of yourself aren't you?"

"That's because I know you want me to fuck you mum, you want me to take your panties off and bury my prick right up your hot little hole"

"God but you're a dirty little sod aren't you?"

"It's being around you that does it mum" I said softly, "Just looking at you makes me hard"

I slipped a hand inside her dress and caressed a heavy breast through her bra,

"Your nipples are hard"

"They're aching"

"Shall I take your bra off?"

Her voice was low and husky, very husky, "Take everything off and then take me to bed"

"I thought you wanted to get drunk?"

"All right" she giggled, "Take everything off and we can get drunk and naked"

She WAS wearing lacy little knickers, very wet ones and yes they were definitely pulled right up into her sexy little slit,

"I'd rather leave the panties and stockings on mum" I laughed and she agreed,

"But I want you naked" she said, "Looking at your hard cock turns me on"

"I think looking at that girl turned you on"

"Well I could certainly see what your dad saw in her"

"She kept looking at you mum"

"Yes I know"

I stepped out of my trousers and she smiled as my prick sprang free practically touching my navel.

"See, she got to you as well"

"No mum" I replied and sat down drawing her into my arms, "A beautiful, mature lady got to me, she's sitting quite close to me, smelling like a dream and looking like a wet dream"

"Is she wearing lacy little panties?"


"Are they pulled right up into her slit?"

She wiggled her bum and giggled,

"Does her son want mummy's mouth on his prick?"

She bent her head and I gasped out loud as she took me into her mouth,

"Fuck yes, yes he does"

She turned then, still with my prick in her mouth and I was presented with her lovely little backside barely clad in the lacy panties we'd both spoke about, they were wet, soaked with her juices and they hid nothing of her aromatic little slit,

My lips touched the gossamer thin lace and she moaned around my prick wiggling her bottom as I wormed my tongue beneath the tiny garment,

I felt both hands on my balls, squeezing and kneading them gently and I heard her soft whimpers as I delved into her wetness, the soft inner flesh inside her pussy tasted like nectar to me, her juices like the finest champagne, my hands found the side ties of her panties and they fell away as I unfastened them, using both hands I held her open and used my tongue like a miniature prick, I stabbed, prodded and poked while she forced herself back onto my mouth, of all the perverse things we'd done together, this was the one we loved best, she once told me that my father considered it dirty, I suppose it was, but by God it felt good!

She was naked now except for her stockings, I loved the feel of the nylon against my neck and chin, her juices were filling my mouth as I explored her depths and her moans of ecstasy filled my senses,

"Davy" she squealed, "Davy you're making me cum"

I knew I would cum too so I wormed a finger into her tight puckered hole and she screamed, I felt her sharp teeth nibbling at my prick and suddenly, just for a second, she was still, then the dam burst, she screamed again and her juices gushed out, swallowing eagerly, I thrust myself forward with an animalistic grunt and filled her mouth with my spunk.


I opened my eyes to find her propped up on one elbow looking at me and smiling,

"Morning" I grunted and she giggled,

"Oh Mr. Grumpy is it?"

"No mum" I forced a grin, "I could never be grumpy with you, but I need to clean my teeth and get a shower,

"Go on then, I'll make us a tea while you do it, I'll take it outside it's a beautiful day"

It took me less than ten minutes and sure enough she was sat at the garden table wearing an ultra short, transparent house coat,

"We've got an appointment to see our solicitor at eleven"

"We?" I looked up in surprise,

"Yes you and I, he'll want to go over your father's estate with us both, you'll benefit too you know"

"The only thing I want of his is sitting right here looking like a wet dream"

She giggled and blushed prettily,

"Enough, you sex maniac, keep your mind out of my pussy and concentrate"

"Ok mum" I laughed, "But it's kind of difficult if you insist on not wearing panties"

She stood up and leaned over touching her lips to mine,

"I don't insist darling, but remember what I said last night about being free to wear what I want?"

"Of course"

"Well right now I feel like not wearing panties, it's sexy"

"I know that much mum" I grinned and reached round to stroke her lovely little bottom,

"Stop it" she laughed, "You know how that affects me"

"I didn't mum, but I do now"

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