The Chosen: a Victoria Truman Story

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2010 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Vicky is 'chosen' to provide a Mrs. Robinson experience for four young guys; she's reluctant; they insist

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   .

Victoria Truman was the chosen; of course she didn't know that but she was. They had chosen her, after looking and looking, and talking and talking. She was just the one. They were like that: careful, calculating, exact and determined.

They called themselves 'the SHOW'; they knew it was corny, since their names were Steve, Howe, Ondrej and Will but they didn't care. They were 'the SHOW'. They did things together and had done, since they were just kids in the neighborhood together. They played sports together, ran a little side business together, and even shared girls. (They still laughed about the famous example of Heidi S who wanted so badly to be a slut for Howie and ended being a slut for the whole SHOW. --But that's another story.) But lately they had gotten restless. They talked more and more about what it might be like to take an older woman. The more they talked, the better the idea seemed. They joked about wanting a 'Mr. Robinson' in their lives, a sexy contrast to their own late teen aged years. 'After all, ' their thinking went, 'older women were supposed to be sexy and great in bed.' They wanted to try that out.

Will put it into words for them aptly:

"Yeah, let's find an older Heidi and make her our slut."

The others thought that was just a really fine idea. The talk about a new 'Mrs Robinson' figure for them continued, and grew in its own way. One of them, at one such talk suggested that maybe what they should do is find a older black woman. The others hooted about that possibility, liking it immediately. Their sights were set.

The SHOW went into action. Steve was their sleuth, kind of, he began to research the project. It was at a local mall, purely by accident that he noticed Victoria Truman. 'She looked good, ' was his first impression, and Victoria Truman did indeed look good.

Victoria Truman was what they considered 'older' and, by her own description, unattached. She meant it to be that way. She certainly enjoyed periodic sex but made sure that she went way out of the district for it. She was completely, totally dedicated to her career, and in that career she was doing just fine. She gave over everything to the care and feeding of her career. It had paid off for her.

Of course, she was positioned to do well from the start by her innate attractiveness. Victoria was a statuesque black woman and a looker for sure. She initially sacrificed a good deal financially in order to be able to always dress in a killing fashion. That too had served her well. She dressed well and attended to her job, always minding the small things that seemed to matter to those who counted. She never 'slept her way to the top'; she never had to because she made sure that she was good at what she did. Victoria made sure that her 'wildness', as she called it, was served in other ways and other places.

Soon enough it paid off for her, and the promotions and raises came. Her dedication and attitude about getting ahead never changed but her living style did. She bought a large lovely home, which was situated on its own grounds, about 12 acres of wooded land with lanes and paths. Victoria Truman had made it.

Now she was the Chosen. The more Steve shadowed her, surer he was that she was the one for them. He let them know about that and soon Ondrej joined him in shadowing Victoria. It took no time at all for Ondrej to be convinced also.

They followed Victoria for a two week period very discreetly. They learned that she had definite habits: habits about when and where she shopped, where she ate. They also found that she was most often solo in her going out and around. There seemed to be no boyfriend or male interest figure to cause any problem. Steve and Ondrej followed her enough to know where she lived, and how to get there if you didn't want to be seen. The two of them thought that they were ready for her.

The got together and planned their 'Victoria Campaign', as they called it. They were determined to make her as compliant as Heidi had eventually become for all of them. They relived those scenes in their discussions and agreed that the training period was a good part of the joy of turning Heidi, or any woman, into their slut to use.

Howie was the planner, so they turned it over to him, with the information that they'd gotten from Steve and Ondrej. Will was the muscle of the SHOW; he and Ondrej were designated at the enforcers. Their plan was a 'go' for them. As part of the preparation, Howie was able to shadow her cell phone use and discovered that Beninda was planning a long weekend home that weekend. He listened in on her declining an invitation from a girl friend to get together. It was mid afternoon on a Friday, and she said that she was going home to just veg, after a few more stops.

They made sure that they got there ahead of her. There was an old service road that ran near that ran near the property, where they parked their vehicles, getting themselves in position around her house. Then they waited. It wasn't long before they heard her coming.

"Show time!" Howie said to them and they were ready.

Victoria was pleased that it was Friday; she genuinely liked Fridays. She frequently, as today, took off early and had a relaxing weekend. This weekend included a Monday holiday and that made it even more special. She parked her car in front of her garage, as she normally did, and walked out to the edge of the road, enjoying the silence and the soft air of Fall, to see about the mail. She was absorbed in looking through the pile of mail and the catalogues as she approached the house. Her attention was addressed to the mail, and so it was a complete surprise that suddenly a young man stood in front of her, between her and the house door.

"What... ?" she said from surprise.

He only grinned at her.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

She thought better of standing and asking questions, when she surveyed the grin on his face. She spun on her heels and went back toward the car, fishing out her keys, from her jacket pocket, as she went. Then there was another young man standing between her and the car. He was just as young and also grinning at her.

Victoria's next instinct was to move toward the road. She could feel just a little, just a little note of panic residing deep within her and threatening to rise. She strode toward the road, where the mailbox was, and there was a third young man standing in her way, between her and the road. She could tell, feel as much as see, that the others were closing in on her from behind.

Her only path was out toward the fields but she knew that she could get away that way and turned in that direction. She shot a quick glance at the guy who was out by the road and, sure enough, he was moving quickly in her direction. She didn't take any time to look for the other two, she was sure that they too were closing in on her. The panic was rising.

"Maybe," she thought, "If I get beyond the trees; maybe..."

Then a fourth stepped out from behind the front rank of trees in the woods. The thought coursed through her, and gave impetus to the rising panic:

"They've got me surrounded!"

She spun on her heels, -- "That was one problem," she said to herself, "I"m wearing these damn heels." But she realized there was nothing to be done about that.--to see where the others were and she realized that she was almost completely surrounded by them then. She saw no other alternative for the moment. She stood and waited.

"Who are you? What do you want? What are you doing on my property?" she demanded, although in a, by now, shaky voice.

"My, my," one of them said, "Victoria has lots of questions, guys; should we answer her?"

Another one spoke up at that point:

"Sure, let the Bitch in on what's about to happen here."

Now the panic was full blown and taking over. Fears the likes of which she never would have given in to at work, so well known was she for a cool, calm head in trouble and difficulty, were beginning to have an overwhelming effect on her.

"Whaaa ... what?" she asked them again, a bit wide eyed.

The first speaker spoke up then: "I think that our Victoria is getting a bit panicked by our presence, guys. Shall we leave her in peace?"

All three of the other chimed in, as though on cue: "Naaaaawww!"

One of them continued: "We stay and have our party."

"Party?" she said, shaking now.

The first one, who seemed to be the spokesperson, explained, the grin never leaving his face:

"Victoria, it's this way; we get lots of pussy the four of us, and we share, we always share. But we were talking recently and were wondering what it would be like to have a mature woman, a woman like yourself, you know--early to mid thirties, as a fuck toy for the four of us. We've chosen you and so here we are."

Victoria, though still frightened and in a panic saw that this was the moment; they were near the woods and if she got there, she might be able to make the road. Her shoes were off in a trice and she was sprinting towards the woods. They caught her just as she was beyond about the second rank of trees.

One of them ran up next to her, saying to her: "It's no good, cunt! You're ours." After saying that, he kind of hit her with his hip and sent Victoria sprawling in the pine needles. She lay there not sure what to do now, and fearing that it had been her last chance.

"We knew you'd do that; futile, maybe stupid even, since it might well have made us mad but we knew you do that. Now come on back to the clearing and we'll tell you what's about to happen."

She was sure that it was the 'leader' who was speaking, although she wasn't watching; she was beginning to sob into her arms. She made no movement to go with them.

"They'll have to force me," she thought with some satisfaction.

They did and she didn't like it.

Suddenly a hand buried itself in the luxury of her auburn hair and pulled her along through the piles of pine needles by her hair. Victoria shrieked and kicked her feet but it made no difference at all. The pain was intense and he didn't stop pulling her by the hair until he had her back in the clearing.

He left her in a heap there but said to her, in a menacing tone of voice:

"Now you'd best learn to do what we say. You've already seen one instance of the consequences, haven't you?"

Victoria lay there and sobbed. Someone kicked her in the side of her ass cheek really hard.

"Haven't you?" came the voice. The kick woke Victoria up and she said quickly:


"Yes?" the voice roared at her, and she was kicked in the same spot at the side of her ass cheek.

She realized and hated the realization but the kicks were severe and her panic was ruling everything by now:

"Yes, sir," she said compliantly.

"Better, Victoria Bitch," the voice said. "Up on your knees, woman," the voice said.

Victoria scrambled to her knees. They were standing around her and grinning at her. She felt like the mouse in the face of a group of cats.

"Well, all better," the leader said. "So as you know, from what I've said, you're our 'Mrs. Robinson', Victoria. Just nod your head to show that you understand."

She hesitated; he didn't. He slapped her face savagely, sending her sprawling. Before she could move from where she was, he planted his foot on the side of her face. Growling at her now:

"You'd better learn manners soon, cunt, or the hurting part of this will go on for a long, long time."

"Sorry, sir," she managed, while his shoe was still on the side of her face, pressing her head into the ground.

"Up then," he said, his good cheer having returned.

"Our intention, then, first of all, is for all four of us to fuck you; to fuck you in everyone of your holes, understand?"

She quickly nodded 'yes', hoping to stave off further hitting or hurting.

"But you seem so, how shall I say it, feisty and proud, we think that we'll make part of our little party here with you a pain party. You don't mind, do you Victoria?"

She didn't hesitate this time; he mind was working a mile a minute but she managed the:

"No, sir, I don't mind," even though the thought of more pain from them, with them as good at it as they seemed to be, was a daunting one for her.

"Good for you, Victoria," he said. "But first, we'll give you the chance that you're thinking about so hard."

He head whipped up and she stared at him but had the presence of mind to say: "Sir?"

"We're going to give you a head start and a chance to get away. If you do; you're free, if you don't, the pain party begins. The fucking comes later."

"To get away?" she said with a little wonder.

"Yep!" he said. "But we have some rules for this little chase of ours, you see. First, we'l just take off this jacket, you won't need it." (Her jacket was taken and thrown to the ground.) "Now," he continued, "We want to have your hands just so." He wrenched her arms around behind her and, she realized they were tying her hands together behind her.

"Last little bit is no shoes for you," he said, pulling off her heels.

"Although that might be a positive for you in this kind of race."

He hesitated then and said: "When I say 'go', you get a full ten second head start on us. But if we catch you, you're ours to play with."

She nodded and before he even said 'go' she lit out toward the trees that, she knew would take her to the road quickest. They, of course knew that also, and had prepared for it. Both Howie and Will were runners and they would be outflanking her, as she ran.

Victoria went pounding down through the meadow trying to ignore anything that hurt her feet. She had her ears set keenly to listen for sounds and for a bit heard none. Then she sobbed to herself, as she heard the undeniable sound of someone coming up on her right. She swerved to the left and heard the same noise from that direction.

"But the woods are close," she thought to herself, as the person on her right bumped into her forcefully with his hip and, once again, sent Victoria sprawling.

"Noooooooooooooooooooo!" she wailed, realizing that she'd been caught.

She looked up and they were there again, all four of them.

"Please, please," she pleaded.

"Please what?" he said to her, the leader talking again.

"Please don't hurt me; I'll do whatever you want sexually, anything at all. Think of it."

He laughed, they all laughed; his answer sent a chill through her:

"You'll do anything we want sexually, anything at all, as sure as you were born but the hurting part is one thing that we like; you don't want us cranky because you're depriving us of what we like do you?"

She said "No, sir," obediently but was crying so hard at this point that it was difficult to understand her.

"Okay," he said back to the house then. "On your feet." They hauled her up to standing.

He turned to her and said: "Do you know one thing that is wrong with almost every movie about a lovely woman being captured?"

The question took her by surprise; she managed a tiny "No, sir."

"Well, I'll tell you," he went on. "They never take off the captive's clothes. It would seem to me that it would be the first thing to do with a beautiful woman like you. Don't you think?"

She obediently nodded 'yes'. And waited, almost holding her breath.

A voice inside of the trembling Victoria said: "Now it will begin." But another voice chimed in: "No, it has already begun."

Hands reached quickly and undid Victoria's belt, unfastening her linen slacks next. With a simple tug they had her slacks down around her ankles.Then one of them knelt behind her and swept her panties down to her ankles in one motion.

"Better," he said, "Even more beautiful than we had supposed. But one more little adjustment."

Once he'd said that, he pulled out a long clasp knife. Victoria stiffened immediately.

"Don't worry, honey," he said, "I'm not going to use it on you, yet."

With the knife, as the others looked on and laughed, he reduced her blouse to strips of ribbons of material. He lifted the material of her bra, which was now exposed and punctured the cup of one side of the bra and cut out the material, leaving the underwire and structure, and then did the other. The effect was erotic and extreme, allowing her tits, with hardening nipples to stand out and leaving her with her pants and panties around her ankles.

"Now to the house, come with us, Victoria love," he said to her, slapping her naked ass, which produced a loud 'yip' from her and a little jump, causing them all to laugh, as they started.

It was difficult but she shuffled along, the pants and panties hampering her progress. One of the guys got a small stick from a tree branch and constantly hit Victoria's naked ass, leaving red stripes, and telling her to 'get along now'. It caused invariably gales of merriment from the others as she struggled along. Half way there they came upon a long tree trunk that lay in the grass. It was a young but strong one.

"Here, Victoria," the leader said with mock kindness, "We can help you out. Lay her down, guys."

They stretched her out in the grass, took off her pants and panties, keeping the panties with them and tied her hands together and her feet. Then they inserted the smallish tree trunk into the loop made by first her hands and then her feet and, with a joyful laugh, hauled her up and carried her back to her house, naked now, except for the rag of a blouse, like a captured animal. As they set out with her, the stuffed her green nylon panties in her mouth.

"Open now, Victoria," the leader said to her. "You can carry these for us." She obediently opened her mouth, getting, at this point almost beyond the possibility of resistance, and let them cram the panties into her mouth.

She cried all the way to the house.

They got her to the house and deposited her on the lawn near the garage. From near the front door, where she'd dropped it, they retrieved her purse and keys. Then opening the garage door, they hauled her in and closed the door behind her.

They put her down on the floor and untied her hands and feet, took the panties out of her mouth and the her tattered blouse and bra off; then they continued by helping her to her feet.

"Please!' she said to them, as soon as she stood up.

"Please what?" the leader wanted to know from her.

"Please don't do this!" she said quietly.

"Would you rather that we do this?" he wanted to know, spinning on her and punching her in the stomach, causing her to collapse on the floor.

"Victoria, Victoria," he said to her, grabbing her by the chin and lifting her face to his, so that she would look them. "You keep getting it wrong. We want you to ask us to pull out our cocks so that you can show us how good a cock sucker you are, and here you go with your tiresome "Please don't do this," shit."

He sighed and said: "Well, I guess then the next thing we'll have to do is some attitude adjustment for you, and here we thought that by now you'd learned your lesson."

Then turning to his companions, he said: "Okay, guys, let's get her up."

Turning back to a very worried looking Victoria, he said: "We want to show you how versatile and imaginative we can be."

The four of them got rope from the garage and tied the rope around her ankles. They tied her hands behind her back. Then two of them began to draw on the rope, which they'd slung over one of the exposed garage ceiling beams. With slow but sure movement they hauled on the rope until Victoria was hanging upside down from the rafters of her garage.

She hung there upside down crying, as they rummaged around the garage for something. She wasn't sure what. The leader came up to her and said:

"Victoria, darling, this is the really painful part; but remember we might be done with this part by the time that you're ready to convince us that you really, really do want to suck our cocks. When you think you're ready to be the slut that we know you are down deep, then tell us and we'll consider how much longer this part of the day's activities will need to continue. Understand, honey?"

She shook her head 'yes' but continued to cry, although she was fighting not to.

"Hey, look at this!" one of the guys said to the rest, holding up a length of old hose.

"Exactly!" the leader said, "Bring it here; we'll each get a swing at ol' Victoria's naked fanny!"

"Noooooooooo!" Victoria cried out, as the one with the hose length got closer to her.

"No what?" the leader asked her.

She was silent for about a minute, not really knowing what to say next.

"Oops," the leader said, "Waited to long, sweets." He nodded to his friend and Victoria heard a kind of whistling sound, and then there was the loud splat of the hose hitting her naked ass.

Victoria never even knew such pain was possible; not in the world, not, certainly, in her world, her well ordered world with all her executive prerogatives. But it was there: excruciating pain that left her huffing, and sobbing and shaking and almost dancing on the rope that had her dangling from her garage roof.

"Nice reacting, sweetie," the leader said and then the hose went to another guy, and the terrible, terrible pain was repeated. They each took a swing and each landed a blow on Victoria's unprotected ass.

By the time the fourth one hit her, the leader this time, she was babbling incoherently. She was barely able to get a grip on herself, hoping that if she spoke now, she could stave off any more of the beating.

"Please..." she huffed, "Please let me ... just let me do it ... let me, let me, allow me to suck your cocks. Please don't do that any more ... not any more. I'll be good; I'll be willing; I'll let you fuck me, use me ... like you said: any hole! Every hole! Everyone of you! Every fucking one!"

In the middle of this the leader smacked Victoria's reddened ass again with the hose. She jumped and danced on the ropes and wailed and launched into her speech again:

"Yes, I'll do it; every time, any time, any where. Tell me to suck your cocks in public and I'll damn well do it! Will! I will!"

The leader looked at her pleading face and said: "There are two things that we want, Victoria, first of all we want to make a tape of you willingly sucking off one of us, as though he were your lover, and we want it to be realistic."

"Yes, of course! Yes, I will," she cried out. "Use it against me if I ever, every try to tell anyone about this or you guys. Of course I will."

"Then, secondly, we want you to let us fuck you willingly, using lover's language and being the nice little older slut that we're looking for."

"Yes, of course; I will be a willing, absolutely willing slut for you, at any time and place. I really mean it." She was wailing and crying at the end but was, they could tell, in deadly earnest about it.

"Good enough, Victoria," he said. "Then what we'll do is just one more round with the hose on your tits, a hit from each of us, and then one round on your pussy and we're done with the pain party."

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" she wailed. "You don't need to ... dooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn'ttttttt neeeeeeeeeeed tooooooooo!" she sobbed.

"I'm sure we don't, honey," the leader said to her, "But we're going to anyhow. We need you to remember what this is like, when you think about do anything against us."

Turning to the others he said: "Let's do her. Give me the panties for her mouth."

Then stuffing again her green, nylon bikinis into her mouth he took the hose length and, swinging it with force, lashed her on her tits and nipples.

Her shriek was almost cosmic this time, and she had hardly finished dancing on air, when the next guy had the hose and landed a blow in the same spot. The other two came in quick succession.

Victoria watched them wide eyed and babbling, as they got into position to use the hose on her pussy. After the second blow directly to her pussy, her eyes started to flutter as though she were going to faint. Steve slapped her face to bring her around and the other two took their turns slamming the hose into her pussy. With the last of the blows, Victoria, unable to stop or help herself came with a huge shouted noise, shaking and trembling on the end of the rope, as she hung there, then she pissed herself.

"Wow!" Steve said to the others, "Talk about grand finale!"

He took the panties from her mouth and said: "Tell us what you want to do now, love."

With no hesitation she said: "I apologize for ... for pissing myself just then; I know it was gross. Will you please let me suck your cocks now?"

"Of course," Steve said, "Since you ask so nicely. Stand behind her and support her just a bit," he said to the other guys, as he opened his fly and took out a nice sized, stiff prick.

Presenting it to her, he said: "Lick the head, darling and show us what an older woman can do."

With no urging, she kissed the head of his cock, training her eyes on him and licking around the head. She was determined to not have a repeat of the hose any time soon, so she was out to make it as good a blow job as possible. She didn't do it often but realized, now at least, that she did like to have a cock in her mouth. She was surprised, and wondered even why she didn't do it more often.

She opened her mouth to allow him to slide in toward the back of her throat. Sucking and licking the cock as it went farther and farther into her mouth toward her throat. She was also finding that the angle, with her hanging upside down, helped her out.

"Nice cock sucker," Steve said, and the others chimed in.

He held the back of her head then, and one of the other guys was holding her back to keep her from swinging away from him.He began to buck his hips and she worked and worked at it to make it a good blow job for him. She concentrated on breathing through her nose and she was drooling down her cheeks, as he finally came into her throat, pulling it out at the last and pumping some of his cum onto her face.

"Lovely cock sucker!" he said to her.

"Thank you, sir," she said quietly, "For stopping the beating and giving me that chance to show you that I am good and do want to suck you all off."

"Of course," he said to her, then he said: "Next."

And another of them took his place in front of Victoria's face.

She put as much as she could into each of the blow jobs that she gave. She knew how important it was. They took her down, when they were all finished. Steve cradled her in his arms, as she finally rested on the floor.

"Where's the bathroom, love?" he wanted to know.

"There," she croaked, pointing at a door in the side of the garage. "Basement, garage bathroom."

"Poshy!" he said. "Let's get you there to clean you up now."

She began to struggle to her feet but he put a hand in the middle of her back and said:

"No, sweet pants, I think that you need to crawl for us."

Victoria let out a sigh and got to her hands and knees to crawl to the bathroom. One of them grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her along the floor, making her crawl quickly, and causing her to cry out in pain. The others laughed and applauded. One slapped her ass, as she passed him, on her way to the bathroom, eliciting another cry of pain.

She walked into the shower, when they told her and Steve reached up and turned on the cold water. Victoria cried out with a great shriek and reached for the hot water tap.

"Don't you dare," Steve bellowed, cowing Victoria's movement.

She quickly rinses herself off and turned off the water, and stood shaking. They opened the door and Steve wrapped her in a huge towel and began to rub her dry. She was still shivering.

"On your knees," he said then.

Victoria's will was, by this time, almost completely broken. She did what she was told without a word of protest, sinking to her knees.

"I love this," Steve said to the others. "I mean here we are with a beautiful older woman, who is kneeling totally naked, and totally at our disposal, and we all are dressed normally. Is this cool or is this cool?"

They all agreed with his statement. Then he turned back to Victoria and said:

"Okay, babe, time to go and fuck, right?"

She just knelt and shivered still.

His reaction was immediate. He grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her toward the garage.

"Fine," he bellowed at her, "If you won't fucking talk to us and do what you're supposed to, we'll string you up to the rafters and have another hose session."

That jolted Victoria out of her torpor.

"Sorry, Sorry, SOOOOORRRRRRRRRYYYYYY!!!" she bawled at them, cringing on the ground at their feet. "Just the cold, only the cold! Sure, I want to fuck now; I'm clean and I'm horny and I'm ready."

"Better, Victoria, sweet ass," Steve said. "Then we'll fuck instead of a hose session."

Her relief was what writers call 'palpable'; then without thinking at all, she threw herself to his feet, so relieved was she at the reprieve that he gave her, and she kissed the toe of his shoe. She was lying there, wailing and crying and telling him and them how grateful she was for no hose session, and almost unconsciously, she was licking his shoe with her tongue.

"Very nice, Victoria," Steve said, "Very nice. Now the other."

She looked up at him with a teary smile and began to lick his other shoe also, and then went on to the others. She was cringing inside because she knew that now her submission to them was complete. But Victoria was, and always had been, afraid of pain and they seemed so willing to let her suffer for choices that the didn't like. She would, certainly could, do it their way.

A little voice said to her: "It's how you've gotten so far along in business. Now do this."

"Okay," Steve said to her, "We're going for a little walk; it's a pleasant evening. You don't really think that you'll need any clothes, do you?"

"Oh, no, sir," she said quickly, wanting to keep as far away from the hose treatment as possible.

So a little procession left Victoria's house and went off to the side into the meadow. It was a striking group: Victoria Truman, the executive and four guys barely out of their teens. She walked a little in front of them naked, totally naked and they were walking behind her and making comments about her bare ass, her tits and such things.

"Shake your ass, Victoria, or we'll make you shake it," one of them said to her.

She began to exaggerate her walk, putting one foot in front of the other and wiggling her ass for them as she walked.

"Nice," came another voice.

"Thank you," was her quiet return.

When they got far out into the meadow, near the band of trees at its back, they stopped her.

"Here," Steve said. Then turning to his companions, he said: "Let's do this."

They were organized; they'd done this before, it was obvious.

She watched with mixed emotions as they undressed and finally stood naked with her.

One of them got on the ground on a blanket and directed Victoria to sit on his upraised cock. She did as she was told, sinking slowly onto the raised cock. He pulled her down so that she was kissing him, as another snuggled up behind her. Hands opened her ass cheeks, and she could feel cool air on her asshole.Then it was massaged and coated with some kind of grease and she felt the first push to get a cock into her ass hole. The pushing was insistent and finally the cock moved inside her ass ring.

Victoria cried out into the mouth of the one, Ondrej, on the ground, as she began, for the very first time, to be fucked in the ass.

She could hardly believe the sense of being 'filled' as she took a cock in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time. Then someone appeared in front of her, Will. He began his part by slapping the side of her face with his erect cock.

"Open, slut!" he said, and Victoria Truman, executive, took the cock into her mouth. She was now riding one prick, had one jamming her ass, and another was pushing its way into her throat. Every sense was turned on and engaged for her.

"MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!" she wailed against Will's stomach, as he fucked her face and mouth, pushing his cock, with every stroke, farther into her throat.

Her arms were wrapped around his waist and holding onto his ass cheeks for dear life. She began to feel the build of an orgasm in her, one that she knew she wouldn't be able to resist. There was too much stimulation.

In the middle of the build up, Steve said: "Smile, Victoria, you're on 'Candid Camera'." He was filming the fucking session in the meadow.

Everyone started cumming at the same time. Victoria wailed her way, around the prick in her mouth, into her orgasm, taking the quick and huge spurts of Will's prick into her mouth and down her throat. She felt the others tense and cum also.

"Okay, move," Steve said. And the group did just that.

Victoria was guided down now onto Steve's cock, with Ondrej moving to her ass and Howie at her mouth, with his cock still dirty from her asshole. They all began again.

Victoria moaned but stayed with them, again sucking a cock for all she was worth, especially to please them, and getting fucked in both her other holes, while Will did the filming.

They kept at her in the meadow for the next 45 minutes, until everyone had fucked Victoria in every available hole. When they were done, she just lay on the blanket, looking up at them.

"Here," Steve said, "Clean off with these." He produced Victoria's green panties and they wiped their cocks off with them. Turning back to her he said: "Now come with us over here."

She obediently went with them. At the edge of the trees, one of them produced some ropes, which were attached to her wrists and ankles.

"What ... what are you going to do to me now?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Just keep you for a bit," Steve answered. "Now open up."

Victoria opened her mouth and he stuffed the dirty panties into her mouth, then covered it with some duct tape. She was tied to a tree there at the edge of the woods, her hands tied around the tree to the back and her ankles tied to the bottom of the tree.

Steve stood in front of her smiling at her wide eyed, frightened visage. He spoke to her quietly, the others smiled:

"Victoria, sweets, we're going off for something to eat now. You don't mind, if we leave you here do you?"

She was stricken; she was terrified;she couldn't believe what they were proposing. But they walked off and left her, in the gathering darkness, tied naked to a tree, her mouth blocked with her own panties that were filled with the cum they'd wiped off of their cocks, after fucking her so much.

For a bit, as they walked away, she yelled into the gag but it made only a small noise, and then they were gone.

The next hour was a torture for Victoria. She watched, and watched and listened and listened. She saw some deer walk across the meadow and study her with interest before going on. There was also a raccoon, who looked at her and decided not to bother. It seemed like forever until she heard a noise and saw flashlight beams heading her way from the direction of the house.

"If it's them," she said to herself, "If they let me go now; if it's them, I will be for them whatever kind of slut or whore or pig they want me to be."

She said it and she meant it. The most comforting thing in the world was Steve's voice, cutting through the darkness; it was them!!!!!:

"Victoria, honey, are you hear?"

She made 'mmmmpppffffing' noises against the panties in her mouth and the duct tape to try to call out to them.

They came to her now and untied her; then took the tape off and the panties out of her mouth. She didn't hesitate now; she was on her knees, unbidden, in a second and kissing Steve's shoe tops.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you," she wailed and cried at the same time, "For coming back for me! Thank you, thank you. I will be good; I will do anything that you want, at any time, anywhere. Test me next week and see. I mean it; I mean it; I do!!!!!!"

She went on kissing Steve's shoes and then scuttled to the others and performed the same abasement for each of them. When she'd done that, she had a notion and crawled back to Steve; she reached up and unzipped his fly whispering to him, to them and to the night:

"Please, can I? Please?"

"Sure, Victoria," he answered, "If you want to so badly."

"Oh, I do," she crooned to him, licking the head of the cock that she took from his pants.

She took time with the cock sucking, hoping against hope that she was doing a good job of it.

As her head bobbed up and down on Steve's prick, he said to her:

"Girl, you have a natural talent for that."

"Thwank wou swor!" she said, speaking with the prick in her mouth.

"Hey," Howie said, laughing, "Talking with your mouth full."

Steve grabbed a hunk of Victoria's hair and pulled her face into him so that she was soon enough kissing his belly, and belaboring her breath through her nose, as he came into her throat.

"Good job, Victoria," he said, as she smiled up at him.

But she knew she wasn't done. She crawled to Howie and repeated the trick with him, and then Ondrej and finally Will. When she was finished giving each of them a blow job, she settled back on her heels, a small smile on her face and waited.

"Okay to the house now," Steve said.

They walked to the house, with Victoria again in front of the, now wiggling her ass for all she was worth. When they got there, she looked at them with a question mark on her face.

"Victoria, love," Steve began, "We think you've made great progress toward being a great Mrs. Robinson for us. We have the films of you doing three of us at a time, and especially doing Howie, who is, after all, under age."

Her head spun around to look at Howie, once Steve said this and she realized then that she was really and truly at their mercy. She sighed.

"Bothers you, eh?" Steve asked.

"Yes," she said, almost combatively. She thought better of it, as soon as she saw the look on his face. "Sorry," she said.

"Victoria, darling," he drawled, "'Sorry' just doesn't cut it. We will have one more small exercise to get you into the right frame of mind mentally."

She started to cry immediately, and went to her knees; she was begging but she didn't care:

"Please, please; I'll be good; just give me a chance. You all said," she looked around at them hopefully at this point, "That my cock sucking was really good this time."

"So it was," Steve said, "But the bitchiness keeps coming through."

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