Rita's Humiliation

by pippam_49

Copyright© 2010 by pippam_49

Erotica Sex Story: A sequel to "The Family Dinner Party". Rita realises she enjoys being humiliated when she experiences the feeling at a family dinner party. She asks Ian, her husband, to organise more "events" to recreate her pleasure. This is the story of how work colleagues and neighbours help

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

Rita is a high powered executive with a large company. Through her work she has great responsibility. Recently she realised how stimulating and relaxing it could be if she was controlled. If she was made to do things, she no longer had the burden of responsibility. However giving up control could make her vulnerable. She may have to do things she didn't want to. That, though, was strangely exciting. The first experience for this 45 year old woman, of the thrilling excitement of handing over control had been at a family dinner party. On this evening Rita had invited her son and daughter, together with their partners, to do anything they wanted to punish her. Rita had been stripped, spanked, fondled and kissed. She had also climaxed profoundly.

When Rita shares the idea of being vulnerable again, with Ian, her husband, he feels immediately aroused. He has always liked to see his wife in compromising situations. He devises a weekly programme for her, mostly at work. Ian knows Rita's secretaries, both feisty, dominant women, will help.

Ian instructs Rita that she is to run a competition at work for Anna and Sarah, her secretaries. Rita is told to explain the rules face to face with the girls. On Monday at 9 o'clock in the morning, Rita calls Anna and Sarah into her office. Rita says, "Each day this week, before Noon you are to try to guess the colour of my panties. You must write the colour down. At Noon you will enter my office and you must remove my skirt so you can see the colour. If you are correct in your guess you can remove and keep my underwear. If neither of you are right, for the next day I must wear a skirt 3 cm shorter than the day before"

Sarah says, "I don't think I will bother with that game."

Rita pleads, "But my husband and I want you to play. We will be upset if you don't. What can I do to persuade you?"

Anna says, "On the days we have removed your skirt and won your panties, you must remain bottomless for the rest of the working day. People may well come into the office. You must manage as best you can."

"I agree to that," blushed Rita with a tingle in her stomach.

Sarah says "If we don't guess right for a few days your skirt will be very short. We may be able to see the colour before Noon. So you are bound to lose."

"That is my husband's idea. He wants me to lose and be humiliated. I have to say it is starting to turn me on too," giggled Rita.

Ian, secretly, tells Sarah and Anna the colour of Rita's panties each morning. However the girls decide they will deliberately guess wrong for the first few mornings. At ten minutes to noon on the first Monday of the game, Rita is dictating a letter to Anna. Anna keeps interrupting Rita with comments about how wonderful it is going to be to win and keep Rita's panties. At noon Sarah enters the office without knocking. She leaves the door open. When Rita protests about the door Sarah slaps her face telling her not to be so shy. Anna unbuttons and unzips Rita's skirt and Rita steps out of it. The guesses are wrong of course. However Sarah and Anna keep the skirt on the pretext of sending it out to be shortened for tomorrow. Rita is left wearing panties suspender belt and stockings for the rest of the afternoon.

Sarah and Anna have arranged a series of meetings for Rita with the 18 year old girls from the typing pool. Sarah and Anna will be present at the meeting and have told Rita she must do everything she is instructed to do. The secretaries tell the typist that this is a training exercise and that the one who humiliates Rita the most will get a promotion.

In the first meeting, Andrea asks Rita to explain why she is not wearing a skirt. Rita blushes and stammers that it is part of a game. "What are the rules?" demands Andrea. Rita explains in detail as Andrea listens with a broad grin on her face.

In the second meeting Brenda tells Rita to stand up and do a twirl. Brenda makes comments about Rita's ass and how she would like to see it.

Sarah says, "Maybe another day".

In the third meeting Christine has Rita lie across her desk and spanks her whilst Anna holds her hands and looks into Rita's eyes. Rita is told to keep her eyes open and then to thank Christine for taking the time to deal with her.

At the end of the afternoon the skirt is returned shortened by 3 inches not 3 cm. Rita is horrified when she is told to wear the skirt next day.

At work on the Tuesday morning, Rita feels embarrassed in her short skirt. Both Anna and Sarah keep entering Rita's office and instruct her to retrieve some files from a high shelf. They can see she is wearing peach coloured panties even though Rita keeps tugging on the hem of her skirt, trying to keep it down. However, at noon, the secretaries and Andrea, Brenda and Christine all enter the office for the skirt removal.

Anna and Sarah have deliberately guessed wrongly again. The typists draw lots to see who will remove Rita's skirt. The lucky winner is Andrea. She instructs Rita to put her hands on her head and look straight into her eyes.

"What do you want me to do, Miss," smirks Andrea.

"Undo and remove my skirt, please Andrea," stammers Rita, blushing deeply.

Andrea smiles as she lowers the skirt and has Rita step out of it. Andrea orders Rita to keep looking at her and leans in and French kisses her boss. Rita finds herself becoming strangely excited. She is shocked though when she feels the typist's hands inside the back of her panties. Rita feels the cool air as the panties are partly lowered and she is turned so the other women can see her ass. Andrea spanks Rita three times hard and the hand prints are left on her ass cheeks for a few moments.

"That is what I wanted to see yesterday," squeals Brenda.

The skirt is taken for further shortening and Rita is told to stand exactly where she is with her hands on her head and her panties round her thighs until 1 o'clock. The other five women leave but leave the door open so any passers by could look in. Who will see her in the next 45 minutes?

Ian tells Anna and Sarah that when they spank Rita they should do it harder because this is what she really craves. So when Rita arrives on Wednesday morning Sarah takes Rita in her arms and holds her tight. Rita's skirt is now 6 inches shorter than it was on Monday. Thus Anna has no difficulty in raising the hem and pulling down the pink panties and belabouring her ass with a plastic ruler.

Rita becomes excited and aroused by this forced punishment. She is almost overcome when Sarah begins to kiss her. Rita puts her arms behind Sarah's neck and pulls her in.

At Noon Rita becomes embarrassingly aware of what is happening when Anna and Sarah guess the colour of her panties wrong even though they saw them earlier. Her skirt is removed for further shortening and although many workers have gone to lunch, Anna and Sarah insist that Rita leaves her office and goes to the typing pool to find Andrea, Brenda and Christine. Rita has to walk through several corridors and Sarah insists that Rita must act as if it is perfectly normal to walk around in just panties and hold up stockings below the waist.

Anna tells Rita that when she arrives she is to invite the three girls to her office. If they ask why, Rita is to tell them "to help humiliate and embarrass me".

When Rita gets to the typing pool there are three other new girls there as well. Of course Anna has told Christine to ask the question. When Rita responds as told Andrea, Christine and Brenda are surprised when Rita invites the other three girls to join them as well.

This act gives Rita a deep tingle in the bottom of her stomach and her pussy becomes wet.

On the walk back Brenda pulls Rita's panties down to mid thigh. Rita blushes deeply but does not attempt to pull them back up.

Back in the office Anna announces that Rita has thought of a new game for them to play. This catches Rita by surprise. "What is the game?" asks Sarah. "Err ... In pairs you are going to spin a coin. The winner can remove an article of my clothing," whispers Rita.

In the first round Virginia beats Brenda. Virginia is reluctant and Rita has to encourage her to remove her Jacket. The second round sees Christine beat Wendy. Christine wastes no time in unbuttoning and removing Rita's blouse. Suddenly there is a flash. Sarah is taking photographs. The third round sees Ursula, a very confident girl, beat Andrea. Ursula walks straight up to Rita reaches round her back and unfastens her bra. As she removes it she kisses Rita. Rita shivers with excitement at being so lewdly displayed. Another photograph is taken. "What can we do now as we want to leave your panties at mid thigh?" asks Anna. "Why doesn't the winner spank me." offers Rita. After 6 more rounds Rita's bottom is glowing red but the glow has spread to her pussy and Rita has a deep desire to rub herself. It is 1 o'clock and the typists return to work. But both Anna and Sarah sit on Rita's desk and command Rita to bring herself to climax. They watch the entertainment with broad grins.

When Rita arrives at work on Thursday her skirt only just reaches below her ass cheeks. She feels embarrassed because she feels it is the way a much younger woman would dress. Anna and Sarah have organised the six women from the typing pool to join them at the door to Rita's office. Anna has placed a large mirror on the floor in front of the door and when Rita steps onto the mirror Sarah instructs her to stop. All the women can see up Rita's skirt.

Ursula says "Those are a beautiful shade of lavender, Miss."

"Thank you," stammers Rita in reply.

When Rita enters the office she finds Ian sitting on the sofa there. Ian invites the eight women to join him but says "Leave the door open." Ian has a CD player with him and tells Rita her first task of the day was to do a sexy striptease. Rita has never done anything like this before even in the privacy of her own home. Ian further instructs Rita that after removing a piece of clothing she must sit on one of the "audience's" lap and give her a kiss. Ian knows Rita doesn't really like this and would find it embarrassing. The music starts and Rita begins an awkward little dance as she unbuttons and removes her business jacket. Rita sits on Virginia's lap and like yesterday Virginia is somewhat bashful. Rita takes Virginia's face gently in her hands and kisses her. Back to the striptease and the blouse is unbuttoned. Rita sways over to Christine and asks her to remove the blouse. Rita flops down on Christine's lap and the kiss is prolonged. The dance continues and the skirt is next. Rita is left dancing in matching, lavender bra and knickers and her hold up stockings. When Rita sits on Ursula's lap, Ursula points out to the rest of the women that there is a deep wet patch on Rita's panties.

"You are enjoying this, Miss. Aren't you!" states Wendy.

"Oh yes," shivers Rita in response.

Ursula plunges her tongue into Rita's mouth as they kiss and Rita becomes even more excited. Rita moves over to Andrea and sits on her lap facing her with Rita's legs either side of Andrea's.

"Please will you remove my bra, Andrea," quivers Rita.

"Certainly, Miss" replies the typist.

As the bra is removed Andrea lowers her head and takes Rita's left nipple into her mouth and sucks hard. Rita is on to point of coming when Andrea disengages.

"Thank you so much," breathes Rita.

When Rita continues the dance Brenda, fully clothed gets up and joins her. The contrast between the fully clothed and near naked women is highly erotic. Brenda clinches Rita and dances close to her, Rita's panties are eased down to her knees by her partner and a passionate kiss ensues. Brenda sneaks her hand onto Rita's pussy and announces that the high powered executive is very wet. This pushes Rita over the top and she orgasms. Anna with a smile on her face tells Rita she is very naughty to climax so early in the day and what should they do about it.

"I should be punished," groans Rita.

"How?" comes the chorus back.

"Spank me please," shudders Rita and lies over Sarah's lap.

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