College Domination

by pwn star

Copyright© 2010 by pwn star

Erotica Sex Story: The Professor's ready for yet another year teaching, but this time he intends to add a twist. Following the lead of more experienced colleagues, he forms a plan to wreak havoc on the grades of a young freshman and take advantage of her delicate disposition in the worst possible way. Despite extensive planning, it all goes wrong and he ends up having an entirely different experience.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   School   .

Professor Douglas Hermann was really going to do it this time. His colleagues kept bragging about all their freshman conquests and he was sick of it. If they could get laid by college girls, so could he. Sure, he wasn't much to look at. Forty and balding, of average height, he wouldn't stand out in a crowd, but his buddies didn't look much different and it worked out for them. He'd spent the summer planning it out and now was the time to put his plan into action.

It was the first day of Fall semester and his Introductory Literature class was overflowing with hot, busty freshman girls. He usually didn't teach the beginning courses, but had arranged it this year so that he would have the best and most vulnerable new students at his mercy. His plan was to select the few that most appealed to him, wreak havoc on their grades and their emotions, and then take advantage of their delicate dispositions in the worst possible way. He planned on coercing them to have sex with him in order to save their academic future.

Doug knew it sounded horrible, but really, how much damage could it do? Bill and Mark had been doing it for years and the girls always seemed to enjoy it in the long run. Hell, Bill even had a couple that still called him whenever they were in town. He considered it an extension of the education the girls would receive from the venerable University, everyone needed to learn how to please a man, right?

Professor Hermann sauntered up to the front of the class wearing his usual first day of school attire, brown cords, a button down shirt, and his sturdy tennis shoes. This year he'd changed it up a bit though, he had a brand new pair of Gucci frames balancing on the bridge of his nose. He'd heard that girls found them simply irresistible on an academic type.

As he arranged his books on the podium, he took the opportunity to troll the classroom looking for potential victims. His first hit was sitting in the front row, to the right side of the room, furthest away from the door. She was a peach. Dark auburn hair flowed down her back in thick ringlets, her skin was pale alabaster with a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose, her lashes were long and dark, amply framing her brilliant emerald eyes. As his eyes passed over her a second time the tip of her tongue flashed out over her plump red lips and he felt his soldier come instantly to attention. It was a good thing he had the podium to hide behind, or he'd be more than slightly embarrassed. The red head had a curvy body that was currently poured into her jeans and low cut v-neck sweater. She was so hot that his hard on was practically pulsing. Well, this was easier than he'd thought. Now that he'd found his peach (as he decided to affectionately call her) none of the other girls were in the least bit tempting. They all looked just a little bit too underdeveloped compared to her.

His decision made, Professor Hermann decided to start tearing down her academic self confidence right away. He really should wait a few days to make sure he chose the right girl, the one least likely to turn him in. The trouble was, he just couldn't wait. Now his dick had taken control and he was thinking with it. It could prove to be dangerous, but he couldn't help himself. She was so hot, and he was so hard, he knew that just jacking off wouldn't cut it. Until he had his cock buried in her cunt, he'd have endless sleepless nights replete with blue balls and cold showers.

He began to lecture. "I trust that all of you did your summer reading? Spectacular, I've read it all and I don't want to stand up here and lecture. I want you to teach me what you learned from reading these classic stories. We'll start with Wuthering Heights." He pointed directly at the busty red head in the front row. "You there, what's your name?"

She responded in a voice that was sultry and sexy, an even better combination than he could imagine. "Roxanne, my name's Roxanne Fields." As she said it, she licked her lips and crossed her legs.

"Well, Roxanne, please describe to me the role of Social Class in this novel!"

Roxanne, looking a little flustered, crossed and re-crossed her legs. Then, licking her lips again she spoke. "Well, uh, I read the syllabus for this class and it didn't say anything about summer reading. I, umm, I thought we'd just, uh, read the stories once school started."

Professor Hermann did a good job of looking outraged even though he knew she was correct. He hadn't assigned any summer reading. He just wanted an excuse to mark down her grade. The sooner he got her groveling the better. "You didn't do the reading? And yet you dared to show up and sit in my class ... in the front row? Have you never read Wuthering Heights before?"

Roxanne looked nervous again, as a matter of fact, it looked a little bit like her upper lip was beginning to sweat. "Umm, no, I, ah, haven't read it sir. I don't really read much. That's why I took this class."

"Well, I hate to do this on your first day of class, but I'm going to have to give you a zero for participation today. Remember that participation in class discussions is 75% of your grade. If you keep getting zeros you'll fail! Now, I hope the rest of this class is a little bit more prepared than Roxanne. Who can answer my question?"

With that a handful of arms shot up into the air and class was underway. As he conducted the lecture, and actually did try to teach the students something, Professor Hermann would occasionally glance at Roxanne to see how she was faring. As he'd hoped, she looked a little upset. His plan was working!

Over the next several weeks, he kept the pressure on. Roxanne looked to be more and more distressed as the class periods drug on and she was found to be lacking in all her answers. Finally, the day came that she couldn't handle it any longer. She was failing her basic literature class and, if she failed, the University would put her on probation and her father would probably make her come home. He hadn't wanted her to go to college anyway. He couldn't understand why she thought she needed an education.

Professor Hermann heard a light knock on his door near the end of his office hours. He'd been waiting patiently, well not quite patiently, for her to break. As a matter of fact he'd been jacking off behind his desk for the fourth time that hour. Every time he thought he had himself under control, his mind would wander to a vision of her luscious lips, or her exceptional cleavage, and then he was lost all over again, frantically rubbing his right hand up and down his turgid cock like a sex deprived teenager. Well, he was sex deprived, but he wasn't a teenager anymore by any means of calculation.

He quickly cleaned himself up and then, with fingers crossed hoping it was his peach, he told the individual to come in. And come in she did, his peach, tumbling through the door and looking a little worse for the wear. Her hair was mussed and her eyes red like she'd been crying.

"Professor Hermann, do you have a moment?"

"Well, my office hours are almost over, but I guess I can spare you a few moments. How can I help you, Miss ... hmmm ... it's Roxanne, isn't it?"

Roxanne's expression changed just a little bit, if he hadn't been staring at her, he probably wouldn't have noticed, but for a second there it looked like she got angry. Maybe because he'd been torturing her for weeks and then just pretended to barely remember her name. He mentally kicked himself, if he went too far all of his careful preparations would be lost.

"Yes, it's Roxanne, I need to talk to you about my grade. Look, I really need to pass this class or my Dad will stop paying for college."

"Well Roxanne, what can I say? If you were studying like you should be we wouldn't be having this conversation right now." He was proud of himself for retaining his cool and speaking like the holier than thou professor he needed to make himself out to be for this to work.

"Look, I swear I've been trying. I mean, sure, it's hard to ignore some of the parties because they are so much fun, but, come on. I read what you tell me to read, I've even been doing some extra reading online. You know, plot summaries and essays and stuff. I know that this sort of thing isn't really my forte, but I've been trying and it's a beginning class for god's sake!"

Professor Hermann put on his sternest look. "Now calm down Roxanne, college isn't one big party. If you want to graduate you've got to work. I'm sorry you don't think that literature is all that important, but the University disagrees. This class is a required course and you've got to pass it to graduate. Now what are you willing to do to make the


The Professor mentally kicked himself again. He should have said that a little differently. I mean, now it sounded like he was propositioning her, well, he was, but she wasn't supposed to know it yet. She studied him curiously for a few moments and then sat down in a chair directly across from his desk. She arranged herself quite casually in the chair, so casually as a matter of fact that he could almost see up her short flirty black skirt. As he studied her more closely he realized that she wasn't wearing a bra under her tight white sweater either. He could see the darker circles of her nipples tightening and poking out through the light fabric. Her high beams were on!

The Professor coughed nervously and then repeated his question in a manner less likely to be misconstrued. "Well, Roxanne, what type of academic rigor are you willing to apply in order to bring up your grade? I can give you extra credit, but I can promise you it won't be easy."

Roxanne smiled the relaxed smile of a satiated cat. "Well Professor," she began while softly rubbing her fingers up and down her cleavage, "I'd do anything to bring up my grades..." She spread her legs open even more giving the Professor a bird's eye view of her white lacy panties, moisture spreading in the center, "anything."

Professor Hermann licked his lips, this is what he'd been waiting for, if his brain had been working he would have realized it was too easy, but, it wasn't working, and with his dick thinking for him he dove in head first.

"Well Roxanne, if anything is what you'll do to bring up your grade, then anything is what you'll get. I have some ideas for extra credit." As he was watching she rubbed her fingers against the wet spot on her panties and brought them to her mouth. Her tongue darting out to get a taste of her feminine nectar.

The professor began to pant again and rub his cock through is pants. If she kept this up he wouldn't last long at all. "Well, I'm feeling generous, so here's the deal I'm willing to make. A blow job will get you four points back on your grade. Sex will get you eight points and Anal will get you ten. You already have about one hundred points to make up, and, unless your work improves incredibly over the next several weeks, you'll probably need to make up one hundred more."

Professor Hermann sat there in nervous anticipation as he waited for Roxanne's reaction. This would work, he was sure of it. He'd studied his colleagues and done everything he needed to do to ensure the success of this venture. He had a pristine reputation with the Dean, no one would believe one lone girl with a failing grade if she actually tried to turn him in. She needed this grade, and she'd already said she'd do anything to get it.

Roxanne slowly walked up to his desk and plopped down on the edge, a sly look on her face. Her demeanor had completely changed. She was no longer the shy girl of a moment ago. Instead, before his eyes she'd changed into some sort of vixen. "So, it's put up or fail is it? How naive do you think I am?" With that she slammed a tape recorder down on his desk.

"I recorded it all, what are you going to do about it?"

Professor Hermann smiled nervously. "Do you really think the Dean will believe you? You're failing, you have motive to lie."

She pressed play on the tape recorder and he heard, in his own voice, the proposition he'd just made. "The Dean won't be able to deny my claim, that's your voice. Plus, I'm not stupid, I videotaped it as well. I knew you were playing me and now I've got proof."

Now Professor Hermann was nervous, why did he have to pick the one psychotic freshman in the whole bunch? His world was crashing down around his ears and there was nothing he could do about it. He looked up and put his hands out in supplication. "What do you want? I'll do anything."

Roxanne giggled. "That is exactly what I wanted to hear. From now on, you're my slave. You will do what I want, when I want, and you will start treating me fairly in class. I know I deserve better grades than what you've given me so far. I'll be back here tomorrow at the same time. You'd better be here." With that, she skirted the table and sat down right in Professor Hermann's lap. Despite the events of the last few minutes he was still hard and Roxanne, still laughing, stroked him through his pants. "Be a good little boy and there might still be something in it for you." She gave him one big juicy kiss on his lips and then stood up and exited the room.

Professor Hermann looked after her in anticipation. Well, it could be worse, he could be the slave of some fat bitch. Instead, he had his peach, and, hopefully, when she'd called him her slave, she meant sex slave.

The next day crept by as the Professor waited in anticipation for his rendezvous with Roxanne. She wasn't in class for him to torment and he began to worry that she had bolted and wouldn't show up. Class ended, and still no Roxanne. He walked to his office a little down in the dumps, looked like it was just him and his hand all over again.

He did his usual during his office hours, waiting for a knock on the door. The minutes ticked by slowly and there was still no sign of Roxanne. He was masturbating for the second time, rather half-heartedly, when he heard a knock at the door. He carefully put away his dick and told the visitor to come in.

It was his peach and she was dressed like an ungodly temptress. Red lacy camisole top, her nipples poking out through the fabric, short black leather skirt, with the tops of her lacy stockings and garters showing, high heeled black leather boots, and a hardly there leather jacket that she promptly removed upon her arrival. The Professor's dick jumped to instantaneous attention. He was already hard, since he'd been in the middle of masturbating, but it got even harder, if that was at all possible.

Roxanne had a small backpack with her as well. The Professor was curious, but didn't dare ask what she'd needed to bring to this little meeting. The 'slave' game began right away.

"What are you looking at you lazy asshole? Strip and kneel on all fours in front of me. Today you're going to get what you deserve for playing such a mean little game with my grades and my emotions. You really never should have messed with me. Didn't you recognize my name? Fields? You know, like the Mafia? Seriously, you're lucky I'm taking care of you myself. I could have sent my cousin Sonny after you and his methods would have been less, hmmmm ... I guess you'd say pleasant."

Professor Hermann gulped in surprise. She was related to that Fields? His buddies were going to rib him forever. He really should have done his research to make sure the student he had chosen really was as innocent and easily led as she looked. It was too late now though, he could just hope that this 'slave' thing would turn out sexually interesting.

He stripped completely and got down on all fours, his ass in the air facing her. Roxanne stripped out of her skirt and he just about swallowed his tongue when he saw she was wearing a garter, but no panties. She must have been excited about what she was about to do, because her blossoming pussy was dripping moisture down her legs. She opened the bag and pulled out a strap on dildo.

The Professor groaned, he had an idea where this was going and he wasn't sure if he wanted her anywhere near his virgin ass. I mean, it was one thing to do that to a girl, but he didn't think he'd really enjoy it being done to him. He began to move away from her, but she placed one booted foot on his back, stopping his progress.

"Oh no you don't, this isn't optional. You might think this is a game, but, seriously, I am punishing you for thinking you could take advantage of me." She got out a leather whip and gave him a few strokes across his back while she lubed up the rather large, black dildo that was now strapped to her pussy.

Surprisingly, he was finding this a little more exciting than he had at first suspected. His dick was getting harder. Suddenly he felt her crouch behind him and could feel the tip of the dildo poised at his asshole. Roxanne pulled his head around and started giving him a juicy kiss, in the middle of it she thrust her hips and drove the dildo deep into the Professor's ass.

He screamed out in surprise and pain, trying to shrug her off, but she just whipped him and kept thrusting in and out. The dildo must have been stimulating her clitoris because she began to moan in pleasure, and the Professor could feel her pussy juices dripping on his back. After a few seconds, the pressure in his ass started to give him pleasure and he began thrusting back into her quickly. His hand moved to rub his dick up and down and her hand came up to join it. The sensation was so pleasurable that he immediately began to spurt cum all over the floor of his office.

Roxanne chuckled, "So you like that, huh? Having your ass fucked? How does it feel to have someone dominating you?"

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