Pearlybeads, Gail and Me

by pj

Copyright© 2010 by pj

Erotica Sex Story: My girlfriend and my 'net buddy agree to have some role playing fun with me. And put it all on camera.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

The first part of this story is 100% true with very little embellishment. The second part is what would have happened if the plan had gone thru as agreed and arranged

I met her on 'Yahoo Personals'. She had put a few 'code words' on her profile to make it clear she differed from the usual frustrated and bitter widows and divorcees on that site. I didn't mean to be looking for a 'hook-up' on there as I was already in a fuck-buddy affair with Gail.

And Gail was enough to handle for just plain recreative sex.

If I had a sudden 'jones', I just gave Gail a call and she'd meet me in a park or parking lot and give me a quickie, whether I needed just a BJ or some doggie or front seat sex. But our usual arrangement was to meet at a motel and spend 2 to 3 hours getting all nasty.

I still scanned the personals from time to time to see if anything interesting showed up. Something did.

Her screen name was PearlyBeads. I had a feeling about this so I subscribed for a month and emailed her.

She was on line and it wasnt an hour before she replied. And didnt waste any time asking me to chat.

We started out with the usual banter but it wasnt an hour before she'd sent me a picture and wanted me to send her one as well. Her pic showed off a set of what seemed to be double 'D's but werent as it turned out, since she was only 5 feet tall.

I asked her if she wanted a pic of my face or my nude self.


I sent her the nude. Of just my torso, as I was coming in the palm of my hand.

"Are you doing what I think you're doing there?"


She sent another pic. Of just her crotch, replete with full growth of kinky dark brown pubes.

"Come on me!"

I printed out the pic and set the camera on the back of the chair and whacked. Soon I had a pearly white stream all over the image of her pussy.

I sent it.

"Oh, wow. That is just so hot!"

"I know ... aint it fun?!!!"

"Would be more fun if you were coming in my pussy."


"Yes. I want to fuck you ... mean I want you to fuck me."

I thought about this. Both our profiles said we just wanted to talk dirty on the net or by phone. I mentioned that.

"I dont care. You are hot. I figured I'd just get the usual dirty old men."

I thanked her, but reminded her she was married. I am, too, of course, but the danger increases exponentially when both cheaters are married. Put it this way ... I trust ME!

"I think I'd rather keep it like it is..."

I'd already told her about Gail. Gail was also married, but her husband had long since quit fucking her, he was in his mid-eighties, 25 years her senior.

So that's the way it went for several months. I would role play with her as she fingered herself, and she periodically sent me pix of her playing. We'd masturbate and see who could last the longest while talking the dirtiest ... you get the drift. She might have been cheating; I sometimes did, but what the hell.

I even went to see her, stopping in at the restaurant where she was a shift manager. I hadnt told her I was coming and when I told her who I was, she was embarrassed and a little shy. I laughed and put her at ease.

"Relax, I'm not going to do anything stupid."

"Oh ... I'm not worried about that. I just wanted to fix myself up a little if we were going to meet."

She leant over and whispered: "Now you'll never fuck me."

I chuckled.

Actually that wasnt the case at all. For some reason, I'd never asked how tall she was. From the pictures I had assumed she was a tall large woman, leaning to fat. In reality she was just over 5 feet and short torsoed.

I like that. When I get ready to shoot my jizz in a woman I like to hold their shoulders and jam my cock in with all my strength, as in: "Take this, you slut!"

Gail being short torsoed as well, I did that a lot and she loved it. Especially when I was fucking her doggy, and pounding my hips against her ass, already red and tender from spanking. I would feel my balls contract then I would fall on her mashing her into the mattress and start pounding away while I whispered filth in her ear.

Sometimes, I would yank my cock out of her cunt and come in her mouth. Sometimes I fucked her ass, using a condom. It didnt bother her by that time as I would have already spread her copious pussy juices all through her crack and, since I usually pushed a finger up her anus while we were fucking, my cock slid in easily.

I began to fantasize about doing Pauline the same way. But even more, I fantasized about Pauline taking pictures of Gail and me fucking.

I mentioned this to Gail one day during our pillowtalk and she was intrigued with the idea. I shouldn't have been surprised but I was.

"It would be exciting to have someone else take pictures of us fucking."

That's what I liked about Gail, she had been stunted in her sexual awakening by marrying too young, and an old man to boot and now she wanted to try everything at least once.

We talked about how to go about it a while and we decided to see if we could make it happen.

Next time I saw Pauline on IM, I asked her if she would mind if I brought Gail into the chat. She took a minute to answer, then replied in the affirmative. I called Gail's cell and told her to get on-line and soon I was introducing the two women.

Their tone was tentative at first, but soon Gail broke the ice by commenting that she'd seen the picture of me coming on Pauline's snatch photo.

PrlyB:"He showed you that? You must think I'm terrible."

GSpot:"No, it's fun to do that stuff."

PrlyB: "He says he wont fuck me, tho."

GSpot: "Not my fault. I dont care if he fucks you."

PJJ: "That's true, Pauline. I told you my problem with it."

GSpot: " ... if I can watch!!"

PrlyB: "I dont know if I could do that. Have someone watch."

GSpot: " Like photos? Pete takes pix of us fucking and I luv it. A watcher seems even more exciting."

PrlyB: "cud b, i gues"

PJJ: "Are you typing with one hand, PrlyB?"

PrlyB: "im soaked. lol"

GSpot: "rofl. me 2"

PJJ: " See if this helps"

I then put up two pix. the first of my cock, close-up, at Gail's pussy just nosing into her labia and covered with flecks of her foamed pussy juice. I assumed Pauline would know it was after we'd fucked for a while.

The second pic was a closeup of my cock pulling out of Gail's pussy and her sheath clinging to it. We were doing it doggy at the time.

PrlyB: "thts hot. brb"

GSpot: "me2"

I laughed. Then started stroking, myself.

I left the women to work out the details, no small amount of deception required, of course. The problem with Pauline participating was that her hubby was suspicious of her. Apparently she had been caught out in the past, I say that because she refused to talk about it.

That was no problem since Gail had been in real estate and other door to door sales and the girls built up a scam to run on Pauline's hubby. She would supposedly 'meet her while having lunch'and discuss some multi-level marketing deal or another. Gail was in several of them ... as much a hobby as anything else.

pj note: all the above is factual. For a couple reasons, it never went further. What's below is a reasonable projection of how it might have gone if we'd actually followed through on the mutual fantasy.

Gail took only a couple of days to get the whole thing planned and, by that time, I was no longer sure that it had been my idea in the first place. In fact she began to badger me to set up our next motel tryst as soon as I could get free for the obligatory 4 hours, which I had pledged to when we began our romps.

On the afternoon agreed, she called me at 4 on the dot.

"Room 137. We're wa-i-iting!" Giggles and a hangup.

It took a couple of minutes for me to set up the surround lighting using a couple halogen worklights bouncing off the walls, I was interrupted by Pauline asking why I wasnt naked while I was doing that ... so I had to strip for them, then instructing Pauline in the camera.

I headed to the bathroom for a quick shower, then walked out into the room naked while toweling off.

"Wet meat!" Pauline quipped.

"Yeah ... but dont you love that body!" Gail was always complimentary about my physique. I had the usual crepey skin and wrinkles and sags that hit anyone at sixty, but I had a flat stomach and little fatty flab.

'Click' I had just tossed the towel into the corner of the room and Pauline took her first pic ... of me.

'You should be taking pictures of her," I said, nodding toward Gail.

"Look at those nice boobs, and see how her ass holds up so nicely for an elderly lady."

Gail knew I was kidding her and slapped my arm.

Gail and I began kissing and rubbing each other. Both of us were so hot our breathing quickened immediately. While this was going on Pauline was clicking away. I warned her that I had limited memory in the camera and her response was she wanted to get a cum shot on the first batch.

"Will you cum on her face or belly?"

"I dont like that, I want to pump my sperm inside any woman I fuck."

Gail disagreed. "I want you to cum on my ass, or on my belly!"


"Cause I want to see your cum when I look at the photos."

I'd always suspected that most women only agreed to facials to please their partners or the photographer, but that gave me new insight, wimmin are sometimes more like us men than we might think. I already knew that Gail reveled in ability to make men cum; it was evident in her predilection to give me a blow job any time, in any nook of a public place, so it made sense.

"I think these are going to be so sexy!" Pauline spoke up. "We should make a web site"

"Who wants to see old ladies fuck?" Gail replied.

"I do..." I countered. "But I'd rather fuck them."

Gail was now trying to deep throat me, on Pauline's suggestion, but she kept gagging ... probably because my cock was so stiff it wouldn't bend down her throat. Finally she turned onto her back and let her head fall over the edge of the bed.

I put my cock back to her lips, hesitated for a shot, then pushed it fully in. It went down Gail's throat easily. Tight!

Pauline was delighted.

"So hot!"

"I'm getting close!" I warned.

"Gail, go to doggie position." Pauline knew exactly what she wanted. And Gail responded immediatly and reached back to spread her cheeks. They'd obviously scripted ahead, I got out of the way so Pauline could shoot closeup.

Clear liquid was streaming out of Gail's pussy. Seeing that didnt help my current condition.

"I'm still close."

"Go ahead."

I put my cockhead at Gail and it slid in easily. I took a few strokes then stopped at various insertions. Pauline had time for about three shots before I warned her I was about to cum.

"Put the tip at her pucker." I'd thought Gail only rarely wanted anal, but apparently having it on record turned her on.

"Just push a little then back off ... it doesnt need to go all the way in." Pauline giggled. "Yet..."

I did. A couple strokes ... then thinking of how it felt when I had been all the way in her ass, I began to cum. I let the first pulse go into her, then pulled out and spasmed my cream out onto her asscrack. As the clumpy sperm dribbled down her crack, Gail rubbed her pussy frantically and Pauline was both clicking and breathing hard. Who knew what was happening in her crotch? I could guess.

I felt a little spent but otherwise I was still sexually excited after cumming my first time. I opened up my laptop, and showed Pauline how to offload the pictures from the camera into a folder I'd set up especially for them. Then, so as not to disrupt the next session, I put in fresh AA cells. After I'd done that, I laid back on the bed to rest up while Pauline looked at what she'd shot so far.

"Oh, these are even better than I'd hoped, they're really sexy."

She turned to me with a smiling but accusatory stare.

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