Sharing My Wife With My Boss

by Mandala

Copyright© 2010 by Mandala

Erotica Sex Story: My boss had an unusual assignment for me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Wife Watching   .

When I went into my employer's office for my next assignment I was startled to learn that it consisted of having him over for dinner so he could have sex with my wife while I watched. "Mr. Bouton," I "stammered," I have learned that the single most important aspect of a job is a good relationship with one's boss, but I'm not sure how to respond to this."

"Steve, your efforts to build a good rapport with me have not gone unnoticed, or unappreciated," my boss told me in a friendly tone of voice. "You are my favorite employee. I have enjoyed mentoring you. I'm glad you told me about that serious issue with your immediate supervisor. If I had not learned what the situation was, you would have been fired. That would have been unfortunate for both of us, not to mention your wife.

"I think that by making love to your wife while you watch I will create a stronger bond with you. I know it will enhance my feelings for you. I also believe that by asserting my dominance over you in this most intimate area of your life I will help you to become a better subordinate. Please keep in mind how important this is to me.

"It is not unusual for a man to enjoy watching another man make love to his wife," my employer continued. "I think it is likely that when you watch your wife undress for me you will be nearly as aroused as I know I will be."

"But you do not know my wife. You have never met her."

"I have seen the photos of her that you have in your cubicle. Your wife is a handsome woman, Steve. I must have her."

"We were virgins on our wedding night. We have been faithful to each other ever since."

"That is delightful, Steve. It will enhance my enjoyment."

"I have never asked this about an assignment before Mr. Bouton. Is this necessary?"

"Yes, I believe it is."

I took a deep breath. Clearly, there was no saying no to my boss. He had hired me after I had endured a long period of unemployment. With the uncertain economy I was reluctant to disappoint him. "When do you want to come over?" I asked in a subdued tone of voice.

"Friday evening, about sevenish," he replied, with a smile. "Oh, by the way, I just heard from Digatech. They are very pleased with the assignment you did for them. In fact, they are preparing a new project, and they specifically asked that you do it for them."

"That's a relief," I admitted. "I was three days late. I was afraid that you were calling me in here to fire me."

"Then you must feel much better, Steve. I think you have learned by now that I am an easy man to work for. I am not a perfectionist. I only ask for obedience. You are a key employee. Everyone here likes you. Our clients say nice things about you. I have every intention of keeping you. Tell your wife I am looking forward to meeting her."

When I told my wife about my new assignment, she blushed crimson. My wife is a modest and proper woman, one in whose presence one should never mention anything indecent. She is shy with strangers. "How can he expect that of us?" she protested.

"He thinks this will make me more of an asset to his firm," I replied.

"I have never met Mr. Bouton."

"He thinks your photos are beautiful. You know that in the past I told you that watching you have sex with him was an agreeable fantasy with me."

"It's an agreeable fantasy with me," my wife admitted, "but we decided that it should remain a fantasy."

"We didn't know how to approach him. We were afraid he would thing I was trying to win his favors unfairly. Mr. Bouton has taken care of that for us. He did the selecting."

"We also did not know how we would respond if the fantasy became a reality."

"We are going to learn."

"What should I cook for dinner?"

"My parents liked the venison and wild rice you prepared for them on their last visit. I will buy some at Whole Foods, and get several bottles of French wine."

"What should I wear?"

"A modest dress. The fact that you have been chaste up to now is a real turn on for him."

"I don't even know what Mr. Bouton looks like."

"I think you will find him attractive. People say he looks dignified."

"Will you respect me when this is over?" my wife asked.

"Yes. Will you respect me?"

"Of course. It's important for your career. I'm proud of your success."

When Mr. Bouton arrived at our home the smell of cooked venison wafted though the house. He was in a holiday mood. "Oh, you are so beautiful," he said to my wife, handing her a flower bouquet. "Your husband's photos hardly did you justice."

"Thank you," my wife said, smiling shyly, and looking down as she took the flowers, and put them on the dinner table.

"Did you have any trouble finding our house, Mr. Bouton?" I asked trying to sound friendly, and as though this was a usual visit."

"No Steve, your instructions were very clear."

"I am glad to hear that, Mr. Bouton," my wife told him, as she took his coat to hang up.

"The venison certainly smells good," my boss said, "And everything looks so tasteful and elegant."

"We could not afford to live this way until Steve got his job with your firm," my wife said.

"Hire the best and pay the most. That's my philosophy," my boss said. "Other employers may skimp on salaries. I would rather cut corners in the accouterments in my office. I also try to treat my employees like friends. I hope to be taken seriously, but I want to be liked."

"Steve has always said nice things about you."

"He has told me nice things about you, and your photos spoke most impressively."

"Thanks again," my wife said with a faint smile, looking down. I could tell she was impressed with him. My boss is nearly a generation older than my wife and me. He is tall, still slender, and stately looking, with white wavy hair, and a craggy handsomeness. He looks like Hollywood's idea of an English aristocrat.

During dinner my boss told us a few details of how he started his business. He also praised my performance to my wife, explained that I had a good future with his company, and that he would have a difficult time replacing me.

When dinner was over, he helped my wife rinse the dishes off, and place them in the dish washer. Then he sat down in his chair again, and asked my wife to remove her clothes as he watched. She did so slowly and hesitantly, saying, "I can't believe I am really doing this," and "This feels so strange."

Finally, my wife stood naked before my boss, holding her hands behind her back, and nervously experiencing my boss's inspection, as she looked down at the floor. My wife is a shapely woman in her late twenties. She is buxom without being fat.

"Well, look at what we have here," my boss said with relish, "curves in places where most women do not have places. Your entire body looks perfectly suited to carry, give birth to, and nurse a child. Your pretty face has a beautiful pink blush on it, which is appropriate, considering your circumstances. You are not used to being seen naked by a man other than your husband. Modesty excites me.

"As I look down past your softly molded shoulders, I see that your breasts are as large and round as melons. They are also firm, with hardly any sag. Did you have them worked on?"

"No," my wife answered, becoming even more embarrassed. "They are natural."

"And natural works of art, I must say. They obviously can hold a lot of milk. Your beautiful red nipples are practically the size and shape of nipples on baby bottles.

"Even though you have such an impressive bust, your waist is small, and your belly is soft, but flat. Your round hips frame your most delightful vulva, which begs to be penetrated, and your thighs are slender and athletic."

"Thank you," my wife said quietly. I could tell she was becoming aroused.

"Come closer, Darling, so that I might pet your adorable kitty."

My wife walked up to my boss, trying not to giggle with nervousness. He began to stroke her public hairs. "It is so delightful to think that only your husband has been in here. You may have wondered what it felt like to have another man's penis thrusting in there. I hope you won't be disappointed. I know I won't be."

My boss felt inside my wife's slit, and said, "Excellent! You are very wet. That will help my penetration. The blush on your face indicates that your mind is uncertain about what you are about to do with me, but your body is eager and ready. Sit on my lap, Darling, so I can feel your breasts."

When my naked wife sat on my boss's lap, he began to feel and squeeze her breasts. "These feel as good as they look," he said. Playing with my wife's left nipple, he said, "And your nipples are hard and erect. My penis has been that way for awhile. Where is your bed room?"

"It's right here, Sir," I said, leading the way.

When we got into our bed room, my boss quickly undressed, revealing a penis that was only slightly longer than mine, but quite a bit thicker. In addition, unlike me, he had not been circumcised. This would be a new experience for my wife.

My boss entered my wife. I could tell that she was initially uncomfortable because of his girth. Fortunately, he penetrated her gently, and did not begin to move more vigorously until he could tell that she was beginning to enjoy the sensation of his penis deep inside her. "How does it feel?" he asked.

"Oh, I don't know," my wife said, trying to smile. "Good, I guess. It feels different."

"It sure feels good to me," my boss said, pumping deeper into my wife, as our bed shook.

After ten minutes my wife began to laugh musically, as she does with me when she begins to have an orgasm. Mr. Bouton and my wife breathed heavily. Five minutes later, my boss said, "I'm about to come."

"Me too," my wife said. "Let's do it together. Oh! Oh! Oh! This is so wonderful!"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" my boss shouted, as he shot his load deep into my wife. He grunted a few more times, as he pumped his last drops of semen into my wife's womb. Slowly withdrawing from my wife, my boss said, "Thank you so much. This was wonderful."

"Thank you," my wife said.

As my wife continued to lie on the bed, my boss asked her to spread her thighs. Then he separated her labia with his fingers, and directed me to look at his semen dripping out of my wife's vagina.

My boss quickly put his clothes on, but asked my wife to remain naked, and suggested that we go into the living room in order to discuss what had happened.

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