The Tease

by Girl Friday

Copyright© 2010 by Girl Friday

Flash Sex Story: Kate loves to tease Greg, especially in the middle of the night.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

I cracked open one eye and looked at the red, glowing numbers of the bedside clock: 4:20 a.m. Without moving a muscle, I tried to decide why I was awake. Behind me, I could hear the rhythmic snoring of Greg in deep sleep. He was spooned up against my back with one heavy leg thrown over my hip while one of his arms curved over my shoulder and held me tight against him. I loved sleeping with him curled around me. It never failed to make me feel safe, loved, and protected.

The snoring, on the other hand, could wake the dead.

That wasn't it, though. Concentrating on various parts of my body seemed to offer no answers either. I snuggled my butt closer to Greg and closed my eyes. If I relaxed, maybe I could get back to sleep. Just a few moments later my eyes popped open again.

There! In the small of my back, a muscle was spasming. It didn't really hurt, but it felt weird and not altogether normal. I reached up to rub Greg's shoulder.

"Greg, honey, you have to move."


I grinned as he grunted at me in sleep. He never moved, so I pushed on his knee hard. It was like trying to budge solid rock.

"Greg! Potty!"

He groaned in recognition and rolled away from me so that I could get out of bed. I padded quietly to the bathroom and made sure the door was shut tight before I turned on the light. The muscle in my back felt normal again, but my bladder demanded attention. I took care of that and was washing my hands when I felt it again, that weird little flutter in my back. I reached around and rubbed the muscle and it seemed to ease the spasm. Giving my sleep-mussed curls one more rueful glance, I turned out the light and headed back to bed.

Greg had turned on the small bedside lamp and was sprawled in the center of the bed, flat on his back with one knee bent toward the ceiling. He watched me with sleepy eyes as I climbed under the covers. He patted his chest in a familiar gesture and I snuggled up close, putting my head on his chest and curling one of my legs over his. Gently, he tousled my curls and massaged my scalp.

"You okay, sweetheart?"

I hummed an agreement and reveled in the feel of his hands on my body as I traced lazy circles on his naked chest. I felt one of his hands drift over my jaw before he slowly tugged my chin upwards. I raised my lips to his and we shared a soft, emotion-filled kiss. Why was it that these gentle kisses in the middle of the night always seemed to touch my soul? Any kiss from Greg was wonderful, but these were the ones I loved the best. I kissed him again and trailed my fingers lightly over the smooth skin of his ribs, pausing to circle one sensitive nipple, before sliding my hand back down his body. When my fingers brushed his pubes he captured my hand in his and brought it back to his hip. I looked up to see his gray-blue eyes watching me with interest.

"And just what do you think you're doing, you little tease?"

I pouted a little as I answered, "I'm not a tease. You know I always deliver."

He nodded his head in agreement, "Eventually."

I grinned mischievously and slid my hand free from his and continued down to my original goal. Gently, I played with his pubic hair, stopping to rub him firmly next to the base of his cock, before reaching down to cup and play with his balls. I watched his eyes darken as I ran my fingers up the underside of his rapidly hardening cock. He began to play with my nipples, strumming them with his thumb as I stroked his cock firmly, bringing it to full erection.

Greg moaned as I kissed and nibbled his earlobe, his body shuddering in pleasure. I continued to stroke his cock in the easy, long strokes I knew would give him the most pleasure. He turned his ear away from my teasing lips and crushed my mouth with his, his tongue firmly stroking against mine and kicking my body into overdrive. I slid over him awkwardly and felt his cock nudge against my entrance. His hands on my hips held me in place when I tried to slide down over his cock.

"Kate? Are you sure?" Greg's face was filled with concern. In that moment I loved him more than I ever thought was possible.

"I need to feel you inside of me. Please, baby, I'll be careful. I promise."

Greg strained upward and gave me another of those soul-stealing kisses and guided my hips as I slowly impaled myself on his shaft. I hissed in pleasure as he entered my body. My thighs weren't happy about taking my weight, but I ignored their painful protest as I sat upright on Greg's hips and felt his cock sink deep inside me. I looked into Greg's eyes and felt his love radiate over me. Slowly and carefully I began to make small lifts, just barely moving on his shaft. I felt so complete with him inside of me and his eyes making love to me.

One of his hands moved to my clit and began to make small, gentle circles. I moaned in pleasure and leaned back slightly, giving him more room to work. He rubbed harder and faster as my breathing got heavier until I was gasping and bucking in pleasure on top of him. I could feel my body begin to shudder as he gently rolled one of my nipples between his fingertips. All I could do was wail his name as my orgasm rushed through me and sent my body into spasms of pleasure.

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