My Wife and the Truck Driver

by Mandala

Copyright© 2010 by Mandala

Erotica Sex Story: A fascinating truck driver helped my wife and me add spice to our marriage.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Swinging   Gang Bang   .

I am a fortunate man who married his childhood sweetheart. She was the only girl I had a crush on. She is the only woman I have ever loved, and the only woman I have ever made love to. We dated through high school. Our wedding night was the first time for both of us.

Nevertheless, after ten years of marriage sex between us had become routine. Then I had an idea. I was almost afraid to suggest it to my wife. Finally, I broached the subject. "I have been thinking that it might be sexy for us to take a car trip, and for you to flash truck drivers," I suggested tepidly. I was relieved when she did not get angry. Instead, she blushed and giggled, without saying anything. I never mentioned the subject again. I knew she would remember. I only wanted to do it if she wanted to. I did not want her to feel pressured.

Several months later, while enjoying the afterglow of a love making session, she said, "I've been thinking about the truck driver idea. It excites me. Let's do it."

She did not have to mention it twice. We decided to take an excursion into the country along a highways frequented by interstate truckers. My wife wore shorts, no panties, and a blouse that could be removed quickly, but which did not show the imprints of her nipples, so we could make stops with her looking reasonably decent.

She sat in the back seat of our car. When we passed the first two trucks, she was too shy to show anything, so I thought she had lost her nerve. She showed the driver of the third truck a good view of her breasts, and he honked his appreciation. She backed away from the window, but her blouse back on, and started giggling. "That was exciting," she said.

Because I was also aroused, I parked our car on the side of the road, and got into the back seat of the car, like we did when we were dating, and kissed her while putting my hand in her blouse and fondling her breasts. We were too excited to ride any further, so we hurried home, and experienced a thoroughly enjoyable love making session.

On our second excursion several weeks later, my wife got more daring, and removed all of her clothes. However, when we were trying to pass a truck, a car with three young men in it who may have been college students passed us. My wife got on her hands and knees on the back seat, and wiggled her delightful bottom at them. They honked, and cheered their appreciation. For the next half hour they rode right next to us, and my wife surprised me by giving them quite a show as one took photographs of her.

I was becoming uncomfortable with the situation. Fortunately, they took a turn off from the highway. My wife put her arms around my shoulders, kissed me on the back of the neck, and said, "That was delightful."

"They thought so to," I said, "but you better be careful." When we got home any qualms I may have had were eased by the most passionate love making session we had had for over a year.

Several weeks later, my wife suggested we go bar hopping, like we had done when we were dating. For the event she wore a filmy, clinging dress that she had purchased for the occasion, and no underwear, not even panties. The dress clearly showed her nipples, and she unbuttoned it in front to show some delightful cleavage. "My goodness, Darling," I teased. "If that's all you are going to wear, I should wear a Colt 45 automatic pistol in clear sight."

She giggled, and we went out for the evening. When we were in our second bar my cell phone rang, so I went out to our car to talk to a new employee I was mentoring who had been paged about an emergency at work. I must have talked to him for over thirty minutes. When I went back inside the bar, my wife was talking to a handsome stranger, who had his right hand inside her dress, and was touching the inside of her right thigh.

He was obviously disappointed at my appearance, and seemed afraid that I would fight him. I just smiled, and made a joke of it. He left quickly. When we were driving home my wife told me, "I would not have allowed anyone to pick me up, even if I had been there alone, but it was excited to think that he wanted to have sex with me, and thought he would be in a few hours."

"With that dress you've got on, every man in that bar wanted you," I replied. That night we did role playing. We pretended that my wife's husband was away on a business trip, and that I was the man at the bar, whom she had brought home.

My wife never wore that dress to work, but she did go to work several times wearing business dresses, but no panties. She told me that it was exciting.

For our next flashing excursion, we took two days off from work, and rented a blue, Chrysler Sebring convertible with a power top from National Car Rental. Our plan was to drive all day, stay at a motel, and take another route back.

We started with the top of our convertible up. When we passed our truck, my wife removed her blouse, and said, "Let's do it." I picked up speed. As we passed, my wife pressed her breasts against the window of the convertible. The truck driver honked his appreciation. My wife started giggling, and said, "Slow down, let him pass. I hope he doesn't slow down too." He did not.

When he disappeared down the road, I said, "I am so proud of you. I am going to park the car for awhile, because I want to kiss and hug my wife." I got into the back seat, like I did when we were dating, and kissed my wife's lips and nipples. "I feel like stopping in a motel right now, but this is not why we came on this trip."

"It was so exciting," my wife said. "Let's do it some more."

My wife put her blouse back on, and we started riding again. She flashed two more truck drivers with her breasts, with results that were even more enjoyable to both of us. Then she got more daring, and removed her shorts also. The next truck driver had a red Mack truck with a sleeper. My wife flashed her most private area as we passed him. "Slow down," she told me. "Let's let him pass us."

My wife removed all of her clothes. Now I decided to get really daring, and pushed the power top switch, lowering the top of the convertible. When we passed the truck a second time, my wife lay back in the seat, showing the truck driver everything she had, waving at him, and blowing him a kiss. This time the truck driver honked three times, gave a right turn signal, and slowed down. My wife said, "He's going to park. Let's stop too."

As we parked along the side of the highway, my wife put her clothes on again. She got out of the car, and walked to the truck. The truck driver got out, held my wife and kissed her a few times, opened the sleeping compartment, and they both climbed in.

They were in there for over a half hour, so I knew my wife was getting quite a love making session. I had not planned on this, but the fact that my wife was having sex with a total stranger, and that he was her second man ever was strangely erotic to me. It was obviously something she wanted to do. Finally, they both got out, kissed again, and my wife rejoined me in our car with a look of complete sexual fulfillment on her face. As the truck passed, the driver waved to both of us.

I sat in our car, looking out the front window, and collecting my thoughts. Fantasizing my wife making love to another man was one thing. Knowing that it had just happened was something I needed to think about. "Are you angry at me?" my wife asked.

"Flashing truck drivers was my idea," I said. "I should have known something like this would happen if we kept doing it. Was he better than me?"

"No one could be better than the only man I have ever loved."

"No I'm not angry." I said. "As crazy as it sounds, I enjoyed it too."

"He gave me the address of a motel up ahead where he will be staying tonight. Do you think we can stay there?"

"It is obviously something you want," I said. "Yeah, let's do it. I might as well learn about the second man my wife ever had sex with."

"Are you sure you're not angry?"

"I'm sure. This was my idea, remember?"

When we got to the motel, we could see that the truck was already parked. The desk clerk gave us a room. We unpacked, and went to the nearby restaurant and bar. The truck driver was waiting for us. He offered to buy us drinks, but I paid for his. "If you pay for anything, it will feel like it is for services rendered," I said.

My wife paid for his dinner. We did not talk very much. My wife looked shy, and seemed reluctant to exchange glances with the truck driver, but I could tell that he excited her. The truck driver, of course, was very aroused by my pretty wife, and obviously proud to be her first extramarital lover.

When we got back to our motel room, I was able to watch. His penis was quite a bit longer than mine, with prominent veins once it became erect. He was a large, powerfully built man, with the body of a former athlete. He sat in a chair. My wife sat with her back to him, so that I could watch her breasts and face. She lowered herself onto his penis, and they began to move together. I kissed her several times to reassure her, and said, "I love you very much."

"I love you too," she said, and began to have her first orgasm.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" I said.

"It was wonderful." As the truck driver worked toward his own orgasm, I continued to fondle my wife's breasts and kiss her. He lasted longer than I am usually able to. My wife must have weighed less than half what the truck driver weighed. The sight of this bear of a man pumping his huge penis into my delicate wife was sexually explosive. As he pumped harder and harder, my wife's breasts bounced up and down vigorously. She rarely makes noise during intercourse. She was quite vocal now, saying, "Oh! Oh! Oh! This is so good! Keep doing it! Oh! Oh!"

After several more of my wife's orgasms, the truck driver said, "I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it. Yes! Yes! Yes!" he shouted as he ejaculated. Then he grunted several more times as he squirted his last drops of semen into my wife's cervix. "That was so fine," he said, kissing the back of her neck, and squeezing her breasts. "Your husband is a lucky guy."

"I certainly think so," I said.

"I'm a fortunate woman," my wife said. Her face wore an expression of the loveliest rapture. When she got off of the truck driver, she kissed his large member, and said, "This filled parts of me that I never knew existed."

After they got dressed, we walked back to the bar, and I paid for another round of drinks. The truck driver told us that he had gone to college on a football scholarship, and that he had played for two years with the Green Bay Packers. When he was cut from the team, he used the money he had saved as a professional athlete in order to start a sports bar and grill. When that failed after a year, he joined the Marine Corps, rising to the rank of first lieutenant, and fighting in the first Gulf War. He added that he owned his truck, and enjoyed listening to books on tape during his long trips. He was obviously a man of intelligence and learning, and illustrated his points with facts drawn from many areas of knowledge. One might hesitate to call him handsome, but he looked distinctive, and one would notice him across a crowded room. He treated my wife with a gallantry that seemed inbred.

When we got back to our room, he asked me if he could have some privacy with my wife. They slept together in his room, and I lay alone on our bed, thinking about my wife and the truck driver, and giving myself an orgasm.

The next morning I picked up the tab for our breakfast together. The truck driver told me that he had taken a series of nude photos of my wife, and that he intended to post them on an internet website as soon as he got home. He did not ask for my permission; I did not tell him not to. It was obviously something my wife wanted to happen. After all, the three young men had probably already posted my wife's photos somewhere.

We would have liked to spend another day together, but my wife and I were expected at work the following day, so my wife and I stood together with our arms around each other's waists, and we waved to the truck driver as he rode off toward the horizon.

My wife flashed at two truck drivers as we drove home, but she did not get a thrill from it anymore, so she stopped. She was obviously satiated.

When we got home, we looked at the website he told her about. When we located the profile of the truck driver, we read, "I am very much in love with my wife, but I am available. My wife would not make love to me until I married her. Our first time was her first time ever. She has always been faithful to me. She has always known, however that although my heart is hers alone, my male member belongs temporarily to any beautiful woman who wants it. Fortunately, she gets aroused hearing about my indiscretions. Sometimes she takes part in threesomes with one of those beautiful women."

I have to admit that I was relieved to learn that the truck driver was happily married, and that his attraction to my wife was only sexual. I felt sure of my wife's love, but I did not want to take chances.

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