Servicing the House Hold

by Drak

Copyright© 2010 by Drak

BDSM Sex Story: when a young woman goes to watch a frinds house the help as her serving them instead

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   BiSexual   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   .

I was heading to my friend's house to watch their house while they were out on a vacation. I was going to get paid well and could do almost ANYTHING I wanted. I drove up to the driveway, typed in the pass code to the gate, watched as the tall metal gate swung open gracefully, and drove into the long winding road. The road went on for about a quarter mile surrounded by large blushing trees and a fence. At the end of the road rose a three story house with millions of windows and a porch covering half the front.

I parked right in front of the house, not knowing a better place to park, and then got out feeling like a total bum comparing my apartment to the massive place. I almost felt like an intruder on the front porch taking small steps so as to not make much sound. There was a large golden lion knocker on the front door and I took the smooth metal in my hand and knocked. The door swung open like the door from the Adam's family because no one seemed to have opened it. I crept in peeking around the door to find a tall man in a suite. I assumed he was the butler ... just because of the movies ... My friends have never actually told me about their house or having a butler or ... MAIDS! There were maids! two women who wore ... rather tight skimpy clothing. I guess that was her husband's idea seeing as how my best friend would never even be seen herself in something less than pants and a regular t-shirt.

"Are you Hallow?" he asked seeming to look me over.

"Yes," was all I could mutter still amazed by the size of the house.

"Right this way," he said motioning towards the swirling staircase in the middle of the entry way.

Up the stairs to the right, he opened a door which led to what looked like ... a library? It had a lot of shelves in it, that's for sure.

"The maids will be up in a second," he said and then left before I could ask why. So, I just stood there ... waiting ... for them to come up...

Thirty minutes later, I had my cell to keep me busy during the wait, the maids were lined up in the room. they were gorgeous and both in the middle twenties.

I gulped slightly and ask, "What's this for?"

The maid in the skimpiest uniform that barely covered her ass, boobs, or body and was made of latex stepped forwards.

"We are here to be serviced," and with that she walked over to me, pushed me down, and tore off my clothes. I gasped in horror and amazement at what she'd done.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. "I'm just watching the house!"

"Part of that job description is servicing us," she said bending down and grabbing one of my nipples forcefully.

"My friend never said-"

"You could've asked what it entailed!" she hissed grabbing the other nipple with her other hand and twisted hard making me scream out in pain. "Now hush before I have to get serious." I just nodded my head as she released my nipple that was starting to swell and change from pink to purple. She pushed me the rest of the way down to the floor and then hiked up her skirt and sat on my face. "Lick," she commanded. I tried to protest but she just stuffed her pussy on my mouth and began to grind forcing me to take her. So I licked and poked and prodded in her pussy feeling aroused by this. It had always been my fantasy to be force fucked, but I had never had the guts to actually try it. The rape, BMDS sites, and beastiality sites were my kind of porn because they were out there and different and pushing the line that I never ever passed in my social life. But in secret, that's what I truly wanted. I truly wanted to be put in my place. Of course, I always imagined it with a dog or a guy ... Never a woman!

She came all over my face screaming out in pleasure as she squirted her juices in my mouth. Then she stood up and ordered the next maid over. This time, it was the guy. He picked me up by my waist and carried me over to an odd looking chair. I didn't really get a great look at it. But when he set me down SPECIFICALLY I knew something was different about this chair. I was set down and was suddenly penetrated by some thing in my very very virgin ass! It hurt like hell and I tried to scream. I was muffled by a small red ball being tied around my face and slipping into my mouth. The dildo went all the way up making me feel like I was being split in a billion pieces! The male maid smiled at me then forced my legs opened and tied them apart. Then my wrists and neck were tied. With that, he thrust into me! He must've been huge because he spread my pussy wider than the dildo! I tried to hard to scream. Then I was smacked. He smacked my face, breasts, and clit before he started to ram hard into me. I felt a little bit of the pain ease as he created friction down there. Then he pulled out cause me to moan, not that it could be heard. I was soooo wet from this! And so turned on! I felt like I was on fire burning up from the need to release!

I struggled against my bonds, but he just laughed. I was crying at this point. Crying tears of joy and pain. It was odd to have such a mixed feeling about sex! I liked it ... and hated it ... and didn't know what to think about it. Next he pulled out some candles and lit it. Candle wax began to drop down and I knew exactly what he was going to do. Drip, burn, breathe in, breathe out. Drip, burn, breathe in, breathe out. It was collecting on my legs, pussy, mound, stomach, and breasts. He set it down and drove home again with his very erect dick. He fucked me hard and fast thrusting deeper and deeper until both he and I came. He pulled out and I could feel the cum just leak out of me.

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