My Honeymoon

by Lance DeLonge

Copyright© 2009 by Lance DeLonge

Erotica Sex Story: Stacie and Cole fly to a exclusive swingers resort for a honeymoon. While there they meet a few new friends who would like to congratulate the new bride. All at once.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Interracial   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

The small prop plane began it's decent from the crystal blue sky towards the water below. The plane vibrated with the spinning propeller as we began the all too slow decent towards our fantasy vacation. I glanced over at my young wife, her short dark hair pushed back behind her ears, covered by her large floppy white sunhat and her dark sun glasses searching the small island below, scanning it from shore to shore, excitement evident as she glanced back at me, a beautiful innocent smile crossing her soft pink lips. We had been married less than twenty-four hours and had spent the whole night traveling nearly five thousand miles, but she looked none the less for wear. She was by far the most stunning woman I had ever known and in the shifting morning light, she surpassed my wildest dreams.

It wasn't until I was almost thirty-five that I found the perfect girl. I'm not sure if it was the right timing, her wonderful adventurous attitude, or the absolute unadulterated lust that she inspired within me that made me take the final jump. All I knew was that we fit together like no one I had ever been with. My world wanderings over and my overwhelming wanderlust finally quenched, Stacie and I were married in a simple ceremony on on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. She was 28, a few years younger than me and her body was magnificent. She was in no way thin, but a voluptuous brunette with dark short hair and a seducing smile that heated my blood every time she was happy. She had a long Celtic knot work tattoo just above her full curving ass, one of the biggest turn ons I have ever known. She always wore simple attire, almost hippieish, earth tones that accented her seemingly continuous cinnamon tan. Her legs were long and lean, her thighs sweet and soft and her breasts, although not large, were beautiful, ending in a pert brownish pink nipple. But her most sensuous feature was her eyes, so dark that they appeared almost black, depthless and inviting. She was a simple girl, she had no piercing except a single diamond stud which she wore in each ear and often the only jewelry she wore was a silver and onyx toe ring on her right foot and a simple thin gold chain with a small cross.

But despite her simple beauty, Stacie had no shame in the bed room. She would do what ever it took to satisfy her needs. This one factor had been perhaps the greatest factor in my decision to ask for her hand. And it was for this reason that we chose the Caribbean as our destination for a honeymoon of a lifetime. While this destination in itself may not be unusual, our choice of locations was not an extravagant cruise liner or the relaxing beach resort on Jamaica or St. Croix.

Our honeymoon destination of choice was a small island with a little known resort known simply as Isla dela Diavola.

We came across it on accident while we were searching for some of the more bizarre porn websites on the net. A place where inhibitions are checked at the airport and no taboo is allowed. We simply looked at each other and smiled. No words were said. None were needed. When we finally set the wedding date, my first duty was to get reservations and make the arrangements.

And after many long months of waiting and wishing, we were finally only minutes from living our fantasy.

As the pontoons skimmed only inches above the clear ocean water, there was a tension of impatience that filled the air between us. And as the two floats finally touched down and the plane began to slow, I could hear Stacie let out an almost audible sigh of relief. The pilot coasted easily along side the small dock that floated out some hundred feet from the sandy white shore.

We stepped off the small plane onto the wood planking of the dock and almost instantly we were a million miles from all the cares of our lives, our jobs, our families, our wedding plans, everything.

"I already feel sooo much better," Stacie whispered as she through her arms around my neck and kissed me softly on the lips. The pilot handed us our bag, just a small back pack really filled with only the necessities. After all, half the fun of La Diavola is not having to pack.

We walked hand in hand up the dock and across the brilliant beach, marveling at our new wonderland. A small path opened up before us into the prevailing jungle. We walked along the sand trail, amazed by the green island growth that was all around us. The thick jungle soon opened up to an enormous clearing with a beautiful white colonial main house. Opening the door, I ushered my new bride inside and followed her into an enormous lobby area, decorated like I could only imagined an old Victorian colonial home could have looked. Shiny marble floors opened up before us, rose colored with roman columns stretching up to the vaulted ceiling, a window at the very top spreading the Caribbean sun over the entire room and making it glisten with a stunning radiance.

We couldn't help but to look around for a moment, dazzled by the luxurious surroundings. Slowly we started forward, still arm in arm, her light white sundress illuminated but the large skylight as we crossed beneath it's black wrought iron framings shaping the clear glass almost like a flower or star, a gorgeous crystal chandelier hanging from it's center, the light refracted through it's small crystals, spreading a rainbow of light through out the room. Her small leather sandals moved across the floor soundlessly as I marveled at my exquisite wife bedazzled by her new surroundings. Even in such simple garb, I couldn't help but think how much she belonged here amongst such beauty.

"We have reservations," I said to the balding Spanish concierge once we finally reached the desk.

With in moments we were on our way to our room at the far end of the complex. Opening the door, the tall black bellman ushered us into our little room. The room was no less beautiful than the lobby, a large Victorian white canopy bed. The room opened up through two French doors to a green clearing, not far from an enormous pool framed by tall palm trees and edged by a small beach that stretched out into a small bay.

On the large cushy bed sat an envelope and two masks. Stacie walked over and sat down, picking up the envelope and opening up the paper inside.

"Tonight is a masquerade party," she exclaimed, her eyes bright with anticipation, "these masks and a bathing suit are all we're supposed to wear!"

She picked up the white mask, trimmed with glitter and small plastic jewels, she pulled the elastic string behind her head and fit the mask to her face.

"Mmm, mysterious." I laughed, picking up the black mask.

"I think this could be fun!" she smiled, even with the mask on, I could see her mischievous look. Throwing the letter down on the bed, she was drawn over to the windows.

"Oh, what a view!" Stacie smiled as I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her slim waist. I kissed her gently on the cheek as we stared out the spotless glass at the tropical paradise.

"We had better start getting ready if we're going to make that party tonight," I said, releasing her and turning to our small bag, "I would hate to miss any of the festivities."

"So true," she smiled, "but I don't think a little snack would spoil my appetite."

The sun was sinking low into the western horizon and the sky was alive with powerful reds and yellow, the dieing embers of the sun's rays bouncing beautifully off the full Caribbean clouds. Stacie and I walked out our back door onto our patio and watched the throng of people that now inhabited the pool area. This scene was probably mimicked at nearly every other resort in this part of the world right now except for one small detail. One common factor that brought a very select group of people to this resort, everyone was naked, or nearly so. It was even from this far as the lights from tiki torches glimmered in the impending darkness, bare breasted beauties from all over the world danced to the island music and enticed the men gathered round, their erections proudly displayed, an unspoken competition for the mates of their peers. La Diabla was a swingers resort, and the only way to make the approval list was as a couple. We walked hand in hand across the soft grass covered clearing already cool with dew towards the fevered party. As we got closer, we could see shadows just at the edge of the torch light already coupled up, at least for the moment, exhibiting their lustful urges without shame, free perhaps for the first time of their inhibitions that swallowed their true desire while at home.

I looked at Stacie briefly, hoping for a brief insight into what she was thinking. She was smiling, a bright beautiful smile that seemed to radiate her excitement and comfort in the nights coming events. The small jewels on her small mask glittered in the flickering glow, a provocative accent against her inescapable beauty. She wore a small black bikini that she bought for the trip, two small triangles curling around her softly rolling breasts and an equally small triangle of black shiny fabric curling down between her legs and around her up around her ass.

We stopped at small round table that sat on the large pool deck already occupied by a slightly older couple, the man maybe in his late thirties, in very good shape, but with dark thinning hair. His wife was about the same age; long curly dirty blonde hair tumbled down her shoulders and framed her face like soft strands of satin. The orange and red light from the flames danced stunningly across her pale freckled shoulders. They too wore small party masks similar to ours.

"Do you mind if we sit here?" I asked, motioning to two open chairs at their table.

"Not at all," the gentleman said, sitting up a bit and shifting his attention from the party that surrounded us.

"I'm Stacie and this is my husband Cole," my wife exclaimed as I moved the chair out for her and took a seat next to her. Her hands found mine, betraying a bit of the nervousness that her face hid so well.

"I'm Mike and this is my wife Lindsey," the man said, putting his hand out first to me then to Stacie. I could tell Stacie was impressed by his grip and she no doubt wondered if all his attributes were so strong. I smiled, almost in anticipation.

"Is this your first time here?" Mike asked, his face inviting and charming. I took an immediate like to him, and I could tell Stacie had as well. Lindsey was a bit quieter, but we gave passing glances to each other, both aware of the almost automatic attraction between our mates.

"Sure is, we're actually here on our honeymoon if you can believe it!" Stacie answered.

"Well congratulations, young lady," Mike exclaimed, a slight southern drawl sneaking out, "where are y'all from?"

"New Orleans as of late."

"Well hell, we were practically neighbors," he cried, slapping me on the shoulder "the missus here and I are from Texas."

"Oh? A lot of my family are from Austin," Stacie continued, reaching forward and touching his hand gently.

Lindsey leaned forward and took my hand, her eyes scanning up to my masked face. "Well, they sure seem to have hit it off, haven't they?" Her voice was deep and sensual, a southern accent strong and inviting.

"Yes, they sure have," I replied, looking deep into her clear blue eyes. Lindsey was voluptuous, strong but gentle. Her sinful red lips parted and smiled slowly as she propped her chin on the back of her hand, and as I stared into her peerless blue eyes, I found my self captivated. She had on a one piece black bathing suit that accentuated everything perfectly, lifting her generous breasts seductively and revealing her strong shapely legs. Lindsey stroked my hand, dragging her dangerously red nails softly down the back of my hand.

"It sure is brave of you to bring your new young wife to this kind of place," she almost whispered, our faces closing slightly, not wanting to be too obvious. "Who knows what kinds of people you might meet here." "That's kind of what we were hoping for," I smiled back, her perfume light and flowery, seductive as it wound it's way to me, wrapping me in a aura of sensuality. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, enjoying the warm delicious scent of this new woman.

"This is our third or forth time here," she almost giggled, " did you know they actually employ men and women here for the pleasure of their guests?"


"Yeah, but Mike and I like to meet real people before we resort to that. What do you do for a living?

"I write now and then, but currently I'm working for the forest service."

"Wow, I bet you really enjoy that!" she soothed, her deep feminine voice soothing. I found I was almost as comfortable talking to her as I was to my own wife or sister.

"What do you do?"

"Oh, I work for a bank in Austin, but I do run my own webpage on a little site called Dreamnet."

There was no mistaking where this was going and my manhood began to respond, anxious to be free of my constricting bathing suit.

Stacie grabbed my hand, breaking Lindsey's mesmerizing gaze as she pulled me to my feet.

"Mike's going to show us where the real fun is," Stacie exclaimed, pulling at my arm impatiently.

Lindsey came up on my other side and took my other arm, entwining the two of us as we hurried to follow Stacie and Mike who moved across the patio towards the other side of the large slide mountain.

Crossing the pool deck, Mike led us up a small set of stairs to the second story of the main building that opened up to a large deck. Off to one side a large merry go round span with a large group of naked men gathered around it. Mike shouted out to a few of them and turned from the crowd and began to head towards us.

"Hey guys," Mike began, "This is Stacie and Cole, Stacie and Cole, this is John, Jason, Tyrone and Carlos."

The men shook each of our hands, their eyes hungrily devouring Stacie. John and Jason were a couple of younger guys, maybe late twenties or early thirties. Tyrone was large and black with a shaved head and in very good shape. His cock promised to be very impressive once erect. And even now it was already beginning to rise. Carlos was an equally muscular Latino, his hair black and his skin tan all over.

Stacie smiled and turned to me. "I'm going to fuck them, if it's okay with you." She said simply, her eyes heavy with the lust I was so familiar with, "I'm going to be their slave."

I smiled back, my erection starting to throb a little more now concealed within my swimsuit.

"But you have to watch, and you can't do anything else," Lindsey whispered in my ear.

"Okay," I whispered, watching as the five men began to run their hands over my new bride's body. Lindsey stood with me, watching me as I watched my wife about to fuck five strange men, aroused beyond all belief. I desperately wanted to pull out my engorged cock and relieve the unquenchable tension that had been building within my loins. Lindsey's hand found mind, seizing it tight as I reached for my aching cock.

"You can only watch for now," she whispered in my ear.

Stacie was in heaven as the five men fondled her every sensuous inch, cupping and squeezing her firm tits and reaching inside her tight bikini bottom, strong fingers beginning to probe her soaken pussy and tight hungry ass. Mike acted first, easing her black silky bottom off, revealing her heart shaped pubic thatch to the five men. John and Carlos backed off, their cocks hard and waiting as Jason knelt before Stacie, forcing her legs apart slightly.

"I want eat me some of this fine pussy before you guys fuck it all up," Jason said bluntly, moving his face between Stacie's spread legs. Her knees trembled as Jason's tongue found her button, and she let out a small cry as she and Tyrone embraced, their tongues entangled before me in a heated kiss.

Mike moved behind her, removing her top and sucking one of her stiff brown nipples into his mouth, rubbing it fiercely with his tongue. Stacie's hands gripped Tyrone's cock, it's length already twice the width of her small hand, the dark black skin an erotic contrast to my wife's pale hand.

Within moment's Stacie was bent over, Tyrone's long thick member inside her mouth, his large black fingers running through her dark hair, urging her on. Stacie's knelt down, her knee's no longer stable enough to hold her, and Jason took to opportunity to switch positions, placing his swollen cock at the mouth of her wet feverish cunt. Slowly he drove into her, and Stacie's eyes rolled back, her body swaying with the two powerful men now driving into opposite ends. Mike backed off a little bit, stroking his sizeable erection at the wanton sight. He glanced devilishly over at his wife and I before scooting up under my wife so that she now straddled him, his cock bobbing perversely as Jason continued to thrust deeply into my wife. His hands gripped her ass as he continued to increase his pace, catering more to his lust than to her needs it seemed. She continued to lavish Tyrone's black rod, deep throating it nearly to his hanging black balls. Mike watched the show from below, face to face almost as Stacie ate Tyrone's giant cock. He gripped her tits possessively, his cock twitching and waiting for its chance to enter my heedless wife.

It didn't have to wait long, Jason's forceful thrusts soon erupted in a violent orgasm, and he grunted aloud, ramming his exploding prick deeper and deeper into Stacie's hungry womb. She thrust back equally as hard, wanting to take his full load deep inside her. Jason let off one big cry, finally thrusting his spasming dick inside my wife's cooze, unloading his potent jizz within her depths. It was a moment before he could pull out, and a trickle of white gew trickled out after. Mike wasted no time in taking his place and quickly filled Stacie's dripping hole. Carlos moved in behind my supine wife and lubed his cock with the cum drippings oozing out around Mike's slowly thrusting member. Without hesitation he pointed his head at Stacie's openly offered ass and pushed inside without a care. Stacie moaned, her eyes sprang open at the surprise but she never lost the rhythm, back and forth she rocked, taking in Mike's swollen prick then sucking in Tyrone's monstrous member, in utter euphoria as she now took on the third. Carlos pumped her quickly, his cock disappearing inside her tight ring, withdrawing with a sheen before being thrusting forward again.

"Hey man, switch me places," Carlos said, pointing to Stacie's still bobbing head, "I want the cunt to suck my cock."

Tyrone looked at the coating on Carlos's meat and smiled, "yeah."

Tyrone crudely pulled his tool from Stacie's mouth, leaving her panting as Carlos moved around, offering his spoiled cock to Stacie. She looked up at him with disgust, not sure what to do next.

"Put it in your mouth, bitch." Carlos ordered. With only a little hesitation, Stacie complied.

Tyrone settled down between her bent knees, and began to ease his monstrous cock into Stacie's still open ass hole. She groaned as he stretched it brutally, Carlos's ass covered cock now trusting in and out of her soft pink lips. I could tell she was loving it, never had I seen her take a more brutal fucking and she was loving every moment of it.

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