Two and Two

by Lance DeLonge

Copyright© 2009 by Lance DeLonge

Erotica Sex Story: Stacie gives Cole lesson two in sharing. She recruited Cole's boss and his wife for a little romantic dinner with him for desert.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

For the next couple of weeks our love life was on fire. Lust, it seems, can burn twice as hot fueled by trust built by sharing your bed. I had never felt more in love with someone than I felt with Stacie. By bringing Mike in to our lives for that night my trust in Stacie had built bonds that felt unbreakable. I was madly in love and it showed.

John even commented on it in the shop a couple of days later before a photo shoot. When I explained to him what had happened he just chuckled and finished loading his camera. Since he was the one who arranged the invite for me to the first party I thought he might understand. Ever since his invitation we had been hanging out more and he had even begun letting me take some photo jobs on my own. His wife Sandra seemed to take pity on a young wayward bachelor and offered me a standing invitation to dinner a couple of nights a week which I had gratefully accepted.

When I had told them that I had met a girl they seemed happy for me but teased me for getting soft since getting out of the Navy.

"You just need more wild sea stories to tell, eh?" John had chuckled.

That's why when Sandra started asking about this mystery girl it didn't seem that strange. She had been taking care of me like a big sister for a few months now. It seemed only natural that she would start prying to see if this girl was, in her opinion, good enough for me. However I still had John's little secret to keep. I couldn't very well just tell her that he earned a little extra by taking racy pictures of the city's elite. I had no idea what John had done during one of these parities in the heat of the moment. I know what I would do in his situation and I doubt that any man could hold out for too long with any of those ladies trying to seduce him. He had pretty much taken me in after I had stumbled into New Orleans after getting out and I wasn't about to get him into any kind of trouble.

John and Sandra Chauvin were about ten years older than me, established in life and career. They had had only one little boy, and he came early in their lives. Their son had joined the Navy right after high school and had been gone from home for almost a year. I think I reminded John of his son in some ways. He always loved to hear my sea stories, the more risqué the better it seemed. He would always want to hear one over a beer after a job. I think that he often imagined his son living in my stories, living vicariously the exciting life of a sailor.

John and Sandra had grown up down only a few streets away from one another but worlds apart. Sandra's father owned an oil platform servicing company and was very well off. John's father was a fisherman who never seemed to be able to make ends meet. Despite her parents objections they were friends for a long time before finally dating in high school. Somehow nine months after graduation almost to the day John found himself holding his brand new baby boy and wondering what curveball life was going to throw him next.

He had begun working at a photography studio just out of high school setting up the studio or field shoots for one of the bigger photo studios in the city and eventually earning a position as one of seven staff photographers. He was especially good at weddings. He found ways to make the brides breathtaking in their white wedding gowns, and always made sure that they were the star of the show. His reputation grew and before he knew it he was booked for two or three events a week in high season. In only a couple years he had earned enough to go into business for himself.

Now at thirty-eight he was still a good looking man. He had to be, it was his gimmick. His hair was jet black except for a few streaks of silver he had earned over the years and he still ran every morning to keep in shape. He had even recently been trying to get me to start training for a marathon in the fall. Long days in the sun had permanently tanned his skin and all the ladies seemed to adore him, he was always able to draw out the perfect smile when they came in for a portrait. On good days it even seemed to rub off on me.

Sandra was a beautiful woman, mature and vibrant. She had taught second grade at a nearby elementary school since her son was about eight. She had long dark wavy brown hair and a fair complexion with very loving blue eyes. She was very straight forward and outgoing and had an incredible ability to make a stranger feel comfortable after only a few minutes of conversation. She had gotten a tribal tattoo as soon as she turned eighteen, barbed wire that wrapped completely around her right bicep that hinted at her true wild side.

When John had first introduced us I was captivated by her charm and ended up talking until almost sunrise without even realizing it. I had met very few women like her. Her most obvious feature was her seductively long legs, tanned and toned by working in the garden and routine time in the gym. She loved to wear long earth toned skirts that, to my disappointment generally covered them up. However there were more than a few times when they slid up to mid thigh innocently enough, or at least it seemed. She had caught me looking more than once, shooting me a stern look with a playful undertone, usually followed by a hint of a smile. It was a bit of innocent flirting that made her feel good. Getting ogled by a guy ten years younger was never bad for her ego.

"So when are you going to bring her over so I can meet her?" Sandra finally asked one night at dinner about a month after Stacie's surprise. The question caught me off guard and I coughed comically to keep from choking as I tried to finish a bite. "You've been dating her almost seven months now and you have never brought her over for a visit."

I had not intentionally tried to hide Stacie from my friends, but because I got so little time with such a captivating girl we tended to spend every moment sequestered in my apartment. Because Stacie lived on the other side of the state we usually only saw each other on the weekends. But because weekends were often a busy time for me even those visits seemed all too short. Add to that the fact that the life of an Air Force fighter pilot was anything but predictable it made for an interesting relationship.

I tried to play it off, saying her job as an Air Force pilot kept her away a lot, which was true. I had only seen her a hand full of times in the last month myself. But Sandra wasn't going to give in so easily, when she set her mind on something she usually got her way. John as usual continued to eat quietly with smug look on his face as if he knew what was coming. Finally after only about ten minutes of excuses I gave in. Before I went home that night Sandra made sure that Stacie had agreed to come to Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night. Nearly simultaneously the two women harped lightheartedly at me for not thinking of this first.

Sharing my time with Stacie with John and Sandra was a minor inconvenience. However it was one that was worth it if for no other reason than to stop Sandra from nagging.

On Thursday Stacie met me at my apartment, greeting me with a deep soulful kiss. Despite her obvious arousal she refused any further advance, playfully pushing me away and claiming we would be late and preferring to play the cocktease in order to keep me on the edge until well after dinner. The drive to John and Sandra's house in the Garden District was quick but I spent half the time watching her. Her short black skirt came about halfway up her tanned thighs and her white linen shirt parted about halfway down her flat stomach, showing off her belly button ring I had bought her one weekend with a bright green stone. Her shirt was nearly translucent and her white lace bra was visible through the light fabric, the curls and flowers curving seductively around her loosely concealed breasts. She was dressed a little more provocatively than I had in mind, especially after she made me put on a jacket and tie, but I really couldn't keep my eyes off of her. At least she let me wear a pair of jeans. I worried that Sandra would think she was some Bourbon Street tramp and nowhere good enough for her adopted little brother. Still, I had no doubt that John would approve and that I would be in for a wild ride later that night.

Stacie seemed to be in an especially good mood, almost excited. She had just finished some important qualification after weeks of preparation and was in the mood to celebrate. When we pulled into the Chauvin's old stone driveway she was all smiles and giggles. I swore I would never understand why women get so excited about meeting their boyfriend's friends or family. We quickly walked to the door, Stacie moving as fast as her high heeled sandals would take her. It seemed that I was the one in for a surprise. Sandra answered the door with "Happy Thanksgiving" wishes and kissed Stacie's cheeks like they were old friends. She was dressed only slightly more conservatively than Stacie, her white lace skirt sitting only slightly lower on her long shapely thighs and not quite as see through as Stacie's shirt. She had on a pair of new sandals whose white satin straps wrapped around her foot and ankle before tying off about halfway up her calf, accenting her long alluring legs and seemly making them even longer. I gave a rushed introduction but it seemed none was necessary. John met us in the parlor, a room much bigger than it looked like on the outside of the old Victorian house. He had on a dark suit with a light blue shirt and had left the collar unbuttoned. Stacie walked right up and gave him a big hug and a two little kisses on the cheeks.

"I must be missing out on something." I said, my hands coming up in surrender.

"I guess it's time we let him in on our little secret," Sandra giggled as she took my hands and led me towards the wine table. She poured a glass of wine to each of us before continuing.

"Sweetie," she began, "Stacie's mom and I go way back. We're actually really good friends. We're both in the same social club and I've known Stacie since she was a baby."

"So why didn't you say something before?" I gawked, shocked at the strange coincidence.

"You never asked. And besides," she soothed, "I wasn't even sure it was her until a couple of weeks ago when you told John about how she was teaching you to share. Now, who's ready for dinner?"

John and Stacie anxiously followed Sandra through the house and outside onto the patio as I stood unable to move for a moment, shocked and trying to close my mouth. John had told Sandra about the threesome? I guess I didn't know him as well as I thought I did. It was one thing telling that kind of thing over a beer to your buddy, but when his wife brings it up it's a little embarrassing.

The evening was cool but clear. Dozens of little candles hung from the giant oak tree in their back yard, glowing romantically as dusk cast its evening shadow over the setting. A wrought iron table was set up beneath its boughs with a long white table cloth spread over it and three tall silver candles providing light. Four matching chairs sat around it. It was elegant and intimate, much more elaborate that I had expected from the simple invitation. I sat down across from Stacie between John and Sandra. Stacie looked very calm after Sandra's comment and even gave me a reassuring smile, reaching across the table and gently taking my hand. After Sandra had served everyone, she and Stacie kept the conversation alive as I tried not to look too lost or embarrassed. They talked about Stacie's adventures as a fighter pilot and her time in Afghanistan and Iraq. But soon the conversation turned to me. It's a little disconcerting when two women talk about your love life right in front of you. The conversation started to get interesting when the girls started talking about parties.

"I guess we've never told you," John said when he saw my wide eyed look, "It's not really something we talk about with normal company." He looked over at his wife then to Stacie for assurance before continuing. "Sandra and I are swingers. That's actually how I got you the invitation, we're members of the group whose party you went to. We're actually regulars at that party but weren't able to make it that month. Since it was your birthday it seemed like a good time to send you. We had no idea that you and Stacie would start dating. I guess it's a weird quirk of fate."

"So you knew Stacie already through the parties?" I gasp, putting two and two together after so long without a clue. "Then you've probably..." I trailed off, unable to bring myself to ask the question that was on the tip of my tongue. It had never occurred to me, I guess I had always kind of blocked out the possibility of Stacie going to previous parties. Now the truth was finally staring me right in the face. It was a bit much to swallow all at once.

"Only a few times," John smiled, his face darkening with a slight sense of guilt, glancing at Stacie as she looked at him, "she really hasn't been around that much since leaving for college."

"Are you okay?" Stacie asked. "I thought that you would be able to handle it."

"Surprisingly I am okay," I replied, struggling to keep the shock out of my voice. In truth I was okay with it, even turned on a little by it. But it still came as quite a shock to learn that my boss and his wife were real swingers and that he'd been having sex with my girlfriend for years. I'm certain that my face was turning a much deeper shade of red than John's had ever reached.

"I'm glad because I've been looking forward to get started on lesson two."

I looked at her wide eyed, my mouth hanging open for what must have been the hundredth time that night. Sandra and John watched my reaction closely, so when after only a moment of hesitation I asked when they wanted to begin, the tension that had been quietly building over the last few minutes seemed to be washed away. The evening was still young and there was still a lot of living to do.

"Why don't we move inside for some drinks," John suggested, standing and pulling out Stacie's chair before taking her hand to lead her inside. I followed his lead, taking Sandra's soft hand as we followed the pair into the Chauvin's beautiful old house to start our evening.

Once inside, the ladies quickly moved upstairs to John and Sandra's bedroom, a large beautiful room decorated in Victorian style. A large king sized canopy bed sat in the middle, the thick dark red comforter turned down to show the dark red satin sheets beneath. Cream colored gossamer curtains hung down from the cherry canopy above, its thick pieces held up by four thick dark cherry wood posts. Sandra floated around the room, lighting four large candles that hung on black iron candleholders attached to the white plaster walls. Once the room was lit Stacie and Sandra sat down together on the satin sheets as John poured us all another glass of wine. They took a few sips as John and I sat down next to the other's lady, anxious to watch the show.

It was surreal at first to watch Stacie's hand slide along Sandra's bare leg, pushing her short white skirt even higher up her exposed thigh. I could feel the growing heat between the two women as their faces slowly moved closer, their lips touching only slightly as their hands hungrily devoured the others body, sliding along the satiny skin and reveling in the heat that had began to spread throughout their bodies. John and I sat breathless as our lovers embraced, their sinfully red lips joining with the others in a wash of passion and beauty. Stacie's hungry mouth attacked Sandra's, sucking at the older lady's tongue as Sandra's slid possessively along the Stacie's lips.

John slid a hand between Stacie's legs and she adjusted her position slightly to give him better access. It still felt strange to watch another man begin to finger my girlfriend, his fingers exploring her most private sweetness like I had done so many times. But almost without thinking I slid to the floor between Sandra's legs and pulled off her tiny lace panties, my hands finally caressing the long sexy legs that I had fantasized about so many times before. She gently slid her hips towards me as I lowered my head between her slender legs, tasting her soft supple thighs, their skin so sweet and smooth as I leisurely worked my way closer to her fiery sex. When I finally embraced her mouth I could instantly taste her arousal, strong and hot and wet, her juices already flowing freely from her core.

She and Stacie continued to kiss, engulfed in a rising pool of ecstasy as John and I began to indulge our ever increasing lust. He had joined me on the floor, climbing between Stacie's open legs and was hungrily devouring her proffered apex, tonguing her engorged clit gently as her hand held his head possessively against her, her long feminine fingers sliding through his long dark hair. She gasp as John assailed her open snatch, her eyes fluttering closed as unrelenting pleasure coursed through her. Her free hand absently stroked Sandra's cheek as the older woman licked Stacie's parted lips.

Sandra watched me intently, her blue eyes heavy with lust and gazing at me with an erotic hunger I had never seen before. Only an hour ago I had thought of this woman like an older sister, sweet and pure and untouchable. She had taken me in during my time of need and cared for me, fed me, and watched out for me. Now I knelt beneath her, tasting her very essence as she watched me with lust filled eyes. Her delicate lips almost quivered as I softly suckled the receptive ribbons of her sex, her hot wet skin filling my mouth, her flavor spicy and earthy. I was truly glad that she wasn't really my sister.

After a few moments John and Stacie switched places and I watched as my girlfriend pulled off his pants, his round thick shaft bobbing wantonly in her face. Stacie wrapped her slender fingers around the erect cock, smiling as she showered it with gentle kisses.

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