I'm a Cuckold

by werewolf

Copyright© 2009 by werewolf

Sex Story: I long to be humiliated by my beautiful young wife

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cuckold   .

"We've been invited out tonight" she said as I took her coat off and kissed her cheek,


"Well I've been invited but I'd like you to come too"

"Did you accept?"

"Of course I did, it's my boss"

"Oh I see, the one who wants to get into your panties?"

"That's the one, only tonight he's going to succeed"

"And what the hell am I going to be doing while he's, he's --?"

"Fucking me?"

"Well yes"

"You can watch darling, I want you to see me being fucked"

"What if I don't want to?"

"That's easy" she laughed, "I'll go without you"

"You wouldn't"

"Listen David and listen well, you're the one who wanted to see me with another man remember?, the swinging bit was your idea too, only you got cold feet so we went home, well I'm not about to get cold feet, I want to be fucked by another man, I want to feel another man's cock inside me and I'm going to do it tonight with or without you, it's your choice"

"I'll go, you know I will"

"Ok, but just remember, you're the one who wanted to be humiliated"

I dropped my head unable to meet her gaze,

"I'll remember, but can I dress you?"

"Sure but if it's too outrageous, I'll change it, ok?"


"Right go and draw me a bath and I want my pussy shaving, you can do that for me"

"I like your little bush!" I protested,

"I know but he wants me completely hairless"

I felt my prick hardening as I ran her bath, at least I was going to be close to her beautiful little pussy while I was shaving her and I was going to see her being fucked by another man at last.

She'd always had a high sex drive, a very high sex drive and she'd readily agreed to try swinging, she was right though, I was the one who called it off.

She walked into the bathroom wearing just panties, stockings and a smile as well as carrying a very large brandy,

"Take my panties off" she said and took a slug of the drink, I eased the sexy little garment down over her thighs and sat back to allow her to step out of it before sitting on the corner of the bath with her legs wide open.

I used my lather brush to soap her pubes and I couldn't fail to notice the moisture clinging to her pussy lips,

"You're very wet" I said accusingly and she laughed,

"Of course I'm wet, I'm excited, now take a photograph of me like this, I want to send it to him, a sort of before and after"

"You mean you want me to take another one after I've shaved you?"

"Oh no, I'll let him do that, I want one of his spunk dripping out of my pussy"

I snapped the picture and them concentrated on shaving her precious jewel while she fiddled with her phone to send the picture, I was forced to touch her pouting sex lips purely to rub the shaving foam over the bits I'd missed,

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" she asked teasingly as I rubbed some foam around her anus,

"You've got a lovely little asshole" I smiled,

"Make sure you get all the hairs off it, he might want to taste me there"

"I've never even done that!"

"Yes well I'm refusing him nothing tonight and I mean nothing"

She stood up then and admired herself in the mirror before taking her stockings off and climbing into the bath,

"Fetch me another drink darling please"

"Are you sure, you know how you get when you drink?"

"Of course I'm sure" she snapped, "Yes I know how I get, I get very horny, well I'm horny already, just get me a drink and then leave me to get ready"

"You said I could dress you" I knew I was whining but I didn't care, I wasn't enjoying the situation.

"I've changed my mind, now go and get me a drink"

It was almost seven thirty before she came downstairs and announced that she was ready,

"Back the car up into the garage darling" she smiled, "I don't want the neighbors to see me like this"

The denim mini skirt was low on her hips showing the little silver ring in her navel, the dark band at the top of her stockings was just visible under her hem line and the sheer white blouse clearly displayed her hard little nipples,

"You look like a slut" I said as she got into the car and she laughed,

"Yes I know, I just hope he likes it"

He did, that much was obvious, he met us at the door and took my wife into his arms,

"Perfect" he said as she draped both arms around his neck, "Absolutely perfect" and then he saw me standing in the doorway feeling like a spare prick at a wedding,

"Ah David, thank you for bringing your gorgeous little wife to me, come in, come in and let me get you a drink"

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