Harry's Fantasy

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2009 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: It was something he had a;ways wanted---until it happened. (some codes omitted).

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   .

My fantasy has always been to see my wife with another man. Actually, I had wanted to see her with another man before we even got married. Jen was a very promiscuous young lady before we met and once we started going steady almost everyone that I knew went out of his or her way to tell me that I was making a big mistake.

"She's a slut. She's fucked damn near half the guys on campus."

That kind of talk did not scare me away from Jen; all it did was make me curious. I began looking at guys and wondering if Jen had fucked them. It was only a short step from there to wondering what she looked like when she fucked them and an even shorter one to wondering what it would be like to watch.

We graduated, got married and got started on our individual careers. As far as I could tell Jen had left her promiscuous ways behind when she left college and I do not believe that she was ever unfaithful to me during the first ten years of our marriage. I still had my fantasy but Jen never did anything that would give me a lead in to bring up the subject. All that changed on our tenth wedding anniversary. We had been celebrating and each of us had sipped enough booze to be fairly loose and Jen asked me:

"Are you really happy with me Harry? I mean have I done everything I can to make you happy?"

I assured her that she had.

"Do you have any fantasies, anything that you would like to do that I haven't done?"

It was my opening, but I didn't have the nerve to take it. She must have seen something on my face that gave me away.

"You do, don't you? You do have a fantasy. Why won't you tell me what it is? You know I'll do anything for you honey, just tell me."

How do you tell your wife that you want to see her make love with another man? As much as I wanted it I just couldn't bring myself to tell her, but Jen would not be denied. She knew there was something there and she went to work to dig it out. She finally managed to get the whole story out of me and then she surprised me.

"Okay, I will if you will."

"Will what?"

"Make love to another man."

"You have to be kidding?"


Needless to say that put a quick end to that discussion.

But Jen wouldn't let it go. For the next two years I could count on her bringing it up at least once a month.

"When are we going to do it honey?"

"Do what?"

"Have our double date."

Or she would say something like, "You know I love it in my ass so how do you know you won't?" When we were out she would point at a man and say, "I could do him. He has rugged good looks and he might be good in bed." Sometimes it was "How about him. He looks like you might enjoy him." What was worse was what I could now see in Jens's eyes. She wanted other cocks now that I had brought up the subject, but she wouldn't do it unless I did.

Finally I got up enough nerve to bring up the subject again. I told her that I knew she wanted to and that she knew it was all right with me so why didn't she just go ahead and do it? She gave me a little smile:

"It's called leverage honey. I need something that I can hold over you."

I started to say something but she held up a hand and said, "Listen to what I have to say and then you can talk. You say that watching me is your favorite fantasy, but you have never done it. What if I do it and you find out its not what you thought it would be? What if instead of being a big turn on it is a bigger turn off? What if after it's done you start looking at me like I'm some kind of whore because only a whore or a slut would do something like that. I can all ready tell you if I do it once I'll do it again.

"If you had brought this up in our first year of marriage I'd have been doing it for the last ten years. I liked what I was doing before I met you and the only reason I stopped was because I loved you and wanted you and I didn't think you wanted a slut for a wife. I've been faithful these last ten years because I love you and I wasn't going to do anything that would cause me to lose you and I'm not going to start taking chances now. That's why I want leverage. I'm not going to lose you if I do what you want and it goes bad and you can't handle it. The way we do this is that you have to do something that shows me just how bad you really want me to do it. I'll know that you are mine forever when I can look in your eyes as we are both being fucked. If it happens sweetie, it happens same room, same time."

"Fine. Then we both lose because I'm not turning homosexual just to satisfy a fantasy."

"You would be bi Harry, not homosexual."


Another six months went by and the subject was not mentioned by either of us. I had put it out of my mind because it was obviously never going to happen and I didn't know why Jen had dropped it. One night Jen told me that she was going to have a dinner party for a girl she worked with who was going to get married. The night of the party I was busy lighting the charcoal, tapping the keg and doing other thinks to get ready for the guests while Jen got dressed. When she came down stairs I was surprised to see how she was dressed. Short skirt, low cut blouse, CFM's and as near as I could tell, no bra or panties. She walked up to me:

"You like?"

"I love. Do we have time before the guests arrive?"

She looked at her watch and said, "No, but I do plan on getting laid tonight."

If I had been just a little smarter I might have seen it coming.

The dinner party turned into a drunk fest and everyone seemed to have a great time. Jen seemed to spend quite a bit of time with a certain guy, but even though I noticed I didn't attach much significance to it. The party started breaking up around midnight and by one everyone was gone except for me and Jen and two guys she worked with. I sat down in the easy chair to relax a bit, being a party host can tire you out, and Jen and the two men sat on the couch across from me.

I took a sip of my drink and leaned back and closed my eyes for a minute and when I opened them back up it was to see Jen and Jerry kissing. I was so caught off guard that I just sat there staring at the two of them. Jerry's hands went inside Jen's blouse and I saw her hand drop to his zipper. It took her several seconds but she finally got it down and a second later she had his cock out and was slowly stroking him. Jen broke the kiss and looked over at me:

"Jerry wants to fuck me Harry. I told him that it was up to you. Do you want me to fuck him baby? Do you want to see me suck his cock, take him in my pussy and up my ass? All you have to do Harry is say yes. Say yes baby and you can have your fantasy."

All the time she was talking she was stroking Jerry's cock. She looked at me and then she bent her head and stuck out her tongue and licked the head of Jerry's cock. She looked back over at me:

"He's so hard Harry, and his cock wants in me so bad. Please Harry, please say yes."

"Yes" I croaked, "Do it, go ahead and do it."

"I thought you would say yes baby and that's why I had Don stick around. He's for you baby."

I had been so wrapped up in what Jen was doing that I had forgotten all about the other man on the couch. I glanced over at him and I saw that he was looking at me with an expression that I could only call curious; curious as to what I would do or say or just curious about the situation I couldn't say.

By now Jerry had Jen's blouse off and he was licking her nipples.

"He's getting me hot baby, please let him fuck me."

"I told you to go ahead."

"You know my condition. You know what you have to do to get me to do it."

She got up and turned around so she was on her knees, ass to Jerry and head to Don. She reached out and unzipped Don and Jerry ran his hand up her skirt and Jen moaned as his fingers found her pussy.

"Come on baby, let me do it. I'm hot baby and I want Jerry to fuck me. I want his hard cock in my pussy, I want him to come in my ass and I want to suck on his hard cock. Come on Harry, help me out here."

She had Don's cock out by then and she was slowly jacking him off as she looked over at me:

"Come on baby, come over here. I'll help you get started." She bent her head and licked the head of Don's cock. "See how easy that was baby? You can do it, I know you can. I'll help you baby, you do one side and I'll do the other."

Jerry had Jen's skirt off by now and she was naked between the two men on the couch. My cock was hard as a rock and I held my breath as I waited for her to take Don's cock in her mouth, but she looked over at me and said:

"This is as far as I go Harry. The next step is up to you. I don't know if I'll ever be this ready again so it's now or never."

I don't know whether it was drink or the lust I felt seeing her naked between two men or what, but I got out of the chair and moved over to where she was on the couch and stood there staring down at her.

"Come on baby, kneel down and I'll help you get started. Come on baby, help me here. You take one side and I'll take the other."

Her voice was almost hypnotic and I knelt down and stared at her face which was only inches from Dan's cock.

"Stick your tongue out baby, touch it with your tongue."

I hesitated and Jen moaned, "Please baby, please do it for me baby. Just stick out your tongue and touch it."

It wasn't me that stuck out the tongue. I don't who or what possessed my body, but my tongue went out and touched the side of Don's cock. Jen's tongue reached out and touched the other side, the tips of our tongues touched and then suddenly Don's hands were on the back of my head and he was pushing his cock in my mouth. Jen's face was only inches away from mine:

"That's it baby, that's it. Suck his cock sweetie, make him cum."

I felt Don grow harder in my mouth as Jen kept crooning in my ear:

"Come on baby, suck him, make him cum baby, make him cum."

I felt hands tugging at my pants and I tried to pull back from Don, but he held my head tight and Jen crooned:

"It's all right baby, its all right. Don't panic sweetie, it's almost over."

Then my pants were off and hands were feeling my ass. I felt something cold as a finger probed my ass and I flinched.

"Easy baby, take it easy, it's just some Vaseline."

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