Bitch Boss

by jamaica

Copyright© 2009 by jamaica

BDSM Sex Story: Melissa is gorgeous but so cruel.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Exhibitionism   .

The phone went on Melissa's desk and she let it ring out a couple of times before picking up. "Yeah," she drawled.

"Your three o'clock is here, Miss Lane," came the cheerful voice of Joanna Gonzales, on reception.

"Okay, thanks Jo."

"Shall I bring him through?"

Melissa checked her watch. He was a few minutes early. Par for the course for a job interview, she supposed. Especially if you really needed the job like she knew this guy did. "No, not yet, I'm running a little behind schedule today."

Not really true. Sure, she was busy but Melissa was always busy. Today was Wednesday and, as per usual, she was running like clockwork. She could quite easily start the interview bang on time, if she wanted to, but Melissa decided it would be good to make the guy sweat.

Melissa smiled to herself. After all, she could do pretty much as she pleased, couldn't she? At just thirty years of age, Melissa Lane was the company's top executive officer, answerable only to the Chairman, who in any case she had wrapped around her little finger. She'd got there with a potent mix of brains and beauty, both of which she used to maximum effect. Her looks, in particular, she'd always found to be an enormous asset in business, indeed in life generally. Blessed with a lovely face and a stunning figure, Melissa was drop down gorgeous and she knew it. Men turned to jelly around her. They were putty in her hands and she had no scruples whatsoever in using that to her advantage. Melissa had used men mercilessly to get ahead and these days, having made it to the top, she used them more than ever. In a different way though. No longer needing career advancement, or money for that matter, Melissa now used men purely for entertainment purposes. It amused her how they ogled and drooled over her, how easily she could get them worked up. She had a whale of a time with the guys at work. There was no way that any of the men who worked for the company had even a remote chance of getting into her knickers, they were rather a sorry bunch on the whole, but it was fun to tease them. Melissa liked knowing that all the guys at work lusted over her and she behaved in a way calculated to feed their hopeless fantasies. In particular, she drove them crazy with how she dressed to the office, tortured the poor guys with her short skirts and classy heels, her sexy, revealing tops.

Melissa also loved being the boss. Being the boss meant that if she felt like being extremely naughty, which was quite often, she could get away with things that otherwise wouldn't be allowed. Today, knowing she'd be doing this interview, she was wearing a sleek, lemon coloured business suit. The look was professional but very sexy. Her skirt was form fitting and quite short. Not too short, no way would you call it slutty, but pretty short nevertheless. Finishing several inches above the knee, the skirt was the perfect length to show off her shapely legs. It slid teasingly up her thighs when she sat down, particularly when she crossed her legs. Melissa was perfectly aware of that, of course. The suit jacket had three buttons at the front and was rather low cut even though she had it fully fastened. Under the jacket, Melissa wore only a tiny white lace bra. The bra framed her lovely breasts to mouthwatering effect. She was showing some cleavage but again, not too much, nothing tarty or anything. Just enough to tantalise. Especially if she leant forward a little bit because then you could just about see her nipples ... but only from certain angles and only if you really stared.

Melissa was in a good mood, having just paid a visit to the all male accounts department. The purpose was ostensibly to check on how things were going this month with the numbers but really it was because she felt like showing the guys in there how hot she was looking.

There were five guys in accounts, including Roger Moss, the supervisor, and five pairs of longing male eyes were glued to Melissa's every move as she paraded around the room, bum wiggling and hips swaying, holding forth on this and that. The poor guys were mesmerised. They couldn't take their eyes off her. After a while, she perched up on a table at the front of the room and started sexily crossing and recrossing her legs, allowing her skirt to do its thing. Before too long, with Melissa openly flaunting her luscious legs in front of them, the poor tantalised clerks were emitting involuntary, and embarrassingly audible, groans of desire. Embarrassing for them that is. Melissa loved it when they started grunting and groaning because it reinforced how desirable she was, how she was making them suffer. What made this scenario even better was that, as their boss and knowing they were quite scared of her, there was no need for Melissa to pretend she wasn't deliberately tormenting them. They were never going to protest or say anything. She had the poor guys stewing in an awkward mix of lust and embarrassment and there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it. They stared hungrily at her legs, too ashamed to look up and risk catching her eye. Melissa could therefore drive the guys crazy and, at the same time, coolly observe the effect she was having. Oh how she loved to watch them squirm!

Melissa knew all the guys had erections from ogling her legs and, in the case of poor old Roger Moss, it was very obvious. The unfortunate Roger was wearing loose fitting cotton slacks and the bulge in his crotch was quite clearly visible. Melissa noticed him trying to cover his lap with a file.

"Hey Roger, put that file back on the table and pay attention to what I'm saying," she ordered.

Roger did so and his erection was again painfully apparent. Melissa could see that Roger was blushing and that beads of sweat were starting to trickle down his plump face. She stopped speaking and stared at him for several seconds, letting his embarrassment grow, enjoying his obvious discomfort. God, the guy really should lose some weight she thought, not for the first time. "Rodge the Podge" he'd been nicknamed in the office a while ago. Roger hated being called Podge or Podgie or the like but, unfortunately for him, the name had stuck.

"You okay Podge, honey?" said Melissa. She felt mischievous today.

"Yes Melissa," stammered Roger, blushing furiously now.

"Okay sweetie, it's just that you look a bit ... erm ... flustered shall we say," said Melissa, grinning wickedly.

The other guys had started sniggering, enjoying this now it looked as if she'd decided to pick on Roger. Melissa chuckled and winked at them, a sign that it was okay to go ahead and laugh at the poor guy. Roger stayed silent and looked down at the floor. He knew that Melissa could see his erection sticking up inside his trousers and he was horribly embarrassed. Desperately, he willed his cock to subside but it was no good. All Roger could think of was how gorgeous Melissa looked ... oh how he yearned to do more than just look at her!

Melissa rarely passed up a chance to torture Roger, to make fun of the poor guy in front of his team. This was particularly bad of her because she knew that Roger was in any case prey to being picked on around the office. He had virtually no authority with the guys who supposedly worked for him and they made his life a misery with their constant bullying. Melissa was aware of how Roger was persecuted and she knew that she could quite easily put a stop to it if she wanted. Treating him with some respect in front of the others would have helped but Melissa usually made a point of doing the exact opposite. She found the lurid tales of bullying rather funny, hilarious some of them, and she tacitly encouraged it by treating him with open contempt. She took delight in holding him up to general ridicule, thus confirming poor Roger's status as no more than a laughing stock.

"Look at me, Roger, when I'm talking to you!" she snapped now.

Roger looked up from the floor. He tried to hold Melissa's cool mocking gaze but found that he couldn't. He also wished his erection would go away, or at least go down a little, but there was no chance of that. Melissa was still perched on the table, legs sexily crossed, one shoe dangling seductively from her foot. God the woman had such gorgeous legs! ... long and shapely and so smooth looking too ... moisturised with just the right amount of cream ... and the way she was sitting, oh god, just look at her luscious thighs!

For a guy like Roger, who had no wife or girlfriend, who lived with his mother and hadn't had sex with a woman for years, it was sheer torture. His pussy starved cock was on fire!

Melissa summoned him from his seat, beckoning him forward with her finger, smiling sweetly at the poor guy. "Come here my little dumpling. Come up here to Melissa."

Roger got up and shuffled over to Melissa, desperately trying to hide his erection. His predicament was obvious and everyone was openly laughing at him. One of the guys, Greg Granger, the one who Melissa had heard bullied Roger the worst, was just about falling off his chair.

"You trying to hide something down there, Podge?" she inquired mockingly.

"Um, no Melissa," stammered Roger, horribly embarrassed now.

"Mmm, well I think you are," she chuckled. "Could be wrong but I reckon Podgy Pie has got himself all excited from staring at my legs."

Laughter rang around the room, the loudest cackles from Greg who was clearly loving this. Poor Roger was completely helpless. Melissa had him on a spit and she was ever so slowly roasting him.

"What do you think guys?" grinning at the others, then at Greg in particular. "Greg honey, what do you reckon?"

"I'd say he's got a massive boner for you, Melissa?" chuckled Greg.

Melissa arched an eyebrow, smiled sardonically. "Massive?" she said.

"Well, you know, as massive as his can get," sneered Greg. Peals of laughter now from everyone. Except the humiliated Roger, of course.

"Hey, how about we take a look?" grinned Melissa and she made Roger put his hands behind his back. Roger was now stood there with his dick tenting out inside his trousers ... it wasn't a very big dick but it was a boner alright.

"Ooo Podge sweetie, what have we got there then?" said Melissa, looking down and suggestively licking her lips. "Come on my little dumpling, you can tell me. You've got a stiffy from ogling my legs haven't you? Come on my little pooch, tell me. Have you been looking at my legs?"

"Um, yes," stammered Roger, wishing the floor would open up and swallow him.

"Yes, what? Come on, I wanna hear you say. We ALL wanna hear it, don't we guys?"

Jeers and laughter around the room. A general chorus of assent. Melissa felt a thrilling sense of power. "So tell everybody why you're standing in the middle of the office with a stiff cock," she taunted.

"I was looking at your legs, Melissa."

"That's better sweetie, no point pretending is there? So you like my legs do you Roger? Mmmm, I bet you do! Especially when I'm wearing a nice short skirt, eh Podgie? How about this skirt I've got on today? Do I look sexy enough for you, baby?"

"You look gorgeous, Melissa!"

"Aw so sweet! Thank you Roger! What a shame that all I do is tease you. Yeah I know, honey ... I know I'm a big tease. Such a bad girl, aren't I? ... getting you worked up like this ... getting you all horny ... hey and I bet you haven't had a sniff for absolutely ages, am I right honey?"

Roger nodded and stared down at his feet. His face was scarlet with shame.

"Has it been, like, years?" Melissa giggled.

"Um, yes," he managed to stutter.

"Oh Podge, you poor little man! How terribly frustrated you must be! And here's me teasing you in this short skirt. I'm sorry honey, I guess it must be torture for you."

Melissa smiled over at Greg. "Hey Greg honey, can you imagine that? Poor old Podge here must be soooo frustrated, don't you think?"

"Fuck yeah! Bet he's just about creaming his pants!" Greg, who did have a modest degree of success with girls, allowed himself a snicker. He was loving how Melissa was totally humiliating the wretched Roger.

"Well, should we take a closer look?" said Melissa and she slid off the table and stood next to Roger, the two of them facing the others. Melissa slid her hand down to Roger's crotch and started to stroke the outline of his dick. "Mmm it sure feels hard guys, I can vouch for that," she purred.

Soon poor Roger was groaning with lust, desperate for Melissa to use more than her fingertips ... to do more than she was doing. The way she was stroking around his dick and occasionally tickling his balls, through the material of his pants, was maddening. His whole body tingled with desire for Melissa and his poor pussy starved cock was throbbing. He felt a terrible need to come, to explode, but of course he couldn't. The others looked on, cackling with laughter, as Melissa carried on tormenting his cock.

"Hey, so should we make him take it out?" pulling her torturing hand away and grinning at the other guys. An enthusiastic chorus of yeahs.

Melissa winked at Greg. "What do you think Greg, baby? Should we take a look? See if he's got a big one or a small one?"

"Yeah Melissa, make him drop his pants!" yelled Greg.

She turned to Roger. "You heard the man, Roger. Let's see those pants around your ankles. Here come on, I'll help you." Melissa quickly and skilfully debagged him so that Roger was now standing there in front of the whole department with his trousers and underpants down around his ankles, erect cock fully displayed and pointing upwards at quite an angle.

Melissa ran a finger lightly up and down his shaft, producing more agonised groaning from the poor tormented Roger. She pouted and pursed her lips, shook her head slightly and smiled at Greg. "Need a second opinion, Greg honey, because I reckon this is a pretty unimpressive sized pecker that old Podge has got here. What do you think, Greg baby? Would you say Podgie's cock is a little on the small side?"

"It's fucking pathetic." said Greg.

"Mmm, I bet you've got a much bigger one haven't you baby?" said Melissa.

"Oh yeah." Greg's face broke into a wolfish grin.

"So how about you show it to me, hunky?" Melissa giggled.

As intended, Melissa's question came over to Greg as playful and sexy, rather than mocking. She wasn't planning to humiliate him like she was poor Roger.

Greg, who did have quite a big cock and was inordinately proud of it, unzipped his fly and pulled it out so Melissa could see. He had a massive erection, sexually turned on both from Melissa's earlier teasing and how she was now persecuting Roger.

"Mmm, yummy!" said Melissa, nodding and licking her lips, looking impressed and generally appreciative. "Now that's the sort of cock a girl likes to see. What do you say Roger? I bet you wish you had a big cock like that, don't you? Hey, why don't you tell him? Go on Podgie, tell Greg over there how you wish you had a nice big cock like his."

This was unspeakably humiliating for the wretched Roger. Greg was a cruel bastard of a guy, somebody who bullied him at work remorselessly, and now here was Melissa making him do this.

"Tell him Podge!" she said sharply.

"I wish I had a nice big cock like yours, Greg," he croaked.

"Life's so not fair is it, Lardface?" said Greg. Everyone fell about laughing, including Melissa. She could see that Greg was loving this and that gave her a rather devilish idea.

"You know I've had a thought," she grinned. "The guy with the big cock should be the boss in this department, don't you think? And the guy with the little cock should call him sir and should do whatever he's told, don't you think guys? Greg, do you wanna be the boss? Should we agree that it's gonna be like that for the rest of today? How do you like the sound of that, baby? You call the shots and Podge can call you sir and be like your servant. Sound good?"

"Sounds very good, Melissa," grinned Greg, sitting there like the king of the castle with his big hard cock sticking up out of his fly.

"Mmmm ... I do love the sight of that cock of yours, Greg honey," purred Melissa.

"Hey, thanks," said Greg, who had started to play with himself.

"And you know what?" she went on. "It looks like it could do with being taken care of ... yeah I bet you could use a nice blowjob couldn't you baby?"

"Sure could." grinned the exultant Greg.

"And seeing as you're the boss man, I reckon you deserve it, don't you think?

Hmmm, so let's see if we can do something about it right now."

Melissa winked at Greg. "Now then, all we need is a volunteer ... hey I know! ... maybe somebody with a pathetic little dick who used to be the boss until he was just this minute demoted!"

Melissa turned and smiled wickedly at Roger. The poor guy realised what was coming. "Please Melissa, please not that!"

"Aw listen to him, guys ... ppplease Melissa ppplease." Gales of appreciative laughter at Melissa's cruelly accurate mimicry.

Melissa knew this was wicked but she was enjoying herself too much to stop. She forced Roger to crawl over to Greg and kneel in front of him. As for Greg, he was the cat that's got the cream, sitting ready with his legs apart, relishing the delicious prospect of having the unfortunate Roger suck on his dick

"Now then Podge," chuckled Melissa, "I know how much you're looking forward to getting Greg's lovely big cock in your mouth but I think he'd appreciate it if you asked him nicely first. You know how to beg don't you, Podge? ... c'mon sweetie, it's easy ... just pretend you're a dog or something."

"Greg, please let me suck your dick."

"Hey Melissa, I thought he was supposed to call Greg sir," chimed in one of the other guys, who'd crowded round to get a good view.

"Yeah c'mon now Podge, play fair." giggled Melissa. "Let's hear a bit of respect for your new boss?"

"Please sir, can I suck your big dick," mumbled poor, helpless Roger.

Greg made a sarcastic show of considering it before grinning and nodding. "Sure, go ahead Podgie boy," and he pointed down at his stiff member. Roger dropped his head into Greg's lap and took the large erect dick into his mouth, trying desperately not to gag.

Melissa looked at her watch. Shit, half past two! Didn't time fly when you were having fun? Must leave soon to do the interview. She reached down and yanked Roger's face out of Greg's groin.

"Okay, look ... I have to get back now but Greg honey, you can make this last as long as you like. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Hey, and make sure he does it right ... you know what I mean, baby?"

"Oh yeah, I sure do," grinned Greg. His face was flushed with sadistic anticipation.

"Mmm, I just bet you do, honey" Melissa giggled. "I'll leave it up to you whether you wanna come in his mouth or whether you'd rather spurt over his face. Oh and once he's finished, don't forget to have him kiss your arse and say thanks for the experience."

She turned to grin at the others. "You guys can watch, okay? ... should be quite a spectacle. Then how about we say that all four of you can carry on messing around with Roger for the whole afternoon? ... just torture him however you want."

Melissa looked down at the wretched Roger who was still on his knees. She laughed and bent over, ruffled his hair and tweaked his nose. "Podge, just so you fully understand, Greg and the guys are in charge for the rest of today and you're gonna do anything they tell you to do, okay? ... and I mean absolutely anything. I'll fire your sorry ass if I hear about you giving any problems."

Roger was crying now but even with the tears rolling down his face, and with everyone laughing at him, his sex starved cock was still responding to a raging desire for Melissa. The way she was bending over meant that her luscious half exposed breasts were tantalisingly displayed right under his nose. Melissa could see that Roger was drooling over the close up view of her tits and she made a point of jiggling them around in his face for a few seconds.

"Anyway, must dash! ... see you around, Roger honey," she said.

Melissa left them to it and returned to her office. God I'm such a bitch! she thought, chuckling over what she'd just done to Roger Moss, imagining the humiliations in store for the poor man. She made a mental note that it would be as well to fire Roger tomorrow, otherwise things might get a little out of hand down there in accounts. The number crunching was important to the company and Melissa didn't want it getting neglected.

In any case, Melissa sometimes got a little bored with tormenting the same old victims, felt the need to spice things up a little. Hence the interview with this loser today, the guy who'd just turned up in reception. She had no intention of giving the man a job, of course. She was just going to play around with him. Have some fun at the poor bastard's expense.

Melissa continued her brief phone conversation with Joanna on reception. "Better have him wait there a while. Check back with me in one hour, okay?"

"Sure Miss Lane, no problem!"

"Hey sugar, what's with the Miss Lane business?"

"Sorry Melissa," giggled Jo.

"By the way Jo, you might want to pop along to accounts in a few minutes. See what's going on with Rodge the Podge."

"Oh really, why?" giggled Jo. "Are they torturing the poor man again?"

"You just pop down there and tell me about it later," said Melissa, also giggling.

"Sure thing!" laughed Jo.

Melissa hung up, chuckling at how her young and pretty receptionist sounded so happy with life. Melissa liked Jo, enjoyed the girl's exuberant and bubbly nature. Joanna Gonzales was just turned nineteen, pretty much fresh out of high school when she'd joined the company a few months ago, and she exuded an air of playfulness. She was attractive too, extremely attractive, and it wasn't long before some of the guys in the office were spending rather too much time hanging around her, and rather too little time doing the jobs they were paid to do.

Word soon reached Melissa about this and one day she summoned Joanna to come see her to "discuss the situation regarding you and the guys in the office" as she put it in the memo. Melissa had, in any case, noticed the way a lot of the men were acting with Jo, slobbering like dogs around a juicy bone, and it was pretty obvious to her expert eye that Jo was leading them on ... that the girl was fully aware of the effect she was having and was thoroughly enjoying the whole thing.

Oh sure, the guys might be fooled, stupid fuckers that they were. They probably thought sexy little Joanna didn't realise the effect she was having with her oh so tight, hipster jeans and her scanty, just barely decent tops ... but Melissa wasn't fooled for a second. She recognised a kindred spirit. Melissa could see that this new receptionist, far from being the young innocent, was actually a major league cock tease.

Jo, fearing a dressing down or maybe worse, had looked worried when the time came for their meeting. Melissa had soon put her fears to rest and she smiled now as she recalled the conversation they'd had ... just a few weeks ago it was.

"Look honey, I know how it is with you and the guys out there," said Melissa, grinning at the girl. "They all reckon they're in with a chance of getting inside your knickers but you're just teasing them, aren't you Joanna? You're teasing their nuts off, aren't you?"

"Sorry Miss Lane, I can't seem to help it," replied Jo, sensing, from the friendliness of Melissa's manner, that maybe she wasn't in too much trouble after all.

"It's okay Jo, don't worry, I'm not angry with you. And please call me Melissa, by the way ... but I'm right aren't I? Come on sugar, it's just us girls together, you can tell me. You're having yourself a ball teasing those poor guys, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I suppose I am," said Jo, giggling. "Is it, like, totally obvious?"

"Well, probably not to those jerks but it is to me," chuckled Melissa. "You're driving the poor saps crazy and loving every second of it. Am I right or am I right?"

"Aw okay. So do you want me to stop it?"

"Honey, I most certainly do not want you to stop it," said Melissa. "Quite the opposite, in fact. I know what you're doing and it's completely okay by me. Far as I'm concerned, you can tease the guys around this place as much as you want. I mean it. You can absolutely torture the poor slobs if you like. It's about all they're good for anyway, don't you think?"

Melissa winked at Jo, who started giggling again. "Hey, and just to show you how much I approve, how about we quadruple your salary? Starting from right now. How does that sound, honey?"

"Gee thanks, Miss Lane!"

"Melissa, please."

"Well thanks, Melissa."

"My pleasure, sweetie. And maybe spend some of it on a few new outfits for work, you know what I mean?" Melissa winked again at the girl. Both of them had the giggles now.

Jo could hardly believe what she was hearing. A few minutes ago she'd been dreading losing her job because of how she'd been behaving at work, how she'd been tormenting the guys around the office, and yet now it looked like, far from being punished for being such a tease, she was getting a pat on the back and a big fat pay rise!

Because here was Melissa Lane, the big boss lady herself, telling her it was totally cool to tease these guys as much as she liked. Pretty much instructing her, in fact, to dress extra sexy for work so as to torture the poor bastards even more! Wow, talk about a dream job!

"Mmm, let me see now," Jo giggled. "I suppose I could do with buying a couple more skirts ... you know, like, really short ones to show off my legs a bit more?"

"Oh definitely," agreed Melissa, also giggling. "A nice short skirt always gets them slobbering. All you have to do is sit there, crossing your legs every now and again, and they start drooling all over the place. You can drive the poor bastards insane just by doing that."

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