The Dangers of Social Networking

by King Wesley

Copyright© 2009 by King Wesley

Mind Control Sex Story: Cassandra signs up to a social networking site and meets some interesting new people.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Humor   Group Sex   Orgy   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

Cassandra Young has joined MyFace.

Cassandra changed her info page.

Cassandra added a photo and personal info.

Cassandra and Rebecca Morris are now mates. Cassandra and David Greene are now mates. 37 more similar stories.

Rebecca Morris Hey! I took your slate virginity. J You finally joined MyFace! How are things? 2nd December at 18:44

Cassandra scrawled on Rebecca's slate

Sarah Young hi sis, love the pic. that top looks so cute on you. 2nd December at 20:04

Cassandra scrawled on Sarah's slate

Cassandra is now playing Potato Farmer: Irish Edition Cassandra grew 119 potatoes this harvest. Can you beat her? 3rd December at 11:32

Simon Randolph threw a budgie at you.

You threw a small marsupial at Simon Randolph.

Rebecca Morris sorry I didn't get back so quick. Boyfriend issues. Yeah it would be good to meet up next week, me and Pam were thinking we were gonna go to the Moondance Lounge on Tuesday, wanna join? 3rd December at 17:58

Cassandra scrawled on Rebecca's slate.

Cassandra joined the clan Ban cheating bastards from the World Cup Cassandra joined the clan Bring back ALF! Cassandra joined the clan I wanna party like its 2099 Cassandra joined the clan Make Lollipops not War

Barry Newman hey friend. I found out about this new way of dieting and lossed over 11lbs in just 2 weeks. Check out this amazing blog to find out more about this amazing new thing. www.loseweightnow.spam 4th December at 03:01

Cassandra and John Masters are now mates.

John Masters Hi Cassandra Thank you very much for adding me, I hope we can become good friends, 4th December at 10:09

Cassandra scrawled on John's Slate.

John Masters I'm glad to hear that. Have a nice day. 4th December at 11:37

Simon Randolph slapped you in the face with a herring.

You bonked Simon on the head with a trombone.

Cassandra is now playing hide the mushroom cloud. Can you find Cassandra's ground zero on the map?

Sarah Young gave you a pressie: A fluffy sheep.

John Masters Good morning Cassie, (can I call you Cassie?) How are you this morning? 5th December at 09:26

Cassandra scrawled on John's Slate. You gave Sarah a pressie: A cuddly toy camel.

John Masters No Problem I understand completely Cassandra J Btw, would you mind joining my clan? It helps me keep track of my friends more easily. 5th December at 09:48

Cassandra scrawled on John's Slate. Cassandra joined the clan Legion of Master John.

John Masters thank you Cassie Now we can get to know each other much better. Please feel free to take a long deep look all around the clan homepage. 5th December at 10:41

Rebecca Morris Are you sure about this guy Cassandra? He seems a bit creepy to me and I know how easily you can be drawn in by crap like this. 5th December at 10:49

John Masters Don't listen to that silly Rebecca girl, Cassie dear. She's jealous of our friendship. She doesn't want you to be happy like I do. You want to be happy don't you Cassie? 5th December at 10:53

Cassandra scrawled on John's Slate. Cassandra scrawled on Rebecca's Slate.

Cassandra and Rebecca Morris are no longer mates. Cassandra has changed her name to Cassie.

Master John Thank you Cassie, Now she cannot get between us anymore. 5th December at 11:51

Master John Btw you need to update your profile picture, The current one is in poor taste, People should leave your slate with a smile on their face. Also check the message board of my clan, there are a few more clans I think you would enjoy there. 5th December at 11:54

Cassie scrawled on John's Slate.

Cassie joined the clan Slaves of the MyFace Masters. Cassie joined the clan Property of Master John. Cassie joined the clan I love my collar. Cassie joined the clan Oh to be size double D. 13 Similar stories.

Andrew Saunders Whoa! those are some far out clans you are joining girl. Never knew you had it in you. 5th December at 18:11

Cassie scrawled on Andrew's Slate.

Cassie changed her profile picture.

Master John Much better Cassie I think the new pic encompasses who you are much better than before. It's a wonderful peak into the marvellous creature you are to become. 6th December at 09:31

Colin Flounderbottom Holy Haddock on a stick that is some profile pic. The collar is one thing but I never realised it was okay to show photos of ... there on this site. Great rack also!!! 6th December at 10:04

Cassie scrawled on John's Slate. Cassie scrawled on Colin's Slate.

Victor Stevens great pic!!! I never knew you had such a nice body under all those layers you always wear, your tits seem bigger when they aren't covered up and is that a piercing I see down there? 6th December at 10:27

Sarah Young Cassandra!! What the hell has happened to you? What possessed you to use such a photo for your profile and join all those sick groups. You need to stop this now. Also Colin, Victor, stop perving at my sister you sick freaks. 6th December at 12:11

Cassie scrawled on Sarah's Slate Cassie scrawled on Victor's Slate Cassie scrawled on Colin's Slate

Cassie and Sarah are no longer mates.

Colin Flounderbottom really?! Of course, I'm up for it if Victor is. 6th December at 14:44

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