Kelly in Her Apartment

by emgeee

Copyright© 2009 by emgeee

Erotica Sex Story: Kelly's room mate helps her with her fantasy to expose herself.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .


My head was spinning; I just watched my young receptionist strip naked and masturbate.

I worked for a small construction company. During one of our growth spurts we hired a new receptionist.

Her name was Kelly. She was 19 and had just graduated from a tech school.

She was beautiful, just loosing her baby fat and turning into a stunning young lady.

She was about 5 feet 6 inches tall. She had the shiniest brown hair. Whitest perfect teeth. Great smile. Full lush lips. She had been a swimmer in high school and was very fit. Kelly was also very well built. Her legs were the right length for her torso and her breasts not large but nice sized and they sat high on her chest.

Kelly did not wear tight clothes but well fitting clothes. They hugged her body and showed off her figure. Most of her outfits were pants and shirts, in the winter maybe a light jacket. Her slacks never tight across her well shaped ass but fit nicely. One pair of black pants although not tight, fit so nice they showed off each cheek of her ass. Her tops never seemed tight but were cut so that they showed off her flat stomach and curved around her breast.

It did not hurt that she was very friendly with every one; even her fellow female workers liked her.

For some reason she and I hit it off and she took a liking to me. I was much older she must have thought of me as a father figure.

One day after work she very shyly asked if I could give her a ride home as her car had not started that morning. It was a little out of the way but she was so nice and looked so good I could not turn her down.

We got to her place; she asked me if I wanted to see her apartment. She was blushing when she said it but I did not think anything about it.

We went into her apartment. It was in an older building and the apartment was very large but dated. She said her and her room mate liked the size of the rooms and it was inexpensive. The apartment was a three bedroom apartment. Her room mate had the master suite and she had the other two bedrooms and one bath. They shared the rest of the apartment.

Kelly asked if I would like a coke. I did. She took me into her second bed room which she had turned into a den/study area.

Kelly came back with a coke and sat in a small chair across from me. We chatted for a bit. We heard her room mate come home. Kelly seemed to be nervous when she heard her room mate come home. I noticed it and told her to relax we were not doing any thing wrong. Kelly blushed and looked at the floor.

Just then her room mate came into the room. She was a little surprised to see me. Then something flashed across her face. She said hi to Kelly.

Kelly turned to me and said this is my room mate Linda. Linda was older than Kelly. I guess late 20's. She was tall thin and dressed very starkly. Pants suit, but it was very masculine. Linda walked into the room and extended her hand. I shook it and told her to call me Mike. Linda did not let go of my hand but turned to Kelly and asked if I was her boss. Kelly turned even redder and looked at the floor.

Linda let go of my hand and said she wanted to get something to drink and she would be right back.

Linda came back with her own coke. All the time she was gone Kelly would give me a glance then look at the floor. I tried to start a conversation but she just sat there.

Linda returned. She sat down. She looked at me and then looked at Kelly. Linda told Kelly she had locked the door, turned off the lights and disconnected the phone. Then she asked Kelly if she still wanted to do it.

I thought this was an odd question and conversation.

Kelly made the smallest of movement with her head. She kept her eyes on the carpet.

Linda turned to me and told me that Kelly had talked a lot about her work and the people that worked at our company.

Kelly was burning red and could not lift her head.

Linda went on to tell me that Kelly had a crush on me. Linda went on to tell me that

Kelly has a fantasy that she wants to strip naked in front of me and let me watch her masturbate.

My cock twitched and I had to lean back to get comfortable.

Both girls glanced at my crotch making my cock get semi hard.

Linda then asked Kelly if she was sure. Kelly made a small movement with her head, but did not take her eyes off the carpet.

Linda told me that Kelly made her promise that if she did not have the nerve to strip her self in front of me that she would let Linda strip her naked in front of me and she would not stop Linda from stripping her.

Linda stood and walked over to Kelly. She took her hand and made her stand up.

Linda moved Kelly in front of me. Kelly still did not look up from the carpet.

Linda slowly turned Kelly around in front of me. As Linda turned Kelly she stopped when she had Kelly facing away from me. Linda asked me if that was the nicest ass I had ever seen.

I told Linda it was a perfect ass, Linda ran her hands over Kelly's ass. As she did so her pants pulled tight to her body. Kelly gave a little shudder.

Linda turned her around so she was facing me.

She stood behind Kelly and took her head in her hands and tilted it up until Kelly was looking at me. Kelly had a look of lust and terror. When Linda let go of her head she dropped her eyes to floor again.

Linda ran her hand over Kelly's body letting her hand linger on her breasts. Her hands on Kelly's hips she turned her around once more, asking if I had ever seen such a beautiful body.

I told her I had not.

Linda then turned to me and said just wait until you see her naked. She has the best body I have ever seen. Linda told me that she and Kelly have been practicing this for a while and that Kelly would let Linda strip her naked when no one is home just so Kelly could feel naughty.

I said naughty?

Linda told me that they met when they both looked at the apartment and decided to share the cost and become room mates.

As they got to know each other Linda realized that Kelly was very shy and never had done the standard growing up explorations.

Like what I asked.

Linda standing next to Kelly said, like girl girl kissing and touching, or even playing doctor.

Linda told me that one night after a couple of glasses of wine Kelly told her that she wanted to strip naked for me.

Linda had told Kelly that when she was younger that she too had wanted to strip naked for her boss but never had the nerve and had always thought about it. So when Kelly told her what she wanted to do Linda convinced Kelly she had to do it or she would always wonder what it would have been like.

As she was talking to me she was turning Kelly back to face me all the time running her hands over Kelly's body.

When she had Kelly facing me the second time she asked me if I was ready to see Kelly naked.

Now it was my turn to just nod my head.

Linda's fingers went to the buttons on Kelly's blouse. Linda unbuttoned Kelly's blouse and unbuttoned Kelly's pants. She did not pull them off but let me see Kelly's bra encased tits and the top of her panties. Her stomach was flat and moving in and out with small rapid movements as Kelly's breath was short and fast.

Linda slipped Kelly's blouse off and pushed her pants past Kelly's hips.

In one motion Kelly stepped out of her shoes and pants. She stood before me.

Just in her bra and panties. She was breath taking. Her bra did not hold up her breasts but held up her bra. Her panties and bra were pure white. Not thin, but not thick.

I did not know where to look. Her blushing face covered by her wisps of hair. Her long slender neck. Her chest. Her bra. Her flat stomach. Her panty covered pussy. Her long legs. Just as I tried to look at it all, Linda turned her around. Her panties were French cut. Her ass was covered but her legs were exposed from the tip of her toes to hip bone.

She flexed on her toes and her ass turned rock hard. Her legs showed off the muscles under skin. Her back was straight. I had never seen such beauty.

Linda looked me in the eye as she took her hand and ran it over Kelly's ass. Kelly shivered with her touch. Linda stroked her ass with a feather like touch, running her hands from the bottom of her ass to her waist. Linda cupped each cheek in her hand. My eyes followed her movements like they were glued to the back of Linda's hand. Linda then cupped Kelly's ass and gave it a squeeze. With the hand cupped on Kelly's ass she slowly turned Kelly so she was facing me.

Linda said take your time drink her in. Linda took her finger and played with Kelly's lips. Look at that mouth don't you just want to kiss and suck on her. Kelly slowly let Linda stick her finger in her mouth. Kelly sucked on Linda's finger and nibbled on her finger. Linda moved her finger in and out of Kelly's mouth. Kelly sucked in and pushed it out with her tongue.

I leaned forward watching the salvia build on Kelly's lips.

Linda pulled her finger out of Kelly's mouth and with the tip of her finger teased Kelly's nipples through her bra. The pure white color of her bra made her tits seem to be covered in frosting. Linda played with Kelly's nipples they got harder and pushed out through the material. Showing her hard nipples. Linda cupped them and played with them. She lifted them up and let them fall into place. She squeezed them to her chest and let them spring free.

I followed Linda's hands. Linda moved behind Kelly and slowly dropped her hands off of Kelly's breasts and moved them down Kelly's stomach. She moved them slowly up and down her stomach. She moved her hands to the top of Kelly's panties and then back up to the bottom of Kelly's bra. Like the movements on her ass my hands were glued to Linda's hands.

Linda moved in close to Kelly, she used both hands and moved them to the top of Kelly's panties. She grabbed the waist band and pulled them tight to Kelly's pussy. She did not pull to tight, just enough to make Kelly's pubic mound fit in her panties being careful not to pull them into her pussy.

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