Wish Granted

by Fast Turtle

Copyright© 2009 by Fast Turtle

Erotica Sex Story: Rewrite of A Pups Wish

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Anal Sex   Transformation   .

Only one thought is running through my mind right now. I want a shower with pulsing hot water to loosen muscles painfully tight after the recent workout with Shawn. I'm in such a hurry that I just drop my clothes to lie wherever the land when I suddenly realize the locker room isn't empty. Bobby and his sister Cindy are washing their paws with tails drooping in disappointment only to raise and wag as I say "Get your soaps pups" before entering the shower room.

I open eyes closed in pleasure as the streams of hot water quickly begins to work its magic as I feel a waft of cold air when Bobby and Cindy join me. Like most of the new furs, they tend to run around without clothes unless they're needed for protection or in Cindy's case, to look pretty. I am surprised that she joined us because she has always refused my invitations in the past. Asking who's first, I am surprised when Cindy claims it though I let her take my place under the heavy streams that soon soak her to the skin. Looking down in surprise at how fast the water turns brown, I ask "When's the last time you bathed pup?" I'm surprised to hear her fearful answer "When we finished building the Salle." Stunned, I realize she's talking half a year since she's last had a bath and I say, "I know I told all the furs they shouldn't bathe more than one a week, so why has it been so long?" Her simple "Scared" in response surprised me before memory flooded in.

Callie, call the hospital and tell them we have a drowning victim coming in! "Who's hurt Tom?" I simply say it's Cindy, while dreading her reaction. "Go and don't let my daughter die Alpha" she says with authority. "You promised to take care of us and I expect her back." Hearing a rumble from a diesel engine, I head out to ride with Cindy in the ambulance, wondering how in hell it happened. There were plenty of people watching, yet no one saw her get into trouble. How are Callie and Bobby going to react if she dies? I've done all I know how to, now it's up to the docs and hospital and all I can do is wait.

That was a rough time Cindy but Doc Sloan is the best I've seen and thanks to him, we've got Doc Johansson available and working with Sloan. Sure he's a vet but then who else is even going to have enough knowledge to deal with furs but that's in the past and it's time to get you clean.

Sticking my head out, I see Dawnslight and ask her to grab some combs and help me clean a pair of pups. Squeaking in surprise, Cindy tries to hide behind her brother while I say "It's alright Cindy. It's just that more hands make the job go faster" before fitting words to action and pouring a trail of soap over her head and down her back to her tail. Dawnslight joins us and starts on her front when I hear a sudden squeal, only to see that her brother has grabbed her wagging tail and started scrubbing it. With six hands, it's not long before the suds turn muddy and I have her rinse. Dawnslight is so surprised at how dirty Cindy is that she questions me with her eyes. "You've never owned a dog have you Dawn" I gently ask. "No Tom, I haven't so this is pretty much a first for me." Well this isn't too bad so I'm not worried about it but it does bring a very big point up about the rest of them." Thinking out loud "It looks like we need to hold an annual bath day with everyone helping. That might be just the thing to ensure everyone gets a thorough cleaning every three months." The second wash goes much faster and the suds don't turn a muddy brown. Rinsing her is fun and then it's time to add conditioner to her coat. She groans in pleasure as all of us gentle work it in with the combs only to moan in disappointment when the scratching stops. Telling her "Let the conditioner set for a bit before you help with Bobby."

Bobby is quickly clean before I say "now it's your turn Dawnslight. Yes it's the penalty for the fun of washing Bobby and the sooner started the sooner done." She's soon giggling in pleasure as we all work the soap into rich foam. Cindy earns a moan when she start work on her tail and scratching the base of it and as Bobby works his way down her legs, she giggles and then laughs as he carefully cleans between each toe. I can tell he's enjoying himself from the wagging of his tail as he starts working up her legs. Her rising moans of passion though distract him enough that he asks "What's wrong?" only to hear "It's been so long. I want to cum so badly" she whines in a pleading voice. Cindy is the first to act and taking Bobby's paw begins to teach him the ways of females, showing him where and what each little bit is for helping her lust soar to even greater heights. Bobby's inexperience only torments her more instead of offering the relief she sought.

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