My Trip to Atlanta (Dec 2009)

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2009 by Linda Jean

Erotica Sex Story: I thought it would be hot to share my trip this time to Atlanta. I had a blast all day long.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Wow, all kinds of questions, Ok here is what happened on my trip here to Atlanta

I left my house at 4 AM drove to the airport and flew out right at 6:30, got into Salt Lake right before 8 AM, we were to have a two hour lay over that turned out to be almost three. We were in the air right around 10:45 and didn't get into Atlanta until around 4:20PM, I picked up my rental and drove straight over to my brothers house.

Now I was saying in my Blog how I had not decided to wear my special panties or not, well I decided that I would. The thing is, when I am at the house I give myself four enemas a day (I do a lot of anal with the boys, so I keep myself very clean.) Now since I was not going to be able to do that (the enamas, ) I knew that I could not have the one dildo in my ass for over 12 hours with out causeing a mess, so I did not attach that one, I just used the one in my vagina.

I wore my panties under my heavy winter wool dress; I wrapped my hair in a bun and had my heavy coat & hat. I kept telling myself that I could do it, if they 9the security people at the gate, ) stop me and want to check I would act very sexy or something. I was almost to the airport when I chickened out. I pulled into McDonalds, went to the bathroom and took them off. I detached the dildo, cleaned it and put all the straps and my lovely rubber dick into my big purse.

I have to tell you I felt so empty inside, after all I had both rubber dicks inside of myself every day and every night now for just about a month. I just felt so "empty" I parked my truck in the long term parking and went inside. I got there with plenty of time to board the plane. There was a woman sitting at the screen thing, and there were two men working the thing you walk through.

I put my carry on and purse on the belt thing, put my shoes in the basket thing and I kept looking at the woman who was doing the screening of the carry-on and things. I walked through and I saw her stop the belt thing and back it up, she looked at it and looked at it, she looked at me and asked, "Is this your purse?" I think I turned bright red in my face. I shook my head yes and she pointed over to the side and said come stand there.

She started the belt again and called one of the men to replace her there. She said something to him and came over to me. She picked up my purse and then told me to grab my other things. She told me to come with her, she walked over to a table on the side. She stood in front of me on one side as I stood oppisit of her. She asked me if she could look into my purse, if I was to say "no" she would have to dump it out on the table. My heart was pounding like crazy. She was a young fairly good-looking black woman a few years younger than me. She opened my bag and did not pull out the straps or the dildos. She did however hold the larger of the two in her hand (the one I keep inside my vagina, ) in front of me as she asked if I was into S&M.? (I was very happy that she did not ask me loud so others could hear, she just spoke loud enough for me to hear.)

I looked at her and told her no, and I knew what she was going to ask next and sure enough she did. She said to me. "Honey if you ain't into S&M what's this shit for?"

I took a deep breath and not wanting to be heard I said, "that is a harness that holds two toys that vibrate inside of me by remote control." I pointed to the front of the thing where the front part to vibrates as it rest against the mound area and my clit.

A big smile came on her face and she asked, "How come you ain't wearing it, afraid you'll get caught?" I looked at her and told her "yes, I didn't want anyone to catch me wearing them through the machine, because with the buckles I knew it would set off the alarm."

She said, looking at me real close "this one here feels real warm, and this one here feels cold as an ice cube, did you have this one in you before being screened?" she was gripping it and smiling, as she knew I was uncomfortable with what she was putting me through. She then let go of my rubber dick closed my purse and said, How in the hell do you walk with them inside you?" I began to relax a tiny bit because I knew she was interested in me as much as she was my special panties. With out waiting for a reply she then added "does this thing really feel good?" I smiled at her and said "Oh yea, better than anything I have ever had, and I have a huge collection of toys. Her eyes seemed to light up as she then asked. "Where can I get something like that honey?" I told her they were a gift from one of my boyfriends and I was trying to get a second pair. But more like real panties than the straps. She handed me a card and told me to call her with the address once I found out where to get them. She then said, "you know that you don't get checked again unless you leave the terminal, so if you want, the ladies room is right over there, but you might want to use the family restroom for privacy. Have fun and if you ever fly out of here again, let me know and you can wear that shit through security check, I'll walk you right through."

I was very glad that she was working and now I know next year when I fly out to L.A. I'll call her first.

I did have time so yes once I put my shoes back on I did go to the family rest room (the one used to change diapers) and I put my special panties on. I put the remote in my dress pocket put my coat on my arm and got coffee from the cafe. We boarded and there were only four of us on the plane going into Salt Lake, I had my vibrators buzzing on high the whole hour and twenty minutes. I closed my eyes and came three times very hard as I fantasized some very nasty things between that young TSA lady and myself. Now if you have followed me and my website, you know that I am bisexual. I am in a committed relationship and have not once cheated on Shirley. Oh we both have been with other women together, but never once have I had sex with another women with out her being part of it.

Now I do have a very healthy nasty mind and I can come up with some wonderful fantasies as I use my toys and fingers. Now for the whole flight I had us (that TSA woman) doing all kinds of things in my mind.

We landed and we were to be in salt lake for about two hours, but something was wrong with the plane so they replaced it. I went to get coffee and relax. I was sitting there maybe a minute before a man came over and asked to join me. We talked, he was delayed as well.

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