Her Naked Mystery Man

by Jana Cleveland

Copyright© 2009 by Jana Cleveland

Erotica Sex Story: Helena finds a hot, male stranger in the backyard and takes him in

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   .

Helena slept soundly in her queen-sized bed at night. Outside from her house, the full moon had shined and the stars glistened in the sky. Then, she was awakened by the sound of moaning. She got up slipped on her black marabou slippers on her feet and black sheer robe over her satin corset and thong. She got a flashlight from her nightstand and carefully walked down the stairs. Helena went outside through the back door and there she saw a man. A naked man with a hot, ripped, lean body, blue eyes, and long, dark blond hair. She had never seen anyone like him before.

She walked around inspecting her naked guest, examining every inch of his body.

"I was just thrown out by a woman's husband. Could you have mercy? Please give me something to wear." He said with an innocent look in his eyes.

As he was about to answer her question, she gently took his hand and said, "Follow me. Come upstairs ... I think we can find you something to wear." as she led him to the inside of her house.

As she proceeded to walk him up the circular stairs, her twin ass globes slowly swayed. They went into the upstairs bathroom, lit a few candles, and drew him a bath. She gently washed away the dirt and grass off his body with warm water.

"You were not expecting interruption, I take it." Helena said to her naked guest.

"No, of course not. He burst in and attacked me. But I decked him. He is an ass. But of course--I am depending on your good nature." He replied, looking into her eyes.

The naked guest stepped out of the tub and Helen dried him off. She then took notice of his growing gun as she took him to her bedroom.

Helena briefly looked up at him and said, "That gun of yours has grown. Do I have something to do with that?"

"Well, do I, Mr. Naked Man?" The bold, sexy samaritanness said in a soft, sultry voice as she opened her robe. With both of his hands, he softly caressed her hourglass figure. He then ran his big, warm hand up the back of her naked thigh.

He grinned as he said, "You have everything to do with this."

Helena let out a soft moan from her mouth. She whispered, "Your hand is hot." as she wet her lips. She then slowly unhooked the front of her corset. His left hand grasped his thick tanned cock and showed it to her. With her sky blue polished nails, Helena touched the heavy satin surfaced cock, feeling it swell. She watched him lick his lips and eyed her trembling breasts.

She then said, "I was asleep, Mr. Naked Cock. Could you tuck me in? I'll get you something to cover you if you do a good job."

She took his hand, lead him to the bed, and let him kiss her mouth. His kiss was a firm flush on her mouth as it slowly smeared her lips. Her large breasts pressed to his firm chest that punished her thick nipples while his long, muscular legs parted hers. He feathered his tongue to the left of her lips, then the right. His hands clasped her shoulders as he said, "You're so silky soft."

Helena ran her hand through his hair. He lowered the corset from her body as he arched his broad chest into her swollen hot breasts. Delighted with their impudent tips, he sleeked his big hands firmly down her bare back and to her waist. His hot, wet tongue parted her lips and slowly fucked her mouth.

"You're so desirable" He said to her.

"So are you." Helena replied.

He slipped his hands into her panties and massaged into her high buttocks. Helena squirmed her bottom into his hands. His tongue continued to twist in her mouth. He inhaled her womanly scent. His knee touched the steamy crotch of her panties, feeling her moistness.

"I like you, Naked Man ... Stay with me tonight." Helena said to him.

"I like you too, my good samaritan. You have me. What do you want?" He replied to her.

Before she said anything, he kissed her hard, soft, and then quickly, and then kissed down her throat.

"I want you to romance me, pleasure me, treat my body right. I want your soft kisses and slow, hot caresses. Stay with me tonight." Helena moaned.

"My pleasure." He grinned as he kissed her throat. His fingers played up from her ass, feathered up her belly, and under her breasts. He lifted her breasts to his face and kissed up the right upper slope and then the left. He tongued down to the right nipple as he lapped around it. He tweaked and then sucked her left nipple while he twisted and twisted the dripping right nipple. Then, he backed up to press on her mouth and slowly fucked into it with his tongue.

He mounted on the bed and got behind Helena. His hands caressed her soft-like-silk skin. He clasped her billowing breasts from behind, cupping them while he buried his face into her long black tresses and kissed her neck.

"You are exquisite. Your wish is my desire. What do you want, my naked lady?" He said to her.

His hands descended from her breasts down to between her thighs. "Shall I remove these?" He asked as he looked at her panties and cupped her pussy.

"Yes you may." Helena replied.

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