School for Sex Slaves

by aubie56

Copyright© 2009 by aubie56

Erotica Sex Story: “Do you have $4-6 million that you don't know what to do with. Here's the answer: own your on sex slave, any age or gender. Trained by the best school in the business. Satisfaction guaranteed or you money back. Demonstration and guided tour upon request. Call 999-555-9876 for more information.”

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

Jeremy Lynch was ushered into an absolutely decadently luxurious office. The floor was covered by a blood-red carpet with a very thick pile, and the walls were lined with tapestries depicting all sorts of sex scenes. There was an oversized desk and chair occupied by a man of about 35 in excellent physical condition. In front of the desk was a overstuffed chair, and that was the extent of the conventional furniture in the room. Otherwise, there were several large and small cushions scattered about the room looking as if they were just waiting for some sort of interesting activity.

The man stood up as Jeremy entered, escorted by a beautiful and nude receptionist. He shook hands, introducing himself as Howard Johnson. "That's all for now, Nancy. Hang around, as we may have need for you later."

"Yes, Master." Nancy bowed so that Jeremy could see her pussy from her back side and the way her tits hung so delightfully from her chest. It was obvious that those delectable tits were all natural, or else had been adjusted by a skilled artist. She almost danced as she exited the room and closed the door.

"Well, Mr. Lynch, may I call you Jeremy? You have just seen an example of our training, and she can demonstrate all the other facets of sex that she had learned if you are interested."

"Yes, Howard, call me Jeremy. I must say that your window dressing does a spectacular job. I am already as hard as I ever get, and all I did was look."

"I think that we better relieve that pressure, then, before we go any farther ... Nancy, please come in, and bring your towel."

A moment later, Nancy was standing before the desk, but in such a way that Jeremy could also see all of her charms. "Jeremy, which of her three holes would you like to use to relieve the pressure, or would you like to try them all?"

"Oh, I think a blow job would be sufficient for now, though I would like to tap the other charms if we have time, later."

Nancy sort of floated over to Jeremy and knelt between his legs. She carefully folded the towel and laid it on the floor in front of her. Nancy then loosened his belt and waist band and used her teeth to lower Jeremy's zipper. Jeremy raised his hips from the seat, and Nancy slipped his pants and boxers down to his ankles.

In the process, Jeremy's hard cock flopped up and hit Nancy in the nose. She showed how well trained she was by simply smiling before kissing the tip of his cock, which was already showing some drops of precum. Nancy licked the end and around the base of the helmet on Jeremy's circumcised cock to get it all covered with moisture. She then took his cock in her mouth and proceeded to advance her lips down his shaft until her lips compressed his pubic hair. The other end of Jeremy's cock was, of course, well into the entrance of her throat. She showed no sign of the gag reflex, which again demonstrated the level of her training.

She moved her tongue up and down the length of his shaft for a few seconds and then swallowed. The effect was nothing like Jeremy had ever felt before, and he considered himself to be very experienced. The sensation was so electrifying that he almost jumped out of the chair as he exploded cum down Nancy's throat in one of the most all-encompassing cums of Jeremy's life.

Jeremy collapsed back into his chair almost in a faint. Meanwhile, Nancy cleaned up the few drops of spilled saliva with the towel and helped Jeremy to get his clothes back on. Afterward, she looked at Howard, and he nodded, so she left the room.

When Jeremy seemed to be back in command of himself, Howard chuckled and said, "If you think that was good, wait until you see what she can do with her cunt and asshole." Jeremy frowned at the use of the crude language, and Howard apologized, "Sorry, I forgot to warn you that, as part of the training, the slaves are taught to refer to their organs in the common street terms. That helps to reinforce their status in their minds, according to our psychologist."

Jeremy nodded his acceptance of the apology, and Howard continued with his sales pitch. "It is my understanding that you are here to purchase a slave, rather than have us train one you already own." Jeremy nodded again, and Howard continued. "I might comment that we provide a service for wives. We pride ourselves on being able to turn the meanest shrew into an abject slave who will service your every whim. You might keep that in mind for future reference.

"Now, to business. We need to know what level of slave you want. We can provide any level from a live-in prostitute to a complete slave who will do virtually nothing except live, breath, eat, and pass wastes except at your command. I assume that you are not looking for such extremes, but I did want you to know that they are available.

"Our normal practice is to supply the slave already sterilized so that she cannot produce offspring and to have removed all of her body hair by laser treatment. Actually, we charge extra if you want to eliminate either one of those conditions."

"I understand the full slave, but what is a live-in prostitute?"

Howard grinned and said, "Some of our customers prefer to complete the training themselves, so that all we provide is a slave that will provide cunt sex and blow jobs on command, but the rest of her training is left up to her owner. I must warn you that this often results in a ruined slave that must be disposed of.

"As a final note before we see some samples of our merchandise, I will tell you that every slave is fitted out with an internal GPS device that never runs down. With the device in place, the slave can never run away without being caught. We have found that the device is normally sufficient deterrent. In only one case has there been an actual runaway, and he was caught within four hours.

"Yes, before you ask, we do supply male slaves, but they are more difficult to train and are much more expensive than the female slaves as a result.

"Now, would you like to see our training methods in operation, or would you just like to see what we have to offer that we think that you would like?"

"You have touched my curiosity. Who buys your male slaves?"

"Oh, we do have a few female customers who are looking for a boy-toy. Also, but rarely, we do get a gay customer. We keep a few males on hand, but the quantity is nothing like the number of female slaves in our stable."

"Well, I would also like to see some of your training methods. It is my natural curiosity rising again, since I have no intention of training my own slave."

"Ah, that is the attitude that we like to see. It usually insures the most satisfied customer. By the way, would you like for Nancy to accompany us?"

"Yeah, that sounds like fun. Will she be dressed?"

"Oh, no. Well ... she will be wearing flip flops, but we don't count them as clothes."

Howard, Nancy, and Jeremy began the tour of the facilities with a visit to the medical facilities where the slaves were sterilized and fitted with their GPS device. With the women, insertion of the GPS was done at the same time as the hysterectomy, and the device was placed in the resulting body cavity. For the men, the GPS device was placed in the scrotum at the time of the vasectomy, which was a little more extensive than simply cutting the tube and tying them off.

As a way to control hysteria among the slaves, they did not know about the sterilization, only about the addition of the GPS device. That explained to them why they had a short period of recuperation.

The next visit was to the area where the blow job training was done. At first, the slaves practiced on mannikins. Actually, to simplify matters, both genders were trained in oral sex with males and females. That allowed the owner to have a party with the slave as the major entertainment for both sexes. It also saved having to send a slave through training a second time to fulfill a special order.

The mannikins had special sensors which measured things like depth of penetration, amount of suction, and quantity of saliva. The sensors fed back to cattle prod-like devices which were strapped to the slaves genitalia. A small goof produced a mild shock, but a major goof would knock the slave trainee unconscious. The slaves learned very quickly under this kind of encouragement.

As a final exam, the slaves practiced on each other. Each pair was judged separately, and, if the giver could not produce an orgasm in the receiver within a certain time span, the giver was punished. On the other hand, if the receiver came within the time span, then the receiver was punished. This was an opportunity for wagering among the workers, and they had a lot of fun punishing the loser.

The next area they visited was set aside for learning all of the ins and outs of vaginal sex. The slaves learned to perform superlatively in all possible positions the human body was capable of assuming without outside aid. That was a separate training program reserved for clients with special needs and cost quite a bit extra. Jeremy couldn't help noticing that Nancy's cunt, as he was learning to call it, was leaking fluids in copious quantities during this part of the tour. Of course, Jeremy had to rub his hand against Nancy's cunt to verify this, and she pushed back at his hand. Before he left the facility, Jeremy vowed to sample Nancy's cunt.

The last area on the official tour was the section set aside for anal sex. This was pretty much the same sort of training the slaves received in the area for vaginal sex, except that male slaves were included in the recipients of the training. Most of the trainers were men, naturally, but a few women with strap-on dildos were also training the slaves, mostly male slaves after they had been trained initially by men using their own cocks.

It was now time for lunch, so Jeremy was taken to the executive dining room by Howard, and Nancy went along, since Jeremy's finger was solidly pushed into Nancy's cunt.

The meal was excellent, and Jeremy never had to take his finger from Nancy's cunt, since she fed him the whole time. After lunch, they returned to Howard's office. "Jeremy, unless you are in a hurry, why don't you sample Nancy's cunt just so you will know what you are buying?"

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