Home Schooling: End of Term

by Dr Scribble

Copyright© 2009 by Dr Scribble

Romantic Sex Story: In the third story in the 'Home Schooling' series, Della Bradley gives birth to the daughter she and her father made, while her Aunt Celia contemplates her own forthcoming confinement, and accepts a heartfelt apology from her brother, Don. His method of apologising appeals strongly to her.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Pregnancy   .

This is the third story in the 'Home Schooling' Series: it's advisable to read them in order so you'll know the background to this story before you start.

Don Bradley loved running his hands over his daughter's swollen belly and breasts as well as his sister's, who wasn't as far along as Della.

The three of them lay side by side, Don between the two women – well, one woman and one girl if you're picky – on the new bed he'd made out of two, so that it was almost nine feet wide, and big enough for the three of them to share.

Della rolled towards him, slipping a hand down onto his cock which was in an almost permanent rampant state – there was always a hungry pussy to be filled.

'Mmmm, ' she moaned, slipping into a waking state. 'I like it when you wake me up that way.'

Don kissed her. 'Morning, sweetheart, how're you feeling?'

She returned his kiss and gave his prick an affectionate little squeeze. 'Oh, you know, Daddy: can't wait for the day when the baby comes.'

'I guess it'll be any time now, ' he said.

She sighed. 'I wouldn't care, but I haven't had this up me in weeks, ' she complained, wiggling his prick.

'I think it'll be a few weeks yet before we can make love that way again, ' he said, 'but there are other ways of doing it.'

'Well, I know, and we've been doing them, but it isn't actually the same.'

He agreed with her. Beside them, Celia woke up.

'Morning, Sis, ' he said.

She draped an arm and leg round him, discovering in the process that Della had already laid claim to his prick.

'Damn!' she said. 'I really must try to wake up before Della. As my bump has got bigger, I've been sleeping later and later.'

'Really?' Don commented, 'It's your bump? I thought it might be something to do with a certain insatiability which seems to characterize you every night around midnight?'

She smiled wryly. 'Well, I suppose that might have something to do with it. The thing is, I still feel insatiable when I wake up.'

Della took her hand away from her father's cock. 'Here, you might as well have him. I was just saying I can't really make love to him properly – just at present, you understand!'

'Bless you, Dear. I'll make it up when you're back in full working order and I'm in the same condition you are now.'

Don had been looking from one to the other of the women either side of him.

'Don't I get a say in this?' he asked.

'No!' they chorused.

'You had plenty of fun and enjoyment getting us pregnant, ' said Celia with mock severity, 'now you can put up with the consequences.'

She tugged him towards her, so he rolled on his back, and pulled the bed covers off so his stalk lay at a shallow angle to his abdomen, nodding in time with his heartbeats. She took hold of it firmly and slid her hand up and down its length, causing Don to suck air in between his teeth.

'Do that much longer and Della won't be the only one incapable of fucking, ' he said.

Celia leaned down and touched her tongue and then her lips to the swollen and purpling knob of his prick.

'That's one warning I'll take heed of, ' she said, sliding one sexy, rounded knee across her brother, so that she was straddling him. She raised herself up and Della reached over to hold her father's prick up so Celia could notch it in her entrance and slowly slide down until Don's balls were mashed against her lips and her clit was crushed against him.

While sparks flew between Celia's clit, her breasts and her womb, Don felt the warm wetness of her baby tube parting as his cock was driven into her, only to begin massaging his shaft to encourage his balls to part with the fresh load of semen they'd been making since they had been emptied the previous night.

Don threw his hips up to drive his stalk as deeply as possible into Celia's willing pussy, making the woman growl and purr with the sizzling sensations the movement caused her.

Nor was the giving of pleasure one-sided: for all that which Don gave Celia, she returned it perhaps tenfold – these things are impossible to judge accurately – but there was no doubt in Don's mind that Celia was proving to be every bit as good a fuck as his daughter, leaving him wishing he'd tried his luck with her years earlier.

He grunted as she rose and fell on him, while Celia alternately purred and moaned, and encouraged him verbally:

'Come on, Don, give your little sister what she wants. Pump a bellyful of your seed into her hungry little pussy, and give our baby a bath in your cream. Fuck me, Don! Fuck meee!'

She bounced harder on him, driving his cock into her innermost recesses. Don felt his balls tighten and the ache begin in his perineum which heralded the rising of his sperm from his balls, along the thick tube in the base of his cock shaft. He felt – and Celia, too – the knob of his prick swell as the sperm reached it, to be belched out in large dollops, which felt to him almost like pissing into her womb.

'I'm cumming!' he announced as he felt his prick start spitting sperm at Celia's cervix.

Celia's response was to straighten her legs, lifting them clear of the bed so her entire weight was supported on her brother, through their single point of contact. She moaned loudly as the first shot of sperm splattered her fuck tunnel.

'Oh, Don! I can feel it. Oh, God! I'm so wet, it's sloshing around inside me.'

Suddenly, her own orgasm rushed towards her, and she collapsed forward, crushing her breasts against Don's chest, while his cock pulsed the remainder of his seed in her.

Don took the opportunity to hold her head so he could press his lips against hers, and kiss her, long and carefully. She moaned happily in his mouth while their tongues touched and explored.

There was a gentle cough from beside them. Don glanced at his daughter, smiling.

She returned the smile, though a little uncertainly. 'I hope you two are done for a while, ' she said. 'My waters just broke.'

Don raised his eyebrows. 'Just like that?' He rolled away from her, to deposit Celia safely in the empty part of the bed. He disengaged his prick, now streaked with his spending, which left her pussy gaping, and beginning to ooze his thick white seed.

'That's just how it happens, Dad, ' said Della. 'I'm afraid the bed's wet.'

'Never mind that, ' he said, sitting up. 'Let me get dressed.'

Della's gaze landed on his messy and half-hard prick.

'Let me just clean that off you, ' she said, leaning forward and engulfing his shaft in her mouth.

'Go steady, ' he admonished, 'it's a bit sensitive just now.'

She cleaned his cock quickly and efficiently, while behind him, Celia was stirring from her post-coital daze.

'Where are my knickers?' she muttered.

Don turned to her and shook his head. 'You stay here, Celia. If I turn up at the hospital with two pregnant women, all of us living at the same address, I think they might be curious, don't you? Best if I just take Della.'

She thought for a moment before agreeing with him. 'But you must phone me as soon as the baby arrives. I shall want to know whether I have a new niece or nephew, and all their vital statistics.'

'She means how much the baby weighs, and precisely when it was born, ' Della said, accurately deducing that the mention of 'vital statistics' had Don thinking about chest, waist and hip measurements, not the important data relating to new babies.

Ten minutes later, Don and Della were in the car, heading for the hospital, while Celia phoned ahead to prepare them for the new patient.

Susan Bradley, six pounds nine ounces, or a smidgen short of three kilos in new money, arrived after a journey time of some five hours, at eleven minutes past two in the afternoon of the fourth of September. Both her parents were exhausted by the time her mother was finally able to clasp her to her bosom and gaze at her. By that time, Susan had decided she was exhausted too, and gone to sleep, making Della wait before they could look each other eye to eye for the first time.

A nurse saw Della's eyelids droop and put the baby in a crib beside her bed. On the other side, Don sat in a chair, holding Della's hand. They both fell asleep that way, forgetting Don's promise to phone his sister at the earliest opportunity.

Susan let it be known she was hungry, around seven, by which time Della was awake and feeling much refreshed. Don woke, too, and went to bring sandwiches for both of them, and in the meantime, Della figured out the best way to hold her daughter so she could suckle. Her breasts were only letting down colostrum at this stage, so vital for the baby's health during its early life. The midwife told her her milk would come in over the next day or two, and that in the meantime, Susan already had enough nourishment to last until it did.

Don, Della and their baby stayed in the hospital overnight, and then he drove them home.

As he parked the car in the drive, Celia came out of the house and almost ran to Della, who was holding the baby.

'Let me see!'

She turned to Don, looking daggers at him. 'You were supposed to phone me, ' she spat.

Don rolled his eyes and apologised. 'I guess I forgot, after the labour went on for hours.'

'What did you expect?' Celia complained. 'Labour usually does last for hours. It's not a mechanical process, like putting a coin in a machine and getting a packet of condoms out. Then again, I don't suppose you know what I'm talking about, ' she added, leading her niece indoors.

Don was too elated to worry much about his sister's grumbles. She'd get over it, he figured. Her own expected date of confinement was eight weeks away and long before then, he'd be able to express his contrition in a way she'd find acceptable. In the meantime, Della was grumpy after being told by the gynaecologist that she shouldn't have intercourse for a good six weeks. She determined to get herself back in good physical condition as soon as possible.

As Don expected, Celia lasted until mid-afternoon, fussing round the baby until it became clear that Della felt she had primary fussing rights, and went in search of the proud father.

'Well!' she said when she found him in his workroom, 'aren't you going to say you're sorry?'

He turned wide eyes on her. 'What would that be for, dear sister?'

'Not keeping your promise to phone me.'

'Come and sit down, ' he said, taking her hand and leading her to a sofa bed, where he sat beside her. 'Let me tell you what happened.'

'O-o-okay, ' she said, in a drawling way which suggested she was giving him a chance to explain.

'When we got to the hospital, we went straight up to the Maternity Unit, and into a little room where Della had to get undressed.'

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